Semi Truck Get's Buried At Sand Hollow!

Published on May 28, 2021
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So I got a call for semi truck stuck out at Sand Hollow, time for the Corvair to see some action.


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  • Jonny B

    Jonny B

    3 days ago

    Today I saw a corvair het a semi unstuck. Now I've seen it all.

  • billnu


    4 days ago

    Get some!

  • Alfonso Alonzo

    Alfonso Alonzo

    4 days ago

    ngl did not expect the morvair to just yoink the rig out that quick 10/10

  • Matthew Fournier

    Matthew Fournier

    14 days ago

    The was semi-exciting

  • wRaden


    19 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I didn't think you guys would pull this one off. Incredible work with an amazing vehicle.

  • Altra Spirit

    Altra Spirit

    20 days ago

    Wow i’ve watch this channel for six months and never pay too much attention to the location until I took a vacation to southern Utah last week I when jet skiing in that lake thought bash super cool

  • 1283Stevo


    22 days ago

    Uncle ED!!! Can I call him uncle? He’s awesome. Who doesn’t love uncle Ed.

  • Alleyne Peltier

    Alleyne Peltier

    24 days ago

    I need a t shirt xxl your biggest fan in Dominica wi

  • Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    24 days ago

    Matt you defiantly failed physics class...

  • Karl K

    Karl K

    25 days ago

    I would guess/HOPE the truck driver learned a whole lot through this big MIS-adventure?

  • 180 MPH

    180 MPH

    26 days ago

    Wow, you guys built a great vehicle, that.Morrvair kicks butt.

  • Ahmad Akimullah

    Ahmad Akimullah

    Month ago

    🥵👍🏻✌🏻😁🤙🏻 fyp 🤣🤣 like ✅🙏

  • A K

    A K

    Month ago

    Two pulls? Impressive



    Month ago

    The machine is as good as the operator who drives it.

  • Original Ghoul

    Original Ghoul

    Month ago

    I am calling it here my son is 9 years old and dibs marrying Lizzy for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. My son not me case I wasnt clear Im too old.

  • BigMack2020


    Month ago

    our house loves yalls videos. we especially love seeing mr edd. stay save and god bless yall

  • UA81 Iron Paradise

    UA81 Iron Paradise

    Month ago

    so who s the blonde with pink hai, very ute

  • JScottV


    Month ago

    Ed's my hero, "can do" to the max!

  • dustradio the blues

    dustradio the blues

    Month ago

    Lizzy Bobblehead?



    Month ago

    I also have a T-shirt for you too!!! 2 actually!!! What’s your size????



    Month ago

    🚨🚨Hey Matt!!! I need a rope!!! I want to give some tugs a try over here in MARYLAND 🚨🚨🚨

  • Daniel Guerriero

    Daniel Guerriero

    Month ago

    Truck driver wearing sandals. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Larry Ehrlich

    Larry Ehrlich

    Month ago

    To take more weight off of the front of the trailer...everyone should have been sitting at the very rear of the trailet... leverage, leverage, leverage!

  • Sophia


    Month ago

    Awesome pull!

  • Dylan Romine

    Dylan Romine

    Month ago

    If the truck has a manual use a high gear. Breaks the torque to the wheels

  • Habibi Alibaba

    Habibi Alibaba

    Month ago

    The way he working the morrvair, I’m calling dibbs on it when it goes up for sale on Craigslist or OfferUp

  • Rick C

    Rick C

    Month ago

    My 4 year son wants to visit you guys. He loves trucks. We are in Bangladesh now. We do plan on a road trip in soon, in the states.

  • Brett Guffey

    Brett Guffey

    Month ago

    Wonder how many times when he recovers heavy stuff like this, the people that hes helpin are like "no way he can do it with that" 😂 especially in sand.

  • Jay


    Month ago

    This is awesome !

  • fotinatos


    Month ago


  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips

    Month ago

    That Morrvair is a badass rig. You just proved it.

  • Mercedes F1 Racing team

    Mercedes F1 Racing team

    Month ago

    Desert kings

  • rtrfdg fger

    rtrfdg fger

    Month ago

    The hollow cave formally roll because nylon jointly fix beneath a outstanding monday. adventurous, enormous crib

  • Bruce Allen

    Bruce Allen

    Month ago

    I wasn't sure the Corvair was up to pulling the 18 wheeler out. Surprise! Well done.

  • David Painter

    David Painter

    Month ago

    What next? Yacht gets stuck in Moab. Geez the amount of idiot vehicle owners is staggering . Just when I thought you pulled em all out. It keeps Gettn better n better. I think they just want free t shirts. Pretty expensive shirts$$$$_

  • Kent Teffeteller

    Kent Teffeteller

    Month ago

    I am so happy to see the Morrvair in action. Cool to see a Lakewood Wagon modded for an Off Road vehicle. Very Cool Vehicle. Now you need an Off Road Rollback.

  • robert bordallo

    robert bordallo

    Month ago

    What kinda of tow strap is that

  • Paula Coleman

    Paula Coleman

    Month ago

    Need to hit a military auction and buy a hemmet wrecker

  • Bruce MacGlynn

    Bruce MacGlynn

    Month ago

    Saw this but didn't comment. Still haven't Ha Ha

  • Mohammad Zainuddin

    Mohammad Zainuddin

    Month ago

    The jumbled napkin formerly frame because seat inherently scrape during a ill-informed lace. numerous, ill bakery

  • Harry Leverett

    Harry Leverett

    Month ago

    Nothing better then a Hot Chick on a recovery

  • AH AH

    AH AH

    Month ago

    english much? How's about spelling? get's ??? what the fuck language is that

  • Rodney J Weltham

    Rodney J Weltham

    Month ago

    man...that trailer seen better days...rusted out...maybe shouda left it, here's my question: was this whole thing staged for the channel? Or, why the heck would someone take an empty trailer like that into the sand, anyway?

  • Artur Elimen

    Artur Elimen

    Month ago

    que trabajo tan divertido! xD

  • Scott Blackwell

    Scott Blackwell

    Month ago

    I love Ed so much. And I’m just joking when I say these things, because I save them out of pure love. If that man ever needs a skin graft due to skin cancer from the sun, all you need to do is go pick up some top grain cowhide and have them stitch that shit right on in there and Ed will be ready to fight another day. Peace and love sir!

  • Scott Blackwell

    Scott Blackwell

    Month ago

    Lizzy’s hips equal a national treasure. Nothing more to say. My God!

  • Scott Blackwell

    Scott Blackwell

    Month ago

    I love Ed and his beautiful Chiclet teeth. I hope he sticks around for another 20 years. And don’t be bashful about showing him smoking on camera, we all know he does it. You should really let him smoke inside the vehicle. You must honor and respect your elders sir.

  • Aaron Dunnett

    Aaron Dunnett

    Month ago

    Love the channel from Auckland New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Matt Mapchee

    Matt Mapchee

    Month ago

    Love your job/videos bud ✌️

  • Texas Bobcat

    Texas Bobcat

    Month ago

    I feel like Matt when I play Snowrunner.

  • Peter Levy

    Peter Levy

    Month ago

    Morrvair easy, can't beat a V8

  • Hyrum Rousseau

    Hyrum Rousseau

    Month ago

    When we poured all those light pole foundations out there that you drive past in the first part of the video we got 2 concrete trucks stuck. It got western but if you got a backhoe and a chain you can do anything

  • joe garza

    joe garza

    Month ago

    the banana's been unsticking stuff for a while now...

  • Andrew Hunt

    Andrew Hunt

    Month ago

    No locking front hub, that semi driver shouldn't even have tried turning around there. At least he was empty, and not a full sized highway rig.

  • kristoff scuba

    kristoff scuba

    Month ago

    That morrvair is no joke. What a machine.

  • Shawnti Aquino

    Shawnti Aquino

    Month ago

    One day Lizzie is going to run her own tow company thank to mat off road

  • Shawnti Aquino

    Shawnti Aquino

    Month ago

    Love Mr Ed



    Month ago

    I can't believe how easy you made that look!

  • Jason Harper

    Jason Harper

    Month ago

    impressive up hill

  • Jason Harper

    Jason Harper

    Month ago

    what was the driver thinking

  • CVPI03


    Month ago

    I like the drivers Demo ranch subscriber shirt

  • Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    Month ago

    If ever there's someone who shouldn't have a truck license its that guy.

  • PDaddy Warbux

    PDaddy Warbux

    Month ago

    Ed is Awesome 😎

  • Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    Month ago

    Where's the 6x6 when you need it?

  • Joseph l frazier

    Joseph l frazier

    Month ago

    What was semi doing out there first? Following GPS directions?

  • csookramable


    Month ago

    Nice guys, finding a shirt for the little kid too.

  • Marco Antonio Montoya

    Marco Antonio Montoya

    Month ago

    I love the power of the new Morrvair, Saludos from DELAWARE and i would like to have a shirt 😍

  • tracy kooken

    tracy kooken

    Month ago

    need a custom made wrecker hat has monster truck tires....... yyellow of course 8)

  • Chris Ban

    Chris Ban

    Month ago

    Thumbs up for giving out t shirts

  • Cody Hemmelgarn

    Cody Hemmelgarn

    Month ago

    the banana could never

  • Smurphenstein


    Month ago

    Wow, I thought the new vehicle was just for rock climbing. It did very well.

  • propellerhead2000


    Month ago


  • mesamike85


    Month ago

    Letting that little goofball have some air time made the entire video. I would bet money that he really "made the call."

  • C Skye

    C Skye

    Month ago

    Wow I had nooo idea that the morrvaire could be that strong. You must have reinforced it? If you had done that with the Cherokee would it have damaged the frame somehow?

  • Dan Hoopes

    Dan Hoopes

    Month ago

    I would wear it every day too.

  • Craig Banks

    Craig Banks

    Month ago

    PLEASE! Tell me how Lizzy is related/fits into the Matt Group!

    • Craig Banks

      Craig Banks

      Month ago

      @operator0 Thank you very much.

    • operator0


      Month ago

      She's a family friend. He's known her since she was born.

  • PetersCam


    Month ago

    don't get a new whether man!! :(

  • Eagle Studios

    Eagle Studios

    Month ago

    Its snow/mud runner once again lol

  • Tom Adams

    Tom Adams

    Month ago

    The yellow banana 🍌 Missed all the action..... this time

  • Peter Irvine

    Peter Irvine

    2 months ago

    Lizzy with a moustache now that's different.

  • Nate Syring

    Nate Syring

    2 months ago

    I might have to come get stuck with my little brother so we can meet you all!! 🤣🤣

  • Daniel Brockman

    Daniel Brockman

    2 months ago


  • Zach P

    Zach P

    2 months ago

    Matt you and yours are good people

  • Dokasamurp


    2 months ago

    I appreciate the Demolition Ranch shirt he had on! XD

  • sixtyfiveford


    2 months ago

    Looks like the next vehicle build needs to include a goose neck.

    • Jonathan - Argiri

      Jonathan - Argiri

      18 days ago

      Or a couple more Ed's so they can just pick it up

  • Robert Velez

    Robert Velez

    2 months ago

    Why does the front end shake

  • Chris Murray

    Chris Murray

    2 months ago

    Man that corvair is sick!

  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

    2 months ago

    I am impressed he pulled that semi

  • Nic Strep

    Nic Strep

    2 months ago

    Missing that lakers flag ;)

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

    2 months ago

    Wondered why old dude didn't care about legs. Fires up that gen and jumps that shit up like nothing. Get that wheel hop fixed asap.

  • MrHarryhere69


    2 months ago

    we dug a hole.

  • exploring peco

    exploring peco

    2 months ago

    Lizzy gravity helps no matter what you got, that's what it does helps thing go down hill....duh...

  • Bane Tudajfor

    Bane Tudajfor

    2 months ago

    Damn that wind :D

  • Paul Smallriver

    Paul Smallriver

    2 months ago

    If that Corvair was not famous before is surely is now

  • Lucas Nolte

    Lucas Nolte

    2 months ago

    How about that front license plate😂

  • Geoff Crumblin

    Geoff Crumblin

    2 months ago

    A couple of planks under the trailer wheels would have been easiest. This is so staged.

  • Link master Spitz

    Link master Spitz

    2 months ago

    That single axel day cab with that trailer rack should not have been off the pavement.

  • James Pullen

    James Pullen

    2 months ago

    Does the Morrvair have an a/c? And heater?

    • operator0


      Month ago

      It has heat, but not A/C yet. It's comng soon though.

  • Lorenzo Miller

    Lorenzo Miller

    2 months ago


  • Lechefmailo


    2 months ago

    Awesome recovery MOOR!🤙🏽