Let's Take The Jeep Apart & See What's Hiding In It!

Published on Jun 27, 2021
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So I got to rebuild the Jeep Banana and today we're taking on the suspension.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • daddy 63

    daddy 63

    12 hours ago

    Lizzie you do great work. man I need to learn how to weld...

  • salahin aja_terus

    salahin aja_terus

    Day ago

    Hi Lassy pretty..

  • Michael T 07

    Michael T 07

    Day ago

    Does lizzy have instagram

  • abuzyad5555


    4 days ago

    How old is lizzie and does she depend completely on this job to live ?

  • Michael Jay Thompson

    Michael Jay Thompson

    4 days ago


  • King Biscuit2112

    King Biscuit2112

    6 days ago

    Is Lizzie related to anyone?

  • Mopar Matt

    Mopar Matt

    11 days ago

    I appreciate the timeline saying BJ all the way across the white board lol

  • Mark Eldridge

    Mark Eldridge

    12 days ago

    SAFETY GLASSES!!! They even make Stylin’ ones!!!! 🤓

  • Thomas Atchison

    Thomas Atchison

    13 days ago

    Building with steel? Maybe you can make a video detailing the bankruptcy process

  • mtmanmitch


    13 days ago

    Lizzie doesn’t realize she is not wearing glasses while grinding or gloves while cutting. 🤔

  • pocono49 murphy

    pocono49 murphy

    15 days ago

    Who wants to join the Lizzie fan club?

  • Holmes


    15 days ago

    You guys look like a great bunch of guys to work for, always good to see people doing what they love

  • Larry Freeman

    Larry Freeman

    16 days ago

    tuckers arms are so "swoll" I need to start video work so I can look like that.

  • Kevin KC3ONO HeliJeepWorld

    Kevin KC3ONO HeliJeepWorld

    17 days ago

    Sum one should have told her about sun burn from the welding. She gonna be hurting with the short sleeves

  • Dan Steffee

    Dan Steffee

    17 days ago

    So was this release before or after a build or was the job done before it happened,,, Timewarp back or forward to a pending event ...;)

  • Thomas Dobrenick

    Thomas Dobrenick

    19 days ago

    I don't try to figure out what you do. I just watch the videos

  • Patrick Madigan

    Patrick Madigan

    19 days ago

    Liz is the best!!! =)

  • Mainz Man

    Mainz Man

    19 days ago

    Why do you go the bother and cost of having recovery vehicles, trailers, tow ropes and so on? When someone gets stuck just send Tucker in to carry them out, looks like he could manage it easily.
    I'm so pleased one of your videos popped up as a recommendation, I've been addicted ever since.

  • T. L. Robinson

    T. L. Robinson

    22 days ago

    Loosely install bushing bolts, lower vehicle to the floor then properly tighten the bolts.

  • T. L. Robinson

    T. L. Robinson

    22 days ago

    Could your bushings be wearing out because they are preloaded?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      21 day ago

      Not this type.

  • Max


    22 days ago

    Hey Matt, the dunes called, they want their sand back.

  • Victor Montano

    Victor Montano

    22 days ago

    Safety glasses, ponytail maintenance- NOW!!!!

  • Laura MacMurchy

    Laura MacMurchy

    23 days ago

    OSHA watching this video 👀

  • jesse morgan

    jesse morgan

    23 days ago

    Thanks tucker!!! Your the real mvp! Lol

  • Nendo Crescendo

    Nendo Crescendo

    23 days ago

    A grinder and paint make the welder I ain’t.

  • TheMattbrownbill


    23 days ago

    I've been watching your videos in reverse order, so nothing makes sense! 😅

  • Kevin Salusen

    Kevin Salusen

    25 days ago

    Hey…I for one just enjoy te content…any content! And I was wondering how many proposals Liz has received from your coverage!😂🤣

  • David Detwiler

    David Detwiler

    25 days ago

    Thanks for the explanation on video chronology!

  • pear7777


    25 days ago

    In a couple of years, Lizzy builds her own MORRVAIR.

  • Shaggydude


    26 days ago

    I can't believe you had to explain why the vids are out of order....SMH.

  • J Borcz

    J Borcz

    26 days ago

    Where’s Randy Been Lately? Has he moved on to other things?

  • Terry Boyle

    Terry Boyle

    26 days ago

    Please wear safety goggles. I can't see how going blind from welding/drilling/everything else that it takes will help you keep producing this amazing content. love the channel

  • Joseph S

    Joseph S

    26 days ago

    My favorite part of this team of people, they never quit. Lizzy removing that tire was probably better than I could have done and I'm probably a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier.

  • Matthew Justice

    Matthew Justice

    28 days ago

    Thanks Tucker. Fantastic job

  • 905tombstone


    28 days ago

    I sent my daughter down with Grandma and Grandpa. They got a pic of the Morrvair. Wish I could have been there but planned this coastal trip for 3 months. Hope to see you guys at another car show or I might have to get stuck and call you guys

  • Alex Boley

    Alex Boley

    29 days ago

    You really need to invest in a pole jack.. those 2x4's are sketch looking lol

  • Gary Onnen

    Gary Onnen

    29 days ago

    Time travel cool.

  • Zachary Bartels

    Zachary Bartels

    29 days ago

    11:17 safety squintz engaged!



    29 days ago

    This explains the video he post after this one 😂 I was like.. hol up. The Jeep is being built again.. got me buggin lol

  • Lang Goolsby

    Lang Goolsby

    29 days ago

    It’s all good buddy. As long as you get to pump out content it’ll be just fine lol

  • Semah the Rettihs

    Semah the Rettihs

    Month ago

    belt buckle in the house! lol



    Month ago

    I love how rock steady Lizzie's control is on the welding.
    She's quickly becoming a serious asset to the shop!
    The war years have taught us how really capable the ladies are.
    My mother built the hydraulic units for the landing gear of the Lancaster bombers.

  • Chris Townsend

    Chris Townsend

    Month ago

    I love y’all and I just pray that you are not Mormon!!!! I would love to think someone who seems asz smart as you to not believe in something crazy!!!!! I love y’all stuff and hope y’all are not crazy!??!!💯🛠⭐️☮️🐟🌊👍🏻🌳🎯🙏❤️🍀☀️

  • Colin Nelson

    Colin Nelson

    Month ago

    I like videos on Mondays.

  • Terry Kenyon

    Terry Kenyon

    Month ago

    Lizzies a Legend !

  • Rex Racer

    Rex Racer

    Month ago

    You could say its like taking a step back in time while watching lool

  • jbro74


    Month ago

    When he said they needed to locate the axle, I found it right away. Not sure what the problem was. Maybe I should come work with them. 😁

  • Claiborne Cassell

    Claiborne Cassell

    Month ago

    Can you date the job videos?

  • Out of Austin

    Out of Austin

    Month ago

    Trevor, you crack me up. Please comment and narrate more often. The look on Randy’s face after his mime work, “You’re a regular Marcel Marceau”. 😂🤣😅

  • Chuck Wagon

    Chuck Wagon

    Month ago

    Lizzy is gaining great skills!

  • njtProductions


    Month ago

    You should just build this in beamNG then modify it till its good, than build it in real life

  • Darlene Sexton

    Darlene Sexton

    Month ago

    Hello To All I think You all are awesome for what you do

  • Chris May

    Chris May

    Month ago

    Seems like a missed opportunity to claim being time travelers...

  • dk12811


    Month ago

    It's all about team work and having fun. Lizzy did a great job using the "MorDrill".

  • Rolf Karlsson

    Rolf Karlsson

    Month ago

    As one that has taught advanced machining: In general girls pickup faster then boys and get a better overall understanding so I wont be surprised if Lizzie soon is the one that gets the difficult jobs.
    Go get them girl (and remember, you can always blame the teacher...)

  • Glynn Paschall

    Glynn Paschall

    Month ago

    Love Lizzy, beautiful eyes, GREAT personality....Love HER!!! (0, I 'm 85 years young !) She's also a good driver!!

  • ITubeTooInc


    Month ago

    So basically you're peeling the banana...

  • 45belowsummer


    Month ago

    Very cool that you're going to be @ the Cache Valley Cruisin this weekend.... can't wait to see/ meet your crew & rigs.

  • R Monkey

    R Monkey

    Month ago

    I love Lizzy, I hope lots of young ladies watch her and learn how to be a wonderful and a strong person, Thank you Lizzy, I hope you inspire other young ladies to do whatever they want to do, while being classy and sassy. Good job kid.

  • Niko Territo

    Niko Territo

    Month ago

    Ok I think Lizzie is an actress in this horrible movie called "Once Upon a Time in Tombstone" you gotta check it out!

  • jamie Haynes

    jamie Haynes

    Month ago

    lizzy is more handy then most of the basic dudes i know

  • BleepinColt


    Month ago

    ORI's will be so rad on the Banana!! And Tucker is awesome!!

  • ken phillips

    ken phillips

    Month ago

    You need to get some safety glasses.

  • Tim's bits n pieces

    Tim's bits n pieces

    Month ago

    Lizzie can put Metal Fabricator on her CV from now on... She is welding better than most blokes I've seen trying to weld.

  • Ron Prevost

    Ron Prevost

    Month ago

    Matt's a great mentor. Guides them through the job and let's them do it.

  • Brandi Eastin

    Brandi Eastin

    Month ago

    Yay Tucker! Hey Matt maybe you need to hire a sammich maker for lunches?!

  • Woland


    Month ago

    You did not have to go through the trouble of taking the jeep apart - I could tell you up front: a pile or poorly made bolts and nuts.

  • Steven McGuire

    Steven McGuire

    Month ago

    Can we get back to recovery and stop with the repairs? Please!

  • Steve Miner

    Steve Miner

    Month ago

    Matt in the past I had to have a blast of metal shaving removed for my eye because I did NOT have eye protection. I love your show and don't want to see you or your team get hurt! Please take care of yourself and your team wear eye protection!!!

  • Explore With me

    Explore With me

    Month ago

    Tell me more about these “bushing” 😉

  • miles8291973


    Month ago

    Linzy kind of reminds me of Jessi Combs

  • Happy Camper

    Happy Camper

    Month ago

    You all are doing a great job! Real people doing real things while engaging & staying connected! The videos come when they come. Just keep doing what you're doing!

  • Kevin Doucette

    Kevin Doucette

    Month ago

    Marcle Marceau!! LOL!

  • Steve Parette

    Steve Parette

    Month ago

    Squinting ≠ Safety Glasses......
    Otherwise, another great video!

  • king killer

    king killer

    Month ago

    Fuck yea

  • Heath Weber

    Heath Weber

    Month ago

    I just saw the banana on a flatbed in scipio. What’s going on? Did you sell it?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Cache Valley car show, and fundraiser.

  • Troy winters

    Troy winters

    Month ago

    Good God girl fix your hair... Normally I'm okay with it but you're around the welder... Come on dad safety on everything else except for lighting your head on fire or getting it yanked out by something else first rule in the shop man

  • M Walker

    M Walker

    Month ago

    Short sleeves + welding = skin cancer

  • Mo Lopez

    Mo Lopez

    Month ago

    How are you NOT sponsored by MtDew yet? lol

  • Springfield 0612

    Springfield 0612

    Month ago

    I never knew I was so interested in hearing Matt talk about bushings......😁

  • Wisconsin Hounds

    Wisconsin Hounds

    Month ago

    I thought for sure he was going to touch it. I always get impatient and burn myself

  • SuperCreeky


    Month ago

    Is there a video telling who the people are? Like who they are and how they got involved with Matt's Off Road Recovery.

  • Tripp Williamson

    Tripp Williamson

    Month ago

    We love the content, Tucker...PLEASE normalize the audio....Its rough on the ears sometimes.

  • Gary Meredith

    Gary Meredith

    Month ago

    Safety goggles safety goggles where are they Matt you and your crew is not wearing them wait till you get something big stuck in your eyes .

  • Peter


    Month ago

    That there's a man's kinda woman. Lizzie the riveter.

  • A Z

    A Z

    Month ago

    I like the creativity, skills development and learning involved. On the safety note, approved safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn by all persons in the affected work area at all times. Also, any hair hanging below the shirt collar should be tucked into a cap or covering to prevent it from being pulled into rotating machinery or burning from hot sparks. Keep the videos coming, I don't like watching tv these days. 👍

  • L Boggan

    L Boggan

    Month ago

    God doesn’t make many girls like Lizzy! Take good care of her. Y’all are all fun to watch.

  • John Bouldin

    John Bouldin

    Month ago

    If I send y'all a case of safety glasses from Harbor Freight - will someone show Matt how to put them on?

  • Jeff Pepin

    Jeff Pepin

    Month ago

    if i read all comment i cant deny some people just want lizzy , but for me , really you need to Turbodiesel this jeep , you will never regret this decision , its not so hard to get an adapting plate for your transmission then put a cummins into it you will double your benefit by saving 50% gas , +bonus 50% more torque and 300% more fun , you made recovery , you need torque and somes MPG you team ,are all amazing , ( whole crew including lizzy )
    for real seriously , cummins the banana !!!!

  • brianearlhaines


    Month ago

    That's OK, I don't watch them in order anyway.

  • Gary Bowen

    Gary Bowen

    Month ago

    Lizzy don’t be shy to ask for help lifting heavy things. My back is destroyed because I didn’t. Also, learn how to lift correctly. Injuries set you back. Some permanently.

  • Bmwryder


    Month ago

    I figured when I saw the “banana” out doing recoveries, I figured you had a 2nd one somewhere, you run a business after all, so to me it made sense if you had to “bananas”.

  • teknizzle420


    Month ago

    Lizzy is so beautiful.

  • Mike Russon

    Mike Russon

    Month ago

    Great to see Lizzy doing the fabrication. Well done!👍

  • Dustin Tunis

    Dustin Tunis

    Month ago

    I expect there's a reason, but why plunge cut with the plasma cutter instead of starting at the end? I've never used one, I only have a general understanding of how they work, electricity + compressed air somehow equals metal cutting.

    • Jeff Pepin

      Jeff Pepin

      Month ago

      i think your method should be failless one day i will first time use a plasma cutter , and its your idea that i will use , hi from quebec canada , thanks !

  • Will Stone

    Will Stone

    Month ago

    "Is Matt going to touch it?" He is looking at it like he really really wants to. "OK I'll just kick it" LOL

  • Roger Carl

    Roger Carl

    Month ago

    With the price of steel you can’t screw up to much,but once again Lizzy excelled once again!!

  • Markus Möller

    Markus Möller

    Month ago

    Cool, I like that! Btw I have a 98 zj inline 6 what needs help! Greetings from Jamaica 🇯🇲👍

  • Steven Robertson

    Steven Robertson

    Month ago

    You must be a SUPER PROUD DAD!!!!!

  • John Lennon

    John Lennon

    Month ago

    Some people have to learn the hard way. I guess I was one of them. When I almost lost my eye, I remember thinking it was just going to be a quick cut with the 4" grinder, and my safety glasses were like 50' away so I'll just turn my head for a few seconds and be safe enough. A minute later I was driving to the hospital with one eye. And with blood streaming down my cheek onto my shirt. Then the Doctor takes a tool that looks like a chop-stick and starts probing the hole in my eye. One of the worst experiences of my life. At least the hospital was about 8 minutes away.