What Is In Your Trailer?! This Is a First For Me!

Published on Jul 28, 2021
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So I got a call and another call, and you guessed it another call at Sand Hollow. Busy week of recoveries.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Omahuviso Ongaro

    Omahuviso Ongaro

    Day ago

    I've planned my next holidays: Fly from europe to Matt's area, rent a non capable car, drive it into deep sand and make a call.

  • L P

    L P

    Day ago

    New to your channel and really enjoying. So you guys do these recoveries for free???

  • Mountain Mike

    Mountain Mike

    3 days ago

    Nice job, What is the charge to pull a truck out of the sand.

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    4 days ago

    Very Nice Recovery..🤝🤝

  • Harry Tucker

    Harry Tucker

    4 days ago

    Where is this located?

  • hightemp1


    5 days ago

    Big Ed to the RESCUE!!!!

  • jeremy74pow


    5 days ago

    I say this video is staged. No way that 250 is stuck. I got a 04 250 with stock tires, and pull a 7x16 equipment trailer loaded with either at least 3000 pounds of scrap, the mud truck, or four wheelers through sand worse than that every weekend gittin to the property. If I get hung up a bit just back up a foot and dig away the sand in front of the trailer tires. Another mistake people make is running super dutys in four low (I don't driver trucks so I don't know how they run). Them Fords have too much torque in four low and the front end digs too fast and some people run four low for like a mile over heating the transfer case and then they lose powers. I run four high unless I really need low.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      5 days ago

      Sand worse than this? Send me a quart, I would love to test it. I’ll pay you for your trouble. Hit me up.

  • Biggs


    5 days ago

    No family discounts, this is a business you know.

  • Gemsworld


    6 days ago

    A Trailkhawk had to be pulled out? How embarrassing for the owner.

  • Sonette Hills

    Sonette Hills

    7 days ago

    No offence to anyone at Matt's ORR, but Ed is absolutely the hands down favorite crew member! Just recently discovered your channel and I've been binge watching for two days ... solid!

  • Mr. Travis

    Mr. Travis

    8 days ago

    Do a stuck Chevy compilation now

  • MrBeans


    12 days ago

    I actually thought Rudy nabbed that Camera, i was dying! lol
    The editing too has gotten so much better! This was a great video!

  • Jorge Furtado

    Jorge Furtado

    13 days ago

    The horses were talking to each other: "I don't want to say anything, but I think there's a bearded freak running behind us!"

  • Heffbomb


    15 days ago

    10:44 can't believe he didn't say extra large lol

  • M Carrick

    M Carrick

    15 days ago


  • Hambone


    16 days ago

    Folks getting stuck out at Sand Hollow must be making you guys rich.



    17 days ago

    Ford Exploder

  • Fwaming Dwagon

    Fwaming Dwagon

    18 days ago

    “Diesels aren’t the best in sand” lol

  • Carlos


    19 days ago

    Bro did you charge your sister???? 💰

  • Sam Biscits

    Sam Biscits

    20 days ago

    Matt your sister is very cute.

  • Sydewayz Sn95

    Sydewayz Sn95

    20 days ago

    I like the old guy

  • R1nger


    21 day ago

    Love that rig!!
    Thing looks and sounds amazing.
    Super cool build

  • snorkosaurus


    22 days ago

    So how much horsepower combined ?

  • Arthur Wagar

    Arthur Wagar

    22 days ago

    I say again the camera guys are great.

  • Colin Gee

    Colin Gee

    22 days ago

    Would it be possible to post the cost of each extraction at the bottom of the video with a “Ka-Ching” sound?

  • Off_mah_lawn


    22 days ago

    FORD - Found Off Road Dug-in

  • mark peterson

    mark peterson

    22 days ago

    How much did you charge your sister?????? :

  • Chad Binette

    Chad Binette

    23 days ago

    Now with the morvair done how do you decide when to take the morvair and when to take the banana? I see new videos with he jeep thinking now that the morvair is done the jeep be collecting dust and rust. Oh yah vehicles only rust here in Maine.

  • Riaan Ferreira

    Riaan Ferreira

    24 days ago

    Weight and tyre pressure. Sand loves to suck you in when you get those 2 wrong.

  • John C

    John C

    24 days ago

    You guy's are life savers

  • John C

    John C

    24 days ago

    Thumbs up to the tough girly girl.

  • David Drane

    David Drane

    25 days ago

    One big giant sand box to play in with toys for big boys.. I'd put up with the heat to be there...

  • Katlyn Gagliostro

    Katlyn Gagliostro

    25 days ago

    I am is love off road.

  • Tyson Davis

    Tyson Davis

    25 days ago

    I have a 4x4 and can go anywhere.
    Matt's Off Road Recovery, "What size shirt do you wear?"

  • abdulla alsuwaidi

    abdulla alsuwaidi

    25 days ago

    diesels isnt the best in sand? 4:50 ? i never knew that

  • J 23

    J 23

    26 days ago

    Why aren’t Diesels good in sand? Genuine question lol

  • VDPEFi


    26 days ago

    Lizzie is the kind of girl I want my daughter's to grow up into, show those boys a thing or 2

  • dedalliance1


    27 days ago

    Man I was thinking I need a nice recovery rope because I'm currently working on getting my 1992 Hilux Surf diesel wide body running that I bought not too long ago to make into an off roader so I was like I should get Matt's Recovery rope and then I realized it's $300. And I mean like I'd love to support the mission and all but holy cow $300 for a rope? I mean I could buy a decent winch for close to that or just pay someone like Matt to come get me out lol. I mean I don't wanna tell people how to run their business but if you made ropes that were say, $150 you'd probably sell 4x as many because people could like actually justify it sorta, even then it's a $150 rope though. I mean I'm just saying. I guess I should be fair looking at Yankum's site a 30 foot rope like Matts Recovery one without any special add ons is $200 but I still think that's pushing the limit.

  • Michael Younker

    Michael Younker

    28 days ago

    Introduce the staff who are they who’s family



    29 days ago

    I love the drone footage, and sis even gets a T-shirt at the end 👍🏻

  • Ron Jackson

    Ron Jackson

    Month ago

    Looks like you had an extra 2 and 1/2 horsepower on this one 🙂

  • The Krafty Guy

    The Krafty Guy

    Month ago

    What is the corvair? Meaning make and model and year?.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood wagon 700 series

  • T. L. Robinson

    T. L. Robinson

    Month ago

    If your sister had been carrying fullsize horses they could have pulled her out.

  • Today Now

    Today Now

    Month ago

    Those ponies are so adorable.......

  • jacktough


    Month ago

    3:40 You know, for a little extra horsepower ;-)

  • Vin Martinez

    Vin Martinez

    Month ago

    You made those rescues look easy. Thanks

  • lightning guy

    lightning guy

    Month ago

    Should've had a 7.3 counter on the corner of the screen.

  • jack pharris

    jack pharris

    Month ago

    Why do Matt’s videos even get dislikes

  • affordable lawn care and repair buy/sell/ trade

    affordable lawn care and repair buy/sell/ trade

    Month ago

    Forget Ford guys hating a chevy coming to pull them out, it really makes them look even worse when a 4wd corvair with a ls engine comes rolling up the path to rescue them! 😄🤣😂

  • Sandy Macpherson

    Sandy Macpherson

    Month ago

    Usually people are looking to increase their horsepower, not shrink it!

  • Jake Collard

    Jake Collard

    Month ago

    You guys are awesome! I've watched your videos on and off for a while now and my friend told me you helped him out. He was on this video. He was the guy with the boat.

  • Belinda Burke

    Belinda Burke

    Month ago

    The superficial psychology perinatally include because number pathomorphologically fit for a greedy bait. deserted, unusual study

  • ダニーチャンネル


    Month ago

    wonderful! I want to work with you!😁

  • Julius


    Month ago

    what psi do you run in sand for recoveries??

  • John Darren Renne

    John Darren Renne

    Month ago

    Now that’s MORR cowbell!

  • Luisch1969


    Month ago

    Try to use a real American Flag. For mi is unrespectiful use one with a extra red strip

  • Aziz Beng

    Aziz Beng

    Month ago

    the morrvair is a better perfomer by night!!

  • Wayup North

    Wayup North

    Month ago

    Just curious, what do you charge to pull, say that couple in the pickup and trailer?

  • bushpilot223


    Month ago

    I know you guys do a lot of jobs that you don’t show on video. But you could always send the guys out with a GoPro to get some B roll, and make a little montage like you did here. I really liked it.

  • bushpilot223


    Month ago

    That little doggo the second customer was carrying was so adorable lol

  • T Sterling

    T Sterling

    Month ago

    These people have the coolest job ever!

  • Antar Torres

    Antar Torres

    Month ago

    Love the sound of the corvair

  • warder52


    Month ago

    I always wonder how the soft shackle doesn't slip over the knot ever when they are pulling vehicles out

  • slowboat


    Month ago

    good stuff Matt and crew, Looks like people are getting bogged just to get a shirt...LOL

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    Month ago

    Busy week? .... I would say so.

  • Chris Glover

    Chris Glover

    Month ago

    looks like you guys had a busy day

  • Peter Tarantelli

    Peter Tarantelli

    Month ago

    I thought this was gonna be a 2-fer but you kept going and going and going…

  • [OUTLWD]


    Month ago

    I love the deep note of that Morrvair!

  • Baba Yaga Gaming

    Baba Yaga Gaming

    Month ago

    Ok I know where you're at............I think 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 same fam same

  • Adrian Perez

    Adrian Perez

    Month ago

    What muffler you running on that one ? Sounds nice

  • Charles Palmer

    Charles Palmer

    Month ago

    The camera crew needs some Honda Trail 70s

  • CementTaco808


    Month ago

    What kind of rock lights does the morvair have

  • Mister Goat

    Mister Goat

    Month ago

    Busy Weed Amigos! Great Work, As Usual!

  • Mister Goat

    Mister Goat

    Month ago

    Matt, your sister is adorable! I won't be like Lizzy's obsessive stalkers, about your Sis (or Lizzy for that matter). Some of these sub humans act like they've never been around members the opposite sex.

  • gracerev1


    Month ago

    Cool wheel well lights on the Morvair

  • Nuttz And Boltz Garage

    Nuttz And Boltz Garage

    Month ago

    Was that a 6.0 power stroke diesel f250? Sounded like one but didn’t hear it spool/rev up to b sure

  • angerm088


    Month ago

    "They don't make Cherokees like they used to"
    You got that right!

  • EL CHICANO 915

    EL CHICANO 915

    Month ago

    I wonder how many recovery ropes Matt and the team have gone through🤔

  • Alex Hussmann

    Alex Hussmann

    Month ago

    How do y’all like those headlights on the morrvair? I just finished my 6.0LS/4l80 swap 72 k10 GMC suburban and have been looking for a headlight upgrade for quad 5 3/4” that doesn’t look too goofy.

  • NorthWestHappz503


    Month ago

    What size are Rudy's tiers I want me jeep to look like that badazz

  • Shkotay D

    Shkotay D

    Month ago

    Crew was BUSY! Ed the tough old dog was working double time :D
    I love those Cherokee Trailhawks. They were super capable on most instances, except where you needed clearance. And in a lot of places that are soft or squishy, you need clearance lol.

  • Tricia Scott

    Tricia Scott

    Month ago

    Where the heck are your seat belts here in the UK we would thrown in jail, come on safety first please.

  • gordon peden

    gordon peden

    Month ago

    Hot sister! nice lady.

  • Jack Linde

    Jack Linde

    Month ago

    First time viewing this channel. What is the Morrvair? It looks like an early model Chevy Corvair Greenbrier wagon that's been "Monster truckified". (Also, Corvairs are rear engined, so whatever is under the hood isn't stock for a Corvair.

  • welltell


    Month ago

    "We got a Call"..... wait is that my catch fraise... This is the moment Matts realized what they will put on his tombstone when he is done towing.

  • KingOfKYA


    Month ago

    Man all theses recovery's and no cut for matt getting stuck from being out of gas, I think there was some editing involved.:)

  • Glenn K.

    Glenn K.

    Month ago

    EVERYONE wants to be pulled out by the Morvair!!! 😃 it’s a Beast!!

  • tbag -

    tbag -

    Month ago

    ed just walks em right out

  • zeke smith

    zeke smith

    Month ago

    thank you Ed and everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Wallace

    Michael Wallace

    Month ago

    Trevor needs a raise

  • Brendan Patterson

    Brendan Patterson

    Month ago

    yall have way too much fun at work

  • Korey Curley

    Korey Curley

    Month ago

    Last weekend I went out to lone Rock. So idiot was charging people $800 to pull them out of the sand. So I did what any normal person Would do. I pulled out 4 vehicles for free. I need one of your ropes. I have a 1 1/4" wench line . Love the show.

  • Andy74


    Month ago

    Lots of people seem to get stuck in Sand Hollow.

  • Chadocoon


    Month ago

    Sand Hollow needs to put a sign on that offroad trail by the campgrounds, far too many people get stuck there and it is very deceiving. Once you get on it there is no turning around.

  • leaneko


    Month ago

    I love, love the sound of the Morvaire!

  • eaglespetty


    Month ago

    Ed was putting in work that night!

  • ThreeHeadedThreep


    Month ago

    Dude makes a woman feel bad about taking the front seat. No way to treat a lady. Even if it is his sister.

  • Brody Fredrick

    Brody Fredrick

    Month ago

    Is he Mormon ?

  • Doug Husovsky

    Doug Husovsky

    Month ago

    Working in that kind of heat just zaps you on a good day. Working long into the night says a ton about the team. Huge respect to the crew!

  • Mike Bellew

    Mike Bellew

    Month ago

    7.3 powerstrokes