The Dead Jeep Is The Least Of Our Worries Today!

Published on Jul 23, 2021
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So I got a call for a dead Jeep and RZR, and the Banana can't do it alone!


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Jeep walk around video

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Daniel Clawson

    Daniel Clawson

    14 hours ago

    Please don't do sponsorships. It cheapens your core attribute, that you're 'good, moral' people. Sponsorships are corrosive to editorial and creative freedom, as well.

  • Mcauley man8

    Mcauley man8

    3 days ago

    the best thing i use for my dogs when their off leash is an e collar. you can get some that go as far as a mile. gives you 100% control or your dogs wherever they are

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    3 days ago

    Awesome Recovery..πŸ™πŸ™
    Wonderful Ecofow Product..⚘⚘

  • Stefan Esterhuizen

    Stefan Esterhuizen

    5 days ago

    I like your Video's
    I'm from South Africa

  • Nunya Biz

    Nunya Biz

    8 days ago

    Sad that you're adding commercials in the middle of a video.

  • Paul Hartner

    Paul Hartner

    10 days ago

    It's a jeep thing

  • Kyler Klitso

    Kyler Klitso

    10 days ago

    4:35 is the best part πŸ˜‚

  • Antonio Beltran

    Antonio Beltran

    11 days ago

    Throw some t-shirt to ED he'll look good with it.

  • Kiel Carson

    Kiel Carson

    13 days ago

    "I'll give you $100 to go find my dog" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • LRRPRangerGlenn


    14 days ago

    Trevor was PERFECT @ 5:00 mark!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • jamesa 9lpio patton

    jamesa 9lpio patton

    17 days ago

    How about a gps collar to find ur dog easier



    17 days ago

    Wow the banana looked small at 10:40

  • David Shettlesworth

    David Shettlesworth

    18 days ago

    OK the EcoFlow commercial mixed in withe video was pretty funny. Your team does some incredible rescues and make it look easy. I know it is not easy and a slight miscalculation can bury your rig in a second. Well done and carry on!

  • Craig Clark

    Craig Clark

    19 days ago

    The Pull Truck ? Big Tires let some Air out make them Balloon tires y’all will never get stuck

  • A C

    A C

    19 days ago

    Best plug for a sponsor I've ever seen lol

  • The BlazerSociety

    The BlazerSociety

    20 days ago

    This is the best AD i have ever seen hands down

  • Brian Cook

    Brian Cook

    25 days ago

    I noticed that Matt surounds himself with really good people like his family that is the secret to life and success keep up the good work

  • Marco Medina

    Marco Medina

    27 days ago

    Not sure why I wasn’t subscribe I watch all the time… I must be a retard.. don’t be like me subscribe now… even if you don’t watch ever again

  • sam yeates

    sam yeates

    28 days ago

    Great call Lizzie (sorry didn’t check the spelling) i have seen a driver flipped and pulled under water by getting dragged in to a wall just like that one just not in the desert. Thanks for sharing!

  • Isaac


    Month ago

    Best sponsor test ever haha

  • steve watson

    steve watson

    Month ago

    Wear a seatbelt in those RZR's. I've seen way to many people seriously injured or killed getting crushed by the cage.

  • Roland Wolters

    Roland Wolters

    Month ago

    Didn't like the commercial, even though it was funny. Maybe this channel has grown too big for my taste.

  • Steve Elliott

    Steve Elliott

    Month ago

    I sure enjoy your work. I know the areas some what. Got family out there , the Stackhouse. Great team work !

  • Thomas Svendgard

    Thomas Svendgard

    Month ago

    If your truly out of power ya need a generator to recharge them

  • Randolph D Brown Jr

    Randolph D Brown Jr

    Month ago

    Lizzy’s doing pretty good too.

  • Randolph D Brown Jr

    Randolph D Brown Jr

    Month ago

    EcoFlo bit is awesome, and Trevor deserves a RAISE and a Star on Hollywood Avenue.

  • Brady Ives

    Brady Ives

    Month ago

    Man I'm sick of ecoflow spamming youtube. They are an established company with apparently a large advertising budget that is funneling money through a kickstarter.

  • Eugene Tenai

    Eugene Tenai

    Month ago

    About time Max made a call

  • Gus Gus

    Gus Gus

    Month ago

    The friend of the guy who "made a call" looked sad when he didn't get a shirt πŸ˜‚

  • Randy Travis

    Randy Travis

    Month ago

    now you need another person with a 100 ft Matts brand dog leash to watch Max on site maybe hook him up to the stuck car too pull ,, need to get a camera from a drone hooked on Max like a harness that you can view from your phone too see what he is seeing ,, just a thought ,, it could be nice film footage too ..

  • Jeff Weston

    Jeff Weston

    Month ago

    Yeess the shirt of shame!!

  • Wade B

    Wade B

    Month ago

    I have the Garmin alpha dog collar and gps. If my dog runs off I can shock/vibrate/or beep him from 0.6 miles away. Or I can look at my gps and see which direction he went. May be helpful in dealing with max. He’s just not trained right;)

  • mividamimundoyDios


    Month ago

    Best commercial ever

  • Andrew A

    Andrew A

    Month ago

    I will never understand who watches these videos...and DISLIKES THEM. Like whats to dislike? Great Content, awesome people, looking forward to more.

  • Michael Carter

    Michael Carter

    Month ago

    Sure seems like these Cherokee's pull out a lot of

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    Month ago

    4:20 That was hilarious!
    Trevor, you're in the wrong business.
    You need to switch from recoveries to becoming a product sponsor!

  • Artur


    Month ago

    I liked this "ad" a lot. Like - please do it more.

  • clem hedge

    clem hedge

    Month ago

    Max is like your not paying me enough to be out here.....where is the eco flow tent at...pick me up there.....

  • Farhan Rahmatullah

    Farhan Rahmatullah

    Month ago

    Why does banana make a whistle sound at high revs?

  • zenopod


    Month ago

    Oh no, full blown ads, that's a deal breaker for me!

  • Becki White

    Becki White

    Month ago

    Trever looks a lot better

  • Peter Tarantelli

    Peter Tarantelli

    Month ago

    Tough rescues but, you got β€˜em out!

  • John Phelan

    John Phelan

    Month ago

    Please please don't start selling random shit or I'm gone.......... 😒

  • Jim Dickey

    Jim Dickey

    Month ago

    After watching several of your videos, everyone should have a friend like ED and an employee as fearless as Lizzy.

  • Thomas B

    Thomas B

    Month ago

    It’s called a infomercial isn’t it?

  • Ben Jacobson

    Ben Jacobson

    Month ago

    A Chrysler broke down? I'm so surprised 😐

  • Smith Family Designs

    Smith Family Designs

    Month ago

    Banana Jr?
    It was a Jeep pulling a Jeep, pulling a Jeep. :)

  • Outdoor Adam

    Outdoor Adam

    Month ago

    Dude...really? Dang. Comercial? Sold out? Thats cool, but still sad.

  • Critical Event

    Critical Event

    Month ago

    Yellow jeeps are always heavier than they look.

  • Sebastopolmark


    Month ago

    Best commercial, product endorsment, advertisement, product plug so far. GREAT job! !! !!!

  • Lawn Equipment Videos

    Lawn Equipment Videos

    Month ago

    Lizzy looked good in that jeep

  • Ging3rB3ard


    Month ago

    When are you going to strap a Go Pro on Max to see what his "adventures" are?

  • Michael Branham

    Michael Branham

    Month ago

    The one job, you would be happy to get outta bed for...

  • Fred Passafiume

    Fred Passafiume

    Month ago

    I like how you bring your dogs.

  • Speeding Semi

    Speeding Semi

    Month ago

    great ads with in the video...

  • mudemmeonick


    Month ago

    With all due respect, Rudy has a douchebag aura. Hes literally the cause why I haven't been seeing as many videos.

  • Felipe Alberto Kennedy

    Felipe Alberto Kennedy

    Month ago

    Hey matt what about to put a Airtag to find Lady and Max???

  • freewill1114


    Month ago

    Just wondering: once you got that dead Jeep out of the soft stuff, why didn't you just hook up the tow bars that were conveniently mounted on the front of it?

  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Month ago

    You need to pick up a garmin GPS collar for Max. You'll always know where he is.

  • John Thornburg

    John Thornburg

    Month ago

    What does Rudy have for Lockers in the brown jeep

  • Bierstadt54


    Month ago

    Next video: Max gets a GPS collar.

  • eastcoastrifraf


    Month ago

    Dam & now pushing the ads. Gotta make the money i guess. Was nice knowing ya.

  • AllTheUser NamesWasTaken

    AllTheUser NamesWasTaken

    Month ago

    3:15 is Rudy towing a banana split?

  • keithsj10


    Month ago

    The rope and YouTube $$$ isn't enough??

  • Frankooo79


    Month ago

    Max needs a GPS collar. :)

  • Bill Hooper

    Bill Hooper

    Month ago

    Don't blame sweet Liz she is just following you guys lol.and Matt should get one of his own shirts for making a request lol πŸ˜†

  • Charles Goss

    Charles Goss

    Month ago

    What's up with the product sponsor in your video??? It’s very disappointing. Did you not have a good balance between your existing Youtube revenue, your recovery business revenue, and merchandise sales that you sought additional revenue in the form of product sponsorship? And now you've commercialized your channel even more. Your channel content has gone from useful and entertaining to no longer appealing. I doubt you won't miss my future views or my subscription.

  • Matt Pipes

    Matt Pipes

    Month ago

    Maybe just put max on a leash? Or a GPS locator?

  • Matt Pipes

    Matt Pipes

    Month ago

    Dead Jeep? Wow I've never heard of that happening before (sarcasm). What good is all that capability if thing is always broken? Sad what Chrysler has done to such capable vehicles.

  • B T

    B T

    Month ago

    Awww Hollywood is asking innocent subscribers to spend money on sketchy crowdfunding ideas. Not cool Matt

  • stoichiometry147


    Month ago

    This is me AF.
    I would throw a fist of cash to everyone if my dog went missing.

  • Ced Dew

    Ced Dew

    Month ago

    Get real with the ads. Stick to recoveries. BOO! BOO! BOO!

  • Theuns Hanekom

    Theuns Hanekom

    Month ago

    Great channel guys. Ecoflow will work in South Africa.

  • zeke smith

    zeke smith

    Month ago

    on top of that they make it look easy.....always amazed by the skill of this crew...most professional yet down to earth people ive never met...yet

  • Brent Rivers

    Brent Rivers

    Month ago

    Character development video ideas that could start out as a once a month ad on: Adventures with Max. Ed's Coffee/Morning Musings. Lizzie's Driving School. Rudy's Daily Workout. While the reocveries are great, the buy in is this great cast of characters and family.

  • Luis R

    Luis R

    Month ago

    I love your videos...
    But I'm pretty sure you did not needed to include that terrible and blunt advertisement on your awesome content.... Find a way to included your sponsors on your daily activities, more subtle, and will likely engage more people if well placed. Or perhaps make a test video talking about the product... Me and more people will likely ditch you if you keep placing poor advertisements on your otherwise great content...

  • the eabster

    the eabster

    Month ago

    oh guys I really wish you guys would have read the reviews and look at all the videos on YouTube. LOL this company it's probably full of good people maybe they were just a one mad engineer or one mad person assembling your products but I heard nothing but bad crap about this where you stamp together extra batteries to add and more run time I almost bought one I put it in my car and decided to check out the YouTube videos and they were all bad. if they're not more good than bad YouTube videos something got me wrong. there's a few YouTubers that said that eco approach them about sponsoring and they refused because the product was so shit anyway hopefully they straighten all their mess up at least you get one free so that way if it does break we shouldn't get stuck paying $700 or whatever it is

  • jeremy vallerand

    jeremy vallerand

    Month ago


  • Dan Hambrick

    Dan Hambrick

    Month ago

    You guys are doing commercials now.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Me Here

    Me Here

    Month ago

    First of all I want to let you know that I like your videos a lot. Thank you guys.
    Unfortunately here I had to give you the first thumbs down ever. Not because of the recovery video itself but because of the embedded huge advertisement. Sorry, all over the internet that is becoming more and more common. It's like a pest and I really don't like it. There are a few channels out there, back in the days really great channels btw, which I don't watch anymore just because they have muted in to huge advertisement shows. Please don't do the same and spoil yor channel. Thank you.

  • Timothy Geiger

    Timothy Geiger

    Month ago

    Have you considered hiring actors to do your sponsors commercialsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Timothy Geiger

    Timothy Geiger

    Month ago

    This isn't the first time Max ran off. Matt had to "ground" Max about a year agoπŸ˜„ it's really a good thing he put an ID collar on Max. It's very kind of whoever found him, to give him water.

  • MrLearn2board


    Month ago

    Do you make more money from the business, or YouTube?

  • Captain Kevin

    Captain Kevin

    Month ago

    Ultimate question: How did Trevor randomly acquire all his gear from running in the desert, and where did the Banana get abandoned when Matt returned with Rudy.

  • Nathan Dias

    Nathan Dias

    Month ago

    10:10 I get panic attacks when I see the banana struggling on its own

  • Hermann Vogel

    Hermann Vogel

    Month ago


  • Robert Bonvillain

    Robert Bonvillain

    Month ago

    Looks like Max could use a Garmin or a Dogtra GPS collar. They do really work well.

  • Dan Lux

    Dan Lux

    Month ago

    Ordered some t-shirts, probably not going to visit for awhile.

  • Shiloh Store

    Shiloh Store

    Month ago

    Well r.i.p non sponsored video's

  • Adventure Traveling

    Adventure Traveling

    Month ago

    Awesome one as always πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ“ΈπŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ I like Lizzy

  • Sky Blue Off-Road

    Sky Blue Off-Road

    Month ago

    You guys and Fabrats are going to burn out the FANS with your adverts in your content. We followed you based one your day to day videos not your low brow advertising spots. Some of us pay each month to avoid advertising and you still get paid. Don't sell you fan out by doing he cheap ads in your videos.

    • Sky Blue Off-Road

      Sky Blue Off-Road

      Month ago

      @33brentw i unsubscribed too. I might check back in a few montgs to see if they respect us again, but it is all the dollar bill now days. I have no funding but still produce better crap than this lol

    • 33brentw


      Month ago

      Been watching since the begining. I pay for premium to not have ads. Every channel I see with sponsored ads I'm dunt watching. It was a good run, and I'm gonna miss this, but I will not watch ads

  • MichaelDB Hawker

    MichaelDB Hawker

    Month ago

    big shocker a dead jeep. Apparently airing down is a foreign concept

  • Tom Kazansky

    Tom Kazansky

    Month ago

    I have an ecoflow delta, its a really great unit, the only issue with them is you don't get many cycles out of the battery so not great for fulltime use, but its a great weekend warrior.

  • Sam Macaw

    Sam Macaw

    Month ago

    What gas station were you eating lunch at this time?

  • MrSir


    Month ago

    Wow, sand, and Sand!! Two Banana's, and a choco

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Behind Enemy Lines

    Month ago

    @Matt re: Max, Checkout Larry Krohn from Pakmasters. He has a YT channel. We use the mini educator and have trained our dogs to recall on vibrate. They love to explore when camping but the vibe lets them know it's time to come home. There's a couple other hunting dog trainers on the YT that run a similar setup. Keep doing what you're doing, love your channel!

  • Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    Month ago

    Jee ya lost the dog...go figure

  • Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    Month ago

    Yall are idiots for bringing them dogs with you. Your either gonna run them over or their gonna die from heat stroke. Meanwhile keep eating shitty gas station food and continue to be unprepared....for a towing n recovery company....your a joke

  • FFMED6


    Month ago

    Lizzie is always my hero πŸ˜„

  • Greenhelix5


    Month ago

    Are those the only 3 that were made?