Nasty Mud Pit Rescue, Stuck All Night & Buried To Frame!

Published on Aug 6, 2021
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So I got a call for a Toyota that spent all night stuck in a nasty mud pit.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • James Gillespy

    James Gillespy

    13 hours ago

    People do the dumbest things and you bring a camera crew.....

  • Leroy Jones

    Leroy Jones

    Day ago

    No one lets down their tyres?

  • Mike B

    Mike B

    2 days ago

    Did the AC take a dump in the Morvair?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      2 days ago

      This was filmed before it was installed.

  • David Rook

    David Rook

    2 days ago

    I use to live in Fredonia and the mud is a clay that sucks up in the tread making the tires smooth with almost none existent traction. When it rained I use to claim the ground became "pig snot."

  • MonkeySpecs301


    3 days ago

    4runner had winch and maxtrax too.

  • borderm3


    4 days ago

    Thats like a 1/10 difficulty here in the Mountains, yee haw!!!!

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago

    Beautiful Place..⚘⚘
    Wonderful Recovery..🤝🤝

  • Dakota Wilkins

    Dakota Wilkins

    7 days ago

    Lets see a link on where to get the synthetic line on the morvair!!

  • mrvoyagerm


    7 days ago

    The two remotes are on the same frequency Oh Oh!

  • Ickess


    7 days ago

    I know nothing about winches. Is there a way to pick a frequency inside the remote or on the winch itself? If you pop off the cover there might be bank of dip switches. Like a garage remote or a remote control car?
    I’m hooked on the videos. My daughter got stuck in a ditch with two flat tires. I ran out there with my expedition and a tow rope. Your videos are more then entertainment, they are educational!

  • Knighthauler


    8 days ago

    Isn't there a manual switch on each of the winches??

  • Phet Insixiengmay

    Phet Insixiengmay

    8 days ago

    Love your videos Matt you’ve inspired me to get a 4wd 👏👏👏👍

  • Randy Lewis

    Randy Lewis

    9 days ago

    You have a couple of snatch blocks to double the line

  • Gabriel Quintero

    Gabriel Quintero

    9 days ago

    Is there a video talking about what happened with Randy

  • Alicia Philo

    Alicia Philo

    10 days ago

    Pitter patter!

  • Jon Timmer

    Jon Timmer

    10 days ago

    how did you not park next to K box for photo

  • Agent Piggywig

    Agent Piggywig

    11 days ago

    Taking Matt out of context, “where do you live?”😂😂😂

  • K Coop

    K Coop

    12 days ago

    Question: why don’t you put it in gear and try to see if the tires spin before all the jazz starts?

  • Kevin Spencer

    Kevin Spencer

    13 days ago

    "I thought it was a boat!"
    You crack me up Ed!

  • Heffbomb


    15 days ago

    2:56 the way Ed laughs when he finds out they spent the night stuck was priceless hahahahaha

  • Peter Hatch

    Peter Hatch

    15 days ago

    When is there going to be a new project !!!???😊

  • Wisconsin DIY Guy

    Wisconsin DIY Guy

    16 days ago

    Toyotas have that A-trac button. Seems to help traction in a recovery.

  • booostedtc


    16 days ago

    You charge to pull out dont u

  • MediocreMan


    17 days ago

    Man that 4 runner just looks like a heavy pig. One of the downsides of progress in safety and comfort, lots of weight.

    • Josh frank

      Josh frank

      12 days ago

      I feel like the bigger problem is the drastic loss of simple commonsens ppl seem to display "nowadays".

  • James Holder

    James Holder

    18 days ago

    She's gorgeous.

  • kevin bennett

    kevin bennett

    18 days ago

    i see a mavic air drone in the air cool

  • Glen Ludwig

    Glen Ludwig

    18 days ago

    1 winch double line. Just saying.

  • Brad Deaton

    Brad Deaton

    19 days ago

    Another stuck Toyota...LOL.

  • Viktor Kock Appelgren

    Viktor Kock Appelgren

    19 days ago

    Is this a reservoir as in drinking water?
    In that case, how can you be allowed to even drive close to it?



    19 days ago

    You all work well together, very positive attitudes, thanks for sharing!

  • Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa

    19 days ago


    • David Rook

      David Rook

      Hour ago

      @Rocky Balboa. Well at least you will add to the local economy.

    • Rocky Balboa

      Rocky Balboa

      11 hours ago

      @David Rook I dont need "luck" if i have a Ford Raptor! : )

    • David Rook

      David Rook

      19 hours ago

      @Rocky Balboa. LOL, Good luck.

    • Rocky Balboa

      Rocky Balboa

      Day ago


    • David Rook

      David Rook

      Day ago

      @Rocky Balboa . Yeah that is why they have a video pulling out Ford Raptors. If you don't know Southern Utah off road conditions, you probably get stuck no matter what you drive.

  • MrBeans


    19 days ago

    I was gonna say the winches are probably drawing too much power but they are on different vehicles. weird. maybe its a radio signal thing for the remotes. they use the same frequencies so they cant overlap maybe?(esp if they are the same kind of winch)
    I'd love to know if you ever figured that out.

  • Michael Canto

    Michael Canto

    19 days ago

    Had a F250 buried like that to the frame. It took a full sized articulated farm tractor with a quad tire setup to drag me out almost a whole mile!

  • plonkster


    20 days ago

    The two remotes are using the same carrier frequency but different coding. That's why just one works at a time. Pretty typical since most consumer electronics tend to use the same free bands. You can do the same experiment with two car locking remotes. You can only unlock one at a time.

  • noisehonk


    20 days ago

    LOVE this pioneer stock

  • Darrin Rentruc

    Darrin Rentruc

    21 day ago

    Next time lets use 20 winches for show

  • David Straub

    David Straub

    22 days ago

    I've been there .... many times back in 86-89. Did a little fishing, camping and passed by it many many times on my way to the campgrounds in Pine Valley from Henderson & Boulder City NV. Also spent a lot of time up in the mountains above Cedar City where you've done at least one recovery in the past. Beautiful area .... need to make the trip from central Pennsylvania now. I'm due any year now .... soon! As soon as you came over the hill and Baker Res. came into view, all kinds of good memories came flooding back. Thanks for the vid ... take care.

  • Harald Gundersson

    Harald Gundersson

    22 days ago

    Das Benzin das sein V8 da verballert wird er sich schon gut bezahlen lassen.

  • Иван Иванов

    Иван Иванов

    22 days ago

    А лебёдку поставить ни как?

  • Jonathan lee Wilson

    Jonathan lee Wilson

    23 days ago

    Awesome to see again
    I used tonlive on bench mark road outside of enterprise. My dad was gonna buy modena lol

  • retro440


    24 days ago

    Why MORvair? What's the build? Chassis, engine, transmission??

  • Chad Youwonder

    Chad Youwonder

    24 days ago

    Good ol’ Ed, he has the best comments. “They thought it was a boat and wanted to take it fishing” never take for granted the wisdom of an old timer.

  • James Reddington

    James Reddington

    24 days ago

    Utah gets fucking hot man

  • Chief Villa

    Chief Villa

    24 days ago

    Good job good job

  • proudBORICUAclone


    24 days ago

    Is sad to see how parts of Utah California Arizona Colorado new mexico Nevada will have no water soon.....i ask myself with the trillions of dollars USA expend around the world trying to tell other countries how to live their lives
    It will be nice if for once they build the biggest salt water plant so they can convert to drinking water and build some pipes for the water to go through and be deposited i m guessing in Colorado and from there to distribute to each state.....AND PLEASE I DON'T WANNA HEAR IS TO EXPENSIVE...I DON'T THINK 50 BILLION DOLLAR IS . MONEY FOR USA.....we expend trillions in 🐂 💩

  • Copisetic 1

    Copisetic 1

    26 days ago

    I own a 4Runner TRD PRO. they are not invincible. Mud is the great equalizer.

  • tundramanq


    26 days ago

    Am always amazed how many people think that "4 wheel drive" by itself makes them good to go. Open diffs makes 2 wheel drive and pavement tread tires that instantly fill the tread up with mud making slicks.

  • Curren Martin

    Curren Martin

    26 days ago

    I did something real similar in a lake by my school once in my dodge, didnt realize how deep the mud hole was and got caught on my pumpkin. Got pulled out by a 2wd 😂

  • What the phuck

    What the phuck

    27 days ago

    Traction boards didn't work! Lol

  • Turbo Man

    Turbo Man

    27 days ago

    Didn't need to winches just needed one winch and a snatch block done have them out snatch block doubles the power of your winch

    • Curren Martin

      Curren Martin

      26 days ago

      I think they were worried about the weight of the anchor vehicle, not the strength of the winch

  • Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson

    27 days ago

    Come on now don't forget Lizzy's like 4' 2"1/2. Lol

  • Tyler Webb

    Tyler Webb

    27 days ago

    That morvair is sick ! I love it

  • Marco Medina

    Marco Medina

    27 days ago

    Matt just imagine

  • Michael Younker

    Michael Younker

    29 days ago

    Lizzie !

  • Michael Younker

    Michael Younker

    29 days ago

    More Liszt!

  • Brandywine Maintenance

    Brandywine Maintenance

    Month ago

    Just got home from Moab, miss the weather and views. Wonder if you can link the winch system to operate f of the one remote. Keep up the great videos!!!

  • 64jazdude


    Month ago

    Another example of no winch knowledge. Use the tethered remote & not the Bullsh*t wireless remotes. I don’t know how you’ve survived this long.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I can give those kind of examples for days. You don’t even have to look close. Lol

  • Chad Austin

    Chad Austin

    Month ago

    Some people are dumbasses and don't use there brains

  • Lowen Nunn

    Lowen Nunn

    Month ago

    always love your reacues

  • coreybabbott


    Month ago

    ❤️ the Letterkenny reference

  • Curly27784


    Month ago

    A noticeable thing about Lizzie is that she follows Matt's instructions to the letter. He's had problems with other people not doing that and making the recovery more difficult.

  • Raymond W

    Raymond W

    Month ago

    Just curious, how much does such a tow cost?

  • Robert


    Month ago

    Gotta love the Ed's comments

  • Mister Pimlott

    Mister Pimlott

    Month ago

    She looks good in a 4Runner

  • Mario


    Month ago

    Been watching your video's this week new and old and I can't get enough :-)

  • Theron Stein

    Theron Stein

    Month ago

    Just like idit Toyota owners to think their 4x4 can go any where. Serves them right to be pulled out by an American built 4x4!

  • Robert Hoyle

    Robert Hoyle

    Month ago

    Matt, I keep wondering how far away from your shop are all these sand dunes, mud pits, lakes, and shear mountain drop offs that all your customers keep getting it stuck in ?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Most of them are less than 30 minutes away. And a good majority of those are in the 10 to 15 minute range.

  • The BlazerSociety

    The BlazerSociety

    Month ago

    Love the corvair! Time for some A/C

    • The BlazerSociety

      The BlazerSociety

      Month ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery oh hell yeah! Lets goo 👏👏

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      It’s a long been installed and working great. This video was filmed a little while ago.

  • Jason Griggs

    Jason Griggs

    Month ago

    Is rudy his brother or son

  • Roger Schroeder

    Roger Schroeder

    Month ago

    When you said "Vail" in an earlier video I thought you meant Vail, Colorado, not Vail Utah. I thought your family was out skiing not out peeing on the side of a building.

  • e val

    e val

    Month ago

    Ed and I

  • Ian


    Month ago

    My absolute favorite part is when Matt tells Ed they were there overnight....Ed's laugh and sticking his tongue through his teeth like he was holding back like he knew he should feel bad for them but that they got what they had coming for driving there

  • Dwight_smokems


    Month ago

    Love me some letterkenny

  • Chele


    Month ago

    A great trick when you have no winch point is to bury your spare as an anchor, this guy could have easily done it and self recovered instead of spending the night in his truck and paying hundreds to Matt and his crew...

  • Peter


    Month ago

    Manure! I hate manure! Thats what I thought of with that mud.

  • S T

    S T

    Month ago

    The winch game

  • allen Henry

    allen Henry

    Month ago

    Thats really cool life story of the Corvair...

  • chiliman321


    Month ago

    Love this Channel! Thank you for sharing! Im headed your way in about 3 weeks!

  • Meggin Darcy

    Meggin Darcy

    Month ago

    I think that they should all wear gloves, especially Lizzy! She's not going to be happy with her hands when she gets older. Even some disposable gloves would protect her hands from all the dryness and calluses she's going to have if she doesn't start to wear gloves. Sorry Lizzy, not trying to be negative, just trying to be helpful 😁

  • Claire Valjakka

    Claire Valjakka

    Month ago

    Ahh, the beauty of four wheel drives, they just get you deep in trouble that a two wheeler would; happens all the time.

  • Szymon Pomorski

    Szymon Pomorski

    Month ago

    We're usually sorry instead of safe, this time we went safe and now I'm kinda sorry 😆😆😆😆 excellent 😆😂😆

  • Michael McDonald

    Michael McDonald

    Month ago

    Everyone: recounts their experience.
    Trevor: well I got here late but it was a nice drive

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    Month ago

    A GREAT STORY ABOUT THE WAGON, had to rewatch that.

  • Tim Vanasen

    Tim Vanasen

    Month ago

    I've been on the bench more then running rc's lately today my wife and I are both on the bench then we'll hit the course out back later & probably fly a couple rc planes 😉👍

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    Month ago

    That was awesome!

  • neodecker


    Month ago

    I've wondered if you ever go over the muddy shakes with customers.

  • Glenn Killer

    Glenn Killer

    Month ago

    How come you didn't use a Winch Block & double the Pull Power off one winch?

  • Casey Russell

    Casey Russell

    Month ago

    I've never seen a 60 second commercial on YouTube. That's the stuff that makes a fan into a former fan.

  • John Peyser

    John Peyser

    Month ago

    You have a great channel. If you ever have to use two winches, run one with its hard wired control, that way the radios won't fight each other. Stay well.

  • BoyPisonet Pisonet

    BoyPisonet Pisonet

    Month ago

    toyota. over rated turds.



    Month ago

    Since Rudy's jeep has been on so many recoveries, when is his jeep getting the yellow paint?

  • ENow Health Ad

    ENow Health Ad

    Month ago

    “My ten seconds of filming” 😅

  • roy wall

    roy wall

    Month ago

    Hope you got some pie while you were in Veyo. 🤘🏻

  • Jim Elliott

    Jim Elliott

    Month ago

    Our professional team [stops to show her how to put it in 4x4] .....look how easy

  • guesthousewriter


    Month ago

    "I've been getting a little too cocky lately..." humility! The best there is getting these vehicles out.

  • yeahman1756


    Month ago

    Lmfao seriously.. Toyota/Jeep needs to stop hyping these city idiots with their "TRD PRO/Rubicon" stuff with all that OVERLANDING HYPE... it takes more than just some 3incher lift and tires to get out of a tough situation when off roading..

  • John Boyd

    John Boyd

    Month ago

    800 dollar beater truck is one thing?? But mommy and daddy gonna be upset!!!!😁👍

  • Ralph Buehler

    Ralph Buehler

    Month ago

    A 4runner getting pulled out by a jeep????

  • Roberto Perez

    Roberto Perez

    Month ago

    ED Needs a handle!

  • port starboard

    port starboard

    Month ago

    @3:40- i dont know where Trevor is either!