WOW! What A Wiring Mess!

Published on Jul 25, 2021
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So I got a Banana build with a crazy electrical mess.


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  • Bruce P

    Bruce P

    10 days ago

    Twins Towing
    As soon as I learned that Lizzy has an identical twin, I thought," Man, what a great business ploy...TWINS TOWING...!" Obviously, you might want to have the ability to send out multiple vehicles, Liz or her sis could be sent out with one of their siblings and no one would be the wiser (nobody said anything about "Identical" or "Fraternal Twins", people would just assume.
    Anyway, if the "Dunes" generated enough business. A towing substation could be manned during the Summer months, and the terrific twins could be just minutes away for any stranded/stuck Razors!
    My Father and Uncle were identical twins! When they went to a one-room schoolhouse. Every Tuesday and Thursday they would answer to their twins name, Dad was Alton's catcher for baseball... They had a great time together!

  • Fu Dog Whisperer

    Fu Dog Whisperer

    11 days ago

    Lizzie's belt buckle is so big it has its own zip code.............

  • Robin Gerrets

    Robin Gerrets

    14 days ago

    How many original paint colors does this Jeep have? I noticed maroon in the engine compartment and blue on the underside of the hood, but I’m pretty sure I overlooked some other colors.

  • Kulot Chronicles

    Kulot Chronicles

    19 days ago

    why am i not seeing randy in tha past few videos?

  • Arkin Azimet

    Arkin Azimet

    24 days ago

    gotta love this community and people...... good luck ya'll

  • Arkin Azimet

    Arkin Azimet

    24 days ago

    " if your house is on fire, and these two shows up!" hahhahahahhahahahahaha

  • Marxx S

    Marxx S

    25 days ago

    I got 2 jeeps! No Trevor

  • İrem Fırat

    İrem Fırat

    26 days ago

    What's wrong with the sound?

  • Kevin Sutherland

    Kevin Sutherland

    29 days ago

    You guys know mad max is just a movie right?

  • Mix Garage

    Mix Garage

    Month ago

    Get a haircut you hippie!

    • Mix Garage

      Mix Garage

      Month ago

      Funny thing is, today Paul posted a video with you and him cutting hair😆💇‍♀️

  • Travis B

    Travis B

    Month ago

    I love wiring. So satisfying. I'll come put some work in if you need.

  • Travis B

    Travis B

    Month ago

    @0:43 "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" LMAO!

  • ParamotorBrandon


    Month ago

    Aww man, this one has Audio issues when you guys get to Logan and when you leave the firehouse. Its good episode though

  • 109 BMD

    109 BMD

    Month ago

    You and your crew are a CLASS ACT! Stay safe everyone!

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Shoulda put the box on the other side of Max so you'd get Max A/C!!

  • Patriot 1974

    Patriot 1974

    Month ago

    Makes you proud to be an American

  • RECKLESS 300

    RECKLESS 300

    Month ago

    Hey those kids did a damn good job of suiting up! You got yourself a good crew

  • iFNhU


    Month ago

    Just shows I'll watch your videos even without audio.

  • The NEW! Berry M.C.

    The NEW! Berry M.C.

    Month ago

    I let it slip last time when you were using the squint method of safety glasses but spraying degreaser without glasses is dumb. That's lye man.

  • ltmedic3


    Month ago

    You are quite the fabricator. Bummed that the shop was closed when we came to visit, but glad you answered the phone. Hope you got the shirt ok.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I did get the shirt! Thank you.

  • Tgait


    Month ago

    Did the audio cut in and out for anyone else? Good video aside from that Matt!

    • Kloppertjes


      Month ago

      Same here. I suspect some youtube copyright music fudgery going on. It cut out every time there would be mostly background music

  • Kevin Chatwin

    Kevin Chatwin

    Month ago

    Thank you for sharing the footage of the Cash Valley Cruise In! Rudy and Lizzy would be awesome Fire Fighters! 😎

  • Captain Clavicle

    Captain Clavicle

    Month ago

    I'm doing some catch up viewing of MORR videos and really enjoyed this one. A real mix of entertaining and informative content as well as the awesome community event! It was great to learn about the One Wish initiative ❤

  • Queeg


    Month ago

    I rewired my car from scratch, with made my brain ache for weeks !!

  • Farhan Rahmatullah

    Farhan Rahmatullah

    Month ago

    i want the audio at 14:09

  • Didier M

    Didier M

    Month ago

    Why is there no audio???

  • Teacup Tyler

    Teacup Tyler

    Month ago

    matt’s got the flow idk why he always covers up lol

  • Stewart W

    Stewart W

    Month ago

    Is that a miller 375 or 625?

  • Koorite


    Month ago

    Is it just me, or did the audio cut in and out of the 2nd half of the video?

  • R Tiller

    R Tiller

    Month ago

    I know it's only been six days since this video posted but is it bad that I look everyday for new Banana video updates?? I know it's gonna take some time but I'm going crazy waiting. lol

  • Happy Camper

    Happy Camper

    Month ago

    It's great to see all the positivity & social engagement with the community. Much Respect! Hope to visit Matt's Off road Recovery one day!!

  • Karl Streuber

    Karl Streuber

    Month ago

    Trevor needs a raise

  • Josh Nichols

    Josh Nichols

    Month ago

    Lol Matt look like a raging alcoholic without a hat. My god put the hat back on 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wayneo's World

    Wayneo's World

    Month ago

    what a team effort!!! hats off to you all for your generosity.,

  • carl stanoyevic

    carl stanoyevic

    Month ago

    Greatest video of all any time you can give back to the community it’s a great day. God bless you all.

  • Rafal Halicki

    Rafal Halicki

    Month ago

    Always nice watching your videos.. thank you for sharing.

  • Jack Of Trades

    Jack Of Trades

    Month ago

    What radiator are you using?

  • RJ Cormac

    RJ Cormac

    Month ago

    Those upper 4-Link mounts seem really far apart on the axle housing. Always amazed how well your stuff works compared to people who do computer measurements and still have trail breakdowns. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      The four link system I am using is called semi triangulated. Two of the links are triangulated, and the other two are more or less parallel.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Yall are great people. Keep passing the love. And I can't wait to see the Nanner done!

  • Justin Van Buren

    Justin Van Buren

    Month ago

    That’s awesome, y’all are amazing!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • erik NoName

    erik NoName

    Month ago

    If they were on the fire team my house would be declared a loss - lol. for those of you on the outside - they have had some real problems with flooding in the south of utah - my hopes and prayers that you guys are not affected.

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    Month ago

    Rudy is right seeing all that wiring did make my brain hurt poor trevor.
    I enjoy seeing the update process to the banana.
    Lizzy's comment about there job description is to tear it apart is priceless
    I loved the footage from the Cruise in I wish I could of been there.
    Getting a chance to meet the crew would be an honor.

  • JMD Outdoors

    JMD Outdoors

    Month ago

    Great great great, video Matt. Thank You very much from California.

  • silverstake88


    Month ago

    Purdy much my most favorite channel.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    Month ago

    Great job

  • leardi58


    Month ago

    Much respect giving back to a solid charity event 👍👊🇺🇲

  • Tyler Gill

    Tyler Gill

    Month ago

    I just drove through Logan City early this morning. Great looking town.

  • Watchfuliz


    Month ago

    Do you plan to fix the dash rattle

  • jimmyjo3


    Month ago

    Super rare color on the Banana! It is Wild Berry and I had it on my 95 Grand Cherokee. Rarely saw it on any Jeeps. Keeping the color in the fruit family is good! I also lost heat and AC in my old 95 GC at 270K miles. Would have needed to take the dash out to fix it. Plus in CA it would not pass smog. You guys are awesome!

  • Parker 8541

    Parker 8541

    Month ago

    I don’t know why y’all are lying about it?! If Russell Crowe came to my house and worked on my car, I’d tell everyone!

  • Matt Hoye

    Matt Hoye

    Month ago

    I like how the queue line for their booth at 15:00 is symbolic yellow Matt’s off road recovery rope!

  • barelars


    Month ago

    Did Mike Finnegan just enter this build at 6:01 ?



    Month ago

    Is poor Jamie gonna sit on the air con for six hours, yikes !

  • Grumpy ol' Boot

    Grumpy ol' Boot

    Month ago

    Oh, you guys went to Logan, huh ?
    That's, what, 300+ miles away from your normal stomping grounds.
    Like, about a 5 hour drive each way, that's a lot of seat time.
    I hope you had good comfy seats. 🤣

  • Laura Manning

    Laura Manning

    Month ago

    What ever happened to Randy?

  • Rudy Cortinas

    Rudy Cortinas

    Month ago

    Matt, I noticed Randy started a YouTube channel is he still in your team?

  • David Blalock

    David Blalock

    Month ago

    Love the sunglasses my dude!

  • TheRinger1976


    Month ago

    I love yall, and that's some awkward looking interaction

  • freakyflow


    Month ago

    2 Hrs of testing the battery Only to find out I have a parasitic draw in the truck Checking fuses And relays..Screw this i need a distraction And come back tomorrow with a fresh mind...Let's see what's on my reccommeded youtube...WOW! What A Wiring Mess!.....Hell i just might sleep in tomorrow

  • D L

    D L

    Month ago

    U need a shave and a haircut

  • Brian G. Ellman

    Brian G. Ellman

    Month ago

    This is me talking out loud. do you think that Lizzy will get her a pink off road vehicle to help out. or just be a helper. I was thinking. :-)

  • Paul Plant

    Paul Plant

    Month ago

    If your house is on fire, they may not save the house, but they’ll get you out.

  • Jager Strand

    Jager Strand

    Month ago

    Watching this as im stuck one town north haha. Wish i had the money to call ya right now😂😂😂

  • Daryl Watson

    Daryl Watson

    Month ago

    Time to head for Wyoming.. we love what you do

  • Carl Cole

    Carl Cole

    Month ago

    Matt, with no hat, looks like a ginger Wolfman Jack.

  • Tom N

    Tom N

    Month ago

    Great guys/gals - great channel

  • Justin Brewer

    Justin Brewer

    Month ago

    Also Matt has GREAT HAIR!

  • Justin Brewer

    Justin Brewer

    Month ago

    A hat of Matt’s has had a mishap, help us find the hat for Matt. Is it under the yellow banana? Or Is it under the crazy makeshift Corvair? Matt does best with hat for fact! Do you spot Matt’s hat?

  • Darrell Blair

    Darrell Blair

    Month ago

    lizza you are so beautiful i like you

  • Kevin Merrill

    Kevin Merrill

    Month ago

    That Engine Compartment is Screaming Paint Me Yellow!

  • Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

    Month ago

    9:54 Two satisfying servings of blonde eye-candy there :D

  • Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne

    Month ago

    9:03 Hee hee hee --- the dude in the vehicle looks like he's got legs straight down to the ground, with the reflection in the door right below him :P :D

  • John


    Month ago

    the 144 people are genuine villians

  • Pablo Cruise

    Pablo Cruise

    Month ago

    Help me out.... Rudy is Matt’s son or stepson??? Just because of the way they talk...

    • MORR Rudy

      MORR Rudy

      Month ago


  • Gerold Knoebel

    Gerold Knoebel

    Month ago

    Great Video. Regards from Frankfurt

  • dehoe disc

    dehoe disc

    Month ago

    I want to know if Lizzy is learning anything about electrical principles in this expose of Volts, Amps, and Watts? And let's get it established that y'all's strong suit is sure as heck Not electrics.

  • zignar22


    Month ago

    Dang Lizzy got som muscles on her, you can see it when she stand with the jaws of life.

  • kojmas


    Month ago

    Who is the new guy?

  • MattInTheHat


    Month ago

    Hope everyone w/ MORR, Winder, and nearby is ok after the pileup! Looks like a Winder rollback in the pic on the WaPo story - about to tow a travel trailer.

    • MattInTheHat


      Month ago

      nvm, I looked up where it is. Wouldn't have commented without that yellow rollback in the pic - lol

  • Thomas Woodson

    Thomas Woodson

    Month ago

    Thanks for the video. 😎👍

  • Daniel Cooper

    Daniel Cooper

    Month ago


  • River Big

    River Big

    Month ago

    Good times

  • Infantryman59


    Month ago

    They did good getting dressed standard is 1 min with gloves. So in theory with practice they would pass that test.

  • Tom A

    Tom A

    Month ago

    Amazing! The charity event is so great. A buddy of mine met you guys in person and said you were all down to earth and that the fame hasn't turned you into a-holes like most do.
    You folks are alright!!

  • sgdummy


    Month ago

    Great video as usual guys! Matt I'm wondering what made you decide to start filming & posting to YouTube? How & how much has that decision changed your business?

  • keithsj10


    Month ago

    I think I see a lumberjack!
    No, it's Grizzly Adams!
    It's just Mary. I mean Matt.
    There's no reason to have a scruffy beard in 2021 in 'merica 👎

  • Sombrero


    Month ago

    Guys you should disclose if you're sponsored by Head & Shoulders or something...

  • David Parsons

    David Parsons

    Month ago

    So glad the banana is getting attention. New business? Modifying jeeps for the mountains and dessert? Don't forget Rudy. He's the cool guy here, and his Jeep gets no attention, but must have had some work. Should at least get a stoker 4.0.

  • On ix

    On ix

    Month ago

    Trevor and I….

  • Allard Boer

    Allard Boer

    Month ago

    Thanks for sharing, good work. Nice donation. Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • gordon peden

    gordon peden

    Month ago

    Pray that Trevor has a son or daughter that can step in when he's no longer with us. Kudos Trev. I'm deeply concerned that Mat's hair is taking over the planet!!

  • Hook'd On Tail

    Hook'd On Tail

    Month ago

    Finish bananas engine bay. She needs to be all banana. Lol

  • 기꾼이 프렌즈 -세미 오프로드

    기꾼이 프렌즈 -세미 오프로드

    Month ago

    완전 멋집니다~~👍

  • Preston Rich

    Preston Rich

    Month ago

    Awesome that you met Glenn!

  • Doug Bennett

    Doug Bennett

    Month ago

    Lizzy's hair blowing in the wind. Lizzy on her belly under a bus, last month. Can't decide which Lizzy is more beautiful. What a woman. It's not hard to imagine that Jamie is the backbone of it all. "The hand that rocks the cradle?"
    When I grow up, I want to be just like Matt. 🤣 I'm 66.

  • DirtyDigger


    Month ago

    I took all those wires out of my Jeep 25 years ago. Still running.

  • ryan oduber

    ryan oduber

    Month ago

    much respect

  • Moses T Collier Jr

    Moses T Collier Jr

    Month ago

    Wow, no hat Matt looks ten years younger!

  • Bryan O'Halloran

    Bryan O'Halloran

    Month ago

    Spot on Matt & Staff

  • Dave Noyd

    Dave Noyd

    Month ago

    Great charity work by the entire MOR crew .. I love seeing fellow off-roaders taking part in their community and doing charity events like this ... Way to be great ambassadors for the off-road community guys