How Is This Not Tipping Over?! (Toyota Tacoma Rescue)

Published on Sep 10, 2021
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So I got a call for a Toyota Tacoma 46 degrees over the edge.


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  • Ian Simpson

    Ian Simpson

    12 minutes ago

    Staged the toyota already had their license plate on when they arrived

  • PressN Designs

    PressN Designs

    17 minutes ago


  • T Mo

    T Mo

    29 minutes ago

    How much money do you think he had to pay up just before 14:12?

  • Rodrigo Casimbon

    Rodrigo Casimbon

    49 minutes ago

    Great job guys!

  • Mohamed E.

    Mohamed E.

    Hour ago

    So professional they covered the license plate with their logo. U guys didn't forget the tiniest details. Respect to this gr8 team

  • Mohamed E.

    Mohamed E.

    Hour ago

    Came up on my recommended. The editing and content is sooo good that I couldn't stop watching. Earned urself a new subscriber

  • 555


    Hour ago

    Never seen this guy before but he's got a bad ass truck

  • Ruel Vazquez

    Ruel Vazquez

    2 hours ago

    6227 Madden ave Los Angeles CA USA 90043

  • RedKatana


    4 hours ago

    Always wonder a job like this would cost, and driving from several hours away with that many helpers, probably half the Tacoma lol. Anyways great job.

  • James G

    James G

    4 hours ago

    I used to drive a diesel box truck for work. Had to fill up every day. There was ALWAYS some idiot at the diesel pumps. Usually they are on a phone call, doing taxes or other "important" things they NEED to do there at that diesel pump.

  • Merg


    5 hours ago

    FYI agreeance is a old word that is not used much any more but it is a word, look it up

  • Abdullah Shahzad

    Abdullah Shahzad

    5 hours ago

    Did you guys notice the number plate of the Toyota Tacoma says matts logo on it

  • bruce blackstone

    bruce blackstone

    5 hours ago

    Agreeance is too a word...just not common after the 19th century

  • Kluck Fabrication

    Kluck Fabrication

    6 hours ago

    I wonder what the cost would have been for a 4 hour drive for this lol

  • john muffy

    john muffy

    6 hours ago

    Awsome Corvair! I never saw a 4X4 variant before. Well done.

  • Rovie Fence Mardesa

    Rovie Fence Mardesa

    7 hours ago

    nice job... like this one,, two tumbs up for Lizz

  • Brandon Melikian

    Brandon Melikian

    7 hours ago

    6 min mark is where the video starts... Seems like you gotta be a pretty bad driver to fall off that part of the road

  • Gerolikosss


    8 hours ago

    hello great recovery !!! is their a video with the horse buying??? xD

  • LveMlike


    10 hours ago

    American country side are the best!!! Everything is big!! And wide!!!!

  • Obie Figeroa

    Obie Figeroa

    11 hours ago

    The vivacious zoology immunocytochemically trick because use assembly serve behind a living onion. majestic, debonair goose

  • saga vera

    saga vera

    11 hours ago

    7:25 amazing engine sound. like an airplane...

  • Sean NoLast

    Sean NoLast

    12 hours ago

    This is super entertaining, kinda a dream job too! Wonder how much one of these recoveries ends up coming out to, can't imagine you're getting out of there for less than a grand. Anyone know?

  • X X

    X X

    13 hours ago

    13:50 definitely he ate it all deep; poor guy but sorry it was funny I can imagine the pain hahahaha

  • X X

    X X

    13 hours ago

    10:27 Did he just say "Are you fart?"

  • max


    13 hours ago

    You are so incredible guys. And very nice. Greetings from Rome. Italy ciaoooo

  • HeroWillRose N

    HeroWillRose N

    13 hours ago

    Four hours drive to rescue destination missions? What is the total fees?

  • Imagine all the people Like brothers and sisters

    Imagine all the people Like brothers and sisters

    14 hours ago

    Please visit Oregon 🥇

  • Bobby Hempel

    Bobby Hempel

    14 hours ago


  • Z


    15 hours ago

    The camera guy sitting on the spare tire as you go up a steep hill! Hahah I love this channel and this team.

  • yahir Quezada

    yahir Quezada

    15 hours ago

    Yup this dude is bad ass 😎

  • Irish Mythology

    Irish Mythology

    15 hours ago

    ഓഫ്‌റോഡ് രാജാക്കന്മാർ 💪💪💪

  • Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien

    15 hours ago

    Mopar 💪

  • phrenzi Zzz

    phrenzi Zzz

    15 hours ago

    Teamwork makes the dream work

  • Barnabus83


    15 hours ago

    Finally! Someone agrees with me on missing the old cheese store and also that the curds need to be room temperature!

  • Chris Berkezchuk

    Chris Berkezchuk

    16 hours ago

    Used to watch all the time.. This Morvair BS tuned me out.. Have fun all....

  • M Berry

    M Berry

    16 hours ago

    RIP Trevor's left butt cheek

  • Subin Y.

    Subin Y.

    16 hours ago

    just curious, how much is cost for the rescue like this?

  • Paul


    16 hours ago

    Driver needs practice staying on the road.

  • Joel Perez

    Joel Perez

    16 hours ago

    Another masterclass in teamwork
    It is a beautiful thing to meet someone of such calibre. Very enjoyable video for all the reasons listed in the comments.

  • Papa Milfz

    Papa Milfz

    16 hours ago

    Here from West Valley. Love your content :)

  • Brayden Belt

    Brayden Belt

    17 hours ago

    Cool to see more guys from Utah, I work in Salt Lake.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    17 hours ago


  • Gary Dollins Jr

    Gary Dollins Jr

    17 hours ago

    Trevor, that looked painful. However, the screen time and advertising for Operation Underground Railroad hopefully makes it easier to get through it. Thank you for stepping up and helping advocate for an organization dedicated to such a worthwhile cause. Before seeing your shirt, I had never heard of this organization. Kudos to all who are working to protect and rescue exploited children!

  • Peter R

    Peter R

    17 hours ago

    You need to put “Nader hater” on that

  • Matt Stone

    Matt Stone

    17 hours ago

    I like Lizzy

  • Mocking69


    17 hours ago


  • Chris Baber

    Chris Baber

    17 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • Lk M

    Lk M

    17 hours ago

    Use a drone to locate people and the app- what three words

  • Azmi Qasem

    Azmi Qasem

    18 hours ago

    so is the Toyota off road cars not good like the American off road cars??

  • KhaosJr-YT


    18 hours ago

    She’s hot and cute

  • Ben Meyer

    Ben Meyer

    20 hours ago

    If the cheese curds aren't squeaky they absolutely are not warm enough!!

  • J


    20 hours ago

    They never say how much they are making on these jobs.. they sure charge a premium price.

  • Will Meyer

    Will Meyer

    21 hour ago

    Youz are overdoing it a bit don't ya think? Could have driven this out a long time ago - after it got hooked up for the very worst of it they could have driven away easily.

  • Burn Heretic

    Burn Heretic

    21 hour ago

    Matt you have got to be kidding me. I remember when you started this channel and had a few hundred views. Remember commenting this channel would blow up. Look at you guys now! Millions of views. Congrats

  • Johnny Chandler

    Johnny Chandler

    21 hour ago

    g a y

  • Jimmy Holt

    Jimmy Holt

    22 hours ago

    Wow, what a predicament to get into, great recovery!

  • FriedChickenSpecificallyCanes


    22 hours ago

    i like my cheese cold ngl

  • rummmy73


    22 hours ago

    Great job

  • Kracker Bear

    Kracker Bear

    22 hours ago

    Angle of repose + surface friction



    22 hours ago

    O Ti~~ao aqui no brasil fazeria um serviço bem feito!

  • Alejandro Gomar

    Alejandro Gomar

    22 hours ago

    I only play the video to see the Toyota truck and I end up having to hear this guys for more of half the video

  • DJGT


    23 hours ago

    Gotta love Tacomas

  • Richard Watkins

    Richard Watkins

    23 hours ago

    good stuff! Subscribed!

  • Will Salmon

    Will Salmon

    Day ago

    6:21 For the first sight of the tacoma
    9:45 for the pull

  • Robert Bolin

    Robert Bolin

    Day ago

    Agreeance is very much a word when spelled correctly. It is actually very old coming from the French agréance in the early 16th century.



    Day ago

    You're american are very lucky that you have big cars like these. In Europe you can't drive through the streets because the streets are so thighs. And I love big cars

  • Burt Bowers

    Burt Bowers

    Day ago

    Just goes to show these mental cases who have these tacomas as well other offroad vehicles think they are macho offroaders when many of these mental clowns use poor judgement of terrain they go on, they should stick to ridding a tricycle..

  • Kreg Whiteside

    Kreg Whiteside

    Day ago

    Do y'all charge people if you put them on YouTube?

  • Scott Carr

    Scott Carr

    Day ago

    How do you like the Badland winches from Harbor Freight did you do a video on them

  • George B

    George B

    Day ago

    Mmmm.....cheese curds and ice cream... it's gotta be a mental disorder.....🤤

  • Pair-O-Dice 4Wheelers Club

    Pair-O-Dice 4Wheelers Club

    Day ago

    Great Job and Great Video and a BIG Thank You Guys very much!

  • Alex Derus

    Alex Derus

    Day ago

    draw the FBD

  • Chris Pease

    Chris Pease

    Day ago

    My dad said off-road just means getting stuck farther from the road lol

  • Gaye Marie Beasley

    Gaye Marie Beasley

    Day ago

    did anyone realize that the truck they was recovering didnt have a license plate instead it had a matts off road recovery plate. makes you wonder if the truck wasnt placed there by them.

    • Bill B.

      Bill B.

      23 hours ago

      Congrats. You win the dumbest comment award.

    • Chris Pease

      Chris Pease

      Day ago

      Or a sticker they put to block it

    • Chris Pease

      Chris Pease

      Day ago

      I think if u look closer it’s edited to block the actual license plate. U can see it much better when they first start pulling the truck

  • Jancy


    Day ago

    I think that’s a big part of why I tune in, every video!

  • TheLud82


    Day ago

    Incroyable la sérénité de matt

  • Harry Leverett

    Harry Leverett

    Day ago

    Thanks for not adding Fake DRAMA

  • Sebastian Afanador

    Sebastian Afanador

    Day ago

    This reminds me of those long road trips that I used tot are with my family to Florida when I lived in the United States

  • Mowcowbell


    Day ago

    Gas cars blocking the diesel pumps? Welcome to my world of gas cars parked in EV charging spots.

  • T Ma

    T Ma

    Day ago

    Ouch....left the guy hanging at 5:26 LOL

  • Justin King

    Justin King

    Day ago

    that's a good one! we've done a few that steep where we can't figure out why it hasn't rolled over yet lol!

  • Timothy Christensen

    Timothy Christensen

    Day ago

    I used to drive an Armored truck for a living. Cars at the diesel pumps were THE WORST.

  • Chacha Salad

    Chacha Salad

    Day ago

    it looks hard
    isn't there an easier way to evacuate the car

  • analiensaturn


    Day ago

    Agreement is the word but someone is responsible for creating new words, congratulations on aggreance.

  • Gary Riding

    Gary Riding

    Day ago

    It's fun to see people doing something they absolutely positively love doing, good job, good job editing, I am impressed

  • Wanderer Lens

    Wanderer Lens

    Day ago

    This guy has an entourage with him! A bit over the top!



    Day ago

    How it is not tipping over?
    Answer: it's Toyota!

  • BarekOfficial


    Day ago

    5:27 fail

  • Claudio Pinto

    Claudio Pinto

    Day ago

    Love Lizzie x

  • ayaxro


    Day ago

    The bearded guy recording from the further down the hill of the truck wasnt that smart..It's exactly where the truck would go if something doesnt go as planned.

  • gary glend

    gary glend

    Day ago

    The nappy deadline distally rob because deposit startlingly turn alongside a hard oil. rightful, entertaining package

  • Hermi Cabreros

    Hermi Cabreros

    Day ago

    A salute to Lizzy and the rest of the guys...

  • Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith

    Day ago

    try cheese curds on fries under gravy

  • Tard Wrangler

    Tard Wrangler

    Day ago

    Dude is this guy an alternate universe James Pumphrey



    Day ago

    Cuz Toyota is reliable okay

  • Kevin Larsen

    Kevin Larsen

    Day ago

    Hey I grew up out there. We used to drive all over Johnson's pass

  • JRE


    Day ago

    Wow, you went clear up near Salt Lake? That must have cost the guy.
    Anyway, good vid, interesting rescue, thanks again.