We're Stranded In The Morrvair... Time To Make A Call

Published on Jun 11, 2021
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So I got a call for a side by side, but I ended up making a call for myself in the morrvair.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Robert Shaner

    Robert Shaner

    6 hours ago

    Will we ever see Lizzie wearing a dress?

  • D H

    D H

    4 days ago

    You guys don’t use an air down tool?

  • Ben Jurqunov

    Ben Jurqunov

    6 days ago

    So, you couldn’t take gas from the Razor ?

  • Bill Siekert

    Bill Siekert

    6 days ago

    You go out into the desert without extra fuel especially with a untried fuel guage?

  • Keeping It Real

    Keeping It Real

    7 days ago

    Go To Amazon Gas Can Replacement Spout, There around $ 12.00 Up

  • Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    8 days ago

    Must be a bunch of liberal piece of crap son of a guns you guys are awesome keep up the good work

  • Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    8 days ago

    Cracks me up to see so many thumbs down for such a good video,

  • Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    8 days ago

    Hey Lizzy I love how they make you do all the Dirty Work. You go girl!!!

  • Pennywise


    9 days ago

    you know these kinda things wouldnt happen or like the shocks coming undone, or exhaust if you slowed down a bit and actually finished something instead of always rushing through the must fix things. Karma gonna get you one of these days for it. I hope not but its gonna happen somewhere down the line. Just take a day or 2 to wrap up all the little things before you seriously hurt yourself or more importantly your crew.

    • Pennywise


      8 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery You need a damn vacation then! Aint nothing worth running yourself ragged over, specially in your line of work where a mistake can have some serious repercussions.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago

      Two days? Lol That wouldn’t even take care of my lack of sleep for one week.

  • Eduardo Rodas

    Eduardo Rodas

    12 days ago

    V8 problem I have the same issue

  • Alastair Ward

    Alastair Ward

    12 days ago

    "Only" 35c.
    New all time record for high temps where I live was just last week, 31.5 degrees...

    • Alastair Ward

      Alastair Ward

      12 days ago

      In that weather, there are people with long beards, long hair, long sleeves and someone smoking, gives me heatstroke to see it.

  • johnny rocket

    johnny rocket

    14 days ago

    Should have siphoned some gas out of the razor you were pulling.

  • Brian Aplin

    Brian Aplin

    16 days ago

    Almost 210* on the tranny just cruising. I think you need a 4L80 with a lock up converter. Would help lower those temps

  • Dan Overwater

    Dan Overwater

    19 days ago

    not smart

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Sandy Sutherland

    24 days ago

    Typical Trumptards- leave the dick-heads there!!

  • Jusike


    24 days ago

    I watch all videos love ualls team work. Keep umm coming

  • Aegedus Officiel

    Aegedus Officiel

    24 days ago

    There was no gas in the broken side by side ??

  • Seead A

    Seead A

    26 days ago


  • chanceapants


    27 days ago

    Fireworks goin off and I'm watching Matt's recovery

  • VGK Podium

    VGK Podium

    28 days ago

    "I should have brought my chair and a drink." – Ed is awesome.

  • Colorado's Western Slope

    Colorado's Western Slope

    29 days ago

    Matt and his daughter look exactly like each other and she has his face and nose😁

    • Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      27 days ago

      Who's his daughter

  • Gary johns

    Gary johns

    29 days ago

    Just how hard is it to carry a 2.5 or 5-gallon gas can?

  • Nelson Clyse

    Nelson Clyse

    29 days ago

    You should make a kit like the washer fluid but with just water put the nozzles in front of the radiator and you can spray it as needed when the temps start to climb

  • jack palczynski

    jack palczynski

    29 days ago

    Shoulda disconnected the fuel line from the rescued atv and used that in the Morrvair.

  • Hunter Michael Miller

    Hunter Michael Miller

    29 days ago

    Sand as lubrication. Never would have thought it

  • Skydiver


    29 days ago

    I would just like to know something. Has there ever been a time when you could not get the vehicle pulled out or when you just had to walk away from one of them?

  • schu131


    Month ago

    Lizzies new catch phrase

  • Dave Cirrone

    Dave Cirrone

    Month ago

    I wonder if he has an air compressor in the Corvair so he can air back up for the drive back.

  • Mark Kozhokaru

    Mark Kozhokaru

    Month ago

    Hit up titan tanks and get a bigger fuel tank, you’re running out of fuel too often

  • Trent Vlak

    Trent Vlak

    Month ago

    It would be funny if Rudy stopped, dropped the cans on the ground, then drove away without a word.

  • LS 66

    LS 66

    Month ago

    That a well oiled machine there!

  • Jon Thunderhawk

    Jon Thunderhawk

    Month ago

    Lizzie is a girl fo all jobs,welding,cutting,building,driving and does everything.Great to have around



    Month ago

    You can't pull gas out of the RZR?

  • Roman Hrysevych

    Roman Hrysevych

    Month ago

    why didn't you took spare fuel from tank of that razer you've been rescuing? I'm sure there was some fuel there

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    Month ago

    Refueling teamwork just like a NASCAR pit crew.

  • Michael Van Horn

    Michael Van Horn

    Month ago

    Hum, I bet that vehicle on the trailer has... gas!

  • Ammo4u RagingJudge

    Ammo4u RagingJudge

    Month ago

    I’m gonna criticize these guys. I mean really, a custom ride and your using a hose pipe and funnel to fill gas. That’s just lazy and irresponsible. Take 30 minutes and fix it right. Also me: still putting a rock under the fill handle of a fuel tank to pump fuel. New pump handle in a box in my shop. Yeah I’m gonna fix that when I have time 😂

  • Running Gag

    Running Gag

    Month ago

    An amazing mixture of fit and finish as well a shade tree engineering.

  • Dean Martineau

    Dean Martineau

    Month ago

    That's what ya get for dissing the JEEP that has done you proud... LoL

  • Luke Adams

    Luke Adams

    Month ago

    Lizzie is super cute :)

  • TheRealSpeckle TheRealSpeckle

    TheRealSpeckle TheRealSpeckle

    Month ago

    That is a sweet vehicle guys

  • Justin Van Buren

    Justin Van Buren

    Month ago

    Damn need a bigger fuel tank!! And a working fuel gauge helps!! I know you will get it though!!

  • Antar Torres

    Antar Torres

    Month ago

    How many times are you guys going to run out of gas ⛽️ 😂😂😜😜. I love this channel

  • John Kirshy

    John Kirshy

    Month ago

    you would think you have the proper tool to remove air?!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Klassen

    Ben Klassen

    Month ago

    US needs to go to Celsius like everyone else

  • p kerit

    p kerit

    Month ago

    When the steering is broke, back it onto the trailer

  • Ed P

    Ed P

    Month ago

    The call of shame!

  • Dave Smart

    Dave Smart

    Month ago

    I have an f150 and can’t imagine going through the stuff you guys go through!

  • Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith

    Month ago

    Are yous still stuck there, on my way from nj

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    Month ago

    The Moorvair did really good on one of its first recoveries in my opinion anyway.
    This is the first time that Matt has ever needed to call for assistance.

  • J. David Turning

    J. David Turning

    Month ago

    Legend has it that Ed was a Hollywood stuntman on westerns back in the day. Elizabeth Taylor had a crush on him and John Wayne was scared of him. Ed's the man.

  • Mike Day

    Mike Day

    Month ago

    I never knew (until now) your air conditioning must be installed before it cools down your vehicle's interior space. Endless details. Always something else that needs to be done.

  • dirtcurt1


    Month ago

    I didn't hear if there was any gas in the RZR? I may have missed it.

  • Mike \

    Mike \

    Month ago

    For the algorithm

  • Craig Hall

    Craig Hall

    Month ago

    You guys need to start a channel over on Odysee. Everyone moving there cause of canceling the information channels. Love your videos but im done with YT so like to see you there.

  • Adam Blocher

    Adam Blocher

    Month ago

    Deflating tires like that must take forever! Get yourself something like the JACO RapidFlow tire deflator. Absolutely worth it.

  • Christopher Noel

    Christopher Noel

    Month ago

    Could you have siphoned gas out the canam?

  • Elven Gods

    Elven Gods

    Month ago

    So it gets hot,a/c doesn't work, n runs outta gas. Living up to mi expectations n all around piss oh shit. Just stick to making porta pottys

  • J Perez

    J Perez

    Month ago

    Never a dull moment

  • Kevin Hinse

    Kevin Hinse

    Month ago

    good idea to put sand to make it slide !

  • RATTL3R186


    Month ago

    Think Mr.Matt needs to install a gear vendors OD.

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    Month ago

    Rudy, did Matt get the “I made a call” shirt? We gotta know....

  • mandellafect


    Month ago

    Ed!!!!,,,,he's awesome!!!

  • Jim_Adams


    Month ago

    "So we're watching those close" Then pans to an almost empty fuel gauge....hmmmm.

  • michael george

    michael george

    Month ago

    Anything with the root name ( Corvair) should be shot!!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Corvette, and Bel Air, that’s how GM came up with it.

  • Large Larry

    Large Larry

    Month ago

    Looks like you need some Dodge viper cooling fans and a larger fuel cell.

  • Everlanders


    Month ago

    Matt, Staun tire deflators!

  • John Griswold

    John Griswold

    Month ago

    Very beautiful girl there! I would really love to have a girlfriend like her someday!



    Month ago

    Helo teman🤝 salam kenal dari 🇮🇩

  • SHOTGUNJIM1 Items of interest

    SHOTGUNJIM1 Items of interest

    Month ago

    I've seen you run out of gas twice in the corsair, think I would install a few gas can mounts, for the 11.5 mpg machine.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson

    Month ago

    Man, people really tear the shite out of those RZR’s out there dude. That’s crazy.

  • Rodney Johnston

    Rodney Johnston

    Month ago

    The driver is not responsible To make sure that he has a full tank when he goes out into the desert Driver of the vehicle Take the same responsibility of his passenger Just like the captain on a ship

  • Jorma Virtanen

    Jorma Virtanen

    Month ago

    0:30 "Yes, we always wear seatbelts." 0:47 Reality. Good effort though!

  • Half Cut Garage IL

    Half Cut Garage IL

    Month ago

    couple times now that Rudy has saved the day..... just sayin....!!!

  • scootermann83


    Month ago

    Lizzie seems like a great kid, looks like Mom, works like Dad. Keep up the great content!

  • DJ Toby Gaming

    DJ Toby Gaming

    Month ago

    Matt made a call 😂😂😂

  • Patrick


    Month ago

    I had to rewind and watch the bottle flip two more times. She's just an all around high quality human being. She's good at a lot of stuff and not fearful to take on new challenges.

  • The Blue Bike & Doyle

    The Blue Bike & Doyle

    Month ago

    Ant got no gas said in my best slingblade voice

  • MrSir


    Month ago

    Now you need a T-shirt that says ''I ran outa gas!!'' and give yourself one lol!!

  • Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    Month ago

    Got a big long roof there Matt. Just the place for some additional coolers??

  • Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    Month ago

    "Tell me when you're ready?". "I'm ready, just needed a snooze on the way". Lol.

  • Tony&Teresa


    Month ago

    ed looked like the keep on trucking dude walking down that hill lol

  • Wheels & Wrenches

    Wheels & Wrenches

    Month ago

    Most of the aftermarket guages aren't accurate. I have a OBD2 reader I leave plugged into my harness so I can read ACTUAL engine temp.. My 5.3L runs at 192 to 200 normally. My Guage will say 210-215.

  • Zundfolge1432


    Month ago

    why dont you install or keep a small reserve tank lol. Vw did it in the split window buses in the 50s lol, no gas g uage

  • Marie Hannah

    Marie Hannah

    Month ago

    The precious puma advantageously bury because peen pharmacodynamically crash vice a psychedelic hamster. troubled, godly heart

  • Dave VA

    Dave VA

    Month ago

    MORR is the BEST "Reality TV" currently produced in America!!
    Thank you Matt and Company for the great entertainment!! Love you all!

  • Adam Nash

    Adam Nash

    Month ago

    "So we're watching those close"
    1:32- gas gauge basically on E. Not close enough!

  • Chas Malthouse

    Chas Malthouse

    Month ago

    35 degrees C and you are all still wearing jeans?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      When it’s very hot, and almost no humidity you really start bundling up to stay cool. I roofed for 12 years. long pants long sleeve shirts sometimes even a hoodie to stay cool. If you came to work and shorts and a short sleeves, we knew you were not cut out to work 14 hour days in the sun. Lol

  • Steve King

    Steve King

    Month ago

    seems like a gas can would be a good thing to have in the vehicle case the client is low on gas, or the tow company. And you have an air pump in the vehicles in case client needs a fill?

  • Anthony Ardissone

    Anthony Ardissone

    Month ago

    The best online entertainment, loves from Italy 🇮🇹

  • Villu E

    Villu E

    Month ago

    Never show your keys on YouTube. Trivial to copy them from the video.

  • Zachary Wahlman

    Zachary Wahlman

    Month ago

    Was there no gas in the razor either?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I needed a flat blade screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a short length of three-quarter inch hose, A funnel, some kind of container, and a siphon hose. I didn’t have any of that. If I would’ve had the container in the safe and I was, I still needed all the other things to get it into my fuel tank. Lol

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Awesome rescue. Best attitude for having ran out of fuel. And clearly that has since been mechanically remedied.

  • bristlecone Pinus

    bristlecone Pinus

    Month ago

    is that the dunes over by Kanab?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago


  • Jesse


    Month ago

    like i have always said... there is nothing and i mean NOTHING that will beat that jeep... keep tryin and tryin and the jeep will show anything u got up all day everyday

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson

    Month ago

    Where’s Randy at?

  • We Out Here

    We Out Here

    Month ago

    The Morrvair is so cool and one of a kind!

  • Dirty Versa

    Dirty Versa

    Month ago

    SO basically you should have modded out two Cherokees. For the time and effort put in, this is kinda sad.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I’ve got three modded Cherokee‘s already, I don’t need two more.

  • CoolChannel Name

    CoolChannel Name

    Month ago

    lmao at 10:25

  • john keets

    john keets

    Month ago

    It's time to fix the fuel gauge and the filler nozzle on the car fixed as well then you might not run out of fuel again. Like the video 📹👌

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      You underestimate my powers.