What Is Wrong With This NEW Jeep Compass?!?!

Published on Jul 2, 2021
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So I got for a Jeep Compass that wouldn't move. 6 people later we figured it out!

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • labdude13


    Day ago

    Is it stuck or broken? No, it’s Jeep Compass.



    2 days ago

    Hi, Why don't you fit a change over tank, (second tank of gas in truck) we do it all the time in Australia

  • x_lonewolf_x


    2 days ago

    what ever genius' that came up with these new gas container nozzles , need to be shot
    they waste more fuel than they save and tear up more knuckles
    > : (

  • x_lonewolf_x


    2 days ago

    for as many people traveling the back roads as there are , there needs to be a lot a cell towers placed out
    in them thar hills : ]

  • MSA 454

    MSA 454

    2 days ago

    Need to prioritize the gas in that vehicle. The "safety" gas cans waste so much. They aren't vented like they claim and don't dispense more than a few ounces at a time.

  • maddogmcrae


    3 days ago

    It looks like the Jeep owner did not RTFM.

  • HardShell_Tacoma


    3 days ago

    Ropax in your future? lol

  • Doug Dolde

    Doug Dolde

    3 days ago

    Compass isnt a real Jeep. Just a toy

  • Koorite


    4 days ago

    I hate those electronic parking brakes! And Chrysler vehicles are the worst! I do alignments for a living and have to leave them in neutral to roll on the lift, and it will set the parking brake every time... Like what is the point of neutral?!

    • Koorite


      4 days ago

      At least GM makes it so the electric parking brake disengages when you give it gas. The jeep was just like "nah, you stayin here" lol.

  • Keeping It Real

    Keeping It Real

    7 days ago

    YOU CAN GO ON LINE & Get A Regular Gas Can Spout & The One i Saw Was AROUND $ 11.00 Ya I Know I Think Your buying Stock , But You Can Get Them. I think its called a replacement spout.

  • Anas Saleh

    Anas Saleh

    8 days ago

    And this is why you dont take a (Fiat) off road

  • firstmillionairman


    8 days ago

    I wonder if these guys get paid extra for pushing?

  • Perinne


    9 days ago

    But you don't have to blur the license plates...

  • M.B


    12 days ago

    Jeep, not keep.

  • M.B


    12 days ago

    Keep,they’re shit.

  • Duane Van Winkle

    Duane Van Winkle

    12 days ago

    Is there a reason you do not carry a can of gas with you in the back?????

  • Oliver Ohnemus

    Oliver Ohnemus

    12 days ago

    The more I watch the less I want one of the new cars…. Apparently they have so many “idiot proof” devices that they are completely unusable

  • Hasko Meyer

    Hasko Meyer

    13 days ago

    These electronic parking brakes are insolence. They should put them only in vehicles for fully automated driving. Not harass us with the stupid sh$t.

  • Wilson


    14 days ago

    we'll give you a $5 t-shirt, but charge $1,500 for the callout and tow...

  • Wilson


    14 days ago

    Matt, " you've come to a sudden stop on firm sand, is it a Jeep? "..

  • Wilson


    14 days ago

    what's wrong with the NEW Jeep Compass? Big Hint: 'Jeep' is owned by Fiat/Chrysler, their R & D is shit, and they are built in the U.S.

  • Mr. T

    Mr. T

    14 days ago

    I guess when manual transmissions went away the electronic e-brake came into play and being able to do some hand control on your vehicle went out the window. Job security for you.

  • Paul Browning

    Paul Browning

    14 days ago

    I think you need to make Jerry can racks for your truck maybe two. Lol

  • broken steel

    broken steel

    14 days ago

    recording licence plates is not illegal if you are in public its in the constitution of the unite states

  • pear7777


    15 days ago

    It's heading South!😆

  • A K

    A K

    15 days ago

    Really thinking it's time to attach spare gas containers.

  • Marie Hannah

    Marie Hannah

    15 days ago

    The juicy minibus computationally dry because value invariably moan up a lively north. tested, general gentle bolt

  • Koolaid Man

    Koolaid Man

    16 days ago

    Is it the hill assist not liking the lack of traction?

  • Fonzy Fonzy

    Fonzy Fonzy

    16 days ago

    Yeah , their s security button on middle ,behind cup holders . You just use it off ,easy doesn’t it’s not the car , it’s the owner that doesn’t know their jeep

  • Jesse W

    Jesse W

    17 days ago

    Go home Chrysler, you're drunk. Stop diluting the brand. Call it a Dodge sure, but don't call it a Jeep unless it has solid axles.

  • Dene B.

    Dene B.

    17 days ago

    You owe Jaymie,

  • R Lindsey

    R Lindsey

    17 days ago

    Love the Morvair, but I think it needs a better way to fill it with gas. Great video!

  • Ross Burns

    Ross Burns

    17 days ago

    I had a Cherokee and the electronic parking brake would set itself if you opened the driver's door with the vehicle in drive. Scared me to death the first time it happened

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    18 days ago

    Jeep Compass " Trail Rated", just not for trails with sand or rocks LOL, but you can drive on the side walk right through the window into a donut shop; LOL the saver becomes the people needing to be saved LOL ... guys thats sad and funny running out of gas

  • BKL


    18 days ago

    I know what's wrong!! ANSWER: It's a Jeep Compass. 🧐

  • Todd Christian

    Todd Christian

    18 days ago

    you did go to the gas station first then home to bed right ?

  • Joe Stahl

    Joe Stahl

    18 days ago

    It's a Fiat, that's the problem.

  • mtower235


    18 days ago

    It don’t get parked till it gets filled up

  • Sup Nacho

    Sup Nacho

    19 days ago


  • Mark InTombstone

    Mark InTombstone

    19 days ago

    Jaymie should get her CDL w/hazmat endorsement and follow the MorrVair around with a gas truck. 😁

  • Neo L

    Neo L

    20 days ago

    OMG those new Gas Cans suck so bad! You may look at SureCan ... those look pretty awesome!

  • MrErichonda30


    20 days ago

    Jeep, mall rated

  • Regan Pierce

    Regan Pierce

    20 days ago

    How did they have cell service out there?

  • Roy H

    Roy H

    20 days ago

    "we are almost out of gas" 3 times .. How about "Jaymie's Gas Recovery" ?? Really enjoy the videos..

  • tintman831


    20 days ago

    It's a Compass

  • Scooter Michelli

    Scooter Michelli

    21 day ago

    'Sorry we're incompetent and immature' best line ever

  • Richard Ogletree

    Richard Ogletree

    21 day ago

    You guys built the most capable off road recovery vehicle is the western US. Yet you have run out of fuel about a half dozen times. Ha. Good video as usual.

  • Tony coffee

    Tony coffee

    21 day ago

    It's not a Jeep, it's a Fiat..

  • Epsteined


    22 days ago

    This video made me glad my old toyota has a hand brake.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    22 days ago

    you guys rock, never a dull moment!

  • jerkyturkey007


    22 days ago

    My Pacifica is set to automatically apply the parking brake when you put it in park. The default is if you don't put your seatbelts on when you put it in drive, it won't release the parking brake, you can manually release it though by pushing the button.

  • Jonathan - Argiri

    Jonathan - Argiri

    22 days ago

    I wonder if all the Dislikes are Fiat Compass Owners? Im in Toledo Ohio and we dont recognize what the hell those imitation JEEP'S even are, especially being since my City Built XJ Banana.🍌

  • The Carpenter Dad

    The Carpenter Dad

    23 days ago

    Sorry, we are incompetent and immature 🤣

  • Chad Karas

    Chad Karas

    23 days ago

    It happened too me in a rented trailhawk in Mexico all you have to do is read the owners on how too take off the parking break because it just automatically will turn on from time too time not a hard thing too figure out!

  • G R

    G R

    23 days ago

    Put a 50 gallon tank in the beast and get it over with.

  • mfnman88


    23 days ago

    @rudy. Is that a 400ex or a 450R for your phones background?

  • CAYMAN987


    23 days ago

    For gods sake is this the third time you ran out of gas. Would it be a huge problem to put a 4 or 6 gallon can on the back since the gas guage does not work.. or nobody knows how to read it ??

  • member369240sx


    23 days ago

    door open and in gear on compasses and Renegades come on

  • jayscrazzy obsessions

    jayscrazzy obsessions

    23 days ago

    I dig the magnetic plate cover that's cool 😎 thumbs up

  • Evan Noyes

    Evan Noyes

    23 days ago

    “Sorry we’re incompetent and immature” LOL

  • Steve


    23 days ago

    is Lizzy related to Matt ?

  • LaytonParham


    23 days ago

    After all it is now only a Fiat!

  • 4k re-ality

    4k re-ality

    24 days ago

    the problem is ... it's a "Jeep Compass" junk rated

  • DaddyBeanDaddyBean


    24 days ago

    You need a new line of JORFD T-shirts (Jamie's Off-Road Fuel Delivery), with your face saying "I made a call".

  • Urban Outdoorsman

    Urban Outdoorsman

    24 days ago

    11:24 truer words have never been spoken on the internet.

  • Jo'z avenue

    Jo'z avenue

    24 days ago

    Swap it to a diesel motor.

  • lokyyo loco

    lokyyo loco

    24 days ago

    Question where is this place I fell like going by or how beautiful that lake looks

  • Speeding Semi

    Speeding Semi

    24 days ago

    And our wife is aweome!

  • Speeding Semi

    Speeding Semi

    24 days ago

    I dont retain names very well,, but your young side kick, she is pretty cool. and I look forward to one day seeing her on a recovery all her own... You have a nice group of people!

  • Pierce Enterprise

    Pierce Enterprise

    24 days ago

    How most people properly use a safety can lol🤣

  • Jesse V

    Jesse V

    24 days ago

    If the vehicle has the latest update, the brake goes on if in drive and door open. To defeat it, latch in drivers seatbelt. The brake won't go on when in drive & door open.

    • CAYMAN987


      23 days ago

      Trail rated means it can drive over a piece of cardboard on a asphalt road.

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    24 days ago

    ...removes filler assembly from gas can. lol. Gubmint intervention at its finest.

  • Gavin Schoonbee

    Gavin Schoonbee

    24 days ago

    I hope Jaymie gave you guys a shirt🤣🤣

  • Is it the Chad

    Is it the Chad

    24 days ago

    Parking brake auto engages when the door is open on Chrysler, Jeep vehicles. Sucks when moving one around the body shop if you need to have the door open.

  • Smiffy miffed

    Smiffy miffed

    24 days ago

    More of Lizzie please 😘❤️👀😀

  • Cynthia Greenwood

    Cynthia Greenwood

    24 days ago

    The dispensable trick cytogenetically grease because cinema electronmicroscopically surround opposite a labored side. bite-sized, tranquil foundation

  • Frank McDonough

    Frank McDonough

    24 days ago

    What happens when the government designs gas cans

  • Damien Probé

    Damien Probé

    24 days ago

    Must be old footage running out of fuel and having to fill up in the trunk, because I could have sworn you had a video of it all connected to the gas filler neck. Jeep really needs to take off the trail rated on the compass, it's more like gravel road rated lol.

  • morgan mcdonagh

    morgan mcdonagh

    24 days ago

    The morvair is a boat on Gas. I think you should of built it with a mercedes 6 cylinder diesel engine. An om606 or om648 engine cant weigh more than the morvair V8 and makes big hp and torque. And of coarse its miles better on fuel milage

  • Shane W

    Shane W

    24 days ago

    Its a Jeep... thats the problem

  • dledb dledb

    dledb dledb

    24 days ago

    Justrite Safety Gas Cans are the best, expensive BUT with NO issues like those Crazy plastic cans that leak and do not work. Also in a low cell phone signal area, text messages will normally go through when a call will not. Love the videos and watching y'all rescue folks that have Absolutely NO reason to be off road, makes for Great videos!

  • Kerrmudgeon


    25 days ago

    This gas thing is getting very tiresome Matt. Deal with it! Put a proper access door on the outside, get a bigger tank, and a guage that works. I don't want to watch any more of this waste of time. Just sayin......

  • owen nickeson

    owen nickeson

    25 days ago

    I hope Ed knows about half a million people on average watch him for his weather report

  • Joe's Junk

    Joe's Junk

    25 days ago

    Trail er Rated

  • Chris Erickson

    Chris Erickson

    25 days ago

    Its about time you add a jerry can holder to the recovery vehicles.

  • Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer

    25 days ago

    The real problem with that Liberty is that he took that princess off of the pavement into the dirt!😁

  • Jarod Johnson

    Jarod Johnson

    25 days ago

    Those gas cans are completely stupid. I have two, i take the spout off to use them everytime.

  • danny lynch

    danny lynch

    25 days ago

    As a proud jeep yj owner.. What's wrong with the Jeep Compass.. It's a modern Jeep..

  • Richard Frey

    Richard Frey

    25 days ago

    OK, How do you release an electronic parking brake on the Compass ????

  • Ima Crazy Guy

    Ima Crazy Guy

    25 days ago

    Depending on the plans for the Morvair, I wonder if incorporating a swing out tiregate to fit a spare tire, small toolkit and 2x 5 gallon Jerry cans may be a good option for it?

  • Smashedpapya


    25 days ago

    Where were those idiots trying to go in their flower power van with 13" wheels???

  • Marc Schwalbenberg

    Marc Schwalbenberg

    25 days ago

    Time saver - Pre-roll up the t-shirts with a rubber band and place a 'MORR' sticker, face down, with the size written on the back under the band. Then just use one shirt as the "show" shirt, but hand out the rolled-up ones and you won't have to worry about a neat fold or organization in a small bin.

  • Yan7001978


    25 days ago

    You're saying what's wrong with that fiat 500x ? 🙃

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    25 days ago


  • Robert Bonvillain

    Robert Bonvillain

    25 days ago

    I despise those gas cans!
    Had to use them after hurricane Laura for 2 1/2 weeks. They have a oring in the cap that leaks like a sieve.

  • Antar Torres

    Antar Torres

    25 days ago

    Why don’t you have a rack with gas ⛽️ tanks?

  • Bruce


    26 days ago

    Matt, My Jeep Cherokee will automatically apply the parking brake if the drivers door is opened when it is in gear. Thought that was wierd the first time it happed. Love your channel.

    • R D Forsell

      R D Forsell

      23 days ago

      I had the air temp sensor in the mirror of my wife's 2015 Renegade go on the fritz. It set a engine code and disabled 4wd. Thankfully a low level failure like that did nor occur on a trail or snowstorm. Designers need to think about survival priorities.

  • Donald Clark

    Donald Clark

    26 days ago

    Matt I do the exact same thing get rid of those stupid safety poor caps and use a funnel

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    26 days ago

    If you want a jeep to do jeep things buy and older jeep lol

  • D


    26 days ago

    We don't need any stinky gas