Nissan Falls Victim To Dinosaur Tracks Trail

Published on May 26, 2021
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So I got a call for a Nissan Kicks on Dinosaur Tracks trail. Also, check out the Chevy van and Ford Super Duty.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • zyar46


    4 days ago

    for split second i covered my face when trevor falls and that camera almost kissed the tree stump

  • Josh R

    Josh R

    16 days ago

    That rental company goes all out on the paint jobs for those vans lol

  • Roger Van

    Roger Van

    20 days ago

    Hi, I have watched a lot of 4x4 recovery clips of how to recover cars and trucks buried up to there axles in sand and the easiest way to get them out is to use a set of MaxTrax, also they might even sponsor you.

  • Kellen Davis

    Kellen Davis

    20 days ago

    "I think we're lost."😄😄😄😄

  • Vinzetto Du’cama

    Vinzetto Du’cama

    22 days ago

    Carry a bag of zip ties. They’re great for temporary repairs on those plastic body panels and fender wells.

  • Jonathan - Argiri

    Jonathan - Argiri

    22 days ago

    "That is not fixed, but it should drive on the HIGHWAY JUST FINE". "Matt".
    Is exactly what every urban Toledo shade tree mechanic has said when they found out the price of a replacement Toyota chassis part.

  • Displayed Imagination

    Displayed Imagination

    Month ago

    Awesome Video. Great laugh. 😆

  • Shortie0428


    Month ago


  • B Cope

    B Cope

    Month ago

    “Don’t over run the rope.” Proceeds to over run the rope.
    Matt you’re a saint. Rudy, you’re not bad either.

  • Trü Ter

    Trü Ter

    Month ago

    Matt: "That is not fixed"
    Me sitting here blushing since half my jeep is held together by wire :D

  • clem hedge

    clem hedge

    Month ago

    Say it is not so...? The Yellow Banana is a float now....? Tell us you least have sprinkles ?..........Dinosaur Tracks Trail ? Am i lost in the 80's ? Did you just get a job having to get The Flintstones car from a trail...? That's a Yabba Dabba due!.....Beeep Beep !

  • DitzyDoo


    Month ago

    Pop-off, no stay plastic fascia's. >~< This is why I carry a small roll of T-Rex/Duck/100-MPH tape (2-inch wide) in my tool bag. When the clips fail, tape it up.. ^~^

  • Schalk van der Merwe

    Schalk van der Merwe

    Month ago

    You run over the rope? Straight to yail, right away

  • syntaxerorr


    Month ago

    A sway bar linik? That thing has to be bent

  • syntaxerorr


    Month ago

    Didn't know you guys do body work!

  • carbonking53


    Month ago

    Nissan Falls Victim To Driver Stupidity......New title

  • Rob Crow

    Rob Crow

    Month ago

    I've watched a few of your videos and like them a lot. But I hope you guys don't continue the "Scripted Drama" thing. Like the video wasn't quite cool enough so let's make it cooler by... OMG getting lost on our way home. People can see right through that clap. I'm sure you guys know that country like the back of your hand. Anyway, I subscribed and gave it a thumbs up!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Ha ha. 130 miles away from my “familiar territory” As tired as I was, I have no time or patience for scripting getting lost. Lol

  • Diane Price

    Diane Price

    Month ago

    Only Matt and his crew can arrive on a scene and leave a car looking better than they found it.

  • Cody Ammon

    Cody Ammon

    Month ago

    Can you drift the morvaire

  • Lukus Carter

    Lukus Carter

    Month ago

    They don’t make em like they use to.

  • Chris Glover

    Chris Glover

    Month ago

    hey matt.. mark your truck before you leave it. lol great stuff guys

  • Shawnti Aquino

    Shawnti Aquino

    Month ago

    May I respect the way you Rudy work together

  • Aziz Beng

    Aziz Beng

    Month ago

    Lizzie gone, no 'they got me out' T-shirts

  • Tyler Morris

    Tyler Morris

    Month ago

    re hire randy or im not watching anymore videos.

  • Always Tempted

    Always Tempted

    Month ago

    That trip was a foot from being really bad😧

  • Paul


    Month ago

    I love this generation... “google said”.....

  • 82 WERK

    82 WERK

    Month ago

    What happend to Randy??

  • Edwin H Singmaster

    Edwin H Singmaster

    Month ago

    Locked on keydruda ad, whatever that i??
    Rent a rig, and let go offroading for our very first time. Air must be very thin there.

  • Edwin H Singmaster

    Edwin H Singmaster

    Month ago

    The air bag might do her some good.

  • SI Rich

    SI Rich

    Month ago

    What a spot to attempt a “k” turn

  • Zack


    2 months ago

    Was that Nissan FWD? 😂

  • Al Seaver

    Al Seaver

    2 months ago

    You make a lot of $$$ from people who go out in the middle of nowhere with vehicles that belong nowhere out there.

  • WhiteBird


    2 months ago

    Matt get on X maps on your phone it is a very useful tool and you don’t need cell service as long as you download maps.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    2 months ago

    Awesome rescues! Hope Trevor is okay? That was a long trip to yank that guy out!

  • Jim Hammond

    Jim Hammond

    2 months ago

    Do you charge to pull these folks out or free

  • Mabhutana Fumbata

    Mabhutana Fumbata

    2 months ago

    I hit my head on the tree stump when Trevor fell.

  • Maritime Overland

    Maritime Overland

    2 months ago

    tourists in 2wd vans lol and I'm sorry but you're F250 CANNOT go where a Toyota can

  • helliviknow


    2 months ago

    Basically, Ed knew better xD

  • Quincy McGuire

    Quincy McGuire

    2 months ago


  • keithsj10


    2 months ago

    "Lizzie's on vacation in Wyoming..."
    That's the funniest thing you've ever said 😅

    • John Sierocki

      John Sierocki

      2 months ago

      Nothing wrong with us Wyoming people!

  • K D

    K D

    2 months ago

    Use Timeline on Google maps, then you can backtrack easyer 👍🇦🇺 ❤️

  • nabagley22


    2 months ago

    Matt recovery rope commercial. The only commercial worth watching on youtube.

  • Joe Spencer

    Joe Spencer

    2 months ago

    Where’s Lizzie? We always miss HER!!

  • Jerry B123

    Jerry B123

    2 months ago

    What's the "banana" anyway?

  • Subdued


    2 months ago

    Bruh why do ppl try to off road these cars I don’t get it

  • A Smith

    A Smith

    2 months ago

    That AWD option would have been cheaper than the off road recovery bill

  • BetterBtuning1


    2 months ago

    “Snap together like legos......not a sponsor” 😂 I would buy a lego banana Cherokee!

  • Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer

    2 months ago

    I hope you charge people like this double for trying to take cars like where they shouldn't go

  • GreatNorthernDad


    2 months ago

    Another of those Escape camper vans! They should put your business card in the paperwork when people rent them. It seems like most people get them stuck.

  • Life in Washington

    Life in Washington

    2 months ago

    Imagine if Matt's off road rec. wasn't in service. Thats terrifying. Theres no greater feeling in the world than feeling you vehicle move after being stuck for any amount of time but especially 3 days with no food and water wit two pregnant women in the Summer at Pyramid lake, Nevada. It happened to me.

  • Amen Moipushi

    Amen Moipushi

    2 months ago

    I love how You guys always go the extra mile ,and help fix the cars. I remember that time when you recovered a jeep that had rolled over, and you fixed it. Keep it up👌🏽👌🏽

    • Jason Laguardia

      Jason Laguardia

      2 months ago

      He gets paid for everything he does.

  • Biden has Dementia

    Biden has Dementia

    2 months ago

    I'll see the west before I die damnit. It'd blow my mind to be able to see for miles and miles around. Trees where I live and flat. A really big field might be a mile long

  • MrMotofy


    2 months ago

    There's a roll of wire at home stores by all the concrete supplies called Tie wire or something for the concrete rebar. It's an awesome roll of wire too carry in your truck and tie and secure stuff along the way. It's pretty flexible yet really strong. Carry one of those hand brushes with ya to clean yourself off after rolling on the ground haha

  • vincent garcia

    vincent garcia

    2 months ago

    Randy would have dusted you off Matt Rudy and Trevor were like 2 insecure little girls SMH

  • Steve King

    Steve King

    2 months ago

    think that campervan van was missing gas cap. Probably More expensive than the tow.

  • Old Time Farm Boy

    Old Time Farm Boy

    2 months ago

    I will never understand why people think the advertising hype about their road vehicles means they can go off roading trough hills and gullies and ruts and rocks without tearing everything up and getting stuck. Very nice of you to put the front of the car back on.

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson

    2 months ago

    Sure looks like the van was pulled by the sway bar, that's probably the wrong place to pull from.........

  • Scott Lasater

    Scott Lasater

    2 months ago

    Welcome to that tree stump Trevor!

  • Joel Tucker

    Joel Tucker

    2 months ago

    That's why it's always good to keep gorilla tape with you trust me

  • Roger Carl

    Roger Carl

    2 months ago

    Was it Nilsson who came with air ride covered wagon back in the day?

  • magooracing


    2 months ago

    @10:20 GPS make you think you is where you ain’t

  • White Lightning

    White Lightning

    2 months ago

    You guys need to download the "GPS essentials" app on your phones, ALL OF YOU!!! I do alot of offroading and I have tons of trust on that app. Keep up the good videos, pretty sure I've seen them all 🤙

  • x vate

    x vate

    2 months ago

    I know you have to be nice but as long as there is idiots out there you have a thriving business.

  • BigSmartArmed


    2 months ago

    Nissan didn't fall, it was born a victim.

  • mrmarksteddybear


    2 months ago

    I'm so glad Rudy mentioned they aren't sponsored by legos. i was starting to wonder if they were LOL

  • Solarus the long hauler railfan

    Solarus the long hauler railfan

    2 months ago

    Okay Just because it says SUV does not mean off road 😏

  • mike vargas

    mike vargas

    2 months ago

    Real America is in these boys blood 🩸 2a for life

  • Gorfic__StarShadow


    2 months ago

    Aye matt,
    If you want a jeep thatll drift
    02 jeep liberty sport
    5 speed auto with overdrive.
    Non 4x4 haha
    Thing is weirdly drift compatible.
    I mean like beautifully balanced.



    2 months ago

    9:35...WoW, dude almost predicted his own death...LoL

  • aslant924


    2 months ago

    wow very new rent-a-car with damage. Hope they got the insurance!

    • aslant924


      2 months ago

      it really snapped right back together haha maybe the agent wont notice

  • Gabe V

    Gabe V

    2 months ago

    I don't understand why people think they can venture in to that area in a small stock car like that.



    2 months ago

    Nothing to it. My favorite channel

  • Max Sindaphi

    Max Sindaphi

    2 months ago

    I love how you guys show everything in your videos. Falling people, getting lost and other little mistatkes. that's interesting.

  • Joe Barron

    Joe Barron

    2 months ago


  • craig fenton

    craig fenton

    2 months ago

    What relationship is Rudy and Lizzy to Matt?

    • craig fenton

      craig fenton

      2 months ago

      Thanks. Was just curious

    • Jason Laguardia

      Jason Laguardia

      2 months ago

      Rudy is his son. Lizzy employee n family friend.

  • Colton Peare

    Colton Peare

    2 months ago

    Thanks for filming all your shenanigans haha.

  • Johnny Wishbone

    Johnny Wishbone

    2 months ago

    SUV does not mean 4x4.

  • Toby Vernon

    Toby Vernon

    2 months ago

    It's a rental.

  • Gene Tilghman

    Gene Tilghman

    2 months ago

    Who goes off roading in an SUV come on man

  • harleycharley


    2 months ago

    Another good video...thanks!

  • James C

    James C

    2 months ago

    Great idea to reverse up slopes, front wheel drive obviously.
    Matt, need you let others drive, you are doing all the work.
    We live on an Iisland in UK, "I say keep driving until you hit water"

  • Kaleb Crafts

    Kaleb Crafts

    2 months ago

    Wyoming isn't real. (this is sarcasm)

  • B-Rad Umuck

    B-Rad Umuck

    2 months ago

    The mine explorers have lights to leave behind so they can find their way out..

  • B-Rad Umuck

    B-Rad Umuck

    2 months ago

    You need breadcrumbs

  • Matt Huggins

    Matt Huggins

    2 months ago

    Did she not get a Tee?

  • James Nella

    James Nella

    2 months ago

    Ed sez I'm not getting stuck on the mountain with a bunch of Ya Who's. Hahaha

  • Khajiit Kitten

    Khajiit Kitten

    2 months ago

    Back in the days of the oldtime lumberjacks when they used horses, mules, oxen, to work with, the poorest lumber camps used baling wire, or haywire, and were often called haywire camps. Hence the term we use today for something gone awry. (There will be a test.)

  • Richard L Lanouette

    Richard L Lanouette

    2 months ago

    Is it me, or is it the first time we see Matt running?

  • D L

    D L

    2 months ago

    Seeing ur little jeep putting in work makes me wanna go buy a xj

  • gubdai


    2 months ago

    Anyone else get an advertisement from yankum ropes with Matt in it on this video?

  • Andrew Christiansen

    Andrew Christiansen

    2 months ago

    You know if those people in the first van kept two sheets of thick plywood they could go where they wanted. Lay some plywood drive over it. Lay some more, drive over it remove the first one. I've seen people do that to get closer to the beach in 2wd vehicles.

  • Big Hoss Johnson

    Big Hoss Johnson

    2 months ago

    “I have a great idea”
    “What’s that?”
    “Let’s turn our low car around right where there’s a ditch!”

  • Heeman5


    2 months ago

    You should make a separate T-shirt saying “I just ran over the rope” 😂🤣👍🏼

  • Matt Hughes

    Matt Hughes

    2 months ago

    OnX maps. Save miles of map for offline use. Tracking feature for a situation like so that'll always have your back

  • Don Bearden

    Don Bearden

    2 months ago

    Well you didn’t tell us how long it took to find the truck!

  • John W

    John W

    2 months ago

    Backing up a slippery hill to get more traction on a FWD car - brilliant!

  • Chubb Rock

    Chubb Rock

    2 months ago

    The van guys mustache is 🔥



    2 months ago

    Make me want to ship out my Porsche out there and get stuck on purpose so you guys can get me out lol. First Porsche to get pulled out by you guys lol

  • Karl Streuber

    Karl Streuber

    2 months ago

    Trevor needs a raise

  • Todd McDonald

    Todd McDonald

    2 months ago

    Nissan and the word “trail” don’t mix