Why Did A Dodge 3500 Dually Go Off Roading?

Published on Jun 9, 2021
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So I got a call for a Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Dually stuck at Sand Hollow. Did they do it for the t-shirt?

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Darren MacKenzie

    Darren MacKenzie

    8 days ago

    I know your pain with Max. My Jack Russell Trevor once he spotted a rabbit , lizard , bird his brain went into hunt mode and he had to be rounded up . Sadly he passed away about a year ago I miss him so much.

  • Ramiro Montoya

    Ramiro Montoya

    10 days ago

    Matt you need to come to the Houston area to a Truck or Jeep Show, You got fans out here!! Kool Video.

  • James Loughran

    James Loughran

    11 days ago

    We'll keep it between you and 679,000 of your closest friends.

  • 486DX266


    12 days ago

    Watching these videos makes me want to move to Utah.

  • twiztedmunkey


    12 days ago

    the dog dropped a deuce

  • Summon The Kraken

    Summon The Kraken

    14 days ago

    Love this channel

  • G Mc Innis

    G Mc Innis

    19 days ago

    got a $60,000+++ truck and cant afford a tow strap and a shovel... hi lift jack and an off road how to book to put in the machine? oook and of course the tires were pumped up to the MAX INFLATION PRESSURE ON THE SIDEWALL FOR MAX LOAD... 20,000# so they sank thru the soft sand like hot knife thru butter. stay on the road with that lux o barge and zip off road skills

  • Mr. Clem

    Mr. Clem

    22 days ago

    If I were MORR, I'd just station a Jeep at Sand Hollow permanently.

  • Josh Lockie

    Josh Lockie

    24 days ago

    That dog needs to learn who the master is.

  • Truck Camper 57

    Truck Camper 57

    25 days ago

    People never learn let air out of your tires you will never get stuck

  • Lawrence J Neuser

    Lawrence J Neuser

    26 days ago

    how about put a harness on both dogs & least connecting both dogs, it would be easier to find both dogs together.and they'd still be able to run around give it a try.

  • Fish R Relaxing

    Fish R Relaxing

    27 days ago

    He ran 6miles yet the rabbit likely only ran 6’ lol.. dogs are so smart till they encounter rabbits lol
    I’m pretty sure Lilly has the hots for Uncle Sam lol..

  • James Lang

    James Lang

    27 days ago

    I have the same 3500 , difference is,,,,,,, I know it is not built for sand and it has a winch both front and back.

  • Mike Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman

    29 days ago

    Towing celebs. 🤟

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Hell yea brother!

  • Ted Ned

    Ted Ned

    Month ago


  • gary moore

    gary moore

    Month ago

    Lilly has a nervous laugh

  • Kyle F

    Kyle F

    Month ago

    Are Duallys bad in the sand? Wouldn't the extra tires help distribute weight?

  • Exploring Alabama

    Exploring Alabama

    Month ago

    steadily going through all your videos...then heading out there to get stuck for a shirt! See you soon!!

  • xzysyndrome


    Month ago

    I chuckle at these trucks. Man...that shit was made to haul farm shit and tow RV's on pavement. Poor bastards watched too many commercials. The Silverado boys are the worst...

  • Joseph Egon

    Joseph Egon

    Month ago

    When I was a baby my aunt gave me the nickname sam and my real name is Joseph and still to this day 50 some years later she still calls me sam.



    Month ago




    Month ago




    Month ago




    Month ago


  • Dave VA

    Dave VA

    Month ago

    MORR is becoming one of Southern Utah's biggest celebrities!!
    Great job as always MORR!!

  • idomatter nonya

    idomatter nonya

    Month ago

    How much do you charge for a yank out?

  • Ken Locke,@

    Ken Locke,@

    Month ago

    Hahahaha if you wanted your wife to have your back, show her your back before you do something stupid, like propose!!
    There's a reason wife is a four letter word.

  • Paul Silas

    Paul Silas

    Month ago

    Do you guys take calls from Africa? 😅 Loyal follower.

  • Justin Van Buren

    Justin Van Buren

    Month ago

    Good job Uncle Sam!

  • Peter


    Month ago

    A lot of.cute girls in Utah, I know where I'm moving there.

  • 5cent27


    Month ago

    Beautiful truck 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips

    Month ago

    It’s pretty cool when you become famous just for being good people and doing your job really well. You’re selling quality and kindness. This is why I don’t have any regular TV service. You’re one of 3 YouTube channels that I watch regularly, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Jimmy j

    Jimmy j

    Month ago

    Matt can you explain us how the ticketing works and offroad vehicles in the park work out? tks from Italy (no such think as your parks over here) ciao

  • magicrui150


    Month ago

    Bravo MATT! cheers from Italy!

  • Josh LeBrun

    Josh LeBrun

    Month ago

    I wonder if that girl there has ever said a sentence without laughing after

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez

    Month ago

    Matt's nickname is Uncle Sam

  • Perry Mclennan

    Perry Mclennan

    Month ago

    To late 🤣 we all know

  • Vlad A

    Vlad A

    Month ago

    Who's Uncle Sam? Never heard of him

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    Month ago

    I wonder if people actually do get stuck on purpose to meet Matt and the crew.
    I will be honest getting stuck on purpose would be worth it to meet Matt and the crew.
    For me I would love the opportunity to meet Lizzy nothing against Matt or the crew. That young lady the camera I am sure doesn't do her justice

  • Biggiebaby


    Month ago

    Matt, you need to talk about all that's been, or not, to that engine. And when you eventually tear it down, give all its tolerances. Because, damn, there's something to be said fer the 4l inline 6!

  • A B

    A B

    Month ago

    Min 4:06...is this guy Kid Rock?...

  • Trevor Johnson

    Trevor Johnson

    Month ago

    commifornians think their cool if they have a heavy duty 1 ton dually no actual use for it

  • js1600


    Month ago

    Max needs a GPS collar...

  • mividamimundoyDios


    Month ago

    I will keep the secret to my self uncle Sam

  • Ryan Rambles

    Ryan Rambles

    Month ago

    Get em out uncle sam!

  • Ruben Maldonado

    Ruben Maldonado

    Month ago

    Ill bet that shirt is more expensive than versace

  • Nelvin 78

    Nelvin 78

    Month ago

    Max sprints to his own drummer

  • Russell Wiegand

    Russell Wiegand

    Month ago

    My wife would ABSOLUTELY sell me out, too!

  • DMN


    Month ago

    The dog taking a dump. 😂

  • Trees Happen

    Trees Happen

    Month ago

    Max gonna need a shock collar, to break that rabbit habit.

  • Chuck Pergiel

    Chuck Pergiel

    Month ago

    Where's the music come from?

  • gone fishing

    gone fishing

    Month ago

    It seems Matt and his channel have done him well. He has a large following including me but I wonder about his once good friends Randy and Casey. Has this channel and the fame that came with it made him loose sight of the important things in life? Like friendship for example. I really have no idea what happened but I miss seeing both those guys and the friendships they shared. Hopefully they still do. I just kinda of miss the old way the channel was ran. Don't get me wrong the new content is amazing but those first videos when they were still trying to get it going were awesome.

  • Riccardo Mora

    Riccardo Mora

    Month ago

    Why did a Dodge 3500 dully go off roading, well to get to the other side.

  • Gerardo Trujillo

    Gerardo Trujillo

    Month ago

    What does a recovery like this cost? Asking for a friend 😅

  • Valentin Diaz

    Valentin Diaz

    Month ago

    It that jerk that always gets them out...the pull not mat ,,,mat and all his staff are so awesome

  • Jon Schneider

    Jon Schneider

    Month ago

    Matt, you talk about overheating a lot and throw water on the radiator to get things cool. Have you ever considered a separate windshield washer system, filled with water and aimed at the radiator?



    Month ago

    That couple was the absolute best. Lovely people!

  • 𝕮𝖚𝖈𝕶 𝕮𝖗𝖚𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖗

    𝕮𝖚𝖈𝕶 𝕮𝖗𝖚𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖗

    Month ago

    Matt is the only one I’ve ever heard in my entire life call it rock scissors paper!

  • N. Tromb

    N. Tromb

    Month ago

    Sam I am with green eggs and ham😋

  • DaBoo 77

    DaBoo 77

    Month ago

    Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam
    There I said it
    Now shhhhhhhh
    Nobody's supposed to know

  • Skippy Jones

    Skippy Jones

    Month ago

    Love these videos 👍✌

  • Glenn Oliver

    Glenn Oliver

    Month ago

    Glad to see all you hard work paying off!

  • Kevin Cousins

    Kevin Cousins

    Month ago

    LoL, while they're giving him his free T-shirt the dog is in the background taking a crap. 😄😆😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😆😄

  • T Insano

    T Insano

    Month ago

    Why is it 98 % of dodge owners dont have a lick of common sense.

  • RhysHasaLotofPieces UK

    RhysHasaLotofPieces UK

    Month ago

    Wow you've earned a sub! Such cool vibes an great watching you drag trucks out of the dirt!

  • M


    Month ago

    These are more addictive than the Dallas parking lot videos.

  • RevRider


    Month ago

    Came across your videos about a year or so ago, watched a few episodes and then some how lost track. I recently came across your channel again, I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying your content, I’ve subscribed so I don’t lose track again!

  • Ken Lee

    Ken Lee

    Month ago

    The funny thing is when my son and our families were headed to Yellowstone last week he tried to talk me into doing that to get a T shirt.

  • Tyler Mallory

    Tyler Mallory

    Month ago

    "Max is grounded" LMFAO poor Max!

  • Alesis Rokete

    Alesis Rokete

    Month ago

    There is something about the friendliness of the folks of this area in Utah, that is warm & welcoming.

  • Sydman


    Month ago

    Sam's Off Road Recovery...Hmmm SORRVAIR?

  • Lechefmailo


    Month ago

    "Gett’n it out for the shirt"🤙🏽❤️ I almost did that back in April...😝

  • Prince George Punnen

    Prince George Punnen

    Month ago

    Such an AMAZING Team.

  • chris gauthier

    chris gauthier

    Month ago

    Ok, we need to know. What happened to Randy?

  • I_Choose_You


    Month ago

    The dually couple are full of positive energy, so fun!

  • rsg1963


    Month ago

    That dually was beautiful.

  • Devilott NL

    Devilott NL

    Month ago


  • JeepCherokeeful


    Month ago

    I guess they thought it was an Alberta oil patch truck.

  • Rain Man

    Rain Man

    Month ago

    ....because it was there.

  • Anonymous98


    Month ago

    For Max, get an Apple locator tag for his collar.

  • Anonymous98


    Month ago

    You ought to add Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and the Sand Worms to your team. Spice things up a little bit.

  • Matt Allen

    Matt Allen

    Month ago

    Literally cracks me up when people go on trails like this with road tires, even though it says 4x4 even on a dually or a jeep, get all terrains or MTs, beautiful truck though.

  • Brandin Walters

    Brandin Walters

    Month ago

    I need a shirt that says " howdy howdy let's get rowdy".

  • jose pando

    jose pando

    Month ago

    Hi Lilly! Lol

  • Chris Browne

    Chris Browne

    Month ago

    Uncle Sam’s Towing and Recovery. Has a nice ring to it!

  • Dunder Mifflin

    Dunder Mifflin

    Month ago

    Not from anywhere around there... but if I ever did get stuck while on vacation in the area, I'd call you guys too... Keep up the great work!

  • Put Em In The Boat

    Put Em In The Boat

    Month ago

    Remote controlled collar for the dog. Get one with GPS, shock and warning buzz. He will learn after a few nicks

  • J R

    J R

    Month ago

    Hefe, speaking of the nice weather in southern Utah says to the Texan," it's why I live down here." Texan, mind blown.

    • J R

      J R

      Month ago

      Luv you guys.

  • Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    Month ago

    I cant think of a worse POS to take off road. So much weight over the front axle and a light ass end like all trucks. What could go wrong? lolololol

  • christina d

    christina d

    Month ago

    they could have just stopped by the shop, they didnt have to get stuck on purpose

  • donald browning

    donald browning

    Month ago

    fully aired tires,and stock tires hmmmmm,and they wonder why they get stuck

  • Lyman Hall

    Lyman Hall

    Month ago

    Ya building quit the community! ❤️❤️

  • Philip Pulvermacher

    Philip Pulvermacher

    Month ago

    Nothing like a 10 thousand pound truck in the sand!

  • Far Out

    Far Out

    Month ago

    Taser puppy collar... LOL

  • r. a.

    r. a.

    Month ago

    Beautifull truck👍🏻



    Month ago

    awww you guys are celebrities...

  • User 5.56

    User 5.56

    Month ago

    Dogs like Daddy deep in my heart im a huntin dog, its what i do i was born for this 💩 i eat bunnies!

  • Gary Laaks

    Gary Laaks

    Month ago

    Wholesome good clean family entertainment. You should business up with sand hollow and get them to sell "Get em out free insurance to all their visitors" what you think?

  • EliteGeeks


    Month ago

    Pavement Princess has no business in that sand