This Work Load Is Testing The Reliability Of The Morrvair

Published on Aug 4, 2021
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So I got one call after another and this is really testing the build quality of the Morrvair..


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Shubham Jain

    Shubham Jain

    2 days ago

    After watching you guys, 1 thing i got to learn that anybody can buy 4x4 but its very necessary to learn some techniques before putting it on off roading surfaces...It doesn't matter which 4x4 do you have, but to know how to drive it through the terrian πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • Peter Hatch

    Peter Hatch

    3 days ago

    As you do a lot of fab what about a belt sander like fab rats have??

  • Christian Fehr

    Christian Fehr

    3 days ago

    Ed is so funny πŸ˜‚

  • mTchongo T

    mTchongo T

    3 days ago

    This Work Load Is Testing The Reliability Of Ed!

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    4 days ago

    Wonderful Work..πŸ™πŸ™
    Awesome Recovery..🀝🀝

  • Joe Bramblett

    Joe Bramblett

    8 days ago

    Still waiting for the collab with Ron Pratt to mod a rotator for all wheel drive and a full set of 66" tires.

  • soldierofliberty


    10 days ago

    The people in the utv are obviously inexperienced. Always keep a spare belt

  • Sergio Jimenez

    Sergio Jimenez

    10 days ago

    The ultimate off-road rescue vehicle! πŸ’ͺ😎

  • 1954chevy626


    10 days ago

    I understand it is a business and there is a charge when a call for service comes. But when you drive by and ask, β€œDo you need a pull?” Is that a curtesy or do you let them know there is a service fee. Just wondering. Keep up the great work and content! Love it!

  • Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torres

    11 days ago

    Who wouldn't want to own their very own Morrvair?

  • dhlwood


    11 days ago

    What motor and horse power do yo have in each of your trucks

  • Barbecue Tech Tips

    Barbecue Tech Tips

    13 days ago

    Does that old man not know how to use the gas pedal? He looks like he puts in in drive and that's it!
    Unless they have the worst tires ever or bald tires a 2wd truck would have no issues aired down and a good driver.

  • Rex Shoemaker

    Rex Shoemaker

    14 days ago

    Matt, the Morrvair seems to be making your jobs too easy. Part of the fun of watching the show was a little struggle with the banana when it would have to pop them out. Now it seems like most of them come out too easy?

  • Cory U

    Cory U

    15 days ago

    Love the Morrvair!

  • Dan Keeton

    Dan Keeton

    16 days ago

    Calm down on that gas pedal ED you got them out already.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • BKamron


    17 days ago

    Ed's really up and about in this one really earning his keep.

  • Roque Ortega

    Roque Ortega

    20 days ago

    Ed was taking care of business this episode

  • J 23

    J 23

    20 days ago

    Ed putting in extra work this episode yes sir!

  • Craig Hearn

    Craig Hearn

    20 days ago

    Rope brand should had been "Matt's Recovery Hope"! This collection of videos using this rope should be all the testing anyone needs to see.

  • Craig Hearn

    Craig Hearn

    20 days ago

    I used to drive the dunes of Pismo Beach and depending on the fog, humid and rain everyday was different. Your sand looks like dust compared to what I drove on. Superior ability shown by you and yours negotiating these conditions.

  • ethen williamson

    ethen williamson

    21 day ago

    What tire pressure is the corvair at when you do all these types of recoveries

    • ethen williamson

      ethen williamson

      20 days ago

      Thanks for the quick response.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      20 days ago

      Seven psi or thereabouts.

  • Adrian Herrera

    Adrian Herrera

    23 days ago

    That’s a 5.3 vortec doing this work fricking amazing upgrade the can shaft !

  • David Hereaux

    David Hereaux

    23 days ago

    How much of the wheel hop actually helps?

  • Hans gruber

    Hans gruber

    23 days ago

    Rudy runs pretty fast in cowboy boots and ankle deep sand! Nice work

  • David Ethridge

    David Ethridge

    23 days ago

    What exactly is the Morevair??? Is that factory or Cust Em

  • Chief Villa

    Chief Villa

    24 days ago


  • Ben Redman

    Ben Redman

    24 days ago

    Hearing that exhaust all video long is a blessing. Music to my ears

  • andrew randell

    andrew randell

    24 days ago

    How come the Morris hasn't got a whip areal and flag on ot? I thought all vehicles had to have on for Sand Hollows.

  • Paul Sherman

    Paul Sherman

    25 days ago

    New subscriber here it's really nice to watch good and honest people loving what they do and helping people and for the rest of us watching makes me smile every time I watch by the way you got to love Ed!!!!

  • Jeff B

    Jeff B

    25 days ago

    I did recovery work for 6 years north of Toronto in canada. Mostly in snow. Now I just go 4x4ing. I think I've learned just as much watching your videos. Great work guys.

  • Saeglopur89


    26 days ago

    Ohhh sound of the Morrvair

  • Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    29 days ago

    I think the morrvair needs more lights

  • Aljosa Skrabelj

    Aljosa Skrabelj

    Month ago

    I did not check this channel for some time. WTF is that monster?

  • ryanpaul


    Month ago

    Ed was putting in work that day!

  • Enrique Arana

    Enrique Arana

    Month ago

    I think that a nice procharger on that ls is going to make it alot better! An sound alot nicer! Love that morrvair

  • chevroletbelair1


    Month ago

    i know a new project after the banana is ready . maybe you can make youre trailer a 4x4 electric one , so it helps you thru the dunes if there is a car on top of it 4 motors on each wheel and a few battery's on the front and only use the motors with a wired switch in youre towing car . its just a nuts idea that i have :-) thanks for the vids

  • Brett Cope

    Brett Cope

    Month ago

    "Enjoy the shade boys, then smile and wave."

  • Donnie Pitts

    Donnie Pitts

    Month ago

    Always love the weather updates!

  • Paolo A.

    Paolo A.

    Month ago


  • S K

    S K

    Month ago

    Whenever I see people stuck at Sand Hollow with a bunch of people around i wonder why no one offers to help? Whenever I go Im always on the lookout for stuck people I can help get out. Unless its like a big truck because I have a Colorado LOL

  • Dana Curlee

    Dana Curlee

    Month ago

    Where is the Flag on the Morrvair for the DUNES?

  • ltmedic3


    Month ago

    The sand flying in the rock lights just looks so cool.

  • Kyle Claypool

    Kyle Claypool

    Month ago

    covair sounds like its pingging its life away during a pull

  • James Nobles

    James Nobles

    Month ago

    Ok so I’ve always assumed that when you pull up randomly on someone, like you did at the end of the video, and pull them out that you do that just because you like helping people. I just want to ask if you charge EVERYONE for your services.

  • Glenn K.

    Glenn K.

    Month ago

    4:00. I like those homes! 😎

  • Paul Sullivan

    Paul Sullivan

    Month ago

    You guys need to pitch this to Discovery or Nat Geo. You'd make millions on tshirt sales alone.

  • Caidan stuparyk

    Caidan stuparyk

    Month ago

    How come you guys use those tires compared to others

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      The best tire I have found for sand, gravel, and slick rock.

  • Wesley Bateman

    Wesley Bateman

    Month ago

    Is he stuck ? Yeah ! It's a Ford

  • Wesley Bateman

    Wesley Bateman

    Month ago

    Morvair working , pulling all the lame ass fords out !

  • Jack Warren

    Jack Warren

    Month ago

    where is the flag on the corvair?

  • MrJustsayinshit


    Month ago

    6:16 No wonder he is stuck another member of the 40psi club that doesn't reduce their pressures.

  • Joe j

    Joe j

    Month ago

    Who calls a tow service with dozens of other vehicles around

  • Chris Browne

    Chris Browne

    Month ago

    Better finish up Banana fast. You need two trucks this summer!

  • Kai Stahly

    Kai Stahly

    Month ago

    The most UTV owner thing I've ever heard I burned up a belt I need a tow truck

  • The Average Joe

    The Average Joe

    Month ago

    She's got a nice grow throaty growl

  • David Moskowitz

    David Moskowitz

    Month ago

    Jeez--Ed was really putting in work on this one!!!!!

  • j d

    j d

    Month ago

    So what did folks do before MORR was around?

  • CAYMAN987


    Month ago

    Tiny highway tires in loose sand. High tire pressure. Heavy trucks. And 2 wheel drive often. HA ??

  • CAYMAN987


    Month ago

    Matt, all these tiny suvs with 4wd and no clearance and tiny tires. What are people thinking ?

  • ninja scout

    ninja scout

    Month ago


  • MrJambo38


    Month ago

    I love Ed, he is the best. Very nice Video, it is one of the good things of my day. Greetings from Karlsruhe Germany.

  • Dylan Willing

    Dylan Willing

    Month ago

    I have never not been able to self recover with the "traction boards" maxtraxx. I've even recovered a 40ft bus with them

  • Brother Not Brother

    Brother Not Brother

    Month ago

    I love the look of that f150 that you pulled out

  • Dan Sharp

    Dan Sharp

    Month ago

    Have you ever broke that tow rope you use?????????

  • Richard Wilcek

    Richard Wilcek

    Month ago

    Real class act !! keeping Ed in the game.Pretty much the whole meaning in life.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez

    Month ago

    Sorry for the crazy question, are those truck-lite headlights? If not what are they? Need to replace some sealed beams from the 90's and just looking at pros and cons/opinions. Love the classic and clean look of those. Thanks!

  • Captain Flatbed.

    Captain Flatbed.

    Month ago

    More air has a sexy sound to her thing is a fun ride I’m sure

  • Ed Sanz

    Ed Sanz

    Month ago

    Pobre abuelo lo estais haciendo trabajar demasiado!!!

  • Paintbl99


    Month ago

    1:00 another great reason for buying one of Matt's Recovery Rope by Yankum Ropes!

  • Mike Haire

    Mike Haire

    Month ago

    Sooooo I guess when Lizzie isn’t aboard, customers DON’T get a shirt?

  • JP Cobus

    JP Cobus

    Month ago

    I love Matt you new Banna so a beautiful well done of your new rider full of pumping the brilliant building off the road off vehicle truck
    She looks stronger and thought

  • Fred's Full Throttle

    Fred's Full Throttle

    Month ago

    Man, that sand saps power and makes even a minor recovery so much more challenging! Glad the Morrvair is such a beast! Great video!

  • Leeberto


    Month ago

    I always wonder how many of these kind of 'on the way home from a job and see somebody stuck and help them out' kinds of jobs that you guys do for free?

  • Ski Strycharski

    Ski Strycharski

    Month ago

    What made you start your Business there & what did you SEE πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Keith G

    Keith G

    Month ago

    Should make up some 40psi club stickers for sand recoveries that didn't let the tires down.

  • Ski Strycharski

    Ski Strycharski

    Month ago

    Ed gloves don’t’t.......put them on. Sorry got tired pushing the periods . That last one was rough

  • jerry vincent

    jerry vincent

    Month ago

    great teamwork. If you know how to do it makes a huge difference.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ»

  • Terry Boomershine

    Terry Boomershine

    Month ago

    Man your Makin some bank with that Morvair..we'll done guy's..

  • Deeznuts Haaa

    Deeznuts Haaa

    Month ago

    Been binge watching your videos for the last week and I love it. 🀘 Keep on towing.

  • rick ross

    rick ross

    Month ago

    Almost thought Ed was going to run into the trailer 😝

  • S. Pena

    S. Pena

    Month ago

    No flag on the dunes?

  • Ian Scott

    Ian Scott

    Month ago

    Love the exhaust note.

  • Tony Martin

    Tony Martin

    Month ago

    I have commented before but this video really pulled at my heart strings Mr. Ed is just like my grandfather and just as cool i lost him about 10 years ago we always loved corvairs grandpa actually bracket raced them and maybe with a little bit of help to throw the belt at the 60 foot like turning on the turbo πŸ˜‰

  • Robin grussling

    Robin grussling

    Month ago

    Why are all these people bad mouthing Matt. No one know what happened. You throw matt under the bus. If you dont like the channel go watch another. I know I will get under the bus next. LOL

  • Robbie Gossett

    Robbie Gossett

    Month ago

    No flag while on the dunes?

  • douwboy


    Month ago

    You sure know how to build an offroad recovery vehicle. Has anything broken yet? Because you give that 4wd alot of abuse.

  • Jason W Theis

    Jason W Theis

    Month ago

    A Razr with four functional wheels! That's unusual. :D

  • gredah


    Month ago

    Ed. The hardest working man in show biz.

  • Peter Buckman

    Peter Buckman

    Month ago

    My granddad knew Mr
    Hoover personal face to face

  • Peter Buckman

    Peter Buckman

    Month ago

    I thought about taking a crew out , but fingering jobs market let you all bid on it

  • Peter Buckman

    Peter Buckman

    Month ago

    I forgot+ question , oh by thee way , you said people are getting pulled out where water use to be , are you charging more sence state's have called emergency water shortages, Lake Mead all dry up , just wondering you might place a bid on part of jobs and repair or move in that old motels been closed for years because of no water , 20 years ago
    Need to be dug out twice as deep if not 4 times amount . train used while building the Hoover Dam need to be dug out and lower 30 feet more , plus main rivers need to have face lift too.

  • Jerry Rupe

    Jerry Rupe

    Month ago

    Never understood why you don't put wider tires on trailer so it floats instead of plow thru sand

  • Zachary Bailey

    Zachary Bailey

    Month ago

    What’s up with that wheel hop

  • Pennywise


    Month ago

    hey you got another jumper box lol

  • Owen G

    Owen G

    Month ago

    May have been asked before...but whats your opiniom on traction boards?

  • Leo Vazquez

    Leo Vazquez

    Month ago

    Nice videos, hats off to the video guys.



    Month ago

    Does anyone air THIER tires DOWN before they get into the sand

  • # Coach2win

    # Coach2win

    Month ago

    What? No more shirts?

  • niel williams

    niel williams

    Month ago

    Where is Lizzie ?

  • JRE


    Month ago

    Matt's 'Good People!'
    Why don't traction boards or blocks of wood ever work in sand? Just can't get them under the tire?