Where Was This RZR Going? Another Flooded River Crossing

Published on Jun 18, 2021
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So I got for a side by side flooded in the river. Well who's going in the freezing water?

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Mac Misner

    Mac Misner

    Day ago

    Tire chains ??????????

  • Ida hoe

    Ida hoe

    2 days ago

    lizzy should make a channel

  • Shannon DeFriese

    Shannon DeFriese

    8 days ago

    Lizzy always has the best attitude.

  • Bradley St. John

    Bradley St. John

    14 days ago

    how much do you charge for everything?



    15 days ago

    I really think that a winch in this would have worked alot better, ?

  • silverstake88


    16 days ago

    Lizzy is the channel treasure.
    If all women were like her..... wow!

  • Wilbert Ortiz

    Wilbert Ortiz

    17 days ago

    Lizzy well earned the right to be in your team Matt, she always has a wonderful attitude!! Greetings from phoenix az. I’m a fan of your Chanel!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Fika A

    Fika A

    20 days ago

    Lizzy is real no nonsense girl, unlike most other todays useless drama queens! She is the tipe of girl to have as a life companion! Huge respect!

  • Jesse W

    Jesse W

    20 days ago

    Seeing Lizzy jump in the river just made her my favorite member of the MORR team.

  • Cezar Garzia

    Cezar Garzia

    21 day ago

    Recovery by amazing Lizzy💯💯

  • D2NASTY 69

    D2NASTY 69

    21 day ago

    What phone service do y'all have to be able to make calls in the middle of nowhere? As soon as I hit dirt my service dies out 😑

  • bernhard85


    22 days ago

    Listen im very glad Matt has all his fingers but idk how he does with how much he grabs hot stuff and sticks his fingers in fans and everything lol ❤

  • Adrian Aguado

    Adrian Aguado

    22 days ago

    I truly appreciate the content on this channel

  • Andrew Nash

    Andrew Nash

    23 days ago

    I love the videos but I Give It a thumbs down because you three men let that lady go in the water and not you

  • Andrew Nash

    Andrew Nash

    23 days ago

    I can't believe three men let a lady do you should wear the dresses

  • Ryan Moen

    Ryan Moen

    24 days ago

    Everyone needs an Ed in there life. He’s a beauty.

  • justin marrone

    justin marrone

    25 days ago

    I must say Lizzie is every bit a lady. What a perfect woman. Not to be disrespectful but I am kind of in love. She is every bit a lady one hell of a dame.

  • Jim C

    Jim C

    25 days ago

    One way to get your feet wet

  • Tedacules


    25 days ago

    Lizzy needs to have a pair of shorts handy in case this happens again....

  • chanceapants


    26 days ago

    Forgot to shut the hatch

  • Andrew Koetz

    Andrew Koetz

    26 days ago

    I HATE people that take 20 minutes in the drive thru

  • Lee Thomas

    Lee Thomas

    27 days ago


  • Boarder4Life


    27 days ago

    Here's a serious question... If the razor wasn't flooded and runs just fine, why the heck didn't you start it and drive it out while being pulled???

  • Jeff Schimke

    Jeff Schimke

    28 days ago

    Good job Lizzy, love your not afraid to get your boots wet that's what ther made for

  • Ricardo Alderete

    Ricardo Alderete

    28 days ago

    Lizzy is super awesome!❤️

  • GamingبالعربيHD


    29 days ago

    amazing videos ! please keep it going !

  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips

    29 days ago

    I would have just winched them from the shore...but where's the fun in that?
    Good work by the banana as always

  • DMO1798


    Month ago

    Ed doesn’t have to get in the river. Video pans to Ed putting away his snorkel with a sad face 😂

  • Jacob E

    Jacob E

    Month ago

    I think Matt’s trying to blow the banana up to ls swap it😬🙂

  • Jacob E

    Jacob E

    Month ago

    That fender on the Jeep is quite strong

  • Dayton Jones

    Dayton Jones

    Month ago

    Lizzy is awesome, so are the pups, maybe razor can build an Atv that can dog paddle. How embarrassing for razor.

  • AyeeRahjah


    Month ago

    Everyone has GoPros on them yet no one wants to get wet LOL

  • Mike Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman

    Month ago

    Love watching the dogs run

  • Firecapttc


    Month ago

    And there's Lady checking water depth before Lizzy goes in. Good job Lady.

  • Johan Sebastian

    Johan Sebastian

    Month ago

    The whimsical bull potentially beam because october intrestingly wait midst a cooing patch. half, dead sled

  • WarrenAlbuna


    Month ago

    Matts worried about the recovery ropes being clean.. max and lady, hold my beer, wet and sand hahaha

  • RBT


    Month ago

    You gotta love a beautiful woman that doesn't mind getting dirty.

  • R H

    R H

    Month ago

    Why didn’t we go 2 ropes from the beginning and not have to drive the banana in the water at all? I can’t be the only one that thought of that initially, right?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kailondo Rogers

    Kailondo Rogers

    Month ago

    I love Wendy’s

  • Lee Byrd

    Lee Byrd

    Month ago

    idk how much you're paying Lizzy, but it ain't enough 🤣

  • Cottontail Grouse

    Cottontail Grouse

    Month ago

    Good work

  • Jabber


    Month ago

    Lizzy is awesome

  • Gretchen L'Hommedieu

    Gretchen L'Hommedieu

    Month ago

    Hello All you Guys at Matt’s Off Road. I haven’t been able to get your videos for quite a while because Apple says my old iPad was “vintage.” So I’m back now to check on all of you. I have a brand new iPad. And I see you still have my dog Lady. Looks like you’re taking good care of her. Anyhow, hope you missed me. I missed all of you.

  • Kristina Priest

    Kristina Priest

    Month ago

    Poor Lizzy , make a women work

  • Erik kessler

    Erik kessler

    Month ago

    Good job Lizzie your so awesome! Love her attitude and get er done mentality!

  • Y Knott

    Y Knott

    Month ago

    If it helps (and I know it doesn't...), where I live, which is the far side of the continent from where you live and not even in the same country, that chain has the slowest drive-thru here too... DX

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    Month ago

    You guys film ever dam thing!

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    Month ago

    Just like a 1:51 DRUG DEAL going down

  • Sun Behind Clouds

    Sun Behind Clouds

    Month ago

    Anyone else see all the fish in the water?

  • Christian Druan

    Christian Druan

    Month ago

    If you get wet you'll dry out in 10 mins in that heat lol

  • Jeff Kephart

    Jeff Kephart

    Month ago

    Maybe you could teach the dogs to tie the tow line on? They seem to love the water enough!

  • Raymond Brandt

    Raymond Brandt

    Month ago

    where's Randy

  • Flyby Airplane

    Flyby Airplane

    Month ago

    MATT HI how long was the RZAR. IN the river, lots of water weeds on its rear !, cheers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • midwestcorvette618


    Month ago

    Anybody else die laughing when Matt accidentally touched the fan on Rudy's Jeep 😂🤣😁

  • CH@PPy


    Month ago

    Ok ok... I was going to skip this video to the end until I seen Lizzy. Wow what a hard worker and an absolutely stunning looking lady 🔥

  • Jason Shull

    Jason Shull

    Month ago

    Did anyone else want to see Lizzy. in shorts?

  • Riley S

    Riley S

    Month ago

    I thought it was always a bad idea to start an engine after it’s been possibly submerged before removing spark plugs to check if the cylinders had water in them.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Tires are nowhere near aggressive enough and way too small on that RZR

  • Tuho


    Month ago

    Fuck me Lizzie is a fucking titan!

  • justspacemonkey


    Month ago

    it's not a bad idea to have Lizzy on the recoveries that's one good looking capable lady

  • JussaIrish


    Month ago

    Hey fellow off roaders, please stop driving in rivers and streams. They are the most sensitive environments you will come across and take a long time to self repair.

  • Ranger J

    Ranger J

    Month ago

    never ride by yourself.....

  • Ratherby Exploring

    Ratherby Exploring

    Month ago

    Matt still doesn't get the idea of a bungee rope. Back up, build up speed, bounce it, and since you built speed now you both keep moving. none of this "let me bungee us both to a stop, then overrev to try and get moving again"

  • Jon Tattersall

    Jon Tattersall

    Month ago

    O.k. it's been pointed out a few times here, "city folk" listen up, soak yer new boots, it's a tried -n- true fact to achieve the perfect fit. Been done for 100's of years .... that Lizzy a Smart Lady. 💎👌

  • FishNut Jackson

    FishNut Jackson

    Month ago

    Ed knows whats up, Chicken in a Biscuit is the BEST!

  • Kappa TilGainz

    Kappa TilGainz

    Month ago

    I end these videos with a smile. Thank you

  • R&R8818


    Month ago

    How else kinda wanted it see matt or Rudy fall in river ?

  • Summit Dave

    Summit Dave

    Month ago

    Lizzie needs to get paid More for that one....

  • Juan Aguilar

    Juan Aguilar

    Month ago

    I touched a fan like that at work. The manufacturer wired it backwards so it was spinning opposite. It mangled my finger. Usually if the blades spin a in a way where the fin slaps you. But, still. Be careful lol.

  • Adam Steffen

    Adam Steffen

    Month ago

    Best XJ upgrade: Buy a cheap fan clutch from Napa. It will always be engaged and never clutch out. Runs nice and cool

  • Nick Carter

    Nick Carter

    Month ago

    Matt interesting video ,But I am new to your channell and cant find any information on how you are all related you ,Paul (fab rats.)Lizzy I know edd is a goot friend but not others .

  • Barry R. Brown

    Barry R. Brown

    Month ago

    Ed and Lizzy generations apart but they both want to get 'em out. Matt you don't know it but you are bridging a generation gap and showing good attitudes no matter the age gets the job done. I admire you for including Ed and your whole family. I also admire you keep things with Lizzy wholesome ... Other YouTubers may have asked her to wear a bikini into the water ... for views. Hell some may want to see Ed in a speedo not my cup of tea but the internet is a strange place.

  • David F.

    David F.

    Month ago

    Sweet and efficient Lizzy!

  • Mr. Seshy

    Mr. Seshy

    Month ago

    "Why did you touch that...? and then, "I didnt mean to touch it!" lol - LOVE the father son relationship :-)

  • Alessandro Marasco

    Alessandro Marasco

    Month ago

    Hy, the guys of Stepsover told me to say goodbye from them

  • Vertisce


    Month ago

    "Made to keep invasive fish from going upstream." Yeah...that makes sense. We should stop nature from doing what nature does.

    • Mister Goat

      Mister Goat

      Month ago

      Vertisce Ever think the fish aren't native to that area? Some idiot probably introduced them accidently by using some crap fish as bait. D'oh! When man screws up, it's up to the rest of us to unfuck it. Sabe?

  • Antar Torres

    Antar Torres

    Month ago

    Why did you touch that!!!! 😂😂 professionals doing every day normal people stuff

  • JoeC1983


    Month ago

    Matt's gotta be thinking "ooh...another dumbass!". Cha ching...more money for me!

  • P


    Month ago

    Lizzies the hero!

  • Kenneth Lindsay

    Kenneth Lindsay

    Month ago

    This is the first time I can remember thinking a winch would work better than the rope.

  • Oscar


    Month ago

    Maybe you guys can learn something from a humble Floridian, if you have recovery rope, always pack a pair of swim shorts with them. You never know when you’ll be getting wet, especially in the Florida swamps.



    Month ago

    WHAT’S UP MATT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kevin Brennan

    Kevin Brennan

    Month ago

    Lizzy and Ed,can do attitude. Can't beat that.

  • Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison

    Month ago

    The bloody potato philly brake because siamese intraspecifically smile till a clammy meeting. acid, wooden company

  • rick pick

    rick pick

    Month ago

    someone gets a little wet and they saved the world. geez these comments

  • Mario Cordova

    Mario Cordova

    Month ago

    Love Ed's weather reports 😁

  • War Phoine

    War Phoine

    Month ago

    Lizzy is what makes things happen.

  • Taylor Hayden

    Taylor Hayden

    Month ago

    The guy was definitely smart to just shut it off at that point. Probably saved the Rzr by doing that

  • Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson

    Month ago

    Lizzy is just plain awesome . . . In the river with a smile!
    Lizzy has the attitude that all girls should emulate.

  • duggydo


    Month ago

    I watched with closed captions and sound down. Start at about 8:45 and check out what it says. Be prepared to laugh out loud! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • James Martinez

    James Martinez

    Month ago

    Lizzy is super hot and needs more watering videos 😍👍

  • James Martinez

    James Martinez

    Month ago

    I mean.. Why not use a winch? 🤷 lol makes no sense. Then u never turn on the razor when dude says it runs. Kinda just makin the video interesting i guess?

  • Matt Bodkins

    Matt Bodkins

    Month ago

    Good ol rzr…. 5 inches of water and its dead in the water… I’ll never own another one cause of that issue, you can’t drive them through any water at all it seems

  • G N

    G N

    Month ago

    You better be glad that you have Ed. He's a go getter.

  • Rhonda Grewe

    Rhonda Grewe

    Month ago

    my wife and I watch your show all the time. You are absolutely amazing! There is nothing you can't do. You are a true artist of your trade and provide many hours of watching entertainment. Keep up the good work.

  • White Guy

    White Guy

    Month ago

    If she was in a bikini you’d get over 1M views. Those are the smallest street looking tires I’ve ever seen on a RZR.

  • Bart Powers

    Bart Powers

    Month ago

    You guys are real men letting the girl do all all the wet work

  • clement naisse

    clement naisse

    Month ago

    why din't use the winch in this case???? i really want to understand

    • White Guy

      White Guy

      Month ago

      That wouldn’t make for an entertaining video now would it?

  • Anthony E

    Anthony E

    Month ago

    If I’m going to be calling a tow company, I’m gonna give it everything Iv got to get my self unstuck first. I’d be surprised if that rzr couldn’t get itself moving again. So I’d either get it out of the water with a bunch of throttle, or I’m calling for a tow after I’m buried in it.



    Month ago

    Oh it’s a dog’s life.