They Said It Was Just A Flat Tire - Ford F-150

Published on May 21, 2021
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So I got a call for a flat tire on a Ford F-150. We'll it turned out to be a little more than just a flat.


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  • james david

    james david

    21 hour ago

    Lizzy is awesome. she needs her own show.

  • David Kuznetsov

    David Kuznetsov

    Day ago

    lol shredded cheese rofl

  • Utah87


    3 days ago

    matt you need a tv show

  • abuzyad5555


    6 days ago

    I was afraid the dog may smashed under the pulled car

  • Michael Manese

    Michael Manese

    7 days ago

    I Loved lizzy explained how the rope goes 😊❤️ Hope i Spelled her name correctly 😂 Watching from the Philippines 🇵🇭🥰

  • Pennywise


    9 days ago

    why the hell wouldnt you just use the winch?? is it just because you dont like winches or was there an actual reason for what seems like stupidity?

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    12 days ago

    Phrase of the day..
    "Really rare bump"

  • H bomb

    H bomb

    12 days ago

    Why not put a plug on the trailer winch and plug it into your truck
    Mount a trailer battery with a small solar pan
    Havana jump box,
    Or do all three so you are covered

  • brian sehovski

    brian sehovski

    12 days ago

    I’m new to the channel so My first question is what are the dogs names?
    Second, is there a video sheading light on the birth of Widmee towing/Matt’s off road rescue?
    Third, Lizzie is Half my age but is she open to being courted?

  • Alton Henley

    Alton Henley

    12 days ago

    Winch on the trailer would help

  • Ed Shangreau

    Ed Shangreau

    13 days ago

    I'm a concrete finisher and Maverik is a big part of my diet and I have no complaints about my physical appearance

  • Vern Goossen

    Vern Goossen

    13 days ago

    jUST A tire ???????????

  • jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

    jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

    13 days ago

    Why don’t you have a winch on the trailer???

  • Jim Miller

    Jim Miller

    14 days ago

    Where is your other dog?

  • Barry Pettit

    Barry Pettit

    14 days ago

    Lady hates the gas fumes.

  • gregory parisi

    gregory parisi

    20 days ago

    love the 63 Corvair wagon !!!! I had one in 68

  • Derek Zimmer

    Derek Zimmer

    20 days ago

    I love watching a true professional at their craft.

  • Eric Hugh

    Eric Hugh

    21 day ago

    Highlift jack and a come-along works great for loading weird shaped items onto a trailer. Or a crane would work

  • Clay Blasdel

    Clay Blasdel

    21 day ago

    New title suggestion. "Lizzy in Jeans Looking Gorgeous and some Recovery"

  • Matt Morjig

    Matt Morjig

    22 days ago

    Yall are lucky you're filling up outside CA, our vapor shields suck. You have to pull the boot back and hold it with one hand while filling anything other than a traditional fill neck.

    • Ryan G

      Ryan G

      22 days ago

      I’m not even in CA, but the first time I had to use the ones with a boot after only filling up diesels my whole life I spent 20 minutes wondering what the hell I was doing wrong.

  • Zelos Photizo

    Zelos Photizo

    22 days ago

    I can’t tell you all the places we’ve gone with the wife and kids sleeping in the car, hah.

  • 350 luiZ

    350 luiZ

    23 days ago

    Lizzy 😍

  • Tom Kazansky

    Tom Kazansky

    23 days ago

    I bet that guy didn't have full coverage....

  • Alex Witteried

    Alex Witteried

    23 days ago

    Matt needs a snatch block and some pulleys to protect his ropes

  • Robert Logan

    Robert Logan

    23 days ago

    I wonder if putting mounting brackets on the rail on the front of the trailer then use a pulley(s) to keep the vehicle centered might work?

  • Chad Gray

    Chad Gray

    24 days ago

    I wanna get stuck to meet the puppy.

  • Chris laub

    Chris laub

    24 days ago

    Use a jack

  • C Schexnayder

    C Schexnayder

    24 days ago

    You guy’s are the best👍

  • Clayton Coolidge

    Clayton Coolidge

    24 days ago

    Reset fuel safety switch and I bet it would have started and in 4x4 likely would have moved itself onto the trailer

  • Lewis Faught

    Lewis Faught

    24 days ago

    Just imagine if they actually had the right equipment in the first place!

    • Caynen Tennison

      Caynen Tennison

      23 days ago

      It kills me they don't have an on board air compressor, im almost ready to buy them on lol

  • Diezel Pwr

    Diezel Pwr

    25 days ago

    I like the plate cover you guys stuck on the Ford. 👌

  • Mike Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman

    26 days ago

    Air pads in the rear may be needed.

  • Mike Bunbury

    Mike Bunbury

    27 days ago

    Who else thinks they are slamming beers the whole time.

  • Fish R Relaxing

    Fish R Relaxing

    27 days ago

    Put a hilift jack on the trailer! please! You have no idea how much pain one will save you on recoveries like this one. It’s such a versatile tool off road once you learn all the different ways you can use it..

  • anderama001


    27 days ago

    Drop the landing gear to lower the dovetail and you get a better approach angle on the trailer

  • 27 days ago

    I'll give you a good chance I wish you had a t - shirt

  • James Lang

    James Lang

    27 days ago

    I really do like how your team is treated like family, I started an auto repair shop on our property, and my oldest daughter Hope said that she is the business manager. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference in her life, other than just being Dad. Thank ya so much for sharing your story and family with us. Much love from Newport Washington.

  • Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    28 days ago

    Thinking ahead is not a strong point I see...

  • Krenko's Head Gobbo

    Krenko's Head Gobbo

    28 days ago

    16:36 No offense, but Lady is my favorite member of the squad.

  • shirantha anton

    shirantha anton

    28 days ago

    i am from sri lanka

  • shirantha anton

    shirantha anton

    28 days ago

    i love matt`s off road recovery oll guys.

  • shirantha anton

    shirantha anton

    28 days ago

    my fewarit you tube chanal is matt`s off road recovery

  • shirantha anton

    shirantha anton

    28 days ago

    i like u a job verry lovely teem

  • Kristina Priest

    Kristina Priest

    28 days ago

    I love lizzy , are you kinin me, you want me to jump in that truck?

  • Carlos Sandoval

    Carlos Sandoval

    29 days ago

    You can tell where y'all from. 😏 I'm from there too, hehe.
    HURKEN, no, you say it how it's spelt, hurricane. You mean HURKEN. 😒.

  • PD


    29 days ago

    @19:29 Lizzy's summary made it look easy 😀What was all the fuss about ??

  • Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez

    29 days ago

    Lizzie is so gorgeous and funny.

  • sead sejfovic

    sead sejfovic

    Month ago

    Common bush trick in Australia, Use a bottle jack to lift the Truck/Axle to clear an obstacle, then drive off the jack. Couple times watching this channel I've thought this would help yall like at 14:00 , don't know if im missing something though.

  • Jesse Warren

    Jesse Warren

    Month ago

    The new tow rig is a beautiful thing

  • John Fitzpatrick

    John Fitzpatrick

    Month ago

    G,day from Sydney Australia.
    * I used to store 6/ 4"x3"x 2' for blocking under cars and ramps etc. Much better than looking for rocks.
    * Also tie the vehicle off to a tree if on the down slope/slip asap.

  • RyeDog


    Month ago

    The Georgia squat lol

  • Wyatt Merrill

    Wyatt Merrill

    Month ago

    Put a winch on the trailer to drag it up

  • Christopher Huff

    Christopher Huff

    Month ago

    Ford stands for "Found On Road Dead"

  • Andrea Wilson

    Andrea Wilson

    Month ago

    That Morrvair is sooooooo bad ass!!!

  • Armond Balayan

    Armond Balayan

    Month ago

    Every time I watch an episode, I learn something new, great work as always.

  • Northern Run

    Northern Run

    Month ago

    "Post 10" (You Tuber) would be upset that you drove off a culvert.

  • Bruce MacGlynn

    Bruce MacGlynn

    Month ago

    You brought comms to a noncom party, Well for the most part until you used Rudy's Cherokee to pull the load up the trailer. Could have gone maaaybe Comm3 at most. Some actual comm experience would be helpful. Push talk, wait momentarily, speak clearly with known understandable terms that have been agreed to. Speak in normal voice, like you were explaining to the camera, not as if you are speaking into a quiet box. Other than that, Love the drone view. You know who else can sleep in a noisy, bumpy environment? Every soldier that has been in service more than a year.Nice recovery. What ever happened to the vehicle in the process of recovery is not an issue. You have to remove a vehicle from an obstacle.

  • George Banuelos Lugo

    George Banuelos Lugo

    Month ago

    Ed the whether man became a lot more beautiful....

  • NZT 48

    NZT 48

    Month ago

    Smh. You had a good thing going with your crew, until you brought a womoney. Didn't even bother watching past 0:21.

  • gkanai


    Month ago

    How about installing one of those ARB Twin air compressors? Love the videos!

  • MegaTapdog


    Month ago

    love your stuff, you have great people.
    it’s like watching a small symphony and you are the conductor and you know how to get the most out of your people to prompt them, get the job done and allow them to learn.

  • Dana Coyle

    Dana Coyle

    Month ago

    I wonder if pass around girl knew that you were recording her breasts bouncing up and down

  • Ivan Tierney

    Ivan Tierney

    Month ago

    Can’t believe you don’t have a highlift Jack

    • Ivan Tierney

      Ivan Tierney

      29 days ago

      @The RC Guru then you have not been out in the real world in bad places and need to get something accomplished that needs something lifted or moved. And in bad situation turn a vehicle back over with it and a cable. All alone at that

    • The RC Guru

      The RC Guru

      Month ago

      They aren’t good for much more than decorating overlanders. Never seen one used or with evidence of use.

  • derek raine

    derek raine

    Month ago

    Why did you not use the winch on the trailer nice job all safe

  • Schalk van der Merwe

    Schalk van der Merwe

    Month ago

    Morrvair with that truck on the trailer be like 👁👄👁 🌝

  • Dm755


    Month ago

    Uh. Trailer winch anyone?

  • CAYMAN987


    Month ago

    Shopping list : air compressor 12 volts / tie down ratchet straps/ funnel / 3 gallon gas can / 3 ton floor jack

  • Ammo4u RagingJudge

    Ammo4u RagingJudge

    Month ago

    I love it when a dog tells you “ nope not going to happen”.

  • Guy Deragisch

    Guy Deragisch

    Month ago

    Pretty cool, may need to look at a worm gear winch.
    Clutch style winches dont like lifting.

  • Will Moxon

    Will Moxon

    Month ago

    that whistlin diesel reference thoo lmao

  • concrete man

    concrete man

    Month ago

    I would have seen if it started if so drive it up the trailer looks like it had lockers

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    It's official. Lizzy should be every guys dream wife lol.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    As I have always said. The XJ is a fucking beast 💪.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Yall need a fill cap.

  • Michael Carter

    Michael Carter

    Month ago

    So now that this has happend looks like Rudy needs some push bars on the front of his

  • Kerry Clark

    Kerry Clark

    Month ago

    Huh. Way to be prepared.

  • Jeff McClain

    Jeff McClain

    Month ago

    "So, I'm going to keep it in low range to drive off this hill, because we don't have brakes on the trailer hooked up yet...." Who needs brakes when you got no straps anyway? LoL
    Love the rock-bridge-winch-lift. Git-r-dun. I grew up on a farm, and improvisation was always what we did. Matt seems to have a good feel for when he needs to stop what he's doing and change tactics. LoL. We used to waste HOURS chasing the "easy" way and going from bad to worse...

  • John


    Month ago

    I love how Rudy is saying they are trying to eat better food and a Postmates ad comes on. When pizza is all you can think about lollll

  • Missouri Jack

    Missouri Jack

    Month ago

    country boy enginuity

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    Month ago

    I'm going to buy the new 2022 Ford Maverick hybrid 2x4 just so I can be on the channel soon =P

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    Month ago

    built ford tofu oh tuff oh tough, just a flat tire =P

  • Alex Forest

    Alex Forest

    Month ago

    You need to get the motorola wave two ways they work like nextel have there own wifi daft plan always have service have a number for a man and he cheap we use them for hunting and off-roading live in Az and talked to my brother in pa

  • Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith

    Month ago

    It is the tires are flat on the ground and it's tired

  • Scot Martin

    Scot Martin

    Month ago

    Rudy: "That's o.k. We're building new ones. Right Now." You betcha, brother! Cheers.

  • Billy T

    Billy T

    Month ago

    bring Randy back, unfire him

    • Lydia Capps

      Lydia Capps

      Month ago

      @Hello Billy how are you doing

  • ajakowski


    Month ago

    I thought he'd carry an air compressor at least :)

  • Tim Adams

    Tim Adams

    Month ago

    Lizzie’s becoming a tremendous star !!👍👍👍👍👍👍💥💥💥

    • Lydia Capps

      Lydia Capps

      Month ago

      @Hello Adams how are you doing

  • Jaxon1127


    Month ago

    Customer states we have a flat tire

  • Patrick Coughlin

    Patrick Coughlin

    Month ago

    You guys need a trailer winch

  • Jim C

    Jim C

    Month ago

    Appeared this pickup now has flat spots on many sides, not just tires.🙃

  • David F.

    David F.

    Month ago

    I like it how you keep your composure and never stress out ! Hi from Réunion Island, Indian OCean.

  • David F.

    David F.

    Month ago

    Thanks for the Celsius ;)

  • diego rivera

    diego rivera

    Month ago



  • blake marshall

    blake marshall

    Month ago

    That be some Cali Lean, Georgia don’t do squat😂

  • Chris Clark

    Chris Clark

    Month ago

    OK wow - I am always impressed ( or at least way amused-haha) but this was next level

  • David Labossiere

    David Labossiere

    Month ago

    in fairness just pulling it on with the winch would have been boring

  • Andrée Hemmingsen

    Andrée Hemmingsen

    Month ago

    Buy a Volvo 4x4 instead, a Swedish tank on 4 wheels. hardcore machine built for combat 🇸🇪🇸🇪💪

  • Keenlyside


    Month ago

    Marry me Lizzy!

  • jazzy walkoe

    jazzy walkoe

    Month ago

    Durango? Loved mine.

  • Thomas Fletcher

    Thomas Fletcher

    Month ago

    Sure there was a flat . Flat on its side 😂