Holy Smokes This Is Really Steep!

Published on May 14, 2021
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So I got a call for a Jeep Wrangler on the side of a mountain too steep to tow it down.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Jambo Rmbac

    Jambo Rmbac

    22 hours ago

    Holly smokes is a pagan believe. Smoke is not a holly

  • Tyler Gainey

    Tyler Gainey

    Day ago

    Need the five ton to carry around Matt’s balls of steel! 🤯

  • Sean Allyn

    Sean Allyn

    Day ago

    I love the Morevair i want one of my own that thing is bad a$$

  • Fred's Full Throttle

    Fred's Full Throttle

    2 days ago

    Just found this channel, and have been transfixed and in awe. Fantastic content, love watching your adventures! Thanks for making these!

  • jk22850


    3 days ago

    The palms of my hands got sweaty watching that one!

  • steve scoville

    steve scoville

    3 days ago

    OMG…my hands are sweating just watching from my couch

  • Dennis Maldonado

    Dennis Maldonado

    4 days ago

    How have I never seen this channel. Matt is the GOAT

  • send it

    send it

    4 days ago

    god I love the truck you built guys it is awesome that guy is an idiot for trying to take a jeep up that my best friend in school died rolling a jeep on a big hill and that jeep looks almost stock wtf are people thinking

  • M Vazquez

    M Vazquez

    4 days ago

    owwff Sketchy!! Congrats on a job well done, but also..Please stay safe !!

  • Beez783


    5 days ago

    I mean awesome recovery as usual...and that was a steep slope. Would airing down the jeep not have helped? I mean it had that roof top tent to help with it's center of gravity :)

  • Joe Sambrano

    Joe Sambrano

    5 days ago

    lizzy u dah man/ uh girl !

  • Jeeper80


    6 days ago

    The weight of stuff on the roof rack doesn't help the situation. Just makes the Jeep top heavy.

  • Jeeper80


    6 days ago

    Did he come down in Low range first gear? Looks like his front wheels weren't holding back.

  • kevin strohaber

    kevin strohaber

    6 days ago

    I couldn’t figure out how to send your channel a direct message for a suggestion lol. So I thought I’d just drop a comment on the video that made me think of the suggestion haha. Anyways, have you thought about adding line locks to your brakes? You could use it as an emergency brake on steep hills or when winching. Let me know what you think.

  • Eugene Redsteer

    Eugene Redsteer

    6 days ago

    That is super scary. In my younger days...I did things like that with no fear...but don't think I would attemp that now lol. Awesome recovery.

  • KF Baxter

    KF Baxter

    6 days ago

    Get rid of that worthless rooftop tent.

  • Dweeble Knievel

    Dweeble Knievel

    7 days ago

    That was a nail biter! Good work!

  • Jim Elliott

    Jim Elliott

    7 days ago

    still amazed by what stupid people will try to do with stock or mostly stock tires/vehicles. If you are doing serious off roading they need to be set up for it. I guess it gives Matt job security.

  • Dafydd Humphreys

    Dafydd Humphreys

    7 days ago

    Get a Defender lol

  • Dafydd Humphreys

    Dafydd Humphreys

    7 days ago

    Couldn't you have attached a line to the roof bars for extra stability and turn it around where it was.

    • Dafydd Humphreys

      Dafydd Humphreys

      7 days ago

      Just seen the angle...ffs lol

  • GoProJoe360


    8 days ago

    Matt, your a legend. I feel sick just watching it 🤢

  • Mungo Jerry

    Mungo Jerry

    9 days ago

    That Jeep had NO business being up there.

  • pangrac1


    9 days ago

    Hey girl you have clinometer in you phone. Just put it on the edge of the windows and read the value. 😉🤓

  • Zachary Cranor

    Zachary Cranor

    9 days ago

    I've seen Matt drive a lot of things that most would consider sketchy at best but this is the first time I've ever seen him truly white knuckles! Lol

  • eastcoastrifraf


    10 days ago

    Meh... too many hosts now.

  • Andrew Alba

    Andrew Alba

    10 days ago

    Doesn’t look like the Jeep was aired down at all that would have helped a lot

  • Utah York

    Utah York

    10 days ago

    Matt's eyes say it all!

  • Herb's Hunters

    Herb's Hunters

    10 days ago

    What a Cutie ,She sure makes them Jeans 👖 Talks

  • theshyguitarist


    10 days ago

    Darn. That Morrvair is a beast.

  • Imadirtnigga


    11 days ago

    at 7:04ish, what is that big white thing on the rigght?

  • Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    12 days ago

    I have an ok built gladiator kings and 37s and I wouldn’t even take my rig up that trail this dude had some balls

  • matt thornton

    matt thornton

    12 days ago

    I just climbed that hill how in the world did you guys have a successful recovery and film it at the same time without anybody getting hurt. GREAT JOB.

  • Tommy C

    Tommy C

    12 days ago

    Great job EVERYONE

  • george31380


    13 days ago

    You gotta turn the traction control off on them things, if there is no button then look for a fuse to pull for it, and if there is no Fuzse for it then its tied to the abs system pull that Fuse. One of those three options will disable the traction control, same concept in the sand it can screw you over.

  • Craig Mcdonald

    Craig Mcdonald

    13 days ago

    The drone shots really captured the steepness of that rescue. Great job!

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    13 days ago

    I expected to see a few mountain goats hiking around.

  • Le Morte Games

    Le Morte Games

    14 days ago

    I've watched 150 of matt's vids and this is the only one he's ever looked stressed in... heh man..not sure I could have done it..

  • CluelessBeekeeping


    14 days ago

    I don't know anything about off roading...so, anyone---why did they pull & drive the cars up the hill so they could just turn around and go back down? Why didn't they just back up?

  • Jon1320abq Albuquerque

    Jon1320abq Albuquerque

    15 days ago

    Lizzy is know for her weather reports!

  • Nick Vlassis

    Nick Vlassis

    17 days ago

    Do you guys ever get pisssed at these people who’s vehicle exceeds their ability?

  • Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds

    17 days ago

    If you were on a roof id say 7 or 8 on 12 pitch! Which is steep!

  • Missouri Jack

    Missouri Jack

    18 days ago

    I've never been in a rubber tired machine on that steep of a grade, but I've pipelined across several different mountains east of the Mississippi River that were stepper. You boys work well together. Always remember be thy brothers keeper.

  • X Y

    X Y

    18 days ago

    always hold the camera level, or we can't see how steep it really is

  • Jim Webb

    Jim Webb

    18 days ago

    8:23 Matt says "ok, we're going". Thinks to himself "I hope".

  • robert w

    robert w

    20 days ago

    Need to turn the cameras level with the horizon… rotated my iPad at 8:44 until the horizon was level and Jesus that’s ridiculously steep… the jeep is almost directly below him straight down… a gimbal mount that keeps the camera level would probably show this type of terrain better…

  • Michael Abbott

    Michael Abbott

    20 days ago

    Up to the moon

  • brianbirc


    21 day ago

    Glad I got lockers when changing MY GEAR RATIO ON MY LONG TRAVEL 4X4 Full Size Bronco prerunner I built/am building? its hard to stop off road builds aint easy and take some work and $$ or a lot of $$$$ I do not have enough of.for ) Legal power,upgrade body requirements for tire clearance,.transmission build and suspension upgrades all riding on King Shocks (thanks for the GREAT shocks a lot of Permagrin on my face ! Brett I am a happy customer ! I found out I walked right past ballistic BJ Baldwin at the Mint 400 contingency y to the trailer to thank you when looking at pics my girl took of the cute kids he was entertaining. Thanks Again on the green and tan Bronco.

  • Eric


    21 day ago

    So is it the Coorvair or Moorvair ?

  • Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    22 days ago

    You guys need to take a plumb bob with you

  • seminole Rick

    seminole Rick

    22 days ago

    Was worried I was gonna hafta go rescue
    Lizzie ! lol

  • Jeff Schimke

    Jeff Schimke

    23 days ago

    Nothing better than being with a beautiful lady with a beautiful view

  • Dennis Boesiger

    Dennis Boesiger

    24 days ago

    Know the feeling Matt. Wide eyed, monkey barring the steering wheel, that "core" firing up, oh and forgetting to breath.

  • Pags54


    24 days ago

    I wouldn't call it fear but there was definite concern in Matt's eyes at times.

  • Aegedus Officiel

    Aegedus Officiel

    26 days ago

    Lizzie, there is some smartphone apps to measure angle .... but sometime, it 's good to just ignore this kind of scary information !

  • Aegedus Officiel

    Aegedus Officiel

    26 days ago

    Wahou !!??? that was an hard one !! And finally for a no way track !! At least, landscape was sublime !

  • Larry Klein

    Larry Klein

    26 days ago

    Scared the HE.. out of me just watching this. I've been on some steep inclines but nothing like that one. Way to go Matt, and team.

  • Mike Hoffman

    Mike Hoffman

    28 days ago

    That Jeep was squatting A LOT in the back. Not sure why they decided that was the best trail to take.

  • J B

    J B

    28 days ago

    My anxiety was like 📈

  • SavagefromtheRAQ


    29 days ago

    lizzy looking sexy as ever 😏

  • Texoma LakeRat

    Texoma LakeRat

    29 days ago

    The morvaire just sounds so awesome.

  • Paul keen

    Paul keen

    Month ago

    i bet ford is real happy to see this video, with the release of the bronco

  • Riaan Ferreira

    Riaan Ferreira

    Month ago

    Matt: Holy Smokes… that’s the Wtf moment right there. Great work guys.

  • Steven Goldschmidt

    Steven Goldschmidt

    Month ago

    The driver's seat had to be reupholstered after this recovery

  • Shred Boise

    Shred Boise

    Month ago

    Nope. Not gonna.

  • D Lambert

    D Lambert

    Month ago

    So sketchy.

  • Fuck YoutubeCensorship

    Fuck YoutubeCensorship

    Month ago

    What vehicle is the one that mat using man I really want one.

  • Old Scout

    Old Scout

    Month ago

    Please tell where this is !! It is beautiful up there. If you can go back & identify where different places you can see from there ! Have you ever had your Jeep any where this steep before ?

  • 000TheFlash000


    Month ago

    What car is this?

  • Cody Carter

    Cody Carter

    Month ago

    I have had my RZR Turbo S 4 up that before. I can relate! Turning around at the top was super sketch! I would never take a jeep up that!

  • xPercomaniacx


    Month ago

    You need a radio headset so you can communicate. One thing that kills is lack of communication.

  • roger coleman

    roger coleman

    Month ago

    Fighty mine job crew..get the juices flowin early.

  • Sonny Surles

    Sonny Surles

    Month ago

    That was great! Found myself holding my breath!

  • M Stratix

    M Stratix

    Month ago

    WoW!! Well done 👍 backing down something like that is as dangerous as it gets.

  • stin987


    Month ago

    Use the angle tool on your phone when you wanna measure the slope.

  • Asty Isda

    Asty Isda

    Month ago

    XJ Cherokee is more better.

  • Lucky Larry

    Lucky Larry

    Month ago

    That thing is the ultimate of road vehicle.

  • The Frady Farm

    The Frady Farm

    Month ago

    I love the merch but you should add "I got rescued by MORR" to the shirts you give to your customers.

  • The Frady Farm

    The Frady Farm

    Month ago

    Well my anxiety went through the roof watching y'all turn around at the top.

  • Choose A New Name

    Choose A New Name

    Month ago

    Dolled up Jeep: Check.
    Roof top tent: Check
    Patagonia fleece: Check
    Equals: More "overlanders" who got themselves in a lot of trouble.

  • Ruffs94


    Month ago

    6:23 my new screen background :)

  • New Jersey Overland & 4x4

    New Jersey Overland & 4x4

    Month ago

    In GTAV I'd have made it up that in a prius.

  • Jeremy Fenix

    Jeremy Fenix

    Month ago

    A still shot of 12:19 would be epic for the shop wall!!

  • Sophia


    Month ago

    Matt your team is amazing!!! Matts incredible off road recover and tow

  • Random Dude

    Random Dude

    Month ago

    Curious what it cost him?

  • qubit 000

    qubit 000

    Month ago

    What's the point of trying to drive up something this steep next to a cliff?

  • Marg T

    Marg T

    Month ago

    You guys have me very Nervous

  • Zundfolge1432


    Month ago

    Well I'll be, I just figured out why all the jeeps on this channel have what looks like a rifle butt tear in the headliner lol. Access point for wires as noted by the missing windshield pillar plastic

  • Allen


    Month ago

    my dog is named rowdy and he loves when lizzy says his name his ears perk up and he crys lol he is an American bulldog

  • Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia

    Month ago

    MATT TRY LOW RANGE next time low gear and low range instead of riding on your brakes

  • RZR Rakkasan

    RZR Rakkasan

    Month ago

    I don't get it. I have made other comments about jeeps in the past and people hate. I'm not talking folks that have a "real" jeep and know what they're doing, I'm talking cheese d****s like this that take a Jeep that is a piece of crap and think they can go on terrain that, for one: can't handle the terrain, and two: The operator can't handle the terrain, but, because the weenie has a "Jeep," he/she thinks they have business where they are at. I'm a side by side driver and come across these idiots all the time. I respect my Jeep counterparts because they may pull me out of a jam, but these idiots need to educate themselves of the capabilities of their "Jeep" before they venture off on ridge lines like that (or analyze how big they THINK their nuts are). Love the channel, have been away a while. Gonna binge watch with beer.

  • RZR Rakkasan

    RZR Rakkasan

    Month ago

    Haven't watched in a while, Love the new paint scheme.

  • casey m

    casey m

    Month ago

    Hey look at me everybody! My Jeep can go anywhere... Uh, oh 😵

  • Jon Thunderhawk

    Jon Thunderhawk

    Month ago

    Where is the parachute?

  • Jon Thunderhawk

    Jon Thunderhawk

    Month ago

    Hope the brakes hold.Spread your wings Lizzie and fly

  • Always Tempted

    Always Tempted

    Month ago

    "Run up and down this road a couple times a day and you'll be in shape in a week!"
    Or dead...🤣

  • FunkyMarcel


    Month ago

    man I was getting sick just sitting in my living room !

  • Paulo Brilhante

    Paulo Brilhante

    Month ago

    That's is some crazy shit ,were the hell were they going ???

  • Fall Guy

    Fall Guy

    Month ago

    first time I've seen Matt look nervous...

  • tdkeyes1


    Month ago

    They could have backed down assuming 4 wheel disk brakes. No way with rear drums.

  • S Diltz

    S Diltz

    Month ago

    Central Illinois here and haven't seen an incline like that within 200 miles and happy about that. Gave me anxiety. screw this lol