Seriously?! That Things Gonna Get Me Out?!

Published on Aug 18, 2021
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So I got a call for some jobs in the desert, but the last job everyone keeps asking for a sign.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • socaliguy81


    38 minutes ago

    I love how she's blown away that a purpose built 4wd could get her truck out, yet she thought the floor mats would do the trick. LMAO

  • Robert Eramian

    Robert Eramian

    57 minutes ago

    Air down your tires next time

  • freedom


    Hour ago

    They should put a sign might keep you guys from coming down no thanks they need the work and we need the videos thanks though🙂

  • Marcelo Ascencio

    Marcelo Ascencio

    3 hours ago

    Trail Boss? LMAO

  • Ryan Pack-Witmer

    Ryan Pack-Witmer

    3 hours ago

    "That thing's gonna get me out??" "You're sure?" "I don't think that's gonna be enough."
    "Oh,'re right, I should have asked you first. Here's some more floor mats. Welp, cya later!"

  • William Clause jr.

    William Clause jr.

    5 hours ago

    That’s not a Toyota, it’s a Chevy

  • Ali.A Etwebi

    Ali.A Etwebi

    9 hours ago

    what a beta male the husbend was holding the baby in the passager seat like a nany wth

  • TEC Stuff

    TEC Stuff

    9 hours ago

    It's all fun and games until your wife drives your truck, your side-by-side, or . . . anything! Also, who takes a Corolla off-roading?! What are these people thinking?!

  • Caleb Griffis

    Caleb Griffis

    11 hours ago

    Lol whole exhaust manifold and all the o2 sincer

  • Jordan Yessa

    Jordan Yessa

    11 hours ago

    Trail boss sucks.

  • nitrous07me


    12 hours ago

    She figured if it’s a brand new truck it wasn’t gonna get stuck 😂

  • Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez

    16 hours ago

    That girl was annoying

  • Bert Diloi

    Bert Diloi

    16 hours ago

    Hey Collin im loving ur shades, what are they called?

  • 9 Fingered Rippingsax player

    9 Fingered Rippingsax player

    18 hours ago

    What makes these people with a Toyota Corolla think that its an off roading vehicle? Seriously, Darwins award

  • joe smoke

    joe smoke

    18 hours ago

    Click bait

  • wild outdoors

    wild outdoors

    19 hours ago

    how much do u guys charge

  • Ndjejd Sndjdj

    Ndjejd Sndjdj

    20 hours ago

    Um yeah my jeep is built for this your truck is not lol. 50 or 60 front and rears lockers and a build motor yeah we gonna get you out.

  • Astro Jetson

    Astro Jetson

    20 hours ago

    That “THING” will still be running long after your truck lady

  • jesus quiroz

    jesus quiroz

    20 hours ago

    Very nice job that's one of my favorite jobs

  • jesus quiroz

    jesus quiroz

    20 hours ago

    So the question is how much you charging to get somebody out of the problem normal price or u going b the miles

  • jeremy whitesell

    jeremy whitesell

    20 hours ago

    Thanks to you people. 2 videos proving chevy and toyota pickups are garbage.

  • Mr. Ruck

    Mr. Ruck

    20 hours ago

    I can't believe that those Razors don't have bead lock wheels on them as expensive as they are. Every time I see one being recovered it seems like at least one of the tires is knocked off the rim.

  • _Fox1Gamer4 _

    _Fox1Gamer4 _

    21 hour ago

    “Trail boss”

  • Justin V

    Justin V

    22 hours ago

    I hate people like her, old/ugly /small = not capable.. so you say this ain't gonna pull you out?,... Alright goodbye 😅👌.

  • XingLong zhang

    XingLong zhang

    Day ago

    cool man

  • Metalface


    Day ago

    hauling and offroading are two very different beasts lol "you sure that's gonna get me out?"

  • Richard


    Day ago

    Knowledge is a powerful tool.

  • Steve G

    Steve G

    Day ago

    Wonder if these guys get a kick back from all the tie rod ends that need to be replaced after they tow a car.

  • Bjorn Bear

    Bjorn Bear

    Day ago

    No lady, the mall crawler rims and fully aired up tires will get you out ;) 4WD don't mean jack if your tires can not perform as needed.

  • Manuel l

    Manuel l

    Day ago

    Is this rescues for free? 🤔

  • Tyson Burns

    Tyson Burns

    Day ago

    Not surprised, two bimbos who don't know what they're doing go for a joy ride in the sand dunes. They're too stupid to realize how dangerous that was.

  • Hernan Murillo

    Hernan Murillo

    Day ago

    Can someone answer these two questions please.
    How did the truck get stuck?
    Also, what makes the XJ such a good trail rig??

  • chris baum

    chris baum

    Day ago

    Why not let tyre's down to 12psi and drive out? Sometimes I'll go 8psi and can drive over dunes in Australia

  • Pyle Plays

    Pyle Plays

    Day ago

    "You towe for a living?"
    "Are you sure that thing can get me out?"
    "Are you sure"
    "Ok but are you sure?"
    ".... really?"
    You gotta love it lmao

  • samson3000


    Day ago

    I may be wrong but I believe this is the first published video in which Lizzy is in charge of the rescue. Great to see!

  • Chase T

    Chase T

    Day ago

    Two questions: How does an older Jeep ac perform in that heat? And what is going on with that RSX? Those are very hard to find these days.

  • Ozzy Tapanes

    Ozzy Tapanes

    Day ago

    How much do you charge for this type of recovery.?

  • Lees Solidstory

    Lees Solidstory

    Day ago

    Trail Boss? More like Trail secretary

  • The Aussie Repair Guy

    The Aussie Repair Guy

    Day ago

    Amazing what you can do when you air down...

  • Bobby Hempel

    Bobby Hempel

    Day ago

    Having never seen this channel or the vehicle I was wondering what kind of truck he was in when she was asking "is that what's going to pull me out?" And then when it turn to reveal that beautiful Jeep I said "oh hell yeah! That'll pull you and the guy behind you out."

  • Wiktor Żak

    Wiktor Żak

    Day ago

    trail boss on the side of this truck. ahahaha...

  • craig davis

    craig davis

    Day ago

    As an officer, I'm gonna say we need to be checking that guy's trunk at 7:41
    Why in the world is he out there alone in a COROLLA unless he's burying a body?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Day ago

      About 200 People drive down that road a day. What’s down there? An amazing hiking trail to Babylon arch. An old ghost town and Mill. A pretty fair swimming hole. And views for days in every direction.

  • craig davis

    craig davis

    Day ago

    Maybe dumb question but wouldn't it be better to not yank the rope like at 2:07? Or maybe the momentum is necessary?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Day ago

      It’s exactly how the ropes are designed. There Connecticut are the ropes, with a 30% stretch factor. They are super gentle, and allow a 4000 pound jeep to pull a 20,000 pound rig out of the sand. It’s fairly new technology in the off-road recovery world, and it reigns supreme in the environment that I work in.

  • ra ker

    ra ker

    Day ago

    seems like only yesterday Liz joined the channel, and now she's doing recoveries on her own.

  • Turbrewski Rm TN

    Turbrewski Rm TN

    Day ago

    Ol smokey!

  • JonahIRL


    Day ago

    What kind of vehicle is that and what kind of engine does it have compared to that Silverado? The engine Has to be swapped man, has to be.

  • Cøty's Garage

    Cøty's Garage

    Day ago

    Nothin personal against this lady but you seriously asked if a lifted jeep with big tires and other mods was gonna pull your stock Chevy Silverado out of sand ....

  • Tuner Things

    Tuner Things

    Day ago

    "Trail boss" their pickup said bahahahah

  • Keith Stewart

    Keith Stewart

    Day ago

    A Jerk strap is standard equip for me...

  • Lester Crest

    Lester Crest

    Day ago

    Why are people so afraid of a camera LOL

  • American Dream

    American Dream

    2 days ago

    Looks like the trail boss needs debadging. Can not handle the trail

  • Scott Cochran

    Scott Cochran

    2 days ago

    "Trail Boss" lol ya right.....showed her

  • Chandler Thoma

    Chandler Thoma

    2 days ago


  • jlacc1


    2 days ago

    What idiot would take his front wheel drive sedan out in the desert.. Oh that guy.. could be a rental and the guy cheaped out for a sedan than proper vehicle.

  • DrFragstein


    2 days ago

    Maxtrax and correct tirepressure will get you far. ps use your seatbelts :)

  • Saucy Sweater

    Saucy Sweater

    2 days ago

    So, um... are you guys hiring? 🤣

  • Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld

    Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld

    2 days ago

    heavy ass chevy ain't going nowhere lol
    should have bought an f-150

  • Marco Ferrao

    Marco Ferrao

    2 days ago

    Thanks for the metrics.

  • tamake 44

    tamake 44

    2 days ago

    Your telling me those weathertechs weren't laser cut to get a truck out of the sand!?

  • Go big or go home Productions

    Go big or go home Productions

    2 days ago

    Prayers for the husband. Man I couldn’t imagine being married to someone like this.

  • darthvincor


    2 days ago

    'Are you sure?' Says the one taking a glorified sedan into the sand.

  • tgamble803


    2 days ago

    Just curious, where did they hookup the tow straps on that Corolla? Since it didn’t have the tow hook behind the bumper

  • Stay Gold

    Stay Gold

    2 days ago

    Karen’s are going wild these days, trying to off-road, doubting the capabilities of the vehicle she called to rescue her

  • Mark angelo Medriano

    Mark angelo Medriano

    2 days ago

    Last time i saw a vid of yours was last year march and april!! Made a mistake and didnt sub then. But im subbing now so i wont miss any of the action!

  • Alexander Vouzenthal

    Alexander Vouzenthal

    2 days ago

    "that's gonna get me out? are you sure?" She was thinking the more expensive a truck is, the better it is off road

  • mark vanleeuwen

    mark vanleeuwen

    2 days ago

    I just pulled 2 new trds out in Ocotillo wells with my old zj. One guy swore my "old" car wouldn't do it. Lol!

  • Richard's World

    Richard's World

    2 days ago

    Those Trail Bosses sure cost a lot of money.

  • SpongeBob Square pants

    SpongeBob Square pants

    2 days ago

    Why do you yank the vehicle so hard? Is it a snap strap sort of a towing line that you are using?

  • Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz

    2 days ago

    I messed up good in the sand at 106 degrees once, now I carry sunblock all the time.

  • David Wright

    David Wright

    2 days ago

    The difference between all wheel drive , and 4 wheel drive.😃

  • R Ethan S. Kelly

    R Ethan S. Kelly

    2 days ago

    It's people like this that have made trucks so expensive



    2 days ago

    Typical city girl, in a $50k truck making payments, lost in the world, with the nerve to ask a recovery company "are you sure"
    Lord help this planet

  • MA Racing

    MA Racing

    2 days ago

    Lizzy your a beast 💪💪💪 I remember the first episode you showed up on. Now your hooking up your self, doing the recovery your self, someone even drove you there 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nerol Salguod

    Nerol Salguod

    2 days ago

    I used to pull big chevys and fords etc out of mud holes/bogs with my 79 subaru brat 4wd, 1600 cc , std tranny.
    People go in the goofiest places with rigs that wont cut the mustard.
    Good vid. !

  • leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkins

    2 days ago

    Every time she asks that should be another 100 added to the bill

  • driojal


    2 days ago

    No surprised she got stuck. She was driving a Trail Bitc*. Definetly not a Trail Boss. the XJ ROCKS!!!!

  • Moey


    2 days ago

    Do they do this for free or do they get paid

  • DuhDuh


    3 days ago

    I get the "doubt" when you don't know anything about recovery and ask "that's gonna get me out?" but don't ask "are you sure" THRICE afterwards! that's just plain insulting.

  • Benjamin Weisz

    Benjamin Weisz

    3 days ago

    Don’t tell my husband I ruined his mats, I’d you don’t tell him he won’t notice

  • c00k13 m0N5tA

    c00k13 m0N5tA

    3 days ago

    Obnoxious V8 noises!! Don't stress, they don't exist

  • slyonme


    3 days ago

    when you pull me,just pull me very light me,girl agrees :)

  • Jay Ce

    Jay Ce

    3 days ago

    Are you sure? What she means is "do you know how to do your job?" are you sure?

  • H ε z я o и

    H ε z я o и

    3 days ago

    OH, Ye of little faith 🤣🤣

  • David Monzon

    David Monzon

    3 days ago

    First mistake its a chevy hahaha lol.

  • Gregor Miller

    Gregor Miller

    3 days ago

    ..."i.m gonna swimmin', with bowl legged women, I'm Popeye The Towin' Mang"

  • Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58

    3 days ago

    Lizzy sure has the most beautiful blue eyes ✌🤗

  • lexafied3d


    3 days ago

    Excellent camera women!

  • George Sawtooth

    George Sawtooth

    3 days ago

    What the hell good are those RZR's if they get stuck? Isn't that the reason you buy those stupid looking things? So you can go anywhere without getting stuck?

  • Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow

    3 days ago

    She obviously knows a lot about off roading! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣😂

  • carlitos cruz

    carlitos cruz

    3 days ago

    Are you sure

  • jeep wrangler tj  unlimited en español

    jeep wrangler tj unlimited en español

    3 days ago

    Never under talk about someone's jeep .. then you will get an angry full force torquie pull out. 🤣🤣 well done big guy!

  • Nick Cooper

    Nick Cooper

    3 days ago

    at least all these new Trail Boss/Trail Rated/etc etc come with legit tow hooks on the front...

  • Trolling Leftist

    Trolling Leftist

    3 days ago

    That jeep is a beast!

  • E46ZHP


    3 days ago

    Her husband: “honey my brand new truck has a bent frame since that one time you took it out… can’t get a proper alignment anymore… you positive you didn’t hit anything?” Lol

  • 61pickgun


    3 days ago

    You're gonna get me out with that? Oh ye have little faith, Little Miss Meadow Soprano-look-a-like.

  • Victor Poulin

    Victor Poulin

    3 days ago

    Oh, I used my husbands mats for traction and he does not know so if we can get those out it would be great. Oh, and this other girl with me is my girlfriend. Also something my husband does not know about so if you could just keep that between you and I that would be great.

    • JonTheLegendB


      7 hours ago

      @Brenton Lee dang

    • Victor Poulin

      Victor Poulin

      Day ago

      @Steve Sullivan lol

    • Steve Sullivan

      Steve Sullivan

      Day ago

      She's worried about being embarrassed??? Lady... that ship sailed the day you got that wonky tattoo.

    • Brenton Lee

      Brenton Lee

      Day ago

      I am going to tell your husband. I know him

    • Ma TheMeatLoaf

      Ma TheMeatLoaf

      3 days ago

      Might be easier to name the things your husband DOES know about.

  • Jon Kirkwood

    Jon Kirkwood

    4 days ago

    The advice on the sands of NC Outer Banks, "Don't be a clown, air down."

  • SaltySaty


    4 days ago

    Lol bro she's got street tires on there... its not going off road in sand...