Did We Find Our Next Vehicle To Build?

Published on May 16, 2021
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So I got a call to test out a 5 ton 6x6. How does it hold up to the Banana at Sand Hollow?

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  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Day ago

    The paltry softball socially bury because bat dentsply ruin than a optimal parrot. damp, dangerous november

  • Pedro Le

    Pedro Le

    Day ago

    ED always have the weather report in a blink of en eye a real Hack

  • MSA 454

    MSA 454

    3 days ago

    A lot harder to find, but a 1070 surplus vehicle. Dual 40k winches, 8 wheel drive, it's used to recover stuck military equipment.

  • shane haines

    shane haines

    3 days ago

    What they need to realize its a tractor so it needs weight over the rear wheels . Its very capable

  • gilberto gomez hernandez

    gilberto gomez hernandez

    3 days ago


  • Six_VI_Six


    4 days ago

    Matt love you're channel but you clearly don't know enough about this 6x6! They used to pull machineshop trailers through 3ft mud..... sink the banana and the 6.... let's see who wins...

  • Monaco Franze

    Monaco Franze

    4 days ago

    Well your Testtruck is made for the Road. When you want something bigger for Rescue, get something like the MAN KAT 8x8. This Monster is able to get a Unimog out of a mudpit. Rally Paris-Dakar was no Problem for this Offroad Monster.

  • Luke Mitchley

    Luke Mitchley

    5 days ago

    This looks like loads of fun! And I agree, while the 5ton 6x6 would work, something a little more suited to sand recovery is an essential, preferably something with a little more power.( intercooled Cummins 5.9?)

  • Dallin Ostler

    Dallin Ostler

    5 days ago

    I’m disappointed… why the hell would you ruin such a good video with out airing down and keeping those horrible chains on the vehicle. Also there are so many upgrades you can these drive so much nicer, even just adding suspension seats….

  • Gregory Davenport

    Gregory Davenport

    7 days ago

    That truck is made to tow a trailer which is why it had the wheel hop it doesn’t have enough weight in the back. There are other forms of military vehicle that’s better equipped to do that

  • Daniel Milani

    Daniel Milani

    8 days ago

    You should try to find a Sherp!

  • R D

    R D

    9 days ago

    The perfect beast for the job also should get the first generation power wagons👍

  • Ty


    9 days ago

    Perhaps what the mrap axles were for?

  • corey adams

    corey adams

    9 days ago

    The 6x6 shines with serious weight behind it. If ur gonna use a big truck you should go for a unimog.

  • Trevor from Africa

    Trevor from Africa

    9 days ago

    Tires are too hard on the truck. Deflate the tires, if that doesn't do the trick, get a Unimog!

  • Amberdrake


    9 days ago

    Seatbelts man, seatbelts

  • brian sehovski

    brian sehovski

    11 days ago

    Ahh! no fanfic version of mad max fury road?

  • Evan Rosekrans

    Evan Rosekrans

    11 days ago

    I had so much fun watching this.I don’t know what driving one in the desert feels like but I know good old boy mountain roads in one 🇺🇸💪🏼

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    12 days ago

    My brother drove those in the Army..he called it a Deuce-and-a-half. It would carry 2 1/2 tons of supplies anywhere lol.

  • Terry Adamz

    Terry Adamz

    15 days ago

    Unimog would be the one to go for not as heavy
    in Australia in Queensland they have one ☝️ of the six wheelers with huge winches on it they do some interesting recoveries 🤔😬check out Aussie Salavage Squad

  • Tom Kazansky

    Tom Kazansky

    15 days ago

    Did you guys lower the tire pressure in the 5 ton when you got it off road?

  • John Dobb

    John Dobb

    16 days ago

    Did you guys use the CTIS??

  • Noah Brown

    Noah Brown

    17 days ago

    After Matt Carriker’s truck and watching this one I’m officially adding a 5 ton to my vehicle wish list

  • Jurgen Turrekens

    Jurgen Turrekens

    18 days ago

    That truck is making me want to play SnowRunner again.. :-p

  • Jim Kamradt

    Jim Kamradt

    21 day ago

    You guys have too much fun (wall prep).

  • JDT Isme

    JDT Isme

    21 day ago

    Fantastic and entertaining video!!! I just subbed...👍👍

  • Zachary Cranor

    Zachary Cranor

    22 days ago

    I would recommend a LMTV 2.5 ton over that, it at least could do highway speed and be about 1/3 lighter... and they were kinda made for dessert warfare because what your driving is is just to much in every way... but really no you can't beat the jeep for the price and abilities...

  • mxlman26


    22 days ago

    Wow you need and air suspensión for the seat

  • Jason Williams

    Jason Williams

    23 days ago

    Air down

  • MackerelSkyLtd


    23 days ago

    This thing sounds like the villain's monster truck/tank halftrack from Rescuers Down Under.

  • Larry Bonin

    Larry Bonin

    24 days ago

    Get slave lake out there. Ziptiesandbiasplies.

    • Larry Bonin

      Larry Bonin

      24 days ago

      I have faith 🤟

    • Larry Bonin

      Larry Bonin

      24 days ago

      Or one of the other clapped out diesels he has just feed her some Cosby sauce lol

  • Joshua Covey

    Joshua Covey

    24 days ago

    Laughed so hard I now have the hiccups for life 😂. “I went this way for comfort” famous last words as organs go from inside to out.

  • Saif 169

    Saif 169

    28 days ago

    6x6 tires are full its not fair

  • David Buchanan

    David Buchanan

    29 days ago

    The first thing I think I'd do building one of these is dropping a 12v Cummins in it just to have more power.

  • DocMufasa


    Month ago

    I know its been said to death, but of course the 5 ton won't perform its best when the driver doesn't know what he's doing with it. Its like using a crescent wrench as a hammer. Can it work? Yeah, but its not being utilized properly. Drop the air and ride that skinny pedal and that thing will go anywhere. If you wanted something slightly smaller and lighter, consider an LMTV/HMTV as well.

  • rjmcinto


    Month ago

    whats the name of the truck?

  • pubg hackers expose

    pubg hackers expose

    Month ago

    Do same test with UNIMOG

  • Steve Thorn

    Steve Thorn

    Month ago

    Trail Mater already beat ya to it with his off road wrecker complete with six wenches
    i like competition so you need to build one of your own design

  • Bertl Barm

    Bertl Barm

    Month ago

    switch to air suspension, wider tires

  • Lukáš Slabihoudek

    Lukáš Slabihoudek

    Month ago

    If you are looking for the best offroad truck, there is nothing better than Tatra 813/815 8x8, in AV15 configuration it is proper rescue truck with all goods needed for recovery from factory. ;) But not sure if these are available in US.

  • Dave Cody

    Dave Cody

    Month ago

    Build a six wheel recovery rig!?

  • Pedro


    Month ago

    What’s the tyre pressure in that thing on the sand?Looks like it’s got fully inflated tyres.

  • Hunter Todd

    Hunter Todd

    Month ago

    Also a 5 ton is big for your purpose I would think a 2.5 ton would be better

  • Hunter Todd

    Hunter Todd

    Month ago

    We have a 5 ton converted water truck at Alta ski area we use all summer all over the mountain. It rides about 80% better with much much lower tire pressure

  • Hunter Todd

    Hunter Todd

    Month ago

    That 5 would ton needs much lower tire psi, pull half the air out and install a air ride seat and you would be astounded. But practically I only see it real useful when pulling out those large rigs like large motor homes, or things in a lot of mud

  • Donald Hiltz

    Donald Hiltz

    Month ago

    lower air pressure and more weight on the rear wheels and that would have worked MUCH better.

  • your brother's homestead

    your brother's homestead

    Month ago

    I wonder if you could come up with a quick track set up to go over the rear tires for better traction in the sand and stop the hopping? 🤔

  • Sophia


    Month ago

    Rudy hasn't learned how to let the tire air pressure out of the tires from the cab. That's assuming it has the tire inflation system.

  • Rhyme& Reason

    Rhyme& Reason

    Month ago

    If you use that thing I hope you have good dental care to keep putting your fillings back in...

  • MM Reporter

    MM Reporter

    Month ago

    Don't some of the large trucks use an air bag or shock type of suspension?

  • John E Sayles

    John E Sayles

    Month ago

    "how's it feel at 50?"
    "Like it looks, pandemonium!"
    😅 He's absolutely right.



    Month ago

    forget the 5 ton go for a Unimog 404

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    I think it's more like gallons per mile

  • John Bailey

    John Bailey

    Month ago

    Hey would that be wess Kjar
    From manti ol'kid? He is my cousin!!✌🏼😉👊🏼🥴

  • swc1355


    Month ago

    I gotta say, Trevor is comedy gold.

  • Jon Smyth

    Jon Smyth

    Month ago

    Rudy didn't air down.

  • JoesHoes


    Month ago

    I like the green hat. Can u make it available on your web site?

  • Brian Kendall

    Brian Kendall

    Month ago

    Get Heavy D .. and The Utah Cowboys to help you out with this one..
    Would make The Best content Ever

  • Cliffton Arnold

    Cliffton Arnold

    Month ago

    Could add some weight on the back would help with the hop

  • Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails

    Month ago

    I think the snow cat would be better than that



    Month ago

    get rid of the duel axle make it single axle

  • Jim John

    Jim John

    Month ago

    You are going to shake that military truck to death

  • Lewin


    Month ago

    Kinda looks like the driveline is winding up

  • Will Tricks

    Will Tricks

    Month ago

    Learn to drive that rig off road first, it's not a car. Tyre pressure.

  • Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger

    Month ago

    that 5 ton has ALL KINDS of brake and air issues. what a pile of shit.

  • Tête Dur

    Tête Dur

    Month ago

    I drove those (and other heavy equipment) in the Army, and yeah, you do feel cool sitting up there, especially on surface roads. Washboard roads in the desert are no fun, but it's better if you have a load in back. Typically, I was a fuel hauler (diesel). What got you was the fore-and-aft sloshing of the fuel, plus with a mule on the back hitch, hauling either water or gasoline could be a challenge on some trails. Like Melanie's "Roller Skate Song," we didn't go very fast, but we went pretty far.

  • dave stevens

    dave stevens

    Month ago

    Lizzy rocks , howdy howdy & she gets rowdy . You guys all are awesome & your channel rocks . & no no for the 6x6 for your area . Love you guys

  • stevo 8291

    stevo 8291

    Month ago

    1 learn how to drive that rig off road
    2 lower tyre pressure .. Oh yea learn to drive off road
    3 get the right type of rig to drive off road

  • Indecent Exposer

    Indecent Exposer

    Month ago

    It will work 100% better with weight on the back.

  • Christopher Rosas

    Christopher Rosas

    Month ago

    5 ton is nice, but it rides like crap..... really wanna have fun, get a 7 ton..... you can air down on the go, lock down all 6 and really have a fun time over rocks or over sand not to mention you can jake it up if you absolutely need to

  • Dylan Romine

    Dylan Romine

    Month ago

    Deflate the tires next time

  • Cnf 60

    Cnf 60

    Month ago

    Come on, you gotta drive the 5 ton like it was ment to be driven! By a 20 year old PFC…AKA pedal on the floor the whole time!

  • PavePusher


    Month ago

    You can make that truck into a capable off-roader...
    But you have to redesign the entire suspension system. The stock springs are far too short, giving very little wheel travel, and a harmonic bounce almost impossible to avoid without a heavy load, and the stock shock absorbers might as well be thrown away for all the good they do.
    Look at the suspensions on some of the large Baja and Paris-Dakar race trucks, for something more suited to your needs.
    And a central tire pressure system is essential as well....

  • leo pic

    leo pic

    Month ago

    Take a look at the right track system Inc they have 2 cool videos there in the mud not sand but you will get this idea .

  • leo pic

    leo pic

    Month ago

    on the front balloon tires also so track over tires and balloon front tires will increase everything i think with this upgrades your pulling capabilities will triple like that R V you had problems with it would have little problem but it would snatch it right out in a 1/4 of the time because of all factors essentially this truck would be a half track.

  • leo pic

    leo pic

    Month ago

    I would get rubber over tire tracks that will increase the traction by 70% and smooth out the ride only thing is on asphalt your limited on speed buy off road bight and day difference in your business its worth it.

  • Rob Hartshorn

    Rob Hartshorn

    Month ago

    I can't believe you guys didn't air down the tires in the 6x6???
    Also does it have the bead locks in the wheels, you could have went super low on the air if it does. You need to do this test again with the tire pressure aired down.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez

    Month ago

    I had lots of fun watching this video 😂

  • Eager lawncare

    Eager lawncare

    Month ago

    I have many many hours behind that dashboard
    Gives that Meatloaf song a whole new meaning
    The speedometer is just there for looks, I don't think I ever cared what the speedometer said
    Opens the windshield while moving...is required
    It actually rides better under load ...the heavier the better

  • Randy Crabtree

    Randy Crabtree

    Month ago

    Just need axles out of it. Build better chassis, suspension and tires. Then old chevy wagon or suburban body to go with the fleet.

  • Two Watt

    Two Watt

    Month ago

    The 2.5 and 5's I drove in the army rode nothing like that. They also have CTIS and do 80 mph easily. The turbos are so loud- I'm 99% sure they have nothing in common with what you got there. I think that's an antique.
    That being said, I would personally not pick one for your work. But if you get a chance to take a modern one in the sand it'll be fun. After all..... We drove them in sand.......... If you know what I mean :)

  • Adam Batchelder

    Adam Batchelder

    Month ago

    Might be ok if you pulled most of the leefs and put some shocks on it and of course aired down.

  • Niki B

    Niki B

    Month ago

    The tap n hitting the dash on the banana is what I do on my Jeep too! 😆

  • Bruce Wallace

    Bruce Wallace

    Month ago

    I think its a good tool for the tool box.
    A big winch with a lot of line, would work for heavy recoverys.
    But that cab ride reminds me of what are Garrett 15 log skidder is like, a beating wagon.
    Other then it would have to be transported in with a 15 mph top speed, it would be far more useful then the 5 ton as the Garrett is mabe 9,000lbs

  • Maxxis


    Month ago

    It would make short work of pulls like that million dollar RV stuck in the sand.
    Will easily pay itself off with time saved.
    Oh wait. It'll take 5 hours to get there. Ya, cancel the time saved comment.

  • IamUurk


    Month ago

    I found one cheap locally and I'm really tempted to buy it. Someone please talk me out of it

    • imzackson


      Month ago

      Dont buy it you defiantly don't need to cross massive gorges dragging anything you want with you. and never search videos of those terrible competitions where they drive straight down ten foot walls. Who need to cross 8 ft deep water anyway.

  • Nick Lehman

    Nick Lehman

    Month ago

    Man that thing sure looks badass

  • Gary L

    Gary L

    Month ago

    The original 5 ton tractor came with dually sand tires. They ride like hell if there is no weight on the 5th wheel. I used to drive a 5T wrecker the Army. It had a much smoother ride.

  • Mandel Adams

    Mandel Adams

    Month ago

    Bobbed 7 ton loose the middle axle , to get closer to your other recovery vehicle bases, a large powered air winch to try to balance the weight out from nose to tail. Air bags all around, remove leaf springs to soften the ride & to allow tires to keep contact with the ground.... if you added 10 tons of weight over those rear wheels in this video it would reduce the wheel hop drastically, and be stuck that much deeper too if that situation occurs getting weight down from ~22k down ~14k- ~16k. Just some thoughts

  • Trenten Hall

    Trenten Hall

    Month ago

    need a deuce and a half

  • Donavon Lewis

    Donavon Lewis

    Month ago

    I don't know what i'm talkin about. Watching a lot of videos, wondering why Matt and crew don't archer vehicle down and use more wenches instead of tying up to stuck vehicle and yanking them out by flooring it... Just curious

  • Raymond Isbill

    Raymond Isbill

    Month ago

    I remember driving those back in the day. I loved when we got the LMTVs though.

  • Russell Williams

    Russell Williams

    Month ago

    Anyone else here watch the speed of the brick wall demo guy drastically reduce in a short timeframe?

  • Rustlin' Bustlin

    Rustlin' Bustlin

    Month ago

    man, i don't know about any of you but i got some serious Dirty Harry vibes from The Gorillaz music video when watching this :)

  • Tony


    Month ago

    Versatile small wheelbase vehicle with great power to weight vs a big heavy over the top off road vehicle with HHHHD suspension and poor power to weight. Whoever thinks a 5 ton would do better towing in the sand vs the Cherokee does not have much dune experience.

  • Cody Shell

    Cody Shell

    Month ago

    one of these painted yellow would be amazing

  • Lee Newberry

    Lee Newberry

    Month ago

    There is a tire pressure regulating system you can put on it for the sand

  • oregon fordguy

    oregon fordguy

    Month ago

    guys need to find a old military 5 ton rotator bed for that thing.

  • Malthe Johnson

    Malthe Johnson

    Month ago

    Matt just get a mercedes unimog like the one's Falck recovery uses here in Denmark they are absolutely amazing in the sand and mud! They have 4 winches and hydraulics for chainsaws and all at her tools you can think of they are amazing machines and the problem with the 5 ton is in my optic that it's missing 4 tires on the 2 back axels and is way to stiff

  • Malthe Johnson

    Malthe Johnson

    Month ago

    For the 5ton to be more pleasant you need lower Tire pressure and more speed.!

    • Malthe Johnson

      Malthe Johnson

      Month ago

      And if you get one with a bed and dual winches front and rear it should be way more stable than the tractor you borrowed