Who's Next?! 7 Rescues Within 600ft At Sand Hollow Lake

Published on Aug 25, 2021
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So I got a call for 7 rescues all within 600ft of the same spot at Sand Hollow lake. This was definitely a sand trap.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Darknothing


    2 hours ago

    Wait... you don't charge?

  • VTX Adventures

    VTX Adventures

    5 hours ago

    These people applying the brakes while his launching piss me off 🤦🏽

  • T


    6 hours ago

    What state are they in?

  • wrx_mike


    13 hours ago

    nooo not a wrx😭

  • ROB P

    ROB P

    17 hours ago

    Stop being so nice it’s disgusting 🤣

  • ProTurf OK

    ProTurf OK

    18 hours ago

    All those ppl and no one has a tow rope? Blows my mind 🤯

  • qw qw

    qw qw

    Day ago

    видео должно называться,джип купил,а мозги-забыл.песок..неужели так сложно спустить в колесах воздух,а на обочине столько народу,машин и всем пофигу,больше похоже на постанову

  • Mike Litorus

    Mike Litorus

    Day ago

    Second guy in the avalanche was an idiot. Not helping at all.

  • Kalani Kaimana

    Kalani Kaimana

    Day ago

    That Gray Jeep Driver sucks!

  • Andreas Jüngling

    Andreas Jüngling

    Day ago

    Shouldn't the Z71 'Lanche be but into 4WD at least?

  • عنزي


    Day ago

    مستفزين الاجانب معهم مواتر دبل وحقت سحب ويشوفون المغرز ولا يسون شي

  • Keep Burning

    Keep Burning

    Day ago

    Foot hanging out the window

  • Brian Lucero

    Brian Lucero

    Day ago

    With that attitude, I’d have charged him or left his ass there.

  • Fred H.

    Fred H.

    2 days ago

    People should pay him. He’s got a lot of expenses maintaining those trucks etc.

  • Michael Kemp

    Michael Kemp

    2 days ago

    Did somebody drop a stupid bomb out there?

  • Richard's World

    Richard's World

    2 days ago

    Makes me ashamed to own a Jeep 😀

  • Raz TMCE

    Raz TMCE

    2 days ago

    I cant stop watching sinced i sub. Thid channel 2days ago. Hahaha

  • J W

    J W

    2 days ago

    If a Subaru is stuck, you know none of these 4x4 trucks have a chance in hell of making it.

  • Jay Ce

    Jay Ce

    2 days ago

    Why you riding with a karen?

  • DHMI


    2 days ago

    عجيب دبل ويغرزوا لو يشوفوا عربنا كيف يطعسوا بدون دبل

  • Robert Martian

    Robert Martian

    2 days ago

    People getting stuck on purpose just to meet these guys! I would do it.

  • Jeffrey Cuevas

    Jeffrey Cuevas

    2 days ago


  • Leroy Jones

    Leroy Jones

    3 days ago

    Dont ppl know to deflate your tyres?

  • Chase T

    Chase T

    3 days ago

    So was it 7 people that didn’t have the right tire pressure or tread? Was everyone on street tires in that sand 😂

  • Chase T

    Chase T

    3 days ago

    This video makes a hell of a case for the xj. I’m a 4Runner guy but wow that thing stands up to some serious flogging.

  • Azureecosse


    3 days ago

    It amazes me that people drive their 3 and 4 tons 4x2 and 4x4s onto sand and expect to get get away without getting stuck. Mat is a nice guy pulling people out for free, if it were me I would still pay him something for the gas burned and wear and tear on his recovery car as it pulled me out of the situation I foolishly got myself into. Such a nice genuine guy not many of them around these days.

  • Bahama ghost

    Bahama ghost

    3 days ago

    The girl in the silver jeep has highway tires, was turning the wheel and wasn’t lightly on the gas pedal lol

  • Talon Raph

    Talon Raph

    4 days ago

    boggles the mind why the DNR allows people to drive out on the sand.

  • Fak theRabbit

    Fak theRabbit

    4 days ago

    big trucks with huge rims are so gross
    that poor tundra

  • Raf 88

    Raf 88

    4 days ago

    Love your channel, greeting from Tunisia



    4 days ago


  • Barry Augustine

    Barry Augustine

    4 days ago

    you is one amazing matts off road recovery how much you charging this is trippy

  • Blake.is


    4 days ago

    yankin and bankin

  • Cragified


    4 days ago

    Love the bald tires on a few of those... some people shouldn't be allowed to own a vehicle *shakes heads*

  • Rob T

    Rob T

    4 days ago

    what do you guys think about using a wide tracked vehicle instead of the current rig? you would have to trailer it out there for the recovery but should be unstoppable.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      4 days ago

      There is another off road company that has a nice one. It just sits due to its lack of utility. Out side of mostly level sand, marsh, and snow it doesn’t work well.

  • Rob T

    Rob T

    4 days ago

    I think the t-shirts are a great idea. good marketing.

  • Lightning strikes twice

    Lightning strikes twice

    4 days ago

    I find it interesting I'll talk about how much charges should be and if Matt does them for free. It seems like people expect those of us in the trades to work for free. If you go to a professional IE attorney, Dr accountant dentist and cetera you never assumed to get anything for free do you! Why should you expect a guy in the trades that uses his hands to make his living do things for free or for a discount. Matt's equipment cost a ton of money to keep running. Another thing, most of these people that he's rescuing are out there recreating. They've either rented equipment they don't know how to use or made stupid moves that hot them into trouble. If they've got the money to go out there recreate they've got money to pay people to get them unstuck. In addition, whether or not Matt is doing YouTube should have no bearing on his towing business. Separate entities. Each has their own cost!

  • Justhin Alejandro Mancilla Dunoguez

    Justhin Alejandro Mancilla Dunoguez

    4 days ago

    Saludos desde Panamá, haces un increíble trabajo.

  • aaag


    4 days ago

    When Driving on SAND flat tire is Essential (15 psi) will do magic.

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago

    Wonderful Recovery..🤝🤝
    What a beautiful Place..⚘⚘

  • Ralph Smallblock

    Ralph Smallblock

    5 days ago

    Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rick McDaniel

    Rick McDaniel

    5 days ago

    Wait, you are pulling people out for FREE? What kind of business model is that? :< )

  • G Mont

    G Mont

    5 days ago

    Everybody wants to "help" by giving it gas.

  • Hayden UK 18

    Hayden UK 18

    5 days ago

    Great work and thanks for sharing this with us take care

  • Richard F

    Richard F

    5 days ago

    Matt, how is your Jeep setup so that you can get out of the sand when everyone else is stuck? I am not familiar with offroading....



    5 days ago

    Matt are you hiring for a full-time camera man?

  • More for Les

    More for Les

    5 days ago

    I don’t understand :-) or somebody with only two wheels driving the car would take it out in the sand I also don’t understand why these people just don’t let the air out of your tires

  • LES


    5 days ago

    That's a bad ass Jeep, and Matt is a good man.

  • Pasang Tsering

    Pasang Tsering

    6 days ago

    Thanks Matt for your kind generosity

  • Suicide Subie

    Suicide Subie

    6 days ago

    lol what, ive taken my 2020 wrx in deeper sand and mud and snow than that, he must have summer tires on still. you literally shouldnt have gotten stuck xD he also probably left traction control on.

  • Terebrate


    6 days ago

    Looks like you need to tell half these dipshits to take their foot off the brake when Matt's trying to yank 'em out.

  • Andy Rubalcaba

    Andy Rubalcaba

    6 days ago

    matt you pump out so many videos, every single one of them worthy of watching every minute ( even in this day and age where attention spans are down the drain ), I hope you hit over 1mill subs. kudos as well to the many rescues you do without charging, you don't make a fuss about it, you just jump in and help people. i've been watching for quite some time ( 2 years? 3? I can't remember how long you've been at it but it's been a long time, probably been watching even longer than that tbh ), keep up the good work.

  • Casey Lea

    Casey Lea

    7 days ago

    Anyone have thoughts on airing down in that sand? Not the ones buried to the frame, but the little Jeep. I've never driven in that soft a sand before so my airing down is usually for ride comfort. Just curious.

  • Josh C

    Josh C

    7 days ago

    I say keep the exhaust how it is. It sounds awesome!

  • Gian Lumba

    Gian Lumba

    7 days ago

    The Banana sounds pretty great in this video though. It kind of reminds me of the sound of my straight-piped FJ41

  • James Tom

    James Tom

    7 days ago

    How do you stay afloat if you don’t charge for recovery?

  • Zane


    8 days ago

    It takes a lot to get a Subaru stuck. Especially at the beach. 12 years driving on the beach, never once got stuck in my outback. Always get comments about 'how I must feel so good passing those huge trucks stuck in the sand in that little thing'

  • The Truebro

    The Truebro

    8 days ago

    I hope you charge all those people

  • FR


    8 days ago

    Try to get a tire sponsor!



    8 days ago

    I’m from Saudi Arabia Tip: When going to all sandy areas, make the tire air pressure 10 or 8 and enjoy no stop car forever

  • Michael


    9 days ago

    I would like to see my yellow 71 blazer parked in the rocks or sand next to the Corvair. I think it would be an awesome picture. Beings I live in Kansas City it may never happen. I have defiantly pulled a lot of vehicles out. Not as many as you.

  • bryman 86

    bryman 86

    9 days ago

    I wonder how that sand compares to the florida suger sand

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago

      I’m trying to get someone to send me some so I can compare them. One thing that I already know..,, Florida sand is compared to sugar, and people often compare our sand to flour.

  • El Talivan NY

    El Talivan NY

    9 days ago

    In my honest opinion, you should be charging every single person. Or at least a tip

  • Ayoub Almalul

    Ayoub Almalul

    9 days ago

    I don’t know why when they go through the sand people don’t lower the tire pressure.
    Tire pressure is the key to drive through the sand no matter how strong your engine is.
    10 to 8 psi should be perfect

  • omar alvarez

    omar alvarez

    9 days ago

    I got the guy with the Toyota Tacoma out a few months ago

  • Powellsurfer3475


    9 days ago

    Why won’t you use the Morvair for rescues like these, it has more power and is better in the sand, just curious haven’t seen it much?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago

      At the time these jobs were being filmed, the MORRVAIR was not complete yet.

  • Alonzo Gracian

    Alonzo Gracian

    9 days ago

    Nice videos man saludos from phienix az

  • TechDad 0816

    TechDad 0816

    10 days ago

    How does the conversation start when you find someone stuck that didn’t call you for help? Hey do you need help? it will be 40 bucks! Or whatever you charge. Lol

  • Nate Williams

    Nate Williams

    10 days ago

    Are you all hiring? Easy to get along with, work a lot of hours and get my fix by helping people out! Plus every crew needs a guy that can't grow a beard.

  • Greg Lewis

    Greg Lewis

    11 days ago

    Skinny tires don't work in sand. They should post a caution sign, like no life guards on duty!😄

  • Travis Mccartt

    Travis Mccartt

    11 days ago

    That jeep is just awsome....it's like art in motion.....

  • Joseph Watson

    Joseph Watson

    11 days ago

    Another Chevy for the banana to save

  • Joseph Watson

    Joseph Watson

    11 days ago

    Man worry what people say about the sound that thing is a beast

  • Enrique V Blancas

    Enrique V Blancas

    11 days ago

    i was chartged $150 once to get me out

  • Paulie Copez

    Paulie Copez

    11 days ago

    That Chevy Avalanch wasn't even in 4 wheel drive

  • Kenny Casado

    Kenny Casado

    12 days ago

    non-deflated regular road tires, what can go wrong haha

  • SF49ersWarriorsGiantS Gumban

    SF49ersWarriorsGiantS Gumban

    12 days ago

    That Tundra with those wheels is the reason why got stuck!! All these squatters think they can go off-roading!! Nice way to ruin a 4x4 truck!!!

  • John Thomas

    John Thomas

    12 days ago

    Matt!? I had no idea how many people you pulled out without charging them. A funding page should be started for your business just because your generosity.
    Seriously though, how do you stay in business?
    I give away far too much legal advice and, seriously, it has hurt me financially. But when I see people in certain circumstances that obviously are in need of skilled legal help, I have a very hard time saying "pay me or I don't start working." However, in my industry, once people have received the benefit (those that agree to pay 'later') they have a tendency to redefine the word "later." Pretty soon one becomes a bit jaded and I must actively remind myself that I like helping them out.
    How do you offset all the hours, gas and your overhead (including paying YOUR people) with all the freebies you give out.
    May I assume that those that receive T-shirts have also paid for their tow? I realize you may not reply to this inquiry so as not to create any expectation of freebies, but I can see that you a very generous man and I hope the Karma Wagon stops at your place frequently. You are genuinely one of the good guys.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      12 days ago

      I’m not gonna get into all the details, but I have found myself in a situation where I am able to help others out quite a bit. And thank you for the kind words.

  • pete Diamond

    pete Diamond

    13 days ago

    That stupid female who said we have men , I would have just left there or sat by and when her men couldn't get her out I would have said 500 dollars paid upfront to pull you and the MEN out!

  • pete Diamond

    pete Diamond

    13 days ago

    Matt being a good guy is great BUT wait until one of the people sues him because there plastic on there car cracked! I use to do the same thing until that happened to me, I don't even let people know I owned the towing service I just say this is what the charge is and my boss will fire me if I pull someone out for free, People don't appreciate it anyway. I can always tell the ones that won't pay I see them waving and I just wave back. Man they get upset then you can see the true person come out.

  • Barbecue Tech Tips

    Barbecue Tech Tips

    13 days ago

    I feel like half these people sit in neutral and don't help? That Chevy with that junk was a boat anchor and the silver junk jeep sounded like it was gonna blow up and didn't move an inch.

  • Kinghavs


    13 days ago

    Smh,, in the desert in street tires.. might as well wear heels to

  • ItchyTriggerFinger 76

    ItchyTriggerFinger 76

    13 days ago

    I see 👀 there is no shortage of people that want to get stuck.

  • oosung


    13 days ago

    I thought it was a hat trick.... but kept adding rescues. Last one, with new truck like that he was asking how much? unbelievable

  • Legion of Weirdos - ADHD & more - Christopher Mast

    Legion of Weirdos - ADHD & more - Christopher Mast

    13 days ago

    Poor little white Tacoma needs a better driver.

  • Abdurrehman Khan

    Abdurrehman Khan

    14 days ago

    do you guys charge for the recovery

    • Brian Parker

      Brian Parker

      14 days ago

      He has a towing company so my understanding so far is that when you call them to go and rescue in the middle of nowhere they will charge you, but if they drive by and see you stuked they will help you and pull you out for free.

  • Bruce Thompson

    Bruce Thompson

    14 days ago

    That Jeep sounds Raw....sounds like a tractor

  • Harley Flinkstrom

    Harley Flinkstrom

    14 days ago

    OK I'm getting one of thouse ropes.

  • vidal Granados

    vidal Granados

    14 days ago

    Hi do u ,have6 cilinder,on u jeep

  • SlimTim


    14 days ago

    Does lizzy have a fan page?

  • Ickess


    15 days ago

    I have an 03 expedition with 4 wheel drive. We drove on the beach all the time in NY. Air down to 15psi and never had an issue. Is this sand different then beach sand? Hard to tell but looks like everyone is running street pressure.

  • Hal Kench

    Hal Kench

    15 days ago

    Are any of these stuck trucks aired down? When we drive on the sandy ocean beaches in NY, we air tires down to 18 psi. I tow a 45' triple axle toy hauler out in the deep sand with all 12 tires aired down and 4 low.

  • James Gary

    James Gary

    15 days ago

    Keep being great people! Thank you🖤🖤🖤

  • The Kenyan Dream

    The Kenyan Dream

    15 days ago

    That banana is like a tractor. Pulls anything and everything!

  • Richard Wallinger

    Richard Wallinger

    15 days ago

    cost to the idiot stuck in the sand zero .. nothing nada .. cost to Matt . wear and tear plus equipment plus fuel costs insurance etc .. one born every minute . those sort of customers are toting 200 000 dollars of rig and you towed him out for free . Not a good way to run a business. Plus the tight ass ran over your expensive tow rope .

  • K9BLKD1NG01


    15 days ago

    Out there rippin it and doesn't get stuck once. Awesome.

  • joe slider

    joe slider

    15 days ago

    Dumb question, But why does the recovery vehicle not get stuck pulling when other trucks do ?

    • Brian Parker

      Brian Parker

      14 days ago

      In order of relevance: 1. Lightweight vehicle. 2. Big and wide tires. 3. Very low tires pressure. 4. Larger clearance under the car. 5. Driver experience moving the wheel in an aggressive manner if getting stuck.

  • Diver2016 Justice

    Diver2016 Justice

    15 days ago

    I just can't understand how is possible to have 129 dislikes for this guy. I don't even live in his country but would appreciated to have more Matt's in mine. That job here (Japan) will cost me at least U$300 bucks. Good work Matt! Be healthy and keep the pace, those "dislikers" don't deserve the a minute wasted.

  • jonah quitog

    jonah quitog

    15 days ago

    I think it’s weird how with the amount of people out there they have to drive miles just to pull people out while the person could easily ask someone to pull them

    • Brian Parker

      Brian Parker

      14 days ago

      It's not that simple, most people there are tourists with rental or family cars. Most of those cars are FWD. Just a few of them are AWD but most tourists don't have a rescue rope with them, and still if they have one that rope will be short enough so they have to pull them from the sand as well risking them self to get stuck. This guy makes it look very simple because he has the right car, the right tools and do it for living so he has the right experience, but is not that simple. For instance all my cars are AWD but I never have a rescue rope with me in case I get stucked, neither my friends. So the first valuable lesson from this channel is have a rope with you even if you car is FWD, someone can hel you using your rope, and the second and most valuable lesson is DON'T off-road in a FWD car, get a AWD and if you are going out of the way put some off-road tires on it.