What's With All These New Trucks?!

Published on Sep 8, 2021
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So I got a call for another brand new truck? I'll stick with old school.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Gerardo Oropeza Rivera

    Gerardo Oropeza Rivera

    12 minutes ago

    Saludos desde Coachella California

  • Gerardo Oropeza Rivera

    Gerardo Oropeza Rivera

    12 minutes ago

    Como le asemos para tener una cachucha y una playera Matt’s off road

  • Your Wife is my Girlfriend

    Your Wife is my Girlfriend

    27 minutes ago

    You could've just took out the circle hook that attaches to the front bumper out of the trunk in the BMW and screwed it in.

  • Thuthuka Veli

    Thuthuka Veli

    46 minutes ago

    Been binge watching for some days now. The algorithm just recently introduced your channel to me. Great content... Now that I've given you props, help me out here... That music at 08:40, whose and what song is that?

  • Chris Mahoney

    Chris Mahoney

    Hour ago

    Recovery boards and low tire pressure. Two most important things when in the sand.

  • Caleb Griffis

    Caleb Griffis

    3 hours ago

    I hope the ac works lol

  • slicktmi


    4 hours ago

    I can relate to the albuquerque comment lol



    5 hours ago

    better to look good than work good.

  • Brandy Lawson

    Brandy Lawson

    5 hours ago

    Weren't you afraid them 2 little girls might jump you in the dark & steal you car?

  • Mark Tibbetts

    Mark Tibbetts

    6 hours ago

    High tire pressure and square edge tires do not like soft sand

  • Intel_G4ming


    8 hours ago

    Newer cars are heavier than the xj

  • Michael Villapudua

    Michael Villapudua

    10 hours ago

    They just spent all there money at the gas station

  • G ford

    G ford

    14 hours ago

    Nooo problem just wait till ya see the bill lol

  • Justin Fliss

    Justin Fliss

    15 hours ago

    Jeesus you guys eat some serious garbage. Its like watching city folks drive 1 ton trucks in to a sand dune.....

  • Jeff Moore

    Jeff Moore

    19 hours ago

    The license plate cover is brilliant

  • Tom Vana

    Tom Vana

    19 hours ago

    Toyota forgot the “U”. T-RD.

  • Tom Vana

    Tom Vana

    19 hours ago

    RAM. rusty ass metal! Junk!

  • sam b

    sam b

    21 hour ago

    Never knew u could do this for a living

  • Rackets


    23 hours ago

    Many of these vehicles would get stuck trying to cross the shoulder on the highway to get to the frontage road. What are they doing off roading?

  • Jim H

    Jim H

    Day ago

    I can't think of a better way to have fun and make money than run around pulling people out that are stuck.



    Day ago

    Brand new Fiat.

  • truth  be told

    truth be told

    Day ago

    Bullshit traction control. They just need to go back 30 years, and build trucks again.

  • Jeremy Blaine

    Jeremy Blaine

    Day ago

    The bmw just happened to have a plate with y’all’s name already huh. Interesting

  • Paul Scott

    Paul Scott

    Day ago

    I absolutely love this channel, great work guys

  • TheChainzzzz


    Day ago

    amazing .. have a 2wd truck to drive thru are of sand ..with highway type tires on them.. if had a more aggressive tire on rears.. ATS or M+S .. might not have got stuck.. Tire guy saw that one coming..



    Day ago

    The old dude is my favorite 🤩

  • J Dub

    J Dub

    Day ago

    lol i did 3 rescues on my quad while i was there at sand hollow... lol sorry i took business away but i cant leave folks in need

  • Juliussmoothie


    Day ago

    Nothing says useless like seeing an exspensive BMW on a dirt road 🤣🤣

  • Home Brew

    Home Brew

    Day ago

    Thanks for the Celsius conversion from Australia. Love all the scenery from your part of the world 👍🏽🍻

  • jomax clux

    jomax clux

    Day ago

    All of these idiots with new trucks are getting in trouble.

  • TripleAstyle1 A

    TripleAstyle1 A

    Day ago

    BMW driver has some serious cash..... just wrecked that thing.

  • George Cass

    George Cass

    Day ago

    I would never call these guys . They always have to stop off for refreshments

  • Tortured Soul

    Tortured Soul

    Day ago

    i use a piece of cardboard to lay on the ground

  • More BBQ’s less bullets

    More BBQ’s less bullets

    Day ago

    Difference between a real truck and all the rest.

  • Low Cost Credit Repair Services

    Low Cost Credit Repair Services

    Day ago

    They just don’t know how to work the 4x4 , differential lock 🔒 etc..

  • Ronald


    Day ago

    2:27 XL?
    He wishes, more like 3XL or 4XL. LOL
    Maybe it's for someone else.

  • Jose Sifontes

    Jose Sifontes

    Day ago

    You fill the holes left by the stuck car for the customer? That’s service…

  • Arthur Gevorkyan

    Arthur Gevorkyan

    Day ago

    No one is going to comment about towing out using control arm?

  • Bob Welch

    Bob Welch

    2 days ago

    Cool channel. What’s ballpark rates for these types of jobs? Asking as an ignorant East Coaster

  • Great White North

    Great White North

    2 days ago

    Not sure why this is so enjoyable to watch. Sweet relief I guess.

  • John Locke

    John Locke

    2 days ago

    It's not the trucks, it's the drivers. Look at the loan duration for new vehicles. Everyone is one 8 year payments. These are inexperienced drivers who do not understand the capabilities of their vehicles or how to recover from situations.

  • jlacc1


    2 days ago

    The problem with modern SUV and pickup trucks have lower ground clearance and heavier gross vehicle weight. People tend to think that these vehicle are ready for anything. Unlike older trucks from the 80's and 90's the ground was adequate all it needed was some good rubbers. Nowaday you'll definately need a good amount of lift kits which would entail changing or adding some steering components. Only few manufacturers do sell medium duty off road vehicles.

  • Moronic vaxin8d democrat

    Moronic vaxin8d democrat

    2 days ago

    my 02 k1500 never gets stuck, new trucks suck

  • Manobal Bajwa

    Manobal Bajwa

    2 days ago

    Howdy howdy let's get em outy indeed .

  • John Longdick

    John Longdick

    2 days ago

    Probably not a popular opinion but I’d love to see the xj’s interior to be restored.

  • Navy Dad

    Navy Dad

    2 days ago

    Pretty balsy standing beside a cable under tension like that .

  • Private Party

    Private Party

    2 days ago

    Matt uses click bait title.
    It's super effective!

  • J Carlos

    J Carlos

    2 days ago

    Not with the Crown control, gg

  • Alexander Vouzenthal

    Alexander Vouzenthal

    2 days ago

    I'm not a bmw fan but damn, what were they thinking with that poor car

  • Richard's World

    Richard's World

    2 days ago

    They sure know how to take care of their BMW.

  • Bob Barker

    Bob Barker

    2 days ago

    30% heavier than a 1990 truck of the same model doesn't help.

  • Darrell Hall

    Darrell Hall

    2 days ago


  • cj92345


    2 days ago

    Big wheels, short sidewalls keep you busy..

  • ferretapocalypse


    2 days ago

    These people barely seem stuck. A shovel and some trax would have probably gotten them unstuck without calling anyone.

  • Home DAD

    Home DAD

    2 days ago

    No no no on the road food.

  • g6qwerty


    2 days ago

    I think its all these rubber band tires, you can't air them out to get more surface area, and man I could have probably gotten my car though this stuff just fine.

  • Mario Zamarripa

    Mario Zamarripa

    2 days ago

    Probably the driver took my 2020 ram out too sand hollow & it did pretty fucking great 👍🏾

  • Psychology22


    2 days ago

    How can they call a rear wheel drive only Toyota a “TRD off road” ??? I assumed their four wheel drive was broken. Shame on Toyota

  • Milton Aliff

    Milton Aliff

    2 days ago

    Doesn’t air down tires?

  • Jussimir Pasold

    Jussimir Pasold

    2 days ago

    Offroad towing.. dream job!

  • Sexy Moody

    Sexy Moody

    2 days ago

    How In the world would you use a bmw on dirt …

  • Ernest Sandoval III

    Ernest Sandoval III

    2 days ago

    Shout out to the 505 Albuquerque New Mexico!

  • Deven Stincelli

    Deven Stincelli

    2 days ago

    Almost makes me feel cool for living in utah kinda

  • Moist Accident

    Moist Accident

    2 days ago

    That Tacoma has conflicting badges. SR5 and Off Road.

  • Nicole C

    Nicole C

    2 days ago

    I know I should not say this , but that last hook up you should only pull from one side or the other not both. Puts a lot of side ways pressure on the hooks

  • Zeis Hauten

    Zeis Hauten

    2 days ago

    that poor BMW with all those scratches to its side..that makes my mewmew hurt.

  • Bullet Park

    Bullet Park

    2 days ago


  • Brad Dibben

    Brad Dibben

    2 days ago

    Does no one carry recovery gear with them? Just curious.
    The black SUV at the 4 minute mark should have come out with a set of maxtraxs and a shovel. Or one of the dozen other 4x4's could of just snatched them out.

  • bigmrfnB


    2 days ago

    Mamma Mia is that one of them Italian/French designer trucks that never sees real work?

  • dominick253


    2 days ago

    I got stuck in a "driveway" concrete truck fully loaded. Guy only put two inches of stone over a farm field he bought to build a house on. Down she went half way down a half mile long driveway. "Oh yeah I didn't get all the stone for the driveway yet..." Looked good on the surface.

  • George Cerda

    George Cerda

    2 days ago

    That roll bar is going to give a headache in a front on collision.

  • Bn Cos

    Bn Cos

    3 days ago

    Air down!

  • Bn Cos

    Bn Cos

    3 days ago

    It is not the trucks it is the metrosexuals buying them

  • TheNotoriousNemo


    3 days ago

    lets be honest here, is this really work? ;)

  • Candyman


    3 days ago

    Why did the beamer have a Matt's off road recovery license plate lol

    • Candyman


      3 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery ahh gotcha good advertising thought maybe it was a friend.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      3 days ago

      Magnetic cover.

  • Dan Brownell Fuzzy

    Dan Brownell Fuzzy

    3 days ago

    These guys should do the custom editions for the big auto companies. If Carroll Shelby knew how to make a Mustang go fast, why can't these guys put out a truck that won't get stuck?

  • David George

    David George

    3 days ago

    Man, I haven’t had a pork rib bundle from Maverik in far too long.

  • Bill Mclaughlin

    Bill Mclaughlin

    3 days ago

    Maybe carry a carpet remnant to lay on when everything heats up?

  • Dennis Green

    Dennis Green

    3 days ago

    why not use the pull hook that attaches under that cap in the bumper?

  • Cheese Noodles

    Cheese Noodles

    3 days ago

    Thats not stuck. First thing my experienced buddy taught me was how to get unstuck from sand. A jack, shovel, capet strips and an air pump. Mud or rocks, these guys would be needed.

  • John Alderman

    John Alderman

    3 days ago

    Please don’t eat that trash. You deserve better. I eat that trash. It’s bad lol

  • lawn Gnome

    lawn Gnome

    3 days ago

    lolol she's right about albuquerque

  • Martian Dan

    Martian Dan

    3 days ago

    Why do they even make 2wd trucks?! It's literally designed to get stuck...a light rear axle and any bit of steering angle turns the front axle into an anchor.
    Manufacturing made complicated. AH! But if you don't ever need 4WD, then the extra moving parts add to weight and it has more points of failure!
    Then don't buy a truck, get a trailer for your Jetta...haha. Sorry, I am biased toward this topic, because our Agricultural business I used to work for had only 2WD trucks and we were stuck more often and sat still longer, than making miles....

  • dru e

    dru e

    3 days ago

    You guys and your gas station diet…..

  • zezemau


    3 days ago

    9:32 slick tires????? wtfff

  • Cam


    3 days ago

    So many AWD with open differentials. Useless.

  • David Kelly

    David Kelly

    3 days ago

    And all they had to do was drop the tyre pressure in the Tacoma, and it would have driven out. These are the most lame extractions I have ever seen.

  • channelofstuff


    3 days ago

    #1 thing you need to offroad is 31 inch tires or bigger which means you need a lift too.

  • WanderingAimlessly


    3 days ago

    Love this channel! Certainly have learned a few tricks!

  • L Boggan

    L Boggan

    3 days ago

    TRD isn't 4x4?

  • Ryan Mc

    Ryan Mc

    3 days ago

    That Tocoma said off roading, lol 10:43

  • David Monzon

    David Monzon

    3 days ago

    Hahaha its a ram rebel hahaha ohh wait i have one hahahhaa.

  • Disposable Cowboy

    Disposable Cowboy

    3 days ago

    New 4x4s seem to be just too heavy and have poor transfer cases. I had a new 2012 ram that just hated sand. Transfer case would just pop and CV shafts are a joke. Solid axles everyday.

  • k s

    k s

    3 days ago

    Nothing wrong with the trucks. Just idiot weekend warrior turds.

  • rootbeer666


    3 days ago

    Lesbians. But it still takes a man to do a man's job. I do like to watch though.

  • Eli Brogan

    Eli Brogan

    3 days ago

    That Beamer looks a lil on the rough side, wonder why?🤦🏼‍♂️

  • TruthBeTold


    3 days ago

    Trd Offroad 2wd?? Thats fun

  • cscheidt1


    3 days ago

    air down air down air down. It's not rocket science. All 4x4 will sink in sand if you do not air down. I drive my 2 wheel drive class A RV through sand aired down.

  • Billy Wible

    Billy Wible

    3 days ago


  • Jimmy V.

    Jimmy V.

    3 days ago

    Your Ford pickup truck could get all these cars out so why bring a trailer and a jeep on 4 hours trips ?