Oh No! Chevy Tahoe And A Trailer Stuck In Deep Mud

Published on Apr 23, 2021
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So we got a call for a Chevy Tahoe stuck deep in the mud.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • My Life Thai

    My Life Thai

    23 hours ago

    Lesson here: Never buy a 2wd truck. There is mud no matter what state you live in.

  • shawn cell

    shawn cell

    Day ago

    wow that's some stick icky mud

  • kent burr

    kent burr

    2 days ago

    How much do you charge for your service

  • Kyle Pynn

    Kyle Pynn

    4 days ago

    Why is this channel so entertaining?

  • Broeheem


    4 days ago

    XJ to the rescue. Again.

  • Kevin V Hmar

    Kevin V Hmar

    5 days ago

    Ed is the big dady.. his presence is comforting..

  • goshell1975


    7 days ago

    when I see those wheels skids I tend to press my foot all the way to the floor (setting on desk)

  • Abraham Shadbeh

    Abraham Shadbeh

    7 days ago

    Matt, where are your gloves man!!!

  • Jami Nova

    Jami Nova

    7 days ago

    I'm simply amazed at that workhorse of a Jeep!

  • Hans Landa

    Hans Landa

    8 days ago

    Ed is a treasure. God bless him and Matt.

  • Ryan Hinchcliff

    Ryan Hinchcliff

    8 days ago

    Ed best camera man

  • Duane Shirley

    Duane Shirley

    9 days ago

    A guy told me once that snow chains worked in the mud what's your thinking

  • Duane Shirley

    Duane Shirley

    9 days ago

    What is the number one kind of vehicle that you have to pull out

    • Duane Shirley

      Duane Shirley

      8 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery I love it not what I was looking for but I busted up when I got this from you thanks for giving me a chuckle I needed it today it's been a bad week

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      9 days ago


  • BKamron


    9 days ago

    Why do I like looking at Lizzy's figure? Not everyday you see a woman like her with a figure like that, I wonder if she's taken?

  • jerry parisi

    jerry parisi

    9 days ago

    I Just Want To Thank ALL The City Slickers With 2wd And Street Tires That Go Off Roading In Mud That Give Matt So Much
    Material For Tapping Utube Videos. THANK YOU! LOL

  • Joseph Watson

    Joseph Watson

    11 days ago

    Man that jeep is the boom

  • Jonathan Sheeder

    Jonathan Sheeder

    11 days ago

    All of this is reminiscent of the 90's, when my dad would rescue motorists stuck in the PA snow with a 78 jeep wagoneer with quadra-trac. Most of them were igotistic, ungrateful jerks. Wish he would have left them stuck. Those old jeeps were something else!

  • Joe Kimmes

    Joe Kimmes

    11 days ago

    Washing your hands in the snow Minnesota style! Up here it usually ends in a snowball fight.

  • Dumb Ass

    Dumb Ass

    12 days ago

    Seemed a little Blair witch like.

  • Jeannie Nieves

    Jeannie Nieves

    13 days ago

    Ed did a good job

  • chad bible

    chad bible

    13 days ago

    I really like all the videos but Ed is definitely the star!!!

  • Brett Garrod

    Brett Garrod

    14 days ago

    Guy stands in the wide open spaces, at least 100 feet from anyone with a mask?….

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    15 days ago

    Dude ed is a fuckin badass

  • dan burby

    dan burby

    15 days ago


  • Canuck Cars

    Canuck Cars

    16 days ago


  • ib10jhs45


    18 days ago

    Matt's rig is legend. 2:32

  • Jason


    18 days ago

    2 wheel drive, Wearing a mask outside = MILLENNIAL LOSER.

  • John Matejka

    John Matejka

    19 days ago

    Ed is my hero.

  • Paypal Account

    Paypal Account

    20 days ago

    The defective thursday primarily nail because cancer pathohistologically ban as a nauseating star. average, brief cappelletti

  • M Pilo

    M Pilo

    22 days ago

    Ed is a treasure

  • Joe Lindsey

    Joe Lindsey

    22 days ago

    Some people should not be allowed to drive. Most of these recovery’s show lack of common sense.

  • Mark Sanford

    Mark Sanford

    24 days ago

    It’s a Chevy... it’s to be expected..

  • J Wat

    J Wat

    25 days ago

    This is so funny because I think everybody except maybe professional photographers forget they have a camera on and film everything including their shoes as their mind is on the job instead of the camera. Ed's gettin er done but has some things filmed other than what he wanted filmed. It was great, loved it.

  • isaa1221


    25 days ago

    Do people ever complain about how much you charge when all you do is use a jeep to pull them out? Just curious.

  • Jesse Warren

    Jesse Warren

    26 days ago

    this has to be the best job

  • buddy kindermann

    buddy kindermann

    26 days ago

    How often do you get repeat customers in the same day or week?

  • Ron Smith

    Ron Smith

    28 days ago

    Considering all the mud recoveries you make, you should hit up petty cash for some rubber boots for the crew. Especially Lizzy as she usually has to wade to the stuck vehicle.

  • Sir William

    Sir William

    29 days ago

    If you get a Truck that's 2wd, you're just asking for trouble. No matter how nice it looks.

  • Browns RV Life

    Browns RV Life

    Month ago

    You made a cool video

  • Kevin Montgomery

    Kevin Montgomery

    Month ago

    Matt always seems like such a genuinely good guy who loves and cares about other people. Also, Ed is a rock star....

  • Blitz None

    Blitz None

    Month ago

    Is it expensive to get towed out of something like this?

  • ecopsych101


    Month ago

    More lizzy!!

  • Albert Orozco

    Albert Orozco

    Month ago

    Unbelievable how the yellow banana doesnt get stuck and still gets traction while pulling all that weight on mud. 👍👍👍

  • Micheal Albert

    Micheal Albert

    Month ago

    Amazing how many will pull a camper off the main road with 2WD. Even with 4WD, if you wake up to those conditions just stay put and wait for the ground to dry or freeze

  • Jim Banks

    Jim Banks

    Month ago

    You can buy a headlamp for $10.00 and make life a lot easier.

  • J R

    J R

    Month ago

    8:20 mark,,,, WE ALL LOVE US SOME ED!

  • charles champion

    charles champion

    Month ago

    How Much? Price of getting you out. Another thousand for not having Common Sense!

  • Soto Portillo

    Soto Portillo

    Month ago

    I wonder how much he chargers ppl to go out in the middle of the night

  • 130sutphen


    Month ago


  • rollie cheko0

    rollie cheko0

    Month ago

    Lizzy is such a great driver! She knows just when!!!

    • rollie cheko0

      rollie cheko0

      Month ago

      Matt too!

  • Ken Sillman

    Ken Sillman

    Month ago

    Its a good thing Lizzy cleaned them windows off. 😂

  • edward1967able


    Month ago

    People actually go out there with a two wheel drive truck 🤣

  • iCatch App

    iCatch App

    Month ago

    New T-shirt: "Ed's got Shotgun!"

  • niagra898


    Month ago

    Aw Ed losing his shoe..dudes awesome, always so loyal.

  • niagra898


    Month ago

    2WD what a dope.

  • niagra898


    Month ago

    Lizzy so 👍

  • Lame Disclaimer

    Lame Disclaimer

    Month ago

    Just turned 70. When I grow up I want to be just like Ed.

  • keep smiling

    keep smiling

    Month ago

    The best photoshoot 7:44
    i like it

  • Jay’s channel

    Jay’s channel

    Month ago

    You gotta love ED

  • Ski Strycharski

    Ski Strycharski

    Month ago

    I 🥰 Ed !!
    Every shop has a old guy ! I know I was that old man hanging out at the shop !
    Shops need that, “ONE OLD GUY” just to be EXTRA HANDS ! SO NEEDED !!!!

  • Vega Vicenta

    Vega Vicenta

    2 months ago

    sorry for the question, but I don't know, Is your jeep cherokee v8?

  • Umbrella Corporation

    Umbrella Corporation

    2 months ago

    PPV Tahoe isn't made for towing lol

  • robert w

    robert w

    2 months ago

    Awful lot of gear for a 2WD probably would’ve been ok without the extra 500lbs of brush guard and lights haha… trailer ain’t helping it much….

  • Jonathan - Argiri

    Jonathan - Argiri

    2 months ago

    This ladies and gentlemen is what a Banana looks like in chocolate icecream. Not so great🍌

  • Chris Lobe

    Chris Lobe

    2 months ago

    Hold the red light towards me... can't wait till I'm a old timer like the ole man.

  • Zelos Photizo

    Zelos Photizo

    2 months ago

    I keep expecting Godzilla to attack!

  • p kerit

    p kerit

    2 months ago

    Lizzies hair looks Great! Dont cut it

  • aj l

    aj l

    2 months ago

    IDEA...Put the prices up for each tow!

  • Travis Jones

    Travis Jones

    2 months ago

    Favorite video by far!



    2 months ago

    Ed Vision 🔥🔥🔥 yo Matt you need some cardboard for the mud.

  • 180 MPH

    180 MPH

    2 months ago

    Too easy. 😮

  • george gouvas

    george gouvas

    2 months ago

    you need to put a light in the back of the rigs so they come on as you lift the trunk doors

  • Juke Turbo

    Juke Turbo

    2 months ago

    The more I watch the people he tows out the smarter I feel.

  • Adam Greiner

    Adam Greiner

    2 months ago

    Nighttime rescues.
    Ed filming :D
    Feel free to operate the camera again, sir! It only adds to the channel’s charm.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    2 months ago

    Nice camera work Ed!

  • mtower235


    2 months ago

    I sure didn’t think that would be 2 wheel drive with all that equipment. Y’all rock

  • 6.4 Powerstroke (The Legend)

    6.4 Powerstroke (The Legend)

    2 months ago

    Man you should do more adventures with Ed he’s hilarious 😂. Love the filming this makes for an even better experience.

  • Mark mac Mac

    Mark mac Mac

    2 months ago

    I vote for Ed Cam!!!!

  • Mark mac Mac

    Mark mac Mac

    2 months ago

    Need more Matt's Lizzy's and Ed's in this world!

  • Rags722


    2 months ago

    Somewhere on this planet, there are 162 people that just wake up to be miserable .

  • Vertisce


    2 months ago

    2WD but they have that bullbar on the front? What a pointless waste of money.

  • Dana Coyle

    Dana Coyle

    2 months ago

    If anybody had bothered to watch how come the Tahoe tires front or rear are not spinning even if it's 2 wheel drive the rear tire should be spinning. just for show or just plain stupidity?fake????

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    2 months ago

    Not surprised, Chevy makes shit trucks. You could have had 33 inch Mickey Thompsons on that truck and it would have just bogged. And on that note, nice tires for muddin. And who gets a 2WD pickup truck. Seriously?
    Translation>You can try to cover a piece of shit truck up with bull bars but it's still just a piece of shit with bull bars.

  • Bruv Johnson

    Bruv Johnson

    2 months ago

    I wanna see Matt run a mega truck through a bounty hole. This guy can drive!

  • Giada de Low Rent Tits

    Giada de Low Rent Tits

    2 months ago

    Well, that was pretty sporty....

  • matt prescott

    matt prescott

    3 months ago

    Loved this!!
    They should go out just the two of them more often👍

  • SleepyHollow


    3 months ago

    That A 2WD tahoe?!? That's garbage whyyyyyyyy

  • joe Jr. bill

    joe Jr. bill

    3 months ago


  • Fika A

    Fika A

    3 months ago

    I really don’t understand why you people are going into that mud! The more I watch these Matts rescues, the less clear you all are to me! Wher you go, and what situations you get into, even small children would not do that!

  • Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    3 months ago

    I was amazed at the stars ...then I saw them moving around with the windshield lolz

  • Aleiyah collado

    Aleiyah collado

    3 months ago

    they should outlaw 2 wheel trucks and suv in utah, lol

  • Hail Kol

    Hail Kol

    3 months ago

    Man it was so funny Matt asked for do you see my face on camera camera was every where but no face

  • J Wat

    J Wat

    3 months ago

    Ed's the perfect model of the average guy. Never filmed but he'll try. Pictures of the tires inside the jeep with the camera sideways. Can you see my face in the camera? Ya you can as he moves the camera so you can. Gets the filming down and loses his shoe trying to kick off the mud. That was great! You go Ed. Give er he'll! I love Ed's heart, don't matter what it is or if he knows anything about it, he'll try to do it if it'll help. Good man.

  • Stuart Smith

    Stuart Smith

    3 months ago

    Matt, I don't care what you pay her, but you don't pay Lizzie enough. Tonight I have seen her in the mud and under a bus. She is worth every cent you pay her and a whole heap more.

  • Mitchell Wright

    Mitchell Wright

    3 months ago

    Good job Ed. If my mom, much younger had done it it would have been only feet and wheeles, but you only cut off the head. Not bad. One more practice and you will be a pro.

  • Darrell Welder fabricator

    Darrell Welder fabricator

    3 months ago

    Why buy a 2wheel drive vehicle ❓❓lol city folks ‼️‼️

  • Go Paint

    Go Paint

    3 months ago

    Why you never use gloves? , I recomend even for a simple tire change. at least will drive back with clean hands jejeje keep the good work and great videos, congrats. (from Los Cabos Mexico)

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    3 months ago

    For the second recovery, I expected Ed to say 'They got rocks in their head'

  • Mike Chapman

    Mike Chapman

    3 months ago

    Hell of a job ed . Lighting was spot on

  • Peter Tremlett

    Peter Tremlett

    3 months ago

    I love Ed's art nouveau camera style 😂🤣