We Drag That Dead Truck Up A Mountain

Published on Jun 16, 2021
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So I got for a dead Nissan Frontier at the bottom of a mountain. Plus a Toyota Sienna stuck on the hot beaches of Sand Hollow.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Evan Noyes

    Evan Noyes

    2 days ago

    That’s some ‘tegridy how you treat your customers vehicles. You can see how it pains you when something goes wrong and there’s damage

  • matthew davis

    matthew davis

    5 days ago

    Hello ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thefoodcan


    5 days ago

    When he asked if it's 2 wheel drive. You could hear it in his voice that he knew what he did

  • Enrique Ballesteros

    Enrique Ballesteros

    6 days ago

    That's what Super heroes do! Save someone at no charge. 👍🏻



    9 days ago

    It’s amazing how clueless some people can be…

  • Chase Barnard

    Chase Barnard

    10 days ago

    Bring a 2 wheel drive down a trail like that; be sure to wear your neck gator.

  • Norton Knows

    Norton Knows

    10 days ago

    Go Rhett!!!

  • Patrick Riggins

    Patrick Riggins

    16 days ago

    Was that a typo or a misspelling of excited? Sorry to point this out, you guys are great!

  • Chris Lobe

    Chris Lobe

    19 days ago

    This junkie never had a chance

  • Matt Caruso

    Matt Caruso

    20 days ago

    First guy was burying a body.

  • bernhard85


    22 days ago

    people if your getting towed or anything like that just do as your told, dont grab our hooks and mess with stuff we know how to hook up and unhook. we dont need customers causing a scratch or worse and then trying to get us for it because they are know it all's , if you knew it all you wouldnt be needing the tow would ya.. lol glad to see the ole jeep pulled it up out of there easy though

  • bernhard85


    22 days ago

    there was definitely something off about that guy.. who in their half right mind takes anything 2wd offroad .. just dont even atempt to leave the pavement and you will be better off.....

  • James Dyck

    James Dyck

    22 days ago

    Sure is nice to have 2 Jeep’s for a 2-jeep job!

  • Juke Turbo

    Juke Turbo

    27 days ago

    Could that guy be any dumber.

  • Tom W

    Tom W

    27 days ago

    We were there that day 04-19-21 saw him on the way out. Told the wife bet he made a call, then we saw you heading through town toward the lake.

  • Kayden White

    Kayden White

    27 days ago

    Matt was like when in doubt floor it when he was pulling the van out

  • Dizzle


    28 days ago

    Sometimes hitting the bottom of the fuel tank will make the stator turn enough to start the car. Just beat the bottom of the fuel tank while trying to start the car. Works wonders

  • Jeeper P

    Jeeper P

    28 days ago

    What are these people thinking…maybe they’re not thinking at all.

  • Bon Vivant

    Bon Vivant

    29 days ago

    "Two Jeep job"

  • Salty Balls

    Salty Balls

    Month ago

    I have a 2WD Frontier, and I can barely get it to not spin the tires on level wet pavement. I can't imagine trying to go down that damn hill. 😂

  • Thomas Knight

    Thomas Knight

    Month ago

    A broken Nissan Frontier
    “What a shocker”

  • jesse morgan

    jesse morgan

    Month ago

    Who off roads with a minimum 1/4 tank of gas to start with. That's crazy.

  • Ralph Cooley

    Ralph Cooley

    Month ago

    You are a good human being!

  • Fish R Relaxing

    Fish R Relaxing

    Month ago

    I know dessert sand is a little finer then beach sugar sand.. but as odd as it sounds knobby tires like boggers do good for pulling people out.. high rpm and she will dig close to the axles but that just gives more sand to grab around 1/2-3/4 if the tire and then she pulls. I’ve pulled many of 250 and 350’s out over the years with my tj this way and having to pull them uphill at about 10* grade to get off the beach and back to hard road.. acts like paddle tires but the Bannana isn’t geared low enough from what if seen to get the needed wheel speed and being auto vs my 6speed idk how this would work.. but 3rd gear in 4low and about 3500-4000k rpm I can pull 9000k trucks stuck in 2wd up grade in sugar sand with just a 10-15’ ft snatch to get them moving.. I don’t move much faster solo tbh lol.. but contrary to what most think I get better pulls by being able to dig down some then if I were floating on the top.. floating is good solo but the dig give you more traction when pulling in sand.. that shit in this video was nasty though looked more like dust that’s sand..
    All the same.. my 3yo misses the old theme music.. when he would here thar he’d come running from the other side of the house and watch videos with me for hours.. you need to get back to the original music..

  • Aaron Avant

    Aaron Avant

    Month ago

    " im not sure if the banana can deadlift this thing up the hill" continues to tow if up the rocky hill without going over 2,500 RPM :,D 4.0L is a beast

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    Month ago

    First video: kids dont use drugs

  • Jabber


    Month ago

    Customer seems like a dumbass

  • Brent H

    Brent H

    Month ago

    Wow, this poor guy is horribly lacking in the common sense department. These are the people that keep Matt busy.

  • F.B.I


    Month ago

    All you need now for antennas on the back are two LED strips

  • Life in Washington

    Life in Washington

    Month ago

    You can tell that guy voted for Biden. He's wearing a mask in the desert like a paranoid fool. Remember less than 0.001% of the population died from the wuflu.

  • Nate


    Month ago

    Late model Nissan Dingus

  • Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Month ago

    Matt used a lot of grace with this guy wow

  • Daniel OLeary

    Daniel OLeary

    Month ago

    Yeah....I'd have you blur out my face too!

  • Ed Korsa

    Ed Korsa

    Month ago

    If you go out to play and don’t get stuck you an’t trying hard enough.

  • fraidykat


    Month ago

    I've driven my bone stock 63 Fairlane up worse roads than THAT...come on now, man!!
    Oooohhh, no gas, no battery....dumbass....!

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos

    Month ago

    Xj power is amazing

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Long live the XJ!💪

  • Kenny Banks

    Kenny Banks

    Month ago

    Looks like he could tell a thing or 2

  • Kenny Banks

    Kenny Banks

    Month ago

    How old is sir ed

  • FreedomDiesel56


    Month ago

    Not trying to be mean, but this would be the type of guy to get stuck and breakdown. He gets a truck thinking it can climb mount everest, but at the same time I wouldnt expect much from a guy that drives a Nissan... He should stick to the roads.

  • Bruce Mitchell

    Bruce Mitchell

    Month ago

    "I put a gallon of gas in it" darn good punch line:)

  • Fall Guy

    Fall Guy

    Month ago

    Matt's Vehiker take away and lepair !

  • Antar Torres

    Antar Torres

    Month ago

    That 4.0 L straight 6 is really good!!

  • pear7777


    Month ago

    *gentlemen, sir, it is gentlemen.

  • niel williams

    niel williams

    Month ago

    This guy should stay in town.

  • Jack Sasquatch

    Jack Sasquatch

    Month ago

    Is this guy and wanted felon?

  • Philip Jones

    Philip Jones

    Month ago

    Always better to pull a 'car' with a plastic front end from in front. Pulling from the rear = the sand pulls the plastic bumper cover off, lol! Great work Matt :)!

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    Month ago

    Nice, the little yellow jeep that could =)

  • Petey 1378

    Petey 1378

    Month ago

    Did they try to atleast hit the fuel tank to see if it will get the fuel pump going again?

  • russellpath


    Month ago

    That was the evap line Matt. Not the fuel line. I’ve worked on that 4.0 since they came out in 2005

  • dunerinaz


    Month ago

    10:26 what kind of person would drive into the sand like that?
    10:37 oh, never mind

  • Jan Seidel

    Jan Seidel

    Month ago

    Fuel pump or crank-/camshaft sensor is dead

  • Screwdriversteve1


    Month ago

    Let this be a lesson to all those people that run below a 1/4 tank! The fuel pump is cooled by the fuel in the tank. When you run the tank low the fuel pump gets hot and you get a tow bill and an expensive fuel pump repair for your effort! But I guess if you the type that only puts a Gallon of fuel into a 2WD truck and heads into 4X4 country these words are lost on you!

  • Josh McCarthy

    Josh McCarthy

    Month ago

    "Nissan truck, flip phone" Why did I know if was a 2wd Frontier. Type who also goes 5 under in the left lane and only gets over to make his exit.

  • pighater52


    Month ago

    He has no ⛽ tweaker

  • Shane Welsh

    Shane Welsh

    Month ago

    Exited whine??? Lol

  • Skippy Jones

    Skippy Jones

    Month ago

    Hey Matt great job 👏

  • Chase Short

    Chase Short

    Month ago

    Bleh. Jefe is...

  • jason pettipher

    jason pettipher

    Month ago

    Did I just see Matt run over the “ROPE” 🤦🏻‍♂️🙆🏻😉
    Keep up the great work that you all do 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏆

  • michael robinson

    michael robinson

    Month ago

    Lmao yea we know

  • timbo peters

    timbo peters

    Month ago

    Excellent video

  • john smith

    john smith

    Month ago

    You ran over the rope, Matt.

  • User 5.56

    User 5.56

    Month ago

    I put a whole big GALLON of gas in there for my offroadin trip 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆

  • angrytexan666


    Month ago

    We all know that guy didn't put a gallon in it. Also, all you have to do is take the bed off to do the pump and that's almost as easy as taking all four wheels off.

  • Meeso Hunny

    Meeso Hunny

    Month ago

    TOYOTO POWER!!!!……Moving Forward………Not going places and until u gotta call Matt

  • TreachourusJdogg


    Month ago

    I'm starting two small businesses at the moment, and I am excited to pay some blessings forward someday like Matt does. I love the content of this channel but I really think I keep coming back for the people.

  • Hunzy H

    Hunzy H

    Month ago

    Pro tip Kick the fuel tank or bang it with a boot or dead blow while you start the car some times you can shock the pump and get it to turn pump over and start the car, if it does usually inly works once so don’t turn it off

  • Tony Lee

    Tony Lee

    Month ago

    Hey! New wipers on the banana lol

  • Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez

    Month ago

    It kills me that you make a big deal out of stuff that every 4 wheeler has done by there 5th or 6th time out. must be street wheelers

  • Colton Stevens

    Colton Stevens

    Month ago

    I'm trying real hard to not make fun of this customer

  • Jason Stinar

    Jason Stinar

    Month ago

    "Excited" my bad.

  • Jason Stinar

    Jason Stinar

    Month ago

    Typo alert! You misspelled "Exciting".

  • clayton bryant

    clayton bryant

    Month ago

    What about a stock Ram TRX

    • clayton bryant

      clayton bryant

      Month ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery is the video up already? Doesn't look like it but I can't wait to watch it! Keep up the good work guys!!!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      We rescued one of those out of the sand down by the river a few days ago.

  • Wrenchettes


    Month ago

    im pretty sure that guy wanted a shirt. no way he wanted to go on a trail with a bad battery and no fuel in a 2wd truck.

  • Tyler Black

    Tyler Black

    Month ago

    Technical term yes you can change a fuel pump on a trail it's not going to be fun and you have to have tools I just hope until you don't have a full gas tank of gasoline cuz that makes it even harder I mean knowing the limited knowledge I know I could do it but you'd get charged a lot of money to for somebody to do that for you

  • jim poteet

    jim poteet

    Month ago

    like those dogs

  • Austin Shackles

    Austin Shackles

    Month ago

    Go Banana!



    Month ago

    You know those tires took a beating going back up. 🙄

  • Mario Alanis

    Mario Alanis

    Month ago

    I just put a gallon in it 😂 😂 😂 people are funny

  • RAH Capital

    RAH Capital

    Month ago

    if I ever visit Sand Hollow, I know not to drive in that sand. I will just stop by Matt's shop and BUY a t-shirt-lol

  • Brilford Wimley

    Brilford Wimley

    Month ago

    Another episode of califruities meet utards.

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    Month ago

    Nissan is the worst piece of junk any money can buy. Ask me i had one.

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    Month ago

    Dead pulling a truck that's heavier than the Banana, and up that rock grade is definitely impressive.
    What's with car manufacturers? Are they too stingy to simply add a hook?

  • gordon peden

    gordon peden

    Month ago

    The "Banana" and Jeffe are AWESOME!

  • V. E.

    V. E.

    Month ago

    I swear there are folk that just shouldn't be given driver's licenses. Doesn't matter the terrain, on-road or off, there are certain folk that know, innately, how to get "stuck." Just think of the mental processes those minds undergo, in order to get themselves into the situations they get towed out of. smh Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  • Dave Kaylor

    Dave Kaylor

    Month ago

    Good to see Max sprung!

  • mike dunleavy

    mike dunleavy

    Month ago

    Jaw dropping idiote how stupid can you be

  • Matt Hoye

    Matt Hoye

    Month ago

    7:16 Matt should modify the mirror to read “objects in mirror are more stuck than they appear” 😎

  • Prophet Woe

    Prophet Woe

    Month ago

    Somebody needs to stay on the road and get AAA plus

  • Farmer Ted

    Farmer Ted

    Month ago

    The guy that owns this truck deserves every bad thing that happens to him due to his incredible lack of good judgment and intelligence!

  • Jason Tilton

    Jason Tilton

    Month ago

    Matt was like Ed you get in and was like me 😂😂

  • Dan Burch

    Dan Burch

    Month ago

    I had a bad fuel pump once. I was able to get it to work long enough to get to a shop. I used a soft mallet to beat on the tank. Any soft weapon will do., It just might get it to work; not always guaranteed. It didn't work on my daughter's car. But it's certainly worth a try.

  • Keith Blanton

    Keith Blanton

    Month ago

    I put a gallon in it...ok just hang out and wait...that gallon should reproduce and you'll be able to drive right out. 🤟

  • Cory Ernewein

    Cory Ernewein

    Month ago

    MORE ED!!!

  • Ric Chapman

    Ric Chapman

    Month ago

    What was that guy thinking???😂😂😂😂

  • Nicolas Bautista

    Nicolas Bautista

    Month ago

    I liked that shot of MATT putting on the soft shackle... nice

  • Brian Beauchamp

    Brian Beauchamp

    Month ago

    That Asian guy at the end 13:46 was the best with the front bumper "oh that's okay they come out once and a while" hahaha

  • Tim Graham

    Tim Graham

    Month ago

    Sounds like someone was mushroom hunting.

  • Thomas Anghel

    Thomas Anghel

    Month ago

    This Xj always surprise me! Great driving matt!

  • markeldamgaard


    Month ago

    Why do people take 2wheel drive trucks off road let alone somewhere like that?