The Next Cry Baby - Toyota 4Runner

Published on Jun 23, 2021
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So I got to for Crybaby Hill and its latest victim is a Toyota 4Runner.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Daniel Schwinge

    Daniel Schwinge

    7 hours ago

    The rental van companies should install tow hooks in all their vehicles, that way you wouldn't have to lay in the mud to pull them out.

  • catman377


    Day ago

    Must suck spending a good chunk of cash to have someone else just hop in and drive your vehicle right out xD

  • DoThis


    Day ago

    Wear seat belts please.

  • Markius Galfordii

    Markius Galfordii

    2 days ago

    If you don't make it you might as well put up your steering wheel and not be rescuing people no more. The amount of work you've done to that yellow thing it should make it up there. If I can make it up Clay in a downpour without any lockers I think you can make it up there

  • Scott Featherstone

    Scott Featherstone

    2 days ago

    So they get free camping and then pay $100 to get pulled out of the mud, plus everything is covered in slimy mud, must be from California.

  • Keith DeVoe

    Keith DeVoe

    4 days ago

    you'll make it and get her done

  • jgolds0817


    4 days ago

    The girl coughing COVID all over 🤣

  • J B

    J B

    5 days ago

    "I'll put a roof top tent on my stock ass 4th gen 4runner and go into the mud with all season tires". What an idiot.

  • Brandon Berry

    Brandon Berry

    5 days ago

    Have you tried running a set of nitto m/t or Toyo’s?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      4 days ago

      Yes and yes.

  • Quagigitymire


    7 days ago

    Seriously, I've been more stuck from idling down my grandmother's gravel driveway on a cool spring morning after a peculiarly robust layering of dew really left the roads slightly damp...
    For real, this was staged right? Like a "we need content but it has to be cheap and easy to make" deal where you had your buddy's kid drive down a dirt road and pretend he is stuck?

  • life long

    life long

    8 days ago

    Why would u even go into that mud....DUH...stuck !

  • Idividezero


    9 days ago

    Speed and power! - Jeremy Clarkson

  • Eric Holden

    Eric Holden

    9 days ago

    I love Matt. He’s awesome.

  • Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    9 days ago

    But that is nasty!!

  • Keith Taylor

    Keith Taylor

    9 days ago

    Nothing stopping you yet! Yeah give it a couple hours and u good to go, like here in South East AZ

  • Phillip Lopez

    Phillip Lopez

    9 days ago

    No its not " it's all in how you hold your mouth "

  • Irvin Ehrlich

    Irvin Ehrlich

    9 days ago

    No seatbelts?

  • Lilia Loretta

    Lilia Loretta

    11 days ago

    The cute question marginally overflow because soldier prenatally nail times a numberless software. splendid, handy jogging

  • Dwight Bernheimer

    Dwight Bernheimer

    12 days ago

    Love your channel... Just my opinion, but if these people had some driving skill and some "Truck Claws" they'd be able to get out of some of these situations... Just sayin'... Great stuff thanks for posting...

  • AJ Likes Things

    AJ Likes Things

    12 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw how many other people there were around the van?? Like, did she not ask anyone for a pull??

  • Antonio Robles

    Antonio Robles

    12 days ago

    The 4runner tires were garbage.... Loved how you started the video though.... Talk about attention grabber 👀👁️👁️👀😁😬😬🤣

  • d wormon

    d wormon

    12 days ago

    If rain stay home or bring your hunting snow chains

  • Jimmy Burke

    Jimmy Burke

    12 days ago

    I’m a land cruiser guy but I go off-road with street tires.

  • Buddy Martin

    Buddy Martin

    17 days ago

    I’m cool I’m cool I’m all empowered I have money……..BAM!!!! I’m not equipped! I’m stuck!

  • scott holt

    scott holt

    17 days ago

    That mud you guys got down there is crazy. At a glance it looks fine but slicker than snow, nothing like that here.
    A fan from Nova Scotia , Canada.

  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis

    17 days ago

    Imagine if you hired a wrecking service and they shamed you with millions of views...

  • Adam N

    Adam N

    18 days ago

    Sadly the drivers side sidestep got messed up a bit by that rock underneath.

  • Adam N

    Adam N

    18 days ago

    Wonder what he charged the woman with the van. Seemed quick and simple.

  • Matt Spevak

    Matt Spevak

    20 days ago

    What a nice lady. Glad you were able to help her out and get her a clean shirt! Modern electronics are too smart for our own good.

  • Grey Jay

    Grey Jay

    21 day ago

    Utah gumbo. Did that Toyota have all season tires on it?

  • 350 luiZ

    350 luiZ

    22 days ago

    Lizzie is a cutie

  • Blue Barron

    Blue Barron

    23 days ago

    The other reason people are out there is because it’s beautiful. As someone who has lived my whole life in the desert we tend to think it’s just normal and boring. But those who have never spent time in the desert are in awe, just like I am when I go to the forest or beach.

  • Psykro


    24 days ago

    I would love a job like this lol

  • T. S.

    T. S.

    24 days ago

    Lizzy keeps coughing….she doesn’t have the coof does she? Asking for a friend. 😂 You all are full of backbone. The sort of back bone this country is in dire need of.

  • chad haire

    chad haire

    24 days ago

    enough with these pop up ads already...ENOUGH......ENOUGH.....

  • Joshua L

    Joshua L

    25 days ago

    who buys a 4th gen 4runner? lol 3rd gen ALL THE WAY

  • Olivier Roy

    Olivier Roy

    27 days ago

    Good tire are a basic to off roading I still don't get why people go mudding with street tire

  • Paul Watts

    Paul Watts

    28 days ago

    maybe buddy in 4 runner should have bought tires instead of the overland tent.

  • Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    28 days ago

    Thinking ahead with regards to damage control isn't a strong point...

  • Joshua Zavala

    Joshua Zavala

    29 days ago

    Did anyone else hear Rudy say "hay don't do that" once the guy in the 4runner was going back to his SUV.?? I don't catch what happened.

  • Mc Chicken

    Mc Chicken

    29 days ago

    That Van was awesome reminds me of red dead 2

  • Jalopy Joe

    Jalopy Joe

    29 days ago

    Was hear

  • Joel Hampton

    Joel Hampton

    29 days ago

    Whatever happened to Randy?

  • Walter Rich

    Walter Rich

    29 days ago

    Y'all are the best

  • Mark Belanger

    Mark Belanger

    Month ago

    No seat belt for Lizzie?

  • Kirill Markov

    Kirill Markov

    Month ago

    I think any vehicle would get stuck with normal road tires, did that Toyota have diff lock and 4WD?

  • ionicblur


    Month ago

    I got a crush on Liz.. she's so pretty and seems like a decent girl 😔

  • rudedogii


    Month ago

    That's a good one. I've driven out from Saint George to Toroweep in monsoon season. Got hit by a down poor going over Trumble Mountain. Tons of rain and hail! Stopped on the trail and waited it out. Yes it does dry out quick!

  • D P

    D P

    Month ago

    Clearly a BASE MODEL SR5. The newer Forerunner's with Crawl Assist would probably be able to make it out of that mud without getting stuck....

  • Wyatt Merrill

    Wyatt Merrill

    Month ago

    I feel like there’s so much to learn from these videos. 1 don’t go off roading by yourself. You should always have a spotter or someone with a winch just in case. 2 go with someone who knows more than you or that can problem solve. A lot of these people have very capable vehicles but don’t really know how to off road so sometimes when he gets there he’s telling them what to do or doing it for them in their car.

  • Dee Gee Twelve-Thousand

    Dee Gee Twelve-Thousand

    Month ago

    The 4Runner guy can't even attach his Millennial trendy RTT correctly...he's running street tires...and most likely spilled his Carmel Mocha Java Latte...

  • kcwonko


    Month ago


  • Craig Guy

    Craig Guy

    Month ago

    All I hear is Ross yelling “PIVOT!”

  • Rishi Solanki

    Rishi Solanki

    Month ago

    Love my 4th gen but you combine anything with crappy tires and no lift, mud is gonna be its worst enemy

  • Ryan Dunn - Consultant

    Ryan Dunn - Consultant

    Month ago

    What a goopy mess!

  • Christopher Huff

    Christopher Huff

    Month ago

    My 4x4 cheyenne is a cry baby and so am i thrn becuase man she would need a new alignment and all after that crybaby hill

  • Yuichi 51

    Yuichi 51

    Month ago

    Your XJ sounds real good!
    What kind of exhaust system do you have? How can I make my XJ sound like that??

  • Daniel Nunez

    Daniel Nunez

    Month ago

    You guys are pretty koo I enjoy watching your videos. You guys are what being American means. Working hard for what’s yours and instilling those morels into your children. 🇺🇸

  • Joshua Poche

    Joshua Poche

    Month ago

    Ill never understand why someone with street tires sees a muddy mess like that and thinks yea no problem

  • Joshua Poche

    Joshua Poche

    Month ago

    So im wondering if lizzy is just an employee or family member/employee. I only ask cause im curious how she got into working for a towing company. She definitely adds some fun to the videos

  • Benztech


    Month ago

    4runner on street tires, he should have known better

  • Lukus Carter

    Lukus Carter

    Month ago

    Who woulda thought that the Yellow Banana Cherokee would one day pull its superior (aka 4RUNNER) out of a mud hole?
    Well I would say that the 4Runner got unstuck very nicely. 😂

  • Perry Elyod

    Perry Elyod

    Month ago

    'I just drove past the bathrooms' - I certainly wouldn't want to take a 'bath' in those. They're 'toilets', not 'bathrooms'.

  • Jake Werth

    Jake Werth

    Month ago

    You do that in a 6.0 and it will blow the trans. Don't ask how I know lol

  • Brian B

    Brian B

    Month ago

    Reminds me of phesant hunting the cotton fields of central Cal. you walk out each foot 5lbs heavier and 2 inches taller from mud

  • Derek Farley

    Derek Farley

    Month ago

    When you drive someone out... do you still charge them?

  • Overland Zona Norte Chile

    Overland Zona Norte Chile

    Month ago

    great the video !! greetings from Chile!

  • ABD. MJD

    ABD. MJD

    Month ago

    I don't know how it works. Is the recovery service for free???

  • John Fitzpatrick

    John Fitzpatrick

    Month ago

    G,day from Sydney Australia.
    * I like those plastic spike boards that you wedge under the tyres.
    * Take a potter's spinning wheel and make a set of plates?

  • Gieselle Luke

    Gieselle Luke

    Month ago

    Traded the Ole Man 4 a TART ... NICE !

  • RBT


    Month ago

    Some think that if they own a 4WD they can go anywhere. Not

  • Cocora22


    Month ago

    you need to learn how to drive. That'll be 200 bucks, thank you

  • The Fraziers

    The Fraziers

    Month ago

    Don't ya love it when people put tons of money into a roof tent and nothing into some decent MT or even just AT tires



    Month ago

    Thank you for announcing at the beginning of this video what the true BLM abbreviation stands for, so many people don’t know and it’s frustrating.

  • AbitibiMac


    Month ago

    I`m surprised no one helped the first lady out.

  • John Gober

    John Gober

    Month ago

    The amount of people driving in mud without actual mud tires is crazy. I wouldn't dare even drive in moist dirt on street tires unless it was 4wd.

  • Mark Moore

    Mark Moore

    Month ago

    put your seat belt on

  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith

    Month ago

    It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people are and where they will put a vehicle without knowledge of how to get out… drop these retards in the middle of the Rubicon Trail and see if they make it out! As soon as i saw the skinny jeans my questions were answered!

  • Exploring Alabama

    Exploring Alabama

    Month ago

    I wanna drive out there from Alabama and get stuck just to meet you guys, you seem like really nice people...saving your number...

  • poolguy


    Month ago

    Matt: Are they the portable bathrooms?
    Lady: No, they're the port a potties.
    Matt; OK 🤔

  • John Peters

    John Peters

    Month ago

    Watching these videos, I cannot believe how lucky I was taking an F-350 PSD, 2 dogs and my wife to Toquerville Falls in this snot without getting stuck or going off an edge.
    So many time I had to fight the instinct to lay off the gas.
    Keeping the wheels spinning saved me.... gaining grip sometimes at what felt like the last second. 3 wheel drive certainly helped.
    Kept finding that red slime caked in places under the truck for the next 1/2 dozen washes.
    Meeting Matt almost became a reality....LOL!!

  • Doctor Astronomy

    Doctor Astronomy

    Month ago

    Even grandmothers in the southern states like TN MS and AL could get unstuck in those conditions... bunch of amateurs!

  • Maxine Campbell

    Maxine Campbell

    Month ago

    fake news, it hasn't rained in hurricane for months

  • Stockton Buck

    Stockton Buck

    Month ago

    Do you wash your ropes? Or do they just dry the mud off of them?

  • Jack Duncan

    Jack Duncan

    Month ago

    Y’all need some overshoes!

  • Green Lint

    Green Lint

    Month ago

    I'm not at all surprised he got stuck trying to tackle mud with those crappy all-season tires.

  • Hibanana


    Month ago

    i got stuck in my work truck and what screwed me the most was the fact they disabled traction control so i had no way to turn it off. also who gets a 2x4 tacoma or any truck for that manner??? luckily theyre going 4x4 with the next round of trucks

  • Northern Run

    Northern Run

    Month ago

    First. Get good AT tires at least before you go. ST's and HT's NFG for overland.

  • Albert Eller

    Albert Eller

    Month ago

    If Lizzie was not so dog gone GORGEOUS I Could tell you what the show was a bout but if she was not on the show it would not be that interesting.
    Don’t get me wrong ,I like the show but she adds a nice touch .👍

  • A Roger

    A Roger

    Month ago

    I hope he get pay for getting these idiot out. 😂😂😂

  • PB223


    Month ago

    Tires would of made all the difference on that 4runner. He had a ton of gear loaded up too. Toyota puts the thin street tires on some of the 4runners to make them more car like on the highway. You really want less rim and more rubber if you plan to go off road. Most people dont air down either. Matt's vehicles probably run soft tires. Id be honored to run into Matt's crew on the trail without needing them to unstuck me. They probably get a ton of waves from weirdos in old 4x4s.

  • Marco marin

    Marco marin

    Month ago


  • Jay Whoisit

    Jay Whoisit

    Month ago

    Use the locater app “what3words” with your stuck and lost customers. That’ll get you right to the exact place every time without any gps. Just a smart phone location turned on.

  • William Thomas

    William Thomas

    Month ago

    Dude! You Look like Sammy Hagar.

  • Joe W

    Joe W

    Month ago

    5:03 "sheesh" hahaha

  • MarioG


    Month ago

    4Runner I thought didn’t have the right tires… looks like it was riding on All-Seasons. He didn’t stand a chance driving on clay and certainly earned the “shirt.” 😁✌️🍁

  • GKMess42


    Month ago

    10:36 "I've taken a Ford Probe off of here..."
    Say what?! Now that would be fun to watch.

  • Redbeard5020


    Month ago

    My first time seeing the banana in serious mud. Did excellent! Had the 4runner had better tires, should have made it. Either way, again, banana to the rescue! I have an 87 MJ so I'm partial to the banana!

  • A K

    A K

    Month ago

    I live in the high mesa of Northern New Mexico. The mud SUCKS up here. It's like glue on everything and never comes off. I had to buy specific mud boots just to walk my trash can down our dirt drive to the street for pick up. Those boots still have mud on them from last winter's melt. From the looks of it, that area has the same gluish stuff. Ugh.

  • Ken Walker

    Ken Walker

    Month ago

    47 seconds in , Matt throws out the best FYI!
    Just sayin 👍🇨🇦