This Is Going To Take The Wrecker. Nasty Camper Rescue!

Published on Aug 13, 2021
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So I got a call for camper stuck in the mud pit in Sand Hollow. I learned the Morrvair can't do it all.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • shawn cell

    shawn cell

    2 hours ago

    corvair should be all high visibility yellow ! Why is it not ! I want to see it coming in the dark or at sunset just saying

  • James Lindley

    James Lindley

    3 hours ago

    No problem with enough Power but the Caravan Axles could go peetong !! Rider boards might have eased her up

  • James Lindley

    James Lindley

    3 hours ago

    Super Duty Looks and Sounds The Dogs Cahoonahs !!!!!!!!

  • Darryl


    Day ago

    Not usually a fan of the look of older vehicles but the moorvair is one badass rig.

  • Master Bates

    Master Bates

    Day ago

    Matt puts his wrecker where no other tow truck operator would. Surprised he can walk with those balls he's carrying around

  • Keith Richards

    Keith Richards

    Day ago

    WoW! Cool!

  • JoeyandLindsay


    2 days ago

    Should have had off-road tires on that truck..oh wait..

  • Sajjad Mohammad

    Sajjad Mohammad

    2 days ago

    I buried my van at Karachi Hawsbay beach many times can you come over there to help if I call

  • David Harshfield

    David Harshfield

    2 days ago

    The V8 in that Corvair sounds wonderful!!

  • Another Day with J

    Another Day with J

    2 days ago

    job security because of privileged individuals who think they can do what ever they want

  • Joel Fangsilat

    Joel Fangsilat

    2 days ago

    Watching here from the Philippines

  • Bear Bones

    Bear Bones

    2 days ago

    Nice new trailer. Try unloading the trailer lol

  • Adri


    2 days ago

    Great channel and videos, but you got to have your camera guys stay out of the shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim


    3 days ago

    I had a similar experience last summer at Lake Mconoughy in western Nebraska. The lake level had receded recently and the exposed sand looked driveable. But my 1994 Silverado K2500 with BFGoodrich all terrains broke through into the underlying muck and dug in. Coincidentally another 1994 K2500 pulled me out, though with a loooong tow strap.

  • Don H

    Don H

    3 days ago

    Do you do the second pull out complimentary or do you charge for that also?

  • Robert Beals

    Robert Beals

    3 days ago


  • Metalface


    4 days ago

    The title sounds like it's a nasty filthy camper that's just too dirty to be saved LOL

  • Hayden Fisher

    Hayden Fisher

    4 days ago

    I love how everyone goes, that can can pull this? naw......then they are like WOW

  • Heiko Jenne

    Heiko Jenne

    4 days ago

    Coole Aktion.
    Ich hätte mit meinem Unimog auch geholfen...💪💪

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago


  • salemx_x502


    5 days ago

    Hello the tires will be 20 air In Saudi Arabia

  • guy email

    guy email

    5 days ago

    T-shirts for sale to support the YouTube channel??

  • Rich H

    Rich H

    5 days ago

    i'll guess $2000,00

  • jim wortham

    jim wortham

    6 days ago

    Thanks guys for posting would love to know what job like that cost

  • Natasha Heimberg

    Natasha Heimberg

    6 days ago

    Is that a Chrysler? hahahaha

  • Mike's Road Trip

    Mike's Road Trip

    6 days ago

    Good episode!

  • wa7zbo


    6 days ago

    Lots of good reasons I never go to Sand Hollow. In the 60s I drove a Homes 500 wrecker. Kept 300 feet of wire rope just to pull people out at the Great Salt Lake mud.

  • Tony Fontana

    Tony Fontana

    6 days ago

    Why is it always the Ford, Dodge tow vehicle getting stuck, just saying !



    6 days ago

    He needs some off road tires on his Ford

  • samson3000


    8 days ago

    Rudy: It was not a Jet Ski -- It was a Sea-Doo.

  • Simon L.

    Simon L.

    8 days ago

    I am watching Matt's Off-road Recovery
    rather than the news. Good stuff! 👍😁

  • jeremy74pow


    9 days ago

    Problem is his truck has too much lift which makes the back of the camper ride low and drag.

  • mrd2u1


    10 days ago

    Interesting that he only uses petrol motors not diesel

  • Ralf Wischnat

    Ralf Wischnat

    10 days ago

    Matt and Team, I am in East Gippsland in Victoria Australia currently in lockdown again. I have been binge watching your show and I love it. I drive a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero have owned a few 4X4's and looking forward to out warmer months and going to the High country here in AU. Still decking the Pajero out as I wait for stuff to arrive, you have given me back the urge to go camping here when the tracks get opened up. Take Care all of you Cheers Ralf

  • mega0876


    11 days ago

    The stupidity of some people is just unreal 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Braulio Cortez

    Braulio Cortez

    11 days ago

    Good job guys you are awesome

  • cosmicranger1


    12 days ago

    Nice edits: I like the dancers cutting in for a few seconds and the drone shots.
    Very cool 👍

  • Rudy Ellis

    Rudy Ellis

    12 days ago

    You guys got it going on.i enjoy every one of your videos.

  • pete Diamond

    pete Diamond

    13 days ago

    You call I haul you bitch I unhitch! Unlike Matt I don't do free ones got sued once helping for free NEVER AGAIN !

  • pete Diamond

    pete Diamond

    13 days ago

    You can tell that guy with the trailer was a jerk one of those guys oh my truck will go through anything and the kind of the guy that rides your ass with his big truck! That would have been a 1500 dollar pull if I did it ! I hope Matt got paid well .

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    13 days ago

    I love listening to Matt teach. I pretend he's talking to me

  • Utoob Surfing

    Utoob Surfing

    14 days ago

    Seems like a waste of money to bring 3 vehicles out there for one to do all the work.

  • Watch that Leprechaun

    Watch that Leprechaun

    14 days ago

    Drama queens my land Rover would have done that, with my mum driving

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      14 days ago

      Land rovers are too heavy to drive on this sand. Every time one of those get stuck out here, we just send a regular tow truck because it’s only a few feet from pavement. Lol

  • bitzel


    14 days ago

    Learn how to use the maxtrax they are awesome

  • Michael Arnold

    Michael Arnold

    14 days ago

    Hey Lizzy are you single? can I take you for a dance?

  • Crowbear Galindo

    Crowbear Galindo

    15 days ago

    At 9:50 looks like a ufo behind Matt and Lizzy

  • Elevated Entropy

    Elevated Entropy

    15 days ago

    That modded corvair is just fabulous, what a stunning machine

  • Joe A

    Joe A

    16 days ago

    For future reference, what do you charge for a tow like this?

  • Donald Duck

    Donald Duck

    16 days ago

    Use the camper for a duck blind

  • Cray fish

    Cray fish

    17 days ago

    Now what would be a " Definite " Improvement " to All these Videos, would be if they
    " Audibly Played " The " Our Gang Theme Song " " After Each Rescoe " !

  • Cray fish

    Cray fish

    17 days ago

    @ 1:36 There is a Lesson to be Learned by all of this !

  • Jimmy Leblanc

    Jimmy Leblanc

    17 days ago

    7:07 YEP MERICA

  • Dan Edwards

    Dan Edwards

    18 days ago

    Well done on the Moorvair. I see now why it's needed in heavier rescue work.

  • vanlife_unlimited


    18 days ago

    Nice vid!

  • Daniel Marek

    Daniel Marek

    18 days ago

    Have you ever thought of using lift bags that expand with compressed air? I could see it being able to lift a buried trailer or car and then back fill the ruts before pulling it out.

  • MrBeans


    18 days ago

    Ok what cant/ doesn't lizzie do....?

  • Shawn C

    Shawn C

    19 days ago


  • Lone Star

    Lone Star

    19 days ago

    Stupid is, as Stupid does!

  • Jk MoneyGone

    Jk MoneyGone

    19 days ago

    So when y’all go up to people that “didn’t make the call” and they look stuck.. I assume they need to pay as well? I feel like this is a stupid question 🤷‍♂️

  • Keith Osmundson

    Keith Osmundson

    19 days ago built a beast!!

  • xotic86


    19 days ago

    Good 2 c you are using good old Aussie maxtrax 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 🤙🏼

  • Keith Mitchell

    Keith Mitchell

    19 days ago

    for decades people complained about the poor state of unpaved roads ,fast forward and we now have great tar sealed freeways , now everyone wants to drive off road ,people are strange cattle

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    19 days ago

    Is Lizzy ready to make a down payment on the Morrvair? I think she has taken a liking to it.

  • Monte Maguire

    Monte Maguire

    19 days ago

    So did the owner get. a discount since he was able to get out the rest of the way ??

  • Rexford L

    Rexford L

    19 days ago

    Get a winch and a Pull Pal, could have gotten out (or maybe stuck worse) with those two items!

  • Brian F

    Brian F

    20 days ago

    Douchebag alert 🚨

  • Peter Hatch

    Peter Hatch

    20 days ago

    How much dollars that cost for that thks re toy hauler

  • Eric Shutter

    Eric Shutter

    21 day ago

    such a beauty ... Morrvair and daughter ;-)

  • garth locklin

    garth locklin

    21 day ago

    That Corvair/Morrvair is the Coolest recovery tow vehicle ever!

  • Jon Lanier

    Jon Lanier

    21 day ago

    How often do you guys make use of stacked-snatch blocks to move stuck vehicles?

  • hg


    21 day ago

    Liz looks right at home behind the wheel of that Morrvair lol.

  • Cory Youtube

    Cory Youtube

    21 day ago

    Go Bucks!!!

  • John B

    John B

    21 day ago

    First time viewer... Love the 4x4 Corvair !!!! Will look to see if there are any videos on it's build... I hope there are !!!

  • Kerstin Herb

    Kerstin Herb

    22 days ago

    The damp bubble biochemically entertain because france methodically reply without a slimy criminal. makeshift, possible stamp

  • Hamish Ford

    Hamish Ford

    22 days ago

    Nothing was going through my head, never a truer word was spoken.

  • Harvest Hawk

    Harvest Hawk

    22 days ago

    "Nothing was going through my head"... how poetic. You have to be some kind of stupid to take a fifth wheel to a place like that and another kind of stupid to get it buried and stuck that bad.

  • Tom Bauer

    Tom Bauer

    22 days ago

    good way to overheat convertor and damage trans

  • Harald Gundersson

    Harald Gundersson

    22 days ago

    Um irgendwo stecken zu bleiben ist keiner zu schlau..... Wir sind vor einigen Jahren mal mit einem Lkw in der Wüste im Sand steckengeblieben ... trotz Allrad , abgesenktem Reifendruck ., 3 Sperren und Untersetzung .

  • erepsekahs


    23 days ago

    I hear Matt and the gang adopted Mohammed Ali's expression when it comes to to pulling these guys out...privately they call it, "Rope-A-Dope." Is that really true?

  • Eugene Lagana

    Eugene Lagana

    23 days ago

    3:04 "Nothing was going thru my head".

  • Jose Renteria

    Jose Renteria

    23 days ago

    Maybe you got one already. A drone would come in really handy for checking out the terrain and easy ways out

  • RC Codes

    RC Codes

    23 days ago

    what a great way to monetize your brand as more than just a tow/recovery sevice... i am surprised that people who arent having the best day are so willing to be on camera, i can assure you if my dad got stuck back in the day he would not be camera friendly lol but i guess you deal with that as it comes..

  • Joeyjoe jo

    Joeyjoe jo

    23 days ago

    What kind of gas mileage does the corvair get?

  • Eric Whittaker

    Eric Whittaker

    24 days ago

    I've been stuck in that Washington county crust-goop mix before and it sucks! It even burried the rescue truck for a minute! It's a trap! You're fine until the crust breaks!

  • W


    24 days ago

    It's been awesome watching this channel grow. I love the longer videos but these short ones are perfect for a quick fix.

  • John Jr

    John Jr

    24 days ago

    Man you guys are awesome, this is a really underrated channel!

  • Dirty Pool

    Dirty Pool

    25 days ago

    The bigger the truck, the bigger the stuck!

  • bestamerica


    25 days ago

    travelers people with their own homemotors / RVs / trailers are NOT good on the muddy = softty sand = wetty ground...
    dont drive on the mud soft wet ground - soft

  • Alvin Mortimer

    Alvin Mortimer

    25 days ago

    Just imagine a corvair showing up... you're not taping are you Matt??? 😯

  • Lee Byrd

    Lee Byrd

    25 days ago

    I love it when Matt brings up powerbraking in all if its many splendored glory.
    From getting an LSD to lock up with a lifted wheel, to crawling over stuff, to getting diesels to put the power down. Just great stuff.

  • Lee Byrd

    Lee Byrd

    25 days ago

    Dudebro needs some meatier tires for all that truck, not to mention the camper! - A fellow Super Duty owner

  • Chuck Brown

    Chuck Brown

    25 days ago

    Why do people think they can drive on sand with a vehicle not made for sand travel? Tires any way.

  • Supreme UAE

    Supreme UAE

    26 days ago

    Good job 👍🏼

  • Kyle B

    Kyle B

    26 days ago

    Ever wish you weren't the only one who had to quarter back all the

  • iloveboats1


    26 days ago

    I will never understand how people are so dumb that they disconnect trailers when they get stuck you just can’t fix stupid 😂

    • hg


      20 days ago

      @iloveboats1 The thing with common sense is that it isn't common, it's based on experience.

    • iloveboats1


      20 days ago

      @hg it’s common sense Lmfaoooo

    • hg


      21 day ago

      Not stupid - they just don't know, never had that experience 'till now probably.

  • Anthony Hurt

    Anthony Hurt

    26 days ago

    who dislikes these, must be miserable people

  • titiri titiri

    titiri titiri

    26 days ago

    When they are leaving, and they ask people if they need to be pulled out , do they say, hey you need help? And then do they charge them?

    • hg


      21 day ago

      yeah I've wondered that too. I'm guessing they would have to charge - a bit unfair on those who make a call otherwise.

  • Steve Hardeman

    Steve Hardeman

    26 days ago

    Never a full moment with you guys . I appreciate all your hard work although your crew makes it look so easy

  • Disney Scoop

    Disney Scoop

    26 days ago

    Power stroke drivers 🤣🤣🤣

  • Glenn Nichols

    Glenn Nichols

    27 days ago