Oh No! Ford Goes Too Fast Into A Massive Ditch!

Published on Jul 30, 2021
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So I got a call for a Ford Expedition in some bad shape.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • WiCKeD KoTTon

    WiCKeD KoTTon

    3 days ago

    Lizzy learned something i was taught by my dad never admit that you know how to do something unless you wanna get stuck doing it

  • Aidan Tanny

    Aidan Tanny

    3 days ago

    Best advice when you're offroading: doesnt matter how skilled you think you are, what you're driving, or who you're with. KNOW YOUR DRIVING LIMITS AND VEHICLE'S LIMITS. Just because i have 4wd and off road tires on my Suburban doesnt mean i try to drive it like a pro rock crawler.

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    4 days ago

    Amazing Recovery..🤝🤝

  • Saeid Kharrat

    Saeid Kharrat

    5 days ago


  • michael baker

    michael baker

    6 days ago

    Lizzies smart. Don’t admit to nothing !!

  • Laggy Wizard

    Laggy Wizard

    7 days ago

    So close, they almost cleared it.

  • Heavy Trucks

    Heavy Trucks

    7 days ago

    Matt buy a wiper blade

  • Todd Raymond

    Todd Raymond

    8 days ago

    Matt drove over the rope LoL !!

  • David Mann

    David Mann

    8 days ago

    There was a guy stuck in soft sand here in the Mojave Preserve another guy showed up with a large bucket of tennis balls maybe 30 and put them in front of the rear tires, he drove right out craziest rescue I ever saw.

  • Kiel Carson

    Kiel Carson

    8 days ago

    The camera in the wheel was pretty cool until it got about 3/4 of the way around and then I almost yakked 😂

  • Rabids Minions

    Rabids Minions

    11 days ago

    40c is hot we get that and higher in Summer here in Sydney Australia. Great job.

  • Rshane P

    Rshane P

    12 days ago

    Them Duke Boys at it again.

  • John Robinson

    John Robinson

    12 days ago

    FORD; Im impressed, it just shows air bags and seat belts held driver going through windschield.  Plus the hood design in a crash situation didn't get pushed through the wind schield.

  • Joe Kimmes

    Joe Kimmes

    13 days ago

    I like the way they seem to be well acquainted with the gate folks at all these different parks and campgrounds. "Yup, got another one".

  • Mocking69


    14 days ago


  • Brian Donovan

    Brian Donovan

    15 days ago

    After all these years found on road dead ended up being true.

  • Rick Fizer

    Rick Fizer

    18 days ago

    who else thinks Lizzy looks like a famous singer??

  • Sam Biscits

    Sam Biscits

    20 days ago

    That's an interesting recovery for that vehicle how in the hell did he get in that ditch?

  • Ken Doe

    Ken Doe

    23 days ago

    Is it me or are people just driving stupider these days?
    If it wasn't for stupid, you guys wouldn't be making these awesome videos!
    Great job on the motorhome....

  • Leon Wood

    Leon Wood

    24 days ago

    I was wondering how you price out a recovery. Do you have a set fee, charge by the time it takes? What determines the price? And If possible could you tell what it cost for an easy recovery like the motor home?

  • Run Away

    Run Away

    24 days ago


  • Jon the Roofer

    Jon the Roofer

    24 days ago

    3:41 The ditch was like "I'm keepin' that"

  • Brady Larsen

    Brady Larsen

    25 days ago

    I love that Matt lets Lizzie do a lot of the driving during the recoveries

  • Bo Cabral

    Bo Cabral

    26 days ago

    Leslie could have handled it by herself with the rollback only. And if you keep working and training her properly like you are we all will witness the day soon of her great achievement and hard work.

  • Валентин


    28 days ago

    Too hard expedition for that Ford...

  • Geriatric Ginger

    Geriatric Ginger

    29 days ago

    I remember when Trevor HATED the camera.

  • Jeff L. Anglesey

    Jeff L. Anglesey

    Month ago

    WooHoo! The Morvair does it again! Satisfying recovery!!!😃❤👍💪

  • John Paul

    John Paul

    Month ago

    Y r they were Jean's in 100 degree weather?

  • Privileged White Male

    Privileged White Male

    Month ago

    9:52 I wouldn't be a MORR fan if I didn't point out Matt running over the rope.

  • Whit Stroben

    Whit Stroben

    Month ago

    Eric needs a shirt

  • Mat Helm

    Mat Helm

    Month ago

    Can't thank whoever enough for editing out camper guy changing into your Tee shirt...

  • LifeBehindTheLens


    Month ago

    When it said Ford I was hoping it was that annoying lady that just gets stuck to be on your channel and plug her 300 sub channel 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Hickey

    Brandon Hickey

    Month ago

    It's good to see Eric on camera again!

  • twopiare


    Month ago

    Can a request be put in for morning or night when times are given? I do love watching these videos. I have no idea how I stumbled upon them but this channel and the banana have been wonderful

  • Harnek Singh

    Harnek Singh

    Month ago

    9:50 caught Matt drive over the rope

  • Rishi Chandra

    Rishi Chandra

    Month ago

    Matt, what about some gloves ?

  • Richard E

    Richard E

    Month ago

    DRUG back to safety? Is that anything like DRAGGED back...?

  • Timothy Avilla

    Timothy Avilla

    Month ago

    Lizzie is gonna have an awesome professional you tube site when she start's running her own recovery business. keep grooming her right Matt!

  • Jeremy O.

    Jeremy O.

    Month ago

    Vegas drivers suck ass!

  • JRE


    Month ago

    I always wonder what happened. How did that Expedition end up in the ditch? Maybe there are too many lawyers to say anything.

  • Denny


    Month ago

    Can we get a Lizzy cam? I’d love to see what she sees/says when she’s getting yanked backwards all over hell!

  • Cattle Dog

    Cattle Dog

    Month ago

    If you carried an ARB X-Jack or Takla air-jack, you could lift vehicles/RVs, out of the hole a bit and then backfill under the tires to ensure the plumbing and stuff under from damage. The step of using an air bag lift, and placing the dirt back or whatever you need, under the tires would make much sense in many recoveries.

  • Snulfur


    Month ago

    40 degrees in jeans... How much water do you need to drink to keep up with them sweaty buttcheeks?

  • fred rubble

    fred rubble

    Month ago


  • allen Henry

    allen Henry

    Month ago

    Matt! You broke one of your own rules!!! Dont run over the rope!!!

  • William Beadle L.M.T.

    William Beadle L.M.T.

    Month ago

    I love every member of the winder team!

    • William Beadle L.M.T.

      William Beadle L.M.T.

      Month ago

      And Lizzy's comments just add to the fun of this channel!😁

  • AffordBindEquipment


    Month ago

    the question comes to mind, "what were they thinking?"

  • James Green

    James Green

    Month ago

    It'll buff out on the Expedition.

  • soulseeker


    Month ago

    Great Job guys!

  • Mike Leith

    Mike Leith

    Month ago

    Matt to the team in one breath :- " Eric you are SCENE COMMANDER!! Lizzie get in and drive it out. The shortest command in history!!! Recover from that Matt

  • Henry Cidal

    Henry Cidal

    Month ago

    😠🤜You best be checking out that free shirt. Looked like he nearly fell over🥴🤪 😲🥃🥃🥃.

    • Henry Cidal

      Henry Cidal

      Month ago


  • Lurker 8675309

    Lurker 8675309

    Month ago

    I LOVE seeing lizzy, she's just awesome. and also Eric is BOSS

  • Troy Deck

    Troy Deck

    Month ago

    Lizzy is the man LOL

  • W


    Month ago

    I'll never get tired watching that Morrvair do it's thing. Both recovery and on the trail .... that is one bad ride. It was really cool to watch the build and now see it in action. I know y'all are and should be proud

  • Garage Story

    Garage Story

    Month ago

    I enjoyed seeing the flat bed wrecker! Don’t get to see it much with all the off-road recoveries. It’s nice to have a little variety!

  • Loucampin


    Month ago

    OG Eric! Good to see you back on the show.

  • Colten gottschalk

    Colten gottschalk

    Month ago

    Lizzie needs a harder job she looks bored 😂

  • xxwookey


    Month ago

    Why do you all wear jeans when it's over 100F/38C?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Cooler than shorts in the dry heat. If your skin comes in contact with the sun anytime after noon, you only have a few minutes till sweet death.

  • Shaun Kelly

    Shaun Kelly

    Month ago

    He ran over the rope 😵

  • Dartmoor Dave

    Dartmoor Dave

    Month ago

    40c and not a bead of sweat in sight, how do you do it.

    • Dartmoor Dave

      Dartmoor Dave

      Month ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery You guys are just "Cool". Lol.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      1% humidity and a slight breeze.

  • Flyby Airplane

    Flyby Airplane

    Month ago

    MATTHello, that EXPLORER, seems like it just RAN OFF THE HIGHWAY ! wonder if he fell asleep, or using a phone ? Well you got it out, also another FORD RV , in sand MATTS OFF ROAD RECOVERY
    gets them all stay well, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Miguel E Bonilla

    Miguel E Bonilla

    Month ago

    Those J hooks 🪝are new didn't see those before...

  • Phishsamich


    Month ago

    I was in Washington, Hurricane, Sand Hallow and Zion last week and I tried my best to get stuck to have to call you. I wanted a shirt, dang it. I guess for now I will have to settle for your videos instead.

  • Gary Greenwood

    Gary Greenwood

    Month ago

    It was good to see Eric. It got me wondering though, what ever happened to Randy?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      He has his own channel now. All terrain Randy

  • Peter Tarantelli

    Peter Tarantelli

    Month ago

    This is one of those “how on Earth did they do this” moments!

  • R H

    R H

    Month ago

    This channel is getting crazy. Pulling out the penguin from Batman?!? 😳 Who’s next? 😂

  • Mike


    Month ago

    Likely was featured on the cover of Mustangs and other fast Fords. Built for 96 MPH freeway cruising until one day......

  • Hayden Taylor

    Hayden Taylor

    Month ago

    What engine does the morviar have

  • Brandon Holland

    Brandon Holland

    Month ago

    You guys could do well for yourselves with a spinoff channel just called Winder Towing following your normal operation with Eric and your office manager etc. They have great personalities unto themselves as well, that deserve to be showcased.

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike

    Month ago

    Matt you drove over the rope!!! Lol

  • Aaron Schimbeck

    Aaron Schimbeck

    Month ago

    What happened to Randy? His laugh was the best

    • John Smith

      John Smith

      Month ago

      Matt's Off Road Recovery 1 day ago He has his own channel now. All terrain Randy

  • Riding TusCanY

    Riding TusCanY

    Month ago

    OMG the camera inside the rim on the last recovery made me think the RV flipped on it's side ... it was unreal

  • 6.4 Powerstroke (The Legend)

    6.4 Powerstroke (The Legend)

    Month ago

    How do you stand the heat with no a/c? I would be dead 💀

  • Travis Fox

    Travis Fox

    Month ago

    LOL. "Sorry about your bumper."

  • TWX1138


    Month ago

    7:53 one of those handicapped-accessible RVs.

  • Dennis Davis

    Dennis Davis

    Month ago

    I just love that Lizzy.

  • Daniel Munoz

    Daniel Munoz

    Month ago

    Please tell Lizzy to change those style of pants, there are getting OLD.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    Month ago

    That was Great! Thanks for sharing.

  • lookoutman1970


    Month ago

    One of these times, Matt is NOT going to have to tell Lizzy how to do it. She will tell him a better way. (No offense Matt.) She's learning, She has a great teacher. And she has the weather down also, Thanks to Ed.

  • The Doonhamer

    The Doonhamer

    Month ago

    Its really heartwarming to see the way the Winder team are all happy at their work. Its speaks volumes for you Matt and the way you treat your team. Many could do to take a leaf from your book. Take care everyone. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Enzo Fitzhume

    Enzo Fitzhume

    Month ago

    I was on trip to China. They had fried golden retriever on the menu at one of the restaurants I ate at. Retriever is not that bad.

  • BrokenRRT


    Month ago

    Matt, I was stuck in traffic next to you in Vegas last Wednesday but I couldn’t get your attention to say hi.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago


  • darkangel535


    Month ago

    Would have been nice to see the dates for the different rescues either on the first clip and 5 sec for example or in the description!

  • sweedisven


    Month ago

    I didn't see any reverse lights.... or am I tripping??

  • bryan robinson

    bryan robinson

    Month ago

    Victory in Jesus Christ Lord and saviour

  • bryan robinson

    bryan robinson

    Month ago

    Victory in Jesus Christ Lord and saviour

  • GroundHog


    Month ago

    i saw a rope get ran over. must be a tough one

  • Tony G

    Tony G

    Month ago

    Can we have more of Eric that guy is cool😎.

  • Jacob and Ryder McFarlin

    Jacob and Ryder McFarlin

    Month ago

    I may be calling you guys when I come out there with my Jeep. Me and the guys up my shop have been wanting to come up to there to visit and go Wheeling.we have a few rigs we'll see

  • Chase Cares

    Chase Cares

    Month ago

    I bet Matt wishes he had a dollar for every time someone thought he couldn't get the out. Excellent work!

  • geepuller1


    Month ago

    I've said it before..... I really don't like all those shackles and hooks etc sitting loose in the passenger compartment of the morvair or the banana. Those things will do some damage to those nice folks in a traffic accident or roll over.

  • Cindy Keller

    Cindy Keller

    Month ago

    They went on quite the ride!

  • ND Outdoor Prepper Leather

    ND Outdoor Prepper Leather

    Month ago

    You drove on top of yur tow rope. Throw it away. Shame on you.

  • David Moskowitz

    David Moskowitz

    Month ago

    I like Matt telling Ed that he is first twice!! I agree.

  • Hong Thuy Minh Thinh

    Hong Thuy Minh Thinh

    Month ago

    The prickly okra metabolically bleach because budget micrencephaly look on a overrated silica. unbecoming, fretful decade

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Awesome recovery video. So neat to see Eric again!

  • mothernaturerules


    Month ago

    Must be nice when everything goes well, you can head on home sit down and just count the mula, btw, does Lizzy have the coolest accent or what !

  • clem hedge

    clem hedge

    Month ago

    F ound O n R oad D ead

  • C. Bautista

    C. Bautista

    Month ago

    Great to see ERIC again! Love the whole winder towing crew. Also good to see John as well. Love seeing the whole crew. Keep up the great content. God bless you guys!

  • dragnfli520


    Month ago

    Trev is a rockstar in my eyes‼️🤩