Major Fire Leaves Little To Recover

Published on Jun 30, 2021
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So I got for a RZR, I think? This fire burnt everything down to the frame.


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  • Michael T 07

    Michael T 07

    Day ago

    Thats what happens when you get a razor can am life baby

  • Richard Allred

    Richard Allred

    Day ago

    don't scratch it

  • Lunchbox Productions

    Lunchbox Productions

    3 days ago

    Should have just ran the which cable over the top of the RZR and pulled it onto the trailer upside down, lol.

  • Paul Hale

    Paul Hale

    9 days ago

    At one time in the recent past, I considered buying one of those off-road machines. But after seeing many of Matt's videos, all I would use it for is taking on a golf course. :-) As for Ed, I hope he knows how much viewers are inspired by him. He's a keeper for sure. I hope I can get around as good as Ed when I'm his age (about 15 years from now).

  • Jo'z avenue

    Jo'z avenue

    9 days ago

    They could of just pick it up by hand.

  • robert w

    robert w

    10 days ago

    Need that 18,000 pounder and some axel grease…..

  • John M

    John M

    11 days ago

    Buffet bar all goes in one hole and all comes out the other

  • Jacob Cason

    Jacob Cason

    12 days ago

    What is the haze from? You can really see it from the drone footage.

  • Hauraki


    12 days ago

    nice landscape!

  • Eddie Perales

    Eddie Perales

    13 days ago

    I would have taken the frame and built something different

  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    15 days ago

    Thanks for cleaning up the desert

  • silverstake88


    16 days ago

    Need a trailer-wide roller mounted on the end of the trailer. Oilfield bed-trucks come with this standard as there's always some piece of Oilfield equipment that can get hung up when dragging it aboard.

  • Dave Finley

    Dave Finley

    16 days ago

    Fabricate a long roller and weld it across the rear of the trailer frame. Presto, problem solved!

  • Jason D

    Jason D

    17 days ago

    Polaris has had tons of recalls due too them catching on fire.

  • Dan R

    Dan R

    18 days ago

    Thoughts on what you have to deal with when recovering a side by side that has suspension damage. Maybe 2 steel pipes that are same or just a few inches longer than width of trailer to use for leverage or as rollers to put under frame to allow for it to roll on ramps? You can make cradle under trailer to hold them. Love the channel.

  • Colin Ambrose

    Colin Ambrose

    21 day ago

    Suggestion: Split a steel tube along its length then weld it to the back edge of the trailer, seems like having a nice rounded end would make things easier a lot of the time

  • Eric Hugh

    Eric Hugh

    21 day ago

    I would think using a high lift to put the frame on skis/planks so it slides easier. Or a crane would work

  • derekisthematrix


    21 day ago

    Love the quiet of the desert. Great episode.

  • Max


    22 days ago

    First time I've seen the old road flare in the back seat insurance job on a side by side.

  • Robby Liles

    Robby Liles

    22 days ago

    Matt’s next build… tilt trailer!!!

  • Egleath Shelishyah

    Egleath Shelishyah

    24 days ago

    I don’t know why this is entertaining😊. Much better than Disney or hollyweird. Love gas station sushi 🍱

  • timothy clark

    timothy clark

    24 days ago


  • Shane Zettelmier

    Shane Zettelmier

    25 days ago

    Yikes, next time you need to bring some long two by tens or some thing with some hooks or straps on the ends to work like makeshift skids. Lol

  • Kevin Salusen

    Kevin Salusen

    25 days ago

    Thanks for cleaning all the debris 👍

  • Febres Guanipa

    Febres Guanipa

    25 days ago

    Where is Rudy? I only ask.

  • Kenneth Hine

    Kenneth Hine

    25 days ago

    Melted Razr aluminum wall-art!!!

  • Tony Wohletz

    Tony Wohletz

    25 days ago

    The a arms were still intact, I think you may have picked up the wrong one.

  • Fishgrub Blades

    Fishgrub Blades

    25 days ago

    Polaris and can am are overpriced junk.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    25 days ago

    That was different, but at least you didn’t run out of gas😂. Always enjoy your Channel. Thanks for sharing, forgot I have on the black and yellow “Matt’s Off-Road Recovery” hat on. Been a lot of places advertising for my Favorite Channel. Thanks.

  • three6ohchris


    25 days ago

    Damnit Ed! When Matt tells you to step back, YOU STEP BACK! 😂😂😂😜 I kid, I kid. Lol

  • three6ohchris


    25 days ago

    That RZR actually makes me kinda sad. I can't speak for the owner of that machine, but I know that if it were mine it would be a devastating loss. It would represent a dream "toy" that I wanted for just about my whole life, and had to work years to save up for... just going up in flames in a matter of minutes. Heartbreaking. Years of overtime, skipping out on vacations, eating top ramen... And poof 💥🔥 It's gone. Just to put things into perspective.
    I sure hope they had insurance and that it helps them replace it. Great video no matter what. Thanks for sharing, Matt and team!

  • Even Espenes

    Even Espenes

    26 days ago

    You guys should fabricate a aluminium A-frame so that you can use the winch to lift the RZR’s over the edge. Just a thought 💁‍♂️

  • C Carson

    C Carson

    26 days ago

    Yep, Couple more deep cycles and a bigger winch!!!!😁

  • Dave Herron

    Dave Herron

    26 days ago

    Meh, little paint. New tires. 1 owner, garage kept, never been off-road. :)

  • MakingTechSense


    26 days ago

    I wonder if putting a spare tire, standing up vertical, under the winch line would have helped pull the carcass up onto the trailer.

  • Jeff Reeves

    Jeff Reeves

    26 days ago

    Ed never has to be asked to work. He just does. I doubt anyone would complain if he just watched, but apparently, hard work is part of his DNA.

  • Rheo Bartels

    Rheo Bartels

    27 days ago

    I dont even live there and im grateful for you guys keeping the dunes clean!

  • Rheo Bartels

    Rheo Bartels

    27 days ago

    its a male sea horse hahaha

  • Rheo Bartels

    Rheo Bartels

    27 days ago

    You guys could use a lever bar or something. to save your back.

    • Rheo Bartels

      Rheo Bartels

      27 days ago

      OMG Ed Called it!

  • chanceapants


    27 days ago

    Seahorse souvenir

  • bernhard85


    27 days ago

    Matt needs to break down and just built the ultimate winch setup wiring and all haha backup battery the whole 9yds lol ❤

  • The Foehammer

    The Foehammer

    27 days ago

    I'm thinking a large crowbar and an off road jack might be a good idea to add to the recovery kit Matt!

  • Fish R Relaxing

    Fish R Relaxing

    27 days ago

    If you’re always catching then bolt a hilift jack to the trailer.. an $80 tool would save you so much time here..

  • asdfjlk


    27 days ago

    You guys are amazing stewards of the land, thank you!

  • Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez

    28 days ago

    Why couldn't they stick some wheel dollies under and then winch

  • Andrew Koetz

    Andrew Koetz

    28 days ago

    Cable is twisted; no bueno

  • Dustin Tunis

    Dustin Tunis

    28 days ago

    Did Ed lose his voice? I can't believe Matt said 'We'll get em out" with Ed sitting right beside him.

  • Brenda Alpert

    Brenda Alpert

    28 days ago


  • Erok Magnag

    Erok Magnag

    28 days ago

    I was thinking it might have made sense to hook the cable to the top of the roll cage when it got hung up. Perhaps it would bias the weight on the part already on the trailer, tipping it forward enough to allow the skid plates and whatnot to clear. But hey, it's easy for me to say as I sit in bed with the a/c blasting, stuffing my face with pizza.

  • Seth Sacks

    Seth Sacks

    28 days ago

    Hey what's that puddle under the RZR frame...its the engine.

  • Donnie Miller

    Donnie Miller

    28 days ago

    A sheet of 3/4” plywood strapped to the trailer would be a lifesaver in those situations. Just unhook it and bolt it onto the ramp with some round head bolts.

  • Richard Buchholz

    Richard Buchholz

    28 days ago

    Let's set up a gofund me
    Yal need a light weight tilt bed trailer some wood, and a real winch.

  • Jef Damen

    Jef Damen

    28 days ago

    A few short wooden planks would help to skid over that metal.

  • Todd Templeton

    Todd Templeton

    28 days ago

    again: a Unimog with a hoist would have walked out there and plucked that frame NO ISSUES

  • Stephen Walsh

    Stephen Walsh

    29 days ago

    Suspicious asf

  • Tracey Pup

    Tracey Pup

    29 days ago

    I’d hang that chunk of aluminum up on a wall, call it Ode to Razor =P

  • mividamimundoyDios


    29 days ago

    Edd was tired at the end of the video lolz

  • Jason Cruise

    Jason Cruise

    29 days ago


  • Nick Burns

    Nick Burns

    29 days ago

    Every time I see a video of you guys struggling to move incapacitated vehicles with this trailer it frustrates me.
    I sent through some sketches of a simple pivoting A frame that you could bolt onto the back of the trailer which would lift and pull at the same time. It could save you sooooo much time.
    Good job fettling it on in any case.
    Long time fan ❤️

  • Wayne Hunt

    Wayne Hunt

    29 days ago

    Come on Matt; fix the Petrol Tank issue!! It lets your professionalism down big time!! Keep up the great work - enjoy your Videos very much down here in Australia.

  • boostedmaniac


    29 days ago

    Be careful not to scratch the paint on that RZR. 😂

  • Rick Harris

    Rick Harris

    29 days ago

    I can’t help but think about the people that ended up catching their rzr on fire in the middle of the dessert. What a day that must have been?! I wonder how long they were stuck in the dessert before getting a ride out.

  • Серж


    29 days ago

    Where is Hi -lift Jack?

  • Michael Miller

    Michael Miller

    29 days ago

    I love Utah, but please don't order any sort of seafood anywhere. It is a desert!!!!

  • Robert Mehnert

    Robert Mehnert

    29 days ago

    Dumb insurance fraud video.

  • J Morrow

    J Morrow

    29 days ago

    Matt: Put a steel tire rim, the larger the better, under you cable so it pulls upward. Or better if you can cut a piece of pipe in half lengthwise and weld to the back of you trailer so the block and anything slides over the pipe instead of hanging up.

  • Eric R

    Eric R

    29 days ago

    Let's take a moment, to appreciate how well I lined this up...

  • Urban Adventures

    Urban Adventures

    29 days ago

    Please put a sheet of teflon on the trailer an save yourself hundreds of hours a year trying to winch shit up the metal deck

  • John Jaco

    John Jaco

    29 days ago

    Just leave it.

  • Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez

    29 days ago

    Heat treated sxs frame for sale, LoL 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wayne Matthews

    Wayne Matthews

    29 days ago

    Once the banana is finished, you need to turn that in to a brake back trailer, that way the whole bed can be angled down and would be easier to drag vehicles on.

  • Beth Marek

    Beth Marek

    29 days ago

    Old Mines and shafts is what Gly on YouTube's "Abandoned and Forgotten Places" explores. You should send him the coordinates Ed. He'd check them out for you!

  • Layton Haese

    Layton Haese

    29 days ago

    looks like Puff the magic dragon!

  • Zachary Lamarsh

    Zachary Lamarsh

    29 days ago

    The audio kept cutting in and out in the video

  • Jusike


    29 days ago

    i had a piece like that, put it on the wall , looked at it for years. now not sure what wall, what garage even what town it was in. going to put out a APV or something like that.

  • 46wireboy


    29 days ago

    Giraffe or Seahorse.

  • Mike Hartwig

    Mike Hartwig

    29 days ago

    Why pay someone to pull out a burnt RZR, might as well just have put the fire out and left it.

  • Kyle Gerhardt

    Kyle Gerhardt

    29 days ago

    Looks like 83 percent of all rzrs you see on youtube

  • Raymond Musarra

    Raymond Musarra

    29 days ago

    hope you didn't scratch the paint lol

  • Steve Sayers

    Steve Sayers

    29 days ago

    Ed = Not Lazy...What a good ole dude!

  • cablecow15


    29 days ago

    "They have fire extinguishers for 19.99 should I grab one ?"
    "Nah just get a few bags of ice for the cooler"

  • Matt's Garage

    Matt's Garage

    29 days ago

    Just advertise the whole unit as “heavily patina’ed”...😉

  • Noah Cheeks

    Noah Cheeks

    29 days ago

    Its a male seashore haha

    • 46wireboy


      29 days ago

      So... you're saying it's a beach? Man, I'm good. (-.-)

  • EtaCarinae230


    29 days ago

    You should build a lifting arch for this kind of jobs

  • John Darren Renne

    John Darren Renne

    29 days ago

    Pull it on sideways then rotate.

  • John Darren Renne

    John Darren Renne

    29 days ago

    Flip it on its side.

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    29 days ago

    you guys rock and come prepared to get all garbage. The melted aluminum looked pretty rad. So glad that did not burn more out there. Great team work getting that expensive hunk of metal up on the flatbed.

  • Virgil Condray

    Virgil Condray

    29 days ago

    telling me 4 grown men couldnt pick up a couple hundred pounds by hand?

  • Machine 7

    Machine 7

    29 days ago

    I thought you only ate maverick food

  • MJ1834


    29 days ago

    Thinking out loud. Put a 3-4 foot tall box tube post with a hinged mount at the back of the trailer with a chain slot on the top of it. Run a chain over the top and pull with the winch. It will lift and pull the load at the same time. Ideally it would be in a receiver mount or something of that nature with a few spots to attach it as you move forward so you can continue lifting until the load is significantly on the trailer.

  • patriot 945

    patriot 945

    29 days ago

    Oh look, an American art piece, Call the Guggenheim museum, tell them you have something to add the the Jackson Pollard hall.



    29 days ago

    1:56 matt does it right

  • xXBam BamXx

    xXBam BamXx

    29 days ago

    When I see things like this, I smell insurance fraud 🤫

  • Wesley Lowe

    Wesley Lowe

    29 days ago

    Need to grab a small tilt bed trailer for jobs like this.

  • Ihana Torres Van der Upora

    Ihana Torres Van der Upora

    29 days ago

    You just gat to love Edd 😂😂😂 all the good stuff in the plate 😂😂😂

  • Jeff Beck

    Jeff Beck

    29 days ago

    AGM Electric Jack! perfect for jobs like this.

  • Diogenes


    29 days ago

    The smoke & fire. Combustion returning elementals that have been in the universe since who knows when,back into the atmosphere to become something else later on in time millions & possibly billions of years from now. The frame will join them at a later date.

  • Alex Pawlik

    Alex Pawlik

    29 days ago

    if im correct ther is some money that needs to be handed out as it seems you lost a bet your tab

  • Jonny G

    Jonny G

    Month ago

    Freshly paint razor frame for sale

  • My Pronoun is WTF

    My Pronoun is WTF

    Month ago

    Channel should be Ed's Off Road Recovery..
    ED is the Man!!