The Morrvair Takes On The Rubicon Trail

Published on Jun 13, 2021
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So I got a to test out the Morrvair on the Rubicon trail with other extremely capable Jeeps.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Month ago

    Check out Fab Rats version here.

    • phantom walker

      phantom walker

      Month ago

      this is why we run diesel in aus. 1000 ks 100 lt..but,$1.30 lt diesel. my s/duty has a 4.2 tdi ,12.5 lt 100.. hint.. v8 city,,diesel bush..

    • rc.realistic.overlanding


      Month ago

      This hydraulic steering on Morrvair -- how does it work on a slippery road, on ice? Is it still `informative'?

    • R Yb

      R Yb

      Month ago

      Paul’s smile @22:45 … how I feel watching these videos.

    • R Yb

      R Yb

      Month ago

      Drive of shame - lol 😂 Sir Matt, with all you’ve done for so many folks - you get a pass .

    • Scott Tracy

      Scott Tracy

      Month ago

      That flex on the Moorvair tho. Dayyyuuum!

  • Deek burns

    Deek burns

    Day ago

    Man I miss southern Utah. Love your channel. You most likely know my family in hurricane.

  • Calvin Smith

    Calvin Smith

    2 days ago

    You folks have the life! I need to get back out there and start living again. Its time!

  • Ed Chester

    Ed Chester

    5 days ago

    welding spring-steel doesn't work very well........

  • mini life

    mini life

    5 days ago

    Ummm Gas Can

  • Michael Jay Thompson

    Michael Jay Thompson

    6 days ago

    Wait.....! You got 40s and and an Anker (Jeeper motor) with a small radiator that overheats whenever It WANTS. Plus THE WHOLE FAM DAMNLY.........🤬🤬🤬🤬🤣🤫🙀👎

  • Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez

    7 days ago

    Matt on the mittle of vacations.... so we got a call

  • Guns and Grenache

    Guns and Grenache

    9 days ago

    Amazing trip. Thank you for sharing !! :)

  • Ken Uber

    Ken Uber

    9 days ago

    I live in Carson City. I wished I knew you guys were coming through. Maybe next time!

  • skithekey


    11 days ago

    I remember running out of gas... Way, way back
    In high school! 🤣

  • nostrilnick


    12 days ago

    You guys need to bring more Toyota's next time. (Run's away to hide).

  • Matt S

    Matt S

    12 days ago

    Matt built a hell of a crawler gosh dang

  • Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

    12 days ago

    Where's the other girl Lizzy

  • DJKing78


    13 days ago

    I love Virginia City. I try to get up there at least once a year.

  • Kenisha Martin

    Kenisha Martin

    15 days ago

    Love your video, you all have way to much fun 😀 great family and friends !

  • Garage Brewing

    Garage Brewing

    15 days ago

    I love Matt's off road style. Never likes to spin a tire on the rocks.
    Rudy's XJ definitely seemed like the perfect size rig for that trail.

  • Ride Again

    Ride Again

    16 days ago

    That steam train was awesome to see!

  • Ride Again

    Ride Again

    16 days ago

    Looks like a great time! Would love to see the rubicon trail one day. I’m from New England. Some day I’ll trailer a rig out that way. Great to see y’all having fun outside of work.

  • Ivan Olsen

    Ivan Olsen

    17 days ago

    Bit like watching the Aussie rock Wallies without the Landcruisers, Patrols and Gumtrees, you
    even use ARB lockers, Bloody good stuff, love the Morrvair, it would be no good in Straya,
    the fuel stops here are too far apart!!!

  • p kerit

    p kerit

    17 days ago

    6:40 I start looking for gas at 1/2 tank

  • littleaub


    17 days ago

    You would think as smart as you are, you can fill a Jerry can with gas and stop trying to be the center of tench en, come on now.

  • Ryan Bonett

    Ryan Bonett

    18 days ago

    27:59 "THUMP"

  • Missouri Jack

    Missouri Jack

    18 days ago

    Hey tinder foot you may want to get some river shoes.

  • Whack bag

    Whack bag

    19 days ago

    The greatest adventures are unexpected, that steam loco was awesome.

  • theshyguitarist


    19 days ago

    Your new motto....Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

  • mister A

    mister A

    19 days ago

    You guys need radios in your vehicles.

  • Josh R

    Josh R

    20 days ago

    I just realized YouTube unsubscribed me from you. Just a heads up!

  • Fixingthingz4u


    20 days ago

    See you do a nice thing and you get something nice in return the steam loco looked amazing guys !!

  • John Grimes

    John Grimes

    20 days ago

    hey matt, have you ever considered doing a video with things you wish you had know when you started your business about your specific business. out here in NC and keep thinking about starting one, but its a bit nerve wracking.

  • Roberto Saja

    Roberto Saja

    21 day ago

    Fantastici, tutti. Grazie per avere condiviso

  • Константин Сухов

    Константин Сухов

    21 day ago

    Hello, cool cars, in Russia it is impossible to legally modify a car like this, and there is no time. We need to extract uranium for rockets and pack meldonium. And in the evening we drink vodka, play on the balalaika and fight with bears...))) joke, hello from Russia

    • Константин Сухов

      Константин Сухов

      21 day ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery I also like to travel, in August I plan a trip with my family from the Urals to the Black Sea. The distance is 2500 km. I will also go to the mountains in the Caucasus. I have a Hummer H3

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      21 day ago

      Hello! Ha ha. You do everything that I thought you did in Russia.

  • TheMattbrownbill


    22 days ago

    If I drove that far in the UK, I would fall in the sea, in any direction! Great trip.

  • Dan K

    Dan K

    23 days ago

    Yeah you guys blew right by the caddy that's on Cadillac hill. And yes, that's how Cadillac Hill got its name. Back when the rubicon trail was the connection people would drive cars on it. Someone flipped a Cadillac down the side of that hill and there she rests. Obviously it wouldn't still be there if they had Matt's offroad recovery and the banana back then.

  • Christine Hammack

    Christine Hammack

    23 days ago

    LOL, a group of people going to do the Rubicon trail and none of them brought a can of gas? Really! That is funny to me.

  • Harold Cotten

    Harold Cotten

    23 days ago

    Hahaha great video guys

  • Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson

    23 days ago

    Matt You know how to show a lady a good time. ;)

  • Allan White

    Allan White

    24 days ago

    My subaru could do that... you know if I wanted too...

  • Jef Damen

    Jef Damen

    24 days ago

    Great trip thnx for taking us with ya :)

  • Michael Twing

    Michael Twing

    25 days ago

    Hope you appreciated where your were in the Sierra! Of course you did…Granite is a whole different terrain boys and girls. Had a bear cub sit on my head one morning going through my pack up there!

  • Elibook06


    25 days ago

    Hey it beats the funnel

  • Tim Bartholomew

    Tim Bartholomew

    25 days ago

    I was in road tripping through Virginia City on the 23rd! I'm sad I missed you guys

  • Mark Hamilton

    Mark Hamilton

    26 days ago

    I never thought I'd be laughing so hard at Matt trying to take a bath, but here we are. Tears and choking.

  • bent andre

    bent andre

    27 days ago

    i cant believe its a corvair

  • Hans Enslin

    Hans Enslin

    28 days ago

    Out of gas?? Again !!🤣🤣🤣

  • laurel rowe

    laurel rowe

    28 days ago

    ever hear of a jerry can? lol

  • SI Rich

    SI Rich

    28 days ago

    Best off road recovery guy done in by cold water! Love it!

  • Jeffrey Riedenauer

    Jeffrey Riedenauer

    28 days ago

    You went in to CA on the 50 with broken fuel gauges and ran out of gas more than once.? Surprised you didn’t get abducted by aliens or kidnapped and your organs sold on the black market.

  • Ουρανία E

    Ουρανία E

    28 days ago

    I adore the dynamic of y'alls videos. 100% eyes glued-entertaining. Luv your style

  • Eduardo Rodas

    Eduardo Rodas

    29 days ago

    😂I hate running out of fuel

  • Mike Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman

    Month ago

    Great trip.

  • Jay Whoisit

    Jay Whoisit

    Month ago

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun for a motorcycle adventure.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Rudy you need some rock sliders on that XJ bud

  • David Campbell

    David Campbell

    Month ago

    Matt, is that a gridlessness hat your wearing?

  • Jordan Whinery

    Jordan Whinery

    Month ago

    Matt's face when he got splashed.. that was a good laugh.

  • Keith DeVoe

    Keith DeVoe

    Month ago

    Most likely

  • franz7671


    Month ago

    Front camera is very helpful on those trails..

  • oldblkjeep


    Month ago

    Liked this one, always wanted to do the Rubicon, never made it. Great job on the Morrvair, it handled impressively on the trail.

  • Jeremy Shipler

    Jeremy Shipler

    Month ago

    That’s what memories are made of! Going on a whim driving your trail rigs that far, pretty awesome!

  • Blue Barron

    Blue Barron

    Month ago

    For anyone who has never been to Lake Tahoe, it’s a must see. God was truly showing off when he made that place. If natural beauty is your thing there is nothing like it.

  • Matt Dummer

    Matt Dummer

    Month ago

    I did the rubicon on 35s open front and rear and no solid mounted winch on my truck and was on a cable only once cuz I got wedges from not carrying the momentum. I did all the hard sections and no bypasses cuz we couldn’t find them. Did not try soup bowl because it had rained on us for 45 minutes. Hell of a trip and trail. Love the morrvair👍🏽

  • Jacob Mawyer

    Jacob Mawyer

    Month ago

    doesnt matter what kind man you are, cold water is cold water.

  • Ratchet 926

    Ratchet 926

    Month ago

    I LOVED doing the Rubicon! Spider lake was my personal favorite lake! Also at the soup bowl going the non optional way we smashed a taillight.

  • Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky

    Month ago

    It is allowed in the us to drive in the woods and camp there?

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    Month ago

    This crew has excellent skills and looks like it would be a joy to hang around.

  • cdouglas1942


    Month ago

    Not the same without LIzzy

  • Trü Ter

    Trü Ter

    Month ago

    Given the situation, I am most impressed by Rudy's jeep. I did not have faith

  • Mike D

    Mike D

    Month ago

    I heard you mention Fallon, NV. By chance did you drive by Sand Mtn. on Hwy 50 while heading home?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Yes. We drove by it on the way out, and on the way back.

  • Michael BigBoy Cordova

    Michael BigBoy Cordova

    Month ago

    Greetings from Beryl Utah in Iron County Home to the Original Desert Cannibal's USA

  • idomatter nonya

    idomatter nonya

    Month ago

    Cool channel

  • Claudio S

    Claudio S

    Month ago

    Hermosa salida familiar, excelentes vehiculos. Saludos desde Argentina!

  • berniedmj1


    Month ago

    I forget what YouTube channel I watched (TrailRecon or WAYALIFE or Lite Brite), but they were either leaving or going to go off-roading & they happened to see you on the highway as they passed you up. They were pretty excited to see you to say the least. You guys should do a collaboration with either of them or all of them!

  • Paul stone

    Paul stone

    Month ago

    Great video!!! Awesome trip !

  • Lowen Nunn

    Lowen Nunn

    Month ago

    raised in Reno area, this is an old stomping ground, and we lived in VC highlands.

  • Vernon Findlay

    Vernon Findlay

    Month ago

    Climbing rock, twigs,and more rocks. I worry about touching few rock and couple stumps heading out the hunting camp road,i feel like a whinner..Great trip,beautiful country. God bless, take care from Nova Scotia. 🇨🇦🦌

  • Beaker


    Month ago

    "Do you have a bag?" Lmao

  • Matt S_.

    Matt S_.

    Month ago

    I think driving the two-lanes of Utah and Nevada was the best part for me. Love that country!

  • Visiting Poster

    Visiting Poster

    Month ago

    Lizzie is not part of the family? I thought she was a daughter cousin or some sort of family, niece or something...With Eddie..

  • Cliff Cross

    Cliff Cross

    Month ago

    It looks like the Morrvair did good on the road trip and the Rubicon.

  • An Engineer

    An Engineer

    Month ago

    What about the loud, it seems it is louder than jeep?

  • Toyota and Dodge Garage

    Toyota and Dodge Garage

    Month ago

    Another great video! That trail had a lot of sketchy places to squeeze through.

  • Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen

    Month ago

    Take six mile canyon to Dayton and you'll save a little time. Of course you're long pat that now.

  • BcBorn


    Month ago

    Such a good video

  • Barry R. Brown

    Barry R. Brown

    Month ago

    Nevada has some long stretches before filling stations, so does Montana. I am Canadian ask me how I know this. I drove my FJ Cruiser from Calgary Canada to Las Vegas and I had 5 gallons of gas on my roof rack and I am glad I did.

  • C.O. Shea

    C.O. Shea

    Month ago

    I miss the West! Stuck in Upstate NY... dreaming and practicing with my new 4Runner for a trip home.

  • George Hunt

    George Hunt

    Month ago

    Looks like a hard trail

  • TJ


    Month ago

    10 ads thrown in seems kinda greedy, clicked out when I saw that crap

  • Tim Lattimore

    Tim Lattimore

    Month ago

    Did you all make the tire hitch carrier?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Yes. In a hurry.

  • cribbsprojects


    Month ago

    Nice video account of a fun trip! You're a good guy and a good dad, Matt! with a great family.

  • Nate Scherer

    Nate Scherer

    Month ago

    "The 80"? Is Matt's wife from California?

  • MadMatt 4WD

    MadMatt 4WD

    Month ago

    @matt's off road recovery What a great trip. I'd love to bring my Bundera over and do that run.

  • Dean G.

    Dean G.

    Month ago

    Been riding the Rubicon since the 80’s, never seen a Morrvair 😂… Next year try Fordyce Trail off hwy 80, near Cisco Grove …. Its a challenge.

  • Manco


    Month ago

    What happened to Randy?

  • 5cent27


    Month ago

    Gotta respect the shirt

  • aceyorba


    Month ago

    The only way I will be able to do this trail is Walking it....

  • Nathan's 101

    Nathan's 101

    Month ago

    I love how Rudy's XJ is way outgunned but it does surprisingly well. XJs really are the little engine that could, I guess that's why we love em so much. But man that morrvair is a beast, it's a thing of beauty in the rocks.

  • Aidan Syracuse

    Aidan Syracuse

    Month ago

    Lol was just in Tahoe on vacation. Gotta take the Cruiser out there now.

  • Nikhil Jain

    Nikhil Jain

    Month ago

    Super neat seeing yall go all around what is home for me!

  • gary freeland

    gary freeland

    Month ago

    Like the new ride... Woo Woo

  • NVGun40


    Month ago

    As far as I am aware, having lived in the area, my first time taking the Rubicon trail in 1982, I am not aware of any Corvair having run that trail.

  • NVGun40


    Month ago

    I am a bit jelly. Makes me homesick. I love the Rubicon. Run it many times. Live in Alaska now and when I do visit home, I no longer have a vehicle I would take up the Rubicon.
    Looks like a good time was had by all.