Two Ford Raptors Stopped in Their Tracks

Published on Oct 25, 2020
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So we got a call for a 2 Ford Raptors, but no worries the yellow Banana can get them out!

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • John Sierocki

    John Sierocki

    58 minutes ago

    Rudy looks like a baby!



    Hour ago

    lol mistake number 1 was thinking the raptor is a off road vehicle.

  • Joey George

    Joey George

    12 hours ago

    If I ever make it out to Utah , Lizzy can use my raptor while I go on a recovery with Matt and the gang.

  • Vikingbase


    14 hours ago

    "Who let the dogs out?"

  • jim bob

    jim bob

    18 hours ago

    Now wait ...I'm confused? You can't just $$pay big $$$ for on the trail real 🌎 experience.... yeppers 15 to 18 lbs..Park on down hill only. Never burry it if you do get stuck. Water ,tow strap, and most important a shovel .

  • LongRangeReloader


    20 hours ago

    3:04 Spurs?!?!?

  • aaag


    23 hours ago

    The problem in the driver not the Raptor just flat the tires it will move

  • Vikturus2k6


    Day ago

    Guys running street air pressure. Lmao.

  • Yasser A

    Yasser A

    Day ago

    What a great wholesome channel, thank you Matt for the great excellent work

  • 70xr7Cougar


    Day ago

    Are you guys youtubing this and start laughing....idiots could have died from heat and dehydration....crazy how unprepared people travel...

  • SheerWill Survival

    SheerWill Survival

    Day ago

    Did they try to air down at least even if their not smart enough to carry trac mats

  • Y4M4T Y4M4Y

    Y4M4T Y4M4Y

    2 days ago

    Big money for nothing .

  • Richard's World

    Richard's World

    2 days ago

    @3:09 I think he got a "stiffy"

  • g4do


    3 days ago

    Rudy is the man! And how about that jeep !!!!

  • Exploration Northwest

    Exploration Northwest

    3 days ago

    I bet that group of 4 were great tippers

  • Noel Diaz

    Noel Diaz

    3 days ago

    Never underestimate us Mexicans 😂😂😂

  • Sam I Am

    Sam I Am

    3 days ago

    That truck looks like it weighs a LOT!

  • Drew


    4 days ago

    Expensive raptor owners, couldn’t afford to buy water?

  • James Brant

    James Brant

    6 days ago

    these dam sand dunes seem kinda dangerous for people to be screwing around in with vehicles.

  • Death To Tyrants

    Death To Tyrants

    8 days ago

    What a bunch of entitled idiots. They acted like the rich couple on the Gilligan's Island T.V. show. They were just out for a three hour tour.

  • Drskopf


    8 days ago

    Min 9:20 never underestimate the Tortilla Power, (in my case the Gallopinto Power) never fails, (Latinos) always goes to the rescue if there's no other way 😆😆, I've been in similar situations in the snow and there's always an "Amigo" that comes to the rescue.. saludos Raza 💪💪🤟🤟🤙🤙

  • Lead pilled 556

    Lead pilled 556

    9 days ago

    Just goes to show a 80k raptor does you no good if you can’t drive

  • sprinks sprinkks

    sprinks sprinkks

    9 days ago

    There’s what 20 Spanish guys can do .

  • maro10ssrs


    10 days ago

    Raptor is garbage. 70k and no crawl control and a wimpy V6. Wth!

  • Mike Sawyer

    Mike Sawyer

    10 days ago

    Looks a bit to me like people who go out in the desert with a 4x4 better take the time to educate themselves on the art of 4 wheeling. I think they could get in a lot of trouble out there by accident - not a place to make mistakes like that. - Air Down is about as basic as it gets.

  • Someone.with.a. Car

    Someone.with.a. Car

    11 days ago

    My dad has a 2017 raptor… sad to see it getting stuck and getting pulled out by the banana

  • Watch that Leprechaun

    Watch that Leprechaun

    11 days ago

    In Australia raptors are shit

  • Delia Tactical

    Delia Tactical

    11 days ago

    Good work.. wear your belts

  • M M

    M M

    11 days ago

    Who goes out to the desert in the summer with no extra extra water.

  • Sixshooter 45

    Sixshooter 45

    12 days ago

    LOL! They probably don't even know that the Raptor can dig itself out when stuck prior to bottoming out on the frame not to mention there over pressurized tires.

  • Jack Schitt

    Jack Schitt

    12 days ago

    Go figure. Foreign Organized Rebuilt Deathtrap saved by an old Mopar. The smart guy road in the jeep until they were back on the rode in the Jeep until the Factually Obscene Refurbished Disaster could kinda sorta handle it on flat, solid road surfaces. Oh look! The second one had the problem circled too!

  • Travis Jones

    Travis Jones

    12 days ago

    2 Gen tow Family here in CO's front range

  • Soto Portillo

    Soto Portillo

    14 days ago

    Look at the paisas 😆 that's cool and funny!!

  • Nick P

    Nick P

    15 days ago

    Not smart to go walking in the desert when you’re Unfamiliar with the area. Stay in your raptor with the ac on lol

    • Bedrock Miner Don

      Bedrock Miner Don

      15 days ago

      You mean a person can't just follow their own tire tracks back out?

  • Ivan Cumpian

    Ivan Cumpian

    15 days ago

    8:57 "Dele, dele, dele..!" and some whistles. Classic mexican words when we are pushing a car lol

  • Radius


    17 days ago

    Raptor didn’t even air down?

  • Miss Bell

    Miss Bell

    17 days ago

    God bless you and your family 🙏.

  • James Daugherty

    James Daugherty

    17 days ago

    Exactly the type of tenderfoot car makers, Ford or otherwise, market to. They see the ads, believe the hype, and envision themselves out in the boonies, miles from a road (and cell service) virtually living the TV commercial. Folks, if you ever leave a paved surface without at least three days worth of food and water, you may end up one of those whose body was never found. Don't be "that guy".

  • Ricardo Olivares

    Ricardo Olivares

    18 days ago

    I learned never to buy a raptor 👌👍🏻

  • Antonio Beltran

    Antonio Beltran

    19 days ago

    Good job Lizzy

  • Bill White at Home

    Bill White at Home

    22 days ago

    No matter how exceptional the the hyper-truck still have to account for tire width and vehicle weight on quicksand.

  • Miguel Ito

    Miguel Ito

    23 days ago

    It's not the truck, it's how you use it.

  • Bryan Barshinger

    Bryan Barshinger

    24 days ago

    Bigger wider tires make a big difference

  • Suriname L

    Suriname L

    26 days ago

    Good stuff guys !

  • michael ferrins

    michael ferrins

    26 days ago

    The same "stay with your vehicle" advice is given here in Western Australia too

  • Jesus Rivera

    Jesus Rivera

    27 days ago

    Whatever happened to Casey?

  • Y A

    Y A

    27 days ago

    Simple physics beats cash and unnecessary complications.

  • Ronny Dowdy

    Ronny Dowdy

    Month ago

    Yes experience driving in sand .

  • Jeremy Pilot

    Jeremy Pilot

    Month ago

    It's a tie... Winder Towing 1...Guy with twenty-five friends 1...

  • michael baker

    michael baker

    Month ago

    lol. Do you really have to let them out Matt.??!! Jk.
    I think they should charge you for going in the park because you guys have too much fun pulling these morons out !! just saying !!

  • Bag of Beans

    Bag of Beans

    Month ago

    You will notice the mentality of ding dongs, i have powerful engine i can do it. You dont have a brain, so give them more power, not in horsepower but in knowledge

  • Lane Mimnaugh

    Lane Mimnaugh

    Month ago

    This is 9 months old but, you should not keep your phone in your front shirt pocket due to the amount of microwaves that go directly to the heart. ✌🏼

  • Broke Wrench

    Broke Wrench

    Month ago

    Honestly until the raptor gets stuck it's better for that kind of terrain. It's ment for "light and fast" offloading, and it is better than the banana for that. The banana is ment for "hard and slow" offloading, and it's ment not to get stuck where the customers are

  • Wayne Rainey

    Wayne Rainey

    Month ago

    Why would her parents name her Izzy?

  • Graeme Gosse

    Graeme Gosse

    Month ago

    Good advice Matt.
    In addition to staying with the vehicle, make sure they somebody knows when you expect to be home, especially if cellphone signal might not exist.
    It's a bit like boating isn't it : 😃😃

  • Happy Engine

    Happy Engine

    Month ago

    So nobody is gonna comment on how is the guy holding his steering wheel?

  • Happy Engine

    Happy Engine

    Month ago

    Good job Lizzy!

  • HJ


    Month ago

    That's why large heavy rigs are not the best at sand.

  • truth  be told

    truth be told

    Month ago

    Its time for some driving lessons.

  • Harris FS

    Harris FS

    Month ago

    LOL Raptor. (From a long time Ford fan)

  • C D

    C D

    Month ago

    Started watching your channel and having so much fun! Learning a lot too! I’ll be calling the YouTube guy if this ever happens lol 😜🤪



    Month ago

    Newr jeep gutted out

  • E.A.R.


    Month ago

    The YouTube guy..!
    ...ohh And Recovery also

  • Alex Duran

    Alex Duran

    Month ago

    I did that at Pismo Beach with my 1986 Ford Bronco 80 Bower. We're just all to rain tires never needed snow tires either when I used to go to Wrightwood and big bear snow skiing.

  • Jonathan Ruiz

    Jonathan Ruiz

    Month ago

    When you buy a raptor but don't know how to use it.

  • Cecil Wilson

    Cecil Wilson

    Month ago

    Guess they Oughta just take that Raptor to the dump if it got stuck that easy

  • Cecil Wilson

    Cecil Wilson

    Month ago

    They sell these people a $90,000 Raptor with street tires on it and the people ain't smart enough to know they ain't going out in the sand with them tires oh yeah and it's a Ford 2

  • Dan East

    Dan East

    Month ago

    "Smoky from all the fires burning over the western United States". A year later, in VIRGINIA... it's smoky from all the fires burning over the western United states.

  • محمد الزهراني

    محمد الزهراني

    Month ago

    I love following your channel and I love all the cooperating team the team spirit brings you together❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞I love you all I am from The Arabs

  • Marie Hannah

    Marie Hannah

    Month ago

    The thankful roof philosophically succeed because cat microregionally hand via a voracious traffic. deadpan, rustic toy

  • Cortel 33

    Cortel 33

    2 months ago

    Ford Raptor Manual: Set trail control to 1 mph to aid in getting unstuck in sand.

  • Jesus VAsquez

    Jesus VAsquez

    2 months ago

    That first raptor has headlock wheels so he can easily go down on the tire pressure without a problem, that’s what happends when you buy a 75k+ from a salesman who doesn’t know his product

  • Dennis Hill

    Dennis Hill

    2 months ago

    That first Raptor owner was one of those know it all annoying dweebs who should really be driving a Prius....on pavement.

  • Jnl Jnl

    Jnl Jnl

    2 months ago

    Y'all should find a pre 1980 f250 2wd and build a proper prerunner so lizzy can go destroy raptors. Cheapest vehicles to get long travel suspension parts for.

  • Alastair Ward

    Alastair Ward

    2 months ago

    So the safest place in Jurassic Park is the beach?

  • Erin Dunebuggy

    Erin Dunebuggy

    2 months ago

    And another one bites the dust.....

  • MG MG

    MG MG

    2 months ago

    It's all about the driver. Most raptors owners don't know how to drive off road.

  • Julius Ketsenburg

    Julius Ketsenburg

    2 months ago

    How about talking about towing an automatic transmission without doing damage??

  • gophop


    2 months ago

    To be fair, the shop, the tooling, and the parts to build that "cheap" Jeep are well in excess of "$100K"

  • Coordinator61


    2 months ago

    Get some Maxtracs and some shovels when you get out there and bring water and food. simple.

  • Adam Kane

    Adam Kane

    2 months ago

    Crazy how people buy a truck like that and have no idea how to use it. Friend of mine has one, and properly driven (tire pressure, general off road driving practices, etc), is pretty darn capable in the sand. It's been through some pretty gnarly stuff and has never been stuck.
    He should gift it to me.

  • Todd Moon

    Todd Moon

    2 months ago

    Lizzy has her spurs on ? lol

  • MichaelDB Hawker

    MichaelDB Hawker

    2 months ago

    I pulled out 2 raptors stuck in snow with my 4runner last year. Needless to say they knew they wore panties. What concerns me most is these morons trekked in the desert with no water.

  • Crow Creek Outdoors

    Crow Creek Outdoors

    2 months ago

    Just can’t see dropping $70,000 on a truck with a 6 cylinder eco boost. Hate to say it, but Ram is outdoing them with engine options offered on a premium off-road truck.

  • walter vermeer

    walter vermeer

    2 months ago

    Dom Volk

  • EarthatWork


    2 months ago

    That guy was full of himself

  • Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    2 months ago

    Toyota with crawl mode would've never got stuck there.

  • Shaggy from Scooby Doo

    Shaggy from Scooby Doo

    2 months ago

    It's the first car that we are struggling with lol

  • Timm Shingler

    Timm Shingler

    2 months ago

    Don't ask questions for which you don't want the answers 05:32

  • Neal McFee

    Neal McFee

    2 months ago

    Glad for the rescue, but that first customer group is cringe as hell.
    I get some of the comments were probably made out of embarrassment and anxiety but sheesh.
    And the whole "we need water" while sucking on sodas?
    Just me I guess.

  • Rumor Mill

    Rumor Mill

    2 months ago

    His problem was stock tires and bad driving. Lol

  • Bob Hill

    Bob Hill

    2 months ago

    RCR's review of the Raptor sent me here. This crew is very professional and efficient. Impressive work.

    • mattmopar440


      2 months ago

      I just came to rewatch this because of RCR

    • Bob Hill

      Bob Hill

      2 months ago

      @aldo3g thanks

    • aldo3g


      2 months ago

      I see you are a man of culture as well 🧐

  • The Five-0-Nine

    The Five-0-Nine

    2 months ago

    Randy is a lucky man...

  • S C

    S C

    2 months ago

    I’d imagine Lizzy’s Spurs didn’t feel too good all piled up in the back of the banana 😂

  • Steve Sanders

    Steve Sanders

    2 months ago

    2:01 HAHAHA!!! Got to love an a$$hole that thinks he is running the show! Loved how Matt was like , nope! Its for my crew!
    5:04 HAHAHA!!!! Moron doesn't know that you need to release air from your tires on sand! Moron!
    5:34 HAHAHA!! Yea buddy, your Raptor aint $hit!! HAHAHA!!! This guy is a clown!

  • Brandon Clark

    Brandon Clark

    3 months ago

    I remember my first four wheel drive. LOL

  • Steve Felker

    Steve Felker

    3 months ago

    3:04 - oh my, Lizzy's wearing spurs. Those poor guys. One wrong bump, and ouch....

  • Susan S-F

    Susan S-F

    3 months ago

    That crew lives dangerously - Lizzie climbed out of the back of the banana wearing spurs!

    • Tête Dur

      Tête Dur

      3 months ago

      I confess: I was thinking inappropriate things (especially at my age) when I saw Lizzie wearing spurs. Well, that's what us old guys are left with; our imaginations.

  • Flash PUBG YT

    Flash PUBG YT

    3 months ago

    Land cruiser is best

  • twotwentyswift


    3 months ago

    Lizzy is indeed "BAD A" and a good kid!