How Do I Stay In Business? 3 Rescues Like This!

Published on Aug 11, 2021
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So I got a call for Zion, Babylon Mills road, and my most loyal customer keep me in business.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Nan Ali

    Nan Ali

    9 hours ago

    93 degrees is like freezing cold

  • Zack K

    Zack K

    17 hours ago

    Libtards can't drive

  • Floridaasshole


    20 hours ago

    Can we take a moment at 4:07 and just admire how beautiful she is

  • Mizikefireazt


    Day ago

    Matt, you’re just such a good guy. I love watching the videos.

  • 31446963048


    Day ago

    Everytime I see people smiling and holding that t-shirt all I can think is how expensive it is.

  • KlenKlitz


    Day ago

    Toyota day lol

  • Darrin Rentruc

    Darrin Rentruc

    Day ago

    They do have warning signs but the rescue companies keep pulling them down.



    Day ago

    Anyone know about what he charges?

  • SABAM25177


    Day ago

    WTF? Racing slicks even...

  • Dulan Sudasinghe

    Dulan Sudasinghe

    2 days ago

    I don't know why, I love this channel. It's not like I ever drive off-road. Funny how some channels have that homely feeling. You guys are great.

  • Oncina Productions

    Oncina Productions

    2 days ago

    this first pullout is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

  • joeashbubemma


    2 days ago

    Why do people insist on going OFF road with cars designed to be ON road? You need a sign? How about reading your owner's manual. If we needed a sign to prevent stupid people from doing stupid things....Imbeciles create demand, the Free Market fulfills as always.

  • Ranger77


    2 days ago

    She thought it would be a food idea to "go play" in sand dunes with a heavy ass stock expedition with street tires?

  • Dan Brownell Fuzzy

    Dan Brownell Fuzzy

    2 days ago

    I would make psychological rescues. I would leave them there stuck, but I would ask them how they really feel about it.

  • Scott Weiss

    Scott Weiss

    3 days ago

    There should be a sign up there that says don’t take your front wheel car drive off ride in the damn desert sand

  • Yourlame


    3 days ago

    Jillian is the goat

  • Guns and Things

    Guns and Things

    3 days ago

    It’s a rental….maybe you should have read the rental contract and paid special attention to the no off road driving

  • DMO1798


    3 days ago

    Jillian FTW

  • Joshua Aaron

    Joshua Aaron

    3 days ago

    “They should put a sign up there.”
    - Guy yeeting a rental Highlander in the desert

  • Joshua Aaron

    Joshua Aaron

    3 days ago

    We’re seeing the limitations of the Camry TRD pro.

  • Brian Harris

    Brian Harris

    3 days ago

    I love how excited people are with the shirt.

  • Email Email

    Email Email

    4 days ago

    Is Jamie the wife?

  • Enrico Brown

    Enrico Brown

    4 days ago

    “There should be a sign or some kind of warning.” Um how about you don’t take a damn road car off roading. I don’t care if it’s AWD.

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago

    Awesome Recovery..🤝🤝

  • andrew warui

    andrew warui

    5 days ago

    max did run off, so w e need to see that part where Max was recovered, ha ha ha ha ha

  • L Boggan

    L Boggan

    5 days ago

    There is a boy in your back seat.

  • Robert Hiekel

    Robert Hiekel

    5 days ago

    I never see anybody pay you. Are the tows free, then you work the youtube income angle ? Just curious...

  • LES


    5 days ago

    Three Toyota Camrys back to back? 😳

  • Nancy McNeill

    Nancy McNeill

    6 days ago

    Go jillian! You're my hero.

  • kings17court


    6 days ago

    That 2 for 1 starting at 6:30, do they pay the same amount? Or does the first one pay mileage and rescue, and the second just rescue? Or how does that work?

  • Electric


    7 days ago

    I wonder if they are concerned about interacting with unvaccinated people especially with Ed in tow?

  • Ed Perry

    Ed Perry

    8 days ago

    There aughta be a sign. Dumbass, the sign was the dirt and sand road.

  • Nathan Tranbarger

    Nathan Tranbarger

    8 days ago

    Boy howdy, I knew that guy was from NY/NJ the second he opened his mouth...

  • Bee Thao

    Bee Thao

    9 days ago

    I just wonder how much you charge for their stupidity I know that if you are stuck out of Pismo beach out on the dunes n no helps you it cost around 300 up

  • MegaBrorsan


    9 days ago

    How much does a vanilla rescue like the Toyotas cost them?

  • outdoor adventures

    outdoor adventures

    9 days ago

    Matt your channel is genius and it has nothing do to with you pulling stranded vehicles. It's about your attitude and how you treat others around you. Well done sir!

  • tim banderson

    tim banderson

    11 days ago

    They should put a sign up there? There is no sign for lack of common sense.

  • chipperchas


    11 days ago

    Idk if you’ll see this but I’m curious about your cage design, why did you do the linear bars on top instead of B and C pillars, or an average cage design? I’d be worried about the doors crushing in a roll over but maybe I’m missing something

  • Buck Allen

    Buck Allen

    11 days ago

    Is that a Corvair station wagon ??? We need a video on that vechicle !

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      11 days ago

      I have a whole playlist going through the whole build process.

  • H Rod

    H Rod

    13 days ago

    Started watching at 0:47 and wow!! Thought things turned kinda 😳

  • John vidal

    John vidal

    13 days ago

    93 degrees is nice in AZ summer. Come out to AZ at 120 degrees 🤫🤙🤣

  • John vidal

    John vidal

    13 days ago

    For sure you need a quiktrip gas station for great quality fast food. You can get , pretzel, person pizza, clothes pizza to go within a great time🤙

  • Kiel Carson

    Kiel Carson

    13 days ago

    Maine gang 🤙



    13 days ago

    wow... that desert is like a bottomless well of stuck idiots.....

  • Down by the river

    Down by the river

    14 days ago

    "This is a rental, so be careful..."
    I guess hes implying that if the car wasnt a rental, matt and crew get the green card to beat the F*** outta people's vehicles?

  • Ickess


    14 days ago

    Love your rig. Know it’s purpose built but I’d drive it around all the time and know I’d be safe to go most every where haha. What is built off of?

  • Diesel-td


    14 days ago

    But sorry, these rescues all seem free, I don't think so. Who confirms me? Thanks.

  • rodrigo carrillo

    rodrigo carrillo

    14 days ago

    What is the point of the twisting of the wheel hubs?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      14 days ago

      Connecting the wheel to the driven axle.

  • Fernando boss

    Fernando boss

    14 days ago

    I'm a super fan of your channel Matt can I get a shirt??

  • Beverly Roemer

    Beverly Roemer

    15 days ago

    Poor Maxi… it was birds fault I promise 😂😁😂😁

  • Gregory Parrott

    Gregory Parrott

    16 days ago

    I'm still waiting for Trevor to again set up an awning equipped with A/C on top of a dune at Sand Hollow

  • UnlimitedMatt


    16 days ago

    Jillian needs a punch card! She'd be halfway to her free tow. lol

  • Psyberius Black

    Psyberius Black

    16 days ago

    Jillian saw the “Expedition” badge on that Ford when she bought it and has been taking it literally ever since 😂

  • SuperSymun


    16 days ago

    Saw the T and thought I could see more 4runners or Tacos… wth

  • Lamar


    18 days ago

    I'm curious do you do AAA calls?

  • Jim Wednt

    Jim Wednt

    18 days ago

    Gotta get on that a/c project , I want to see how you do it . 😁

  • Gary Lucas

    Gary Lucas

    18 days ago

    This may sound silly, I've never been off road in sand, but could you ever use a leaf blower to change the topography of the sand or to "dig" out a buried vehicle during a recovery?

  • c karlsen

    c karlsen

    19 days ago

    "Here's your sign"

  • JoeJ8282


    19 days ago

    Oh Lizzy, leave it up to her to make the "That's what she said" comment of the day; "...It was about this tall and about this big around... It was nice!... Tastes like a regular one..."
    Girl, you're opening up a whole can of worms with that statement! LOL!



    19 days ago

    so the woman at 13:00 why is she going to "play" with street tires? can someone tell her to buy different tiers for sand?

  • Provaider1987


    20 days ago

    7:20 some had some fun in this car, look at the door panel :D

  • Brian Donovan

    Brian Donovan

    20 days ago

    No other expedition has expeditioned like Jillian’s!

  • glenn alexon

    glenn alexon

    20 days ago

    What is this "B Roll" you speak of?

  • nobody important

    nobody important

    20 days ago

    Well Garth, if you stop giving trucks to the taliban you will probably do better with that tow truck sham.

  • # Coach2win

    # Coach2win

    21 day ago

    Jillian…..1st time can happen to anyone 2nd time Gotta be more careful 3rd time maybe a different vehicle or learn how to drive?

  • 1shot barbeque

    1shot barbeque

    21 day ago

    Ha ha.. here's your sign.

  • GOTTONS? 97

    GOTTONS? 97

    21 day ago

    Guy: They should put a warning sign up there.
    Sign: Welcome to Sand Hollow 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Jason Grimes

    Jason Grimes

    21 day ago

    You should offer Jillian a job. She helped us out when I broke both diffs in my rzr.

    • Jillian's Adventures

      Jillian's Adventures

      6 days ago

      Hey, Jason! That was fun!

  • Mike E

    Mike E

    22 days ago

    I appreciate the Celsius temps as well! Lol

  • erepsekahs


    22 days ago

    Daym, I could listen to that young lady talk about the size of her corn dog all day long.

  • Bruce P

    Bruce P

    23 days ago

    Matt, You are in the rescuing business and traction is where its at! Have you considered the possibility of using dualies front and back like a ventract tractor can be configured. It might be a nice thing for getting through the sand.

  • ethen williamson

    ethen williamson

    23 days ago

    What’s the hitch he uses on morrvair

  • K Scott

    K Scott

    23 days ago

    Im curious-what makes this Corvair handle soooo much better in the sand than all these other vehicles they rescue?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      23 days ago

      Power to weight, and pounds to Square inches on the ground.

  • RidgeRunner4X4


    23 days ago

    When I was in Utah, offroading in my Heavy Chevy, there were always warning signs on those type trails... I think these recovery guys have a couple hunnerd warning signs in their shed, LOL!

  • V S

    V S

    23 days ago

    10:57 we will wear this proudly in brooklyn NY

  • ezbdaniels


    23 days ago

    The corvair sounds so much better than the 4.0 in the banana:) looks better too

  • fourforty RoadRunner

    fourforty RoadRunner

    24 days ago

    I don't know when people will learn that "RV's" are not "off road vehicles" LOLOL

  • T Ritchie

    T Ritchie

    24 days ago

    That Jillian seems like a likable good natured sort. Question though, sense Jymie instructed you to put the AC in,does that mean you have to put the AC in?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson

    24 days ago

    Finally at 1:38 my years of yelling at youtube about matt and his people not wearing seatbelts paid off.

  • J3llyManTV


    24 days ago

    I know its all in good fun but a heavy expedition on stock street tires is not a good idea lol

    • Jillian's Adventures

      Jillian's Adventures

      22 days ago

      Those weren't stock street tires. They are Toyo A/T aired down. So much fun!!!😂

  • Jdorffer


    25 days ago

    Fuck you 90 temp and no ac I quit

  • Jdorffer


    25 days ago

    Cars sand is not a road go around

  • Green Bird

    Green Bird

    25 days ago

    700k in YT subscribes.
    Don't BULLSHIT us.

    • Green Bird

      Green Bird

      25 days ago

      Unsubscribed from your sorry assed crybaby be vlog. Lizzy about dumb as a box a rocks!

  • Cory Robin

    Cory Robin

    25 days ago

    Combining Off Roading with Aviation. Check out my backcountry flying videos with my heavily modified monster bush plane “Ghost”. 🤙❤️ We should get together and do a collab.

  • JustInTime


    26 days ago

    the second guy, such a tool.

  • Dacia Project

    Dacia Project

    26 days ago

    “…yeah, anyway…” 😂

  • Dale Furno

    Dale Furno

    26 days ago

    You make the majority of money from Youtube, that's how you stay in business.

  • Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear

    26 days ago

    Common sense isnt so common any more is it.

  • Bannedone 3ice

    Bannedone 3ice

    26 days ago

    Seems like people are listening to Scotty 😁😁😁

  • Randall Justice

    Randall Justice

    26 days ago

    OK one more for her punch card.

  • splazzh


    27 days ago

    If Matt know you by name, shouldn't it be time for you invest in some recovery gears?

  • Nic Holbrook

    Nic Holbrook

    27 days ago

    Looks like she got some new tires finally! Lol Doesn't have a car full of kids this time.

  • BransonFuller


    28 days ago

    You gotta go fast. When you’re having fun it goes by quicker 😂

  • Thuramir's House

    Thuramir's House

    28 days ago

    its both insane and not surprising how stupid some people can be, but props to people for trying to have fun

  • Smith Family Designs

    Smith Family Designs

    28 days ago

    There needs to be one of those signs similar to the safety signs that say "Days since last incident", except "Days since last Jillian recovery" :)
    BUT.. She's having fun, not hurting anyone. If I had places like that around me, I'd likely be doing the same.

  • Brent Nye

    Brent Nye

    28 days ago

    Good thing your *customer* had a shovel.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      28 days ago

      Sometimes you’re good, and sometimes you’re lucky. I’ll take either one.

  • Sid Heathman

    Sid Heathman

    28 days ago

    How cute husband and wife towing you guys are awesome thanks for the great video

  • Matt T

    Matt T

    29 days ago

    A warning sign did this genius drive there with his eyes closed

  • JP O

    JP O

    29 days ago

    Utah is definitely a "Tourist Trap". Watch out for the quicksand!