They Went Over The Edge!

Published on Jul 21, 2021
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So I got a call for a side by side that rolled down the hill, the dogs decided to run away, and Lizzy went out on her first solo call.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Larry Cox

    Larry Cox

    Day ago

    Matt needs to invent a floormat that can be used for recovery in off road environments. Opportunity is knocking!

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young

    Day ago

    Nice rodeo move on that RZR Lizzy.

  • James Bockenstette

    James Bockenstette

    Day ago

    Lizzie is the Recovery goddess.

  • mrbunnylamakins


    Day ago

    That side by side looks like a glorifies 4 wheeler.

  • tristan marsh

    tristan marsh

    2 days ago

    "my grandson did that"... well imagine that

  • jerryrig


    2 days ago

    Chrysler Mini Van worst vehicle ever made

  • Erin Dunebuggy

    Erin Dunebuggy

    2 days ago

    You go Girl! Lizzies Quick and Easy Off Road Recovery....😎🌎

  • trplll100


    3 days ago

    How many rzrs get yeeted to death out there everyday? lol

  • David Pellerin

    David Pellerin

    3 days ago

    GPS dog tags/tiles

  • Lukus Carter

    Lukus Carter

    4 days ago

    Hey Matt. If you buy a knife from “Tops Knives” they will send you one of their high quality whistles. Seriously. The thing works well. And you could just whistle with it and Max and Lady would be on their way. ✌️

  • Beiza


    4 days ago

    I'd love to see a Matt's recovery rope giveaway. I really don't need one but it'd look nice in my truck.

  • MrTryingtodobetter


    4 days ago

    time for a shock collar. training tool.

  • Mike Bellew

    Mike Bellew

    4 days ago

    i need a girl like lizzie, what a badass

  • Kyle Warren

    Kyle Warren

    5 days ago

    Attach one of those apple air tags and a phone to max

  • Ben Jurqunov

    Ben Jurqunov

    5 days ago

    Wow Lizzie !
    If I were 20 years younger....

  • Ed Chester

    Ed Chester

    5 days ago

    Please use 'safety glasses' when working with battery's

  • Desiree Curtis

    Desiree Curtis

    5 days ago

    Had to find the dogs lol

  • Lonestar Mobile Mechanic

    Lonestar Mobile Mechanic

    6 days ago

    I want to know where you got the hook you used on the mini van. Is it something you bought or made?

  • John C

    John C

    6 days ago

    Guess you have heard about Pavlov's dog, Hope fully Max is smart enough to learn that a horn means food.

  • Gert


    6 days ago

    It’s funny watching the Banana in pieces then next video it’s on a recovery haha.

  • teamidris


    7 days ago

    I thought the soft shackle was spot on for a rear engined buggy. Wasn’t though :o)

  • 9 Figure Lifestyle

    9 Figure Lifestyle

    7 days ago

    Keep on getting them out.. Max want's to slay a rabbit..

  • Dave D

    Dave D

    7 days ago

    Need to get the drone up to find Max and Lady.

  • Винни Пух

    Винни Пух

    7 days ago

    This golf car is way too dangerous for that terrain

  • T.Jentzsch


    7 days ago

    Why do so many people with 2wd try and take their vehicles places like this! I have a tacoma with a locker, a-trac, and 4 lo and I hate places like that lol

  • Fishgrub Blades

    Fishgrub Blades

    7 days ago

    Lizzy is definitely a great addition to the show/channel, just seems so nice.

  • Mike Moran

    Mike Moran

    7 days ago

    I wish you guys would wear your seatbelts doing these recoveries.

    • Slug 1

      Slug 1

      5 days ago

      I wish you would worry about yourself, you’ve clearly never been off road

  • john john

    john john

    7 days ago

    Why don't you use your horn to tell the dogs your off

  • MMC SS

    MMC SS

    7 days ago

    Maybe you should stop calling that area Sand Hollow and start calling it Sand Swallow. Because it swallows cars.

  • Charles Pryce

    Charles Pryce

    7 days ago

    I would work with her all day long she pretty

  • Charles Pryce

    Charles Pryce

    7 days ago

    That's a good dog they will come back

  • Badger Pa

    Badger Pa

    7 days ago

    If Lady is missing look for the closest water hole, she wanted to go swimming before going home.

  • james david

    james david

    7 days ago

    Lizzy is one good looking girl. And tough too.

  • Austin Forst

    Austin Forst

    7 days ago

    THANKS FOR POSTING! 😊 I missed the initial release on these past 2 videos, we just got back from camping. Weather here is 90 and humid in SW Mo.

  • Duke duper

    Duke duper

    7 days ago

    Max is my spirit animal

  • Jordi Houtkamp

    Jordi Houtkamp

    8 days ago

    Get the dogs a collar with a tracker. If they bounce you can see where they went.

  • Andrew Smetana

    Andrew Smetana

    8 days ago

    I thought the banana was all a part... lol

  • blastman8888


    8 days ago

    Need some GPS trackers on those dogs.

  • Shane Zettelmier

    Shane Zettelmier

    8 days ago

    You should train the dogs to respond to some kind of whistle or sound that carries far. Then if they takeoff you can just blow the whistle and they should hear it pretty far away. Lol



    8 days ago

    Where was his grandson

  • GLENN Rangiuia

    GLENN Rangiuia

    8 days ago

    Hey guys I noticed Lizzie carries a clip knife in her right jeans pocket just wondered what brand and model. Cheers Glenn Rangiuia NZ.

  • Gary Laaks

    Gary Laaks

    8 days ago

    Yeeeehaaaaa. Nice one.

  • Gary Bowen

    Gary Bowen

    8 days ago

    Just plain goodhearted stuff!

  • Robert Ottwell

    Robert Ottwell

    8 days ago

    Max may be experiencing some hearing loss.

  • grisby


    8 days ago

    Like the recoverys, searching for lost dogs gets fast forward and or skipped...

  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    8 days ago

    Lizzy roofs does rodeo's, welds .. beautiful...what a women

  • Jackson Songer

    Jackson Songer

    8 days ago

    POV *you've just been hired at sand hollow state park* : Hey so there's this guy with bright yellow lifted vehicles and he comes here frequently and rescues people so just wave him through no admission necessary.

  • James Coutie

    James Coutie

    8 days ago

    To be fair, only the people who try the floor mats and it doesn't work will end up making a call. There could be heaps of people that it worked for that Matt just never saw because they got themselves out.

  • Ronny Dowdy

    Ronny Dowdy

    8 days ago

    Good job

  • Völl Däpp

    Völl Däpp

    8 days ago

    "The floor mats didn't work, it never does"
    Thats probably not true … you never get to know all the cases where it DOES work. Because they don't call.
    For all we know, the floor mat trick may work 500 times a week. Only the 5 times the trick does not work are the cases you'll ever see.

  • Eric Eliason

    Eric Eliason

    8 days ago

    Remind everyone to TREAD LIGHTLY! We all want continued access on these roads. Just cause you have to do something to get a vehicle out... others need to know it's not okay to do the same!

  • VopenA CattleCo

    VopenA CattleCo

    8 days ago

    The more lizzy talk's, the less I watch

  • Well Rounded

    Well Rounded

    8 days ago

    Trevor and I, still love ya tho

  • Fish R Relaxing

    Fish R Relaxing

    8 days ago

    Did I just see that right? The tow point is attached to the gas tank? Lol.. way to go Kia! What could possibly go wrong there 🤣🤣

  • Jonathan - Argiri

    Jonathan - Argiri

    8 days ago

    Whats with these Yankum Ropes? Anyone ever broke one? They are rated at 30 thousand pounds? How fun would it be to connect a few together and to a tree and other side to backside of truck and hammer down!!!!! Anyone done that?? Is there a youtube video of someone doing it? Shouldnt there be? "Yankum Shenanigans "

  • cory eck

    cory eck

    8 days ago

    Lizzy would be an intimidating girl to pursue. She is a better welder, driver, mechanic than most men out there and easy on the eye to boot.

  • recoveryteam


    8 days ago

    Way to go Lizzie

  • C Little

    C Little

    8 days ago

    need to get some GPS trackers for there collars

  • Rob S

    Rob S

    9 days ago

    It’s Trevor and I not me and Trevor…love u Lizzy

  • Gearspire


    9 days ago

    The editing just keeps getting better and better.

  • Dill Dough

    Dill Dough

    9 days ago

    What do you have holding the saggy headliner up in the banana?



    9 days ago

    WELL…. I was trying to order your rope with the bag and all it, SOLD OUT! Don’t do a whole lot of recoveries but always nice to have!
    Mainly towing, repos, impounds.

  • Michael Henry-Hurst

    Michael Henry-Hurst

    9 days ago

    time for GPS dog Collars there Matt

  • Filip Lagey

    Filip Lagey

    9 days ago

    What does 'riffing' mean ? Playing music ?

  • CardzRC


    9 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I got a crush on Lizzy

  • Fiesty


    9 days ago

    That young girl could kick my ass lol.

  • Wayne Owen

    Wayne Owen

    9 days ago

    Taking out the air of a two wheel drive vehicle ever helpful?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago


  • Jon the Roofer

    Jon the Roofer

    9 days ago

    Lizzie!! You stopped roofing!?!? What happened? Did you come to your senses or something?!?! :)

  • Philip Stanley

    Philip Stanley

    9 days ago

    I use chains to tow. Not in the recovery business, just a nice guy who drives I-70 in the rockies. (People stuck in snow) The thing is I don't know why. Are tow ropes/straps better? Or just more convenient?

  • Wes Allen

    Wes Allen

    9 days ago

    Trevor and I.

  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson

    9 days ago

    My wife and I kids send me over the edge every day!

  • 기꾼이 -세미 오프로드

    기꾼이 -세미 오프로드

    9 days ago

    경치 끝내주네요.. 마지막에 구난하느라 고생이 많으셨겠네요~

  • Oxxnarr D'flame

    Oxxnarr D'flame

    9 days ago

    Waa, was the recovery ring on that first car really attached to the fuel tank?
    Please tell me I’m wrong.

    • Oxxnarr D'flame

      Oxxnarr D'flame

      9 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery great. 😊

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago

      You are wrong.

  • Thurnis Haley

    Thurnis Haley

    9 days ago

    Got my Ed bobblehead the other week, currently making a stand to mount him to my dash when going offroading 😎

  • Joe Pacelli

    Joe Pacelli

    9 days ago

    Pls bring back flexfit hats

  • Stout Tossme

    Stout Tossme

    9 days ago

    To the folks in the van at the beginning, it does happen all the time.

  • Dave Gerrard

    Dave Gerrard

    9 days ago

    I thought the banana was all tore apart!?

    • Thurnis Haley

      Thurnis Haley

      9 days ago

      The uploads aren't totally linear

  • j dawson

    j dawson

    9 days ago

    Where’s Randy??

    • Thurnis Haley

      Thurnis Haley

      9 days ago

      He went to work for someone else a while ago I thought? Some other offroad recovery with a youtube channel. Could be thinking of someone else though

  • Kevin Chatwin

    Kevin Chatwin

    9 days ago

    Great job, Lizzy! I'm impressed that you hooked the negative cable to the engine block instead of the battery terminal! 😎

  • Somedumb Idiot

    Somedumb Idiot

    9 days ago

    i'm convinced that Lizzy is going to be a master hollywood stunt person one day.

  • Arlen's Ethos

    Arlen's Ethos

    9 days ago

    Train the dogs to recall at the honk of the horn.

  • Rhino Offroad Recovery SoCal 4x4

    Rhino Offroad Recovery SoCal 4x4

    9 days ago

    Watchout Lizzy will take over the spotlight from Matt 😂😂😂

  • PNW RC

    PNW RC

    9 days ago

    I use to take my dog with me when I was driving logging truck. I had to start leaving him home, as he'd run off just like your dogs did!

  • Brad Westbrook

    Brad Westbrook

    9 days ago

    Love that Lizzy got her own segment!!! Keep those coming!

  • What?


    9 days ago

    Matt, how can your banana and more air pull such large vehicles and not get stuck like they are? I would think your engines and trannys would give out quite frequently.

  • S


    9 days ago

    I love this channel.

  • misatokitkat


    9 days ago

    lizzy going all spider-man hanging on the side of this mini-RZR like it's business as usual really impressed me.

  • Chris Lovett

    Chris Lovett

    9 days ago

    Cool minivan

  • 5thgearPINNEDnWHOOPS


    9 days ago

    I feel like Lizzy listens to Billy Rae Cyrus everyday before she gets to works.

  • American ThunderGod

    American ThunderGod

    9 days ago

    Lizzy’s out there lookin all badass like Sarah Conner as she’s about to go kill the head scientist from Cyberdyne systems lol

  • malbor


    9 days ago

    How would you know if floor mats don't work? Every time it worked, you never got that call :)

  • patriot 945

    patriot 945

    9 days ago

    "OK, Load UP", Max hears, go find a rabbit at least a mile from here.

  • Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels

    9 days ago

    Ms Lizzy is an asset to humanity and a role model to all kinds a people!!! IMHO...a product of excellent parenting! I hope and pray that my daughter turns out as well as this giver and hard worker!!!

  • Tox927


    9 days ago

    What happened to Randy, did he get fired for laughing too much?

  • Edward Pardy

    Edward Pardy

    9 days ago

    Mini vans do not belong off road. People are so stupid

  • Tim Houlf

    Tim Houlf

    9 days ago

    Killing it Lizzy keep up the good work 🍦

  • Adam Steffen

    Adam Steffen

    9 days ago

    Town and country no good. Need a Winder Windstar!!!

  • Gary P.

    Gary P.

    9 days ago

    Good to know about the floor mats not working. I'll save myself cleaning them!

  • Matteo Gloria Adventure

    Matteo Gloria Adventure

    9 days ago

    Hallo i'm friend of stepsover

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    9 days ago

    so glad nobody seemed to get hurt. That razor had to have rolled over several times. Excellent rescues. keep up the great work guys!