Crazy Pallet Hack! Does It Really Work?

Published on Jul 16, 2021
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So I got a call for Ford F250 with wooden pallets under the wheels.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    15 days ago

    If you’re wondering how the jeep can be disassembled in one video, and doing work in the next…..
    This video explains it.

    • Mister Goat

      Mister Goat

      14 days ago

      Pretty sad you have to explain it to some of your viewers. But I know why you felt you had to do it. lol

    • Qusin111


      14 days ago

      Obviously Magic

    • 40oz of pain

      40oz of pain

      14 days ago

      Still got em askin. "Hows that work..? ..Nanners in pieces..."?

    • Jayson Lewis

      Jayson Lewis

      15 days ago

      A little army of trolls they live in the mountains of Utah.

    • Jeff Triplett

      Jeff Triplett

      15 days ago

      just admit yall have access to "this old tony"'s time machine



    7 hours ago

    Lizzy is an awesome person. Good for her.

  • Kalimerakis


    14 hours ago

    So whats wrong with using pallets in a pinch?

  • Glen MacPherson

    Glen MacPherson

    14 hours ago

    What, is the kid 12??

  • GreatNorthernDad


    Day ago

    1:14 "In the dark of the night, Matt's team will find her...." isn't that how the song goes? Rasputin might think so.

  • JOB1925


    2 days ago

    Does the Banana have it's stock 4.0 or has it been modified?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      2 days ago

      Stock engine and transmission.

    • JOB1925


      2 days ago

      Also, what tranny does it have?

  • Trey Veston

    Trey Veston

    4 days ago

    Every time I watch a MORR video, I crack a smile or laugh out loud. This time it was when Trevor asked Matt where he could procure a MORR rope, and Matt turned up the cheese with his response and pose. Pure comedic genius. So thankful I met these folks in person.

  • John Oksys

    John Oksys

    4 days ago

    Matt I love the variety of videos on your channel I also love when you & Paul work together on a recovery or out having fun on the trails

  • Ryan B

    Ryan B

    5 days ago

    Why does every owner of this truck wear their hat like that?

  • Nathan Simpson

    Nathan Simpson

    5 days ago

    Them boys stuck in the sand need to learn how to wear a hat.

  • Deerector


    6 days ago

    this crew is badd ass man!!!!!!. what kinda truck is that yellow one pulling out the canam?

    • Ben Jacobson

      Ben Jacobson

      Day ago

      It's a Chevy corvair wagon. U can watch their build of it on their channel

  • Dale Kaup

    Dale Kaup

    6 days ago

    I realize this lifestyle has to be fun as fuck and I AM jealous. But these dry and sandy lands should not be torn up by off roaders. There's just a thin layer of fungus that holds some of these soil together and without the soil and sand it blows away and causes havoc elsewhere.

    • Ben Jacobson

      Ben Jacobson

      Day ago

      That's not cryptic sand, but ik what your talking about. Moab has problems with mtbers and off-roaders destroying it

  • Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58

    6 days ago

    Razors are WAY too fragile in the suspension dept!!!

  • D Carr

    D Carr

    6 days ago

    Man that Movair sounds good! Love me some LS!

  • Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    6 days ago

    A stiff wind would blow those 2 little boys way they are legal to drive

  • Miglo X

    Miglo X

    7 days ago

    @3:20 two pulls just like Ed said

  • Jim Elliott

    Jim Elliott

    7 days ago

    only 2wd in the sand???/ smh

  • Richard Guse

    Richard Guse

    8 days ago

    I don't understand why you'd put anyone in the RZR until it's pulled to level ground.

  • Juan Castillo

    Juan Castillo

    9 days ago

    Tow dolly cart off road conversion

  • Robdog 1

    Robdog 1

    9 days ago

    My first car was an XJ (I still have it) and I got into some real trouble with that thing. They're kids, I did stupid stunts like that too, in fact, I rolled my XJ once when trying to out crawl one of my buddies with a YJ. We flipped it back, drug it home, and built an interior cage on it. Clearly the people who are making fun of them for getting stuck either lived (or still do) in mommy's basement, or never had any fun as a kid.

  • 1958zed


    9 days ago

    Pallets don't work, but what about commercially produce recovery boards? Are they effective and worth having?

  • Blessing Zakari

    Blessing Zakari

    9 days ago

    What a happy woman I am now being free from HSV Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for curing me from HSV only by using his products which he sent to me

  • Corvette Power

    Corvette Power

    9 days ago

    When you get your oil changed they put a little sticker in your window to remind you,,,,For Matt,,,,he needs to put a little sticker in his customer's window so they have his phone number to give to the next owner for when they get stuck,,,,LOL LOL LOL

  • Andrew Dutton

    Andrew Dutton

    9 days ago

    I would bet that their 4WD malfunction had to do with loose, disconnected and/or rotting vacuum lines. Often can be corrected onsite.

  • Michael Dally

    Michael Dally

    9 days ago

    'He's got a heavy foot, that's why' hahahaha!!! gwaaannnnn son

  • arjuna


    9 days ago

    matt.. id like to fist-a-cuffs you for a chance to woe your lizzy. well live stream it.

  • Pennypack MTB

    Pennypack MTB

    10 days ago

    Need to get a Ping App to locate those stranded stuck people.

  • Calvin Rowley

    Calvin Rowley

    10 days ago

    I just don't understand the appeal of UTVs. They are made of glass. Everyone I know that owns one breaks it every trip out. Belts, tie rods, ball joints, springs,etc. I've beat the crap out of 35+ year old Toyota and Chevy trucks 10s of thousands of miles offroad and never broken anything. Plus I bought them for $800 not $30,000.

  • Dave Robinson

    Dave Robinson

    10 days ago

    Apparently that truck is looking for a new owner cause it's up for sale , so maybe they'll be a third episode of the the failed 4x4 ford

  • Maggie May8865

    Maggie May8865

    10 days ago

    Jefe approval 👎🏻. Please bring Randy back!!!! Randy and Lizzie was so much better

  • Diane Price

    Diane Price

    10 days ago

    That Morrvair engine really sounds nice! Enjoy all that hard work, Matt!

  • Thatairplaneguy


    10 days ago

    Wow. Don’t even know his own shirt size. Mommy’s boy much?

  • jmedlock696


    10 days ago

    4wd doesn't broke haha

  • Mattdread


    11 days ago

    That's why I bought an exhaust Jack! Stick it under the car, attach to the exhaust and fill with fumes.
    People shouldn't go places they can't get THEMSELVES OUT!!!

  • James Cunningham

    James Cunningham

    11 days ago

    Just wondering what tire pressure you have when you are towing people out of the deep sand?

  • Flyby Airplane

    Flyby Airplane

    11 days ago

    MATT, HI, That FORD with pallets, was it a 2w2 ? They look like kids, anyhow MATTS OFF-ROAD RECOVERY got it out, then a broken RZAR STAY WELL 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Valentin Diaz

    Valentin Diaz

    11 days ago

    When are you coming out with the yellow t shirts for repeat customers and then the golden t shirts for the most calls made by same person

  • Trevor Cash

    Trevor Cash

    11 days ago

    why is it called "Winder" Towing?

  • Bean Stalk

    Bean Stalk

    11 days ago

    These ropes are awesome but someone is going to try it with a chain and have a bad day

  • denny marquart

    denny marquart

    11 days ago

    Good video

  • Lalo Garcia

    Lalo Garcia

    11 days ago

    I like your guys videos a lot. A&E or Discovery should contact you guys guys to make a Tv show of all you guys do. That would be cool.

  • Barry R. Brown

    Barry R. Brown

    11 days ago

    4:02 the kid has never bought his own shirt and has to look at the tag to see what he wears? Not sure why that cracks me up but it does :-)

  • John Hibberd

    John Hibberd

    11 days ago

    Don't start with the click bait titles.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      11 days ago

      I already did.



    11 days ago

    Them young boys dont need to be driving if they use pallets to get out lol

  • Colin Thompson

    Colin Thompson

    11 days ago

    Whats doing on with those tiny bald tires on the side by side?

  • Tom Kazansky

    Tom Kazansky

    11 days ago

    I'm really surprised those kids are old enough to drive, and even more surprised they can afford an offroad recovery bill!

  • James Cooper

    James Cooper

    12 days ago

    Been watching since you were at 5k subscribers, I now work for a AAA company as a service truck driver for now but you're the reason I became so interested in towing. Love your videos! Just bought your recovery rope and model of the banana. Keep up the good work and amazing content! Love everything you do!

  • shawn t

    shawn t

    12 days ago

    Hey I'd make money off kids to haha! Good work

  • petter derter

    petter derter

    12 days ago

    little tweens who always feel the need to dress like mkeys and touch there chobss all the time ewwwweee thats gross ok

  • Douglas Turn

    Douglas Turn

    12 days ago

    Stay out of sand idiots.

  • Sam theman

    Sam theman

    12 days ago

    Nice video crystal clear images of the desert and Lizzy got them unstuck 😉

  • Ronnie McNeese

    Ronnie McNeese

    12 days ago

    Great job Lizzy!!



    12 days ago

    In my experience "the crazy pallet hack" works well if used correctly.
    1. Call a friend to pull you out.
    2. Pile a few pallets about 30 feet away from the vehicle.
    2. When the friend arrives get unstuck.
    3. Make a bonfire and chill for the night, everyone laughing about how you always get stuck.
    4. Leave in the morning when the light is better.
    Ya, this has worked well on many occasions and never failed...
    Well, actually, it works better if you remember to bring your tent/camp gear, and not just a big pile of pallets! 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🤨🤨🤨😒😒😒
    Glad I can help... lol

  • Captive America

    Captive America

    12 days ago

    Matt have you ever heard of a Snap Strap? It's like a Bungy cord, I've pulled out concrete trucks in deep snow in Michigan back in the 90's one pull, you just totally jump on it, when your car stops the Snap Strap is fully stretched out with stored energy, then the truck comes out so easy. Maybe you are already using something similar I noticed your truck didn't seem to stop dead, or jerk the towed truck to bad. Just curious. Thanks Man!

  • Alexis DeVille

    Alexis DeVille

    12 days ago

    When will the learn no two wheel drive off roading and diesel snuck off road engines too heav?

  • Garrett McGilchrist

    Garrett McGilchrist

    12 days ago

    11:13 you better show her off Matt! 😂

  • J Westbrook

    J Westbrook

    12 days ago

    Two ✌🏽😁

  • Eric Bokern

    Eric Bokern

    12 days ago

    Beavis hasn't aged in all these years

  • Chode Meister

    Chode Meister

    12 days ago

    2:07 there is the answer to the title. You're welcome.

  • c p

    c p

    12 days ago

    Never in my life have i seen a recovery team with no traction boards

  • Paul Airola

    Paul Airola

    12 days ago

    So if I carried 6 pallets around with me while 4 wheeling?

  • welltell


    12 days ago

    New at Disney land "Matts off Road Recovery Roller Coaster" feel the thrills of the hills on the Matts Roller coaster.... Safety recovery rope optional.... T-Shirt included....

  • Daren Mufford

    Daren Mufford

    12 days ago

    the recoveries are awesome, but the real reason i watch is for the comradery and the easy going nature of everyone. watching your show is a great way relax and turn your brain off for a while.✌✌✌

  • Lightning strikes twice

    Lightning strikes twice

    12 days ago

    How can those dipshit kids take a truck out in the dunes when they know the four-wheel drive isn't working? What are they collecting pallets for? Beer money? Lizzy has more muscle mass in one of her arms than those three boys gotten all of their arms! They need to get out of the basement and do some real work!

  • slothomatic


    12 days ago

    What's happening in Utah? Is there some kind of an geomagnetic event that is causing young men to be confused about how hats work?

  • Alias SmithandJones

    Alias SmithandJones

    12 days ago

    so 14 year olds can get drivers licenses in Utah?

  • 513LTD


    12 days ago

    Dudes itchin himself while talking to people... Whats wrong with some people...

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    12 days ago

    The wasteful octagon unintentionally strap because currency informally trick at a aboriginal jar. beautiful, mute start

  • Musty Taylor

    Musty Taylor

    13 days ago

    Lizzy McGuire doin her thang! 😂😂

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    13 days ago

    I love watching Fearless Lizzy steering vehicles and riding in vehicles on trailers to make room in the Moorvair.
    I will say that would be a fun ride the reverse rollercoaster.
    People need to remember that Howdy Howdy Lets get Rowdy is a Lizzy original and should only be used by her.
    Unstuck them that made my day another Lizzy original

  • TheMattbrownbill


    13 days ago

    You should also include Rzr spares in your towing kit! 😅

  • Scott C

    Scott C

    13 days ago

    Is they’re a market for a mobile mechanic there ?

  • madelinemagg


    13 days ago

    I like the kid playing pocket pool com on man you're on camera

  • Heavy77


    13 days ago

    Jerkoff doesn’t know his shirt size. Mommy still buying your cloths and your trucks. Have her fix the f’ing 4X4...while she is at it. Shame that 7.3 is in your hands

  • Jay Nelson

    Jay Nelson

    13 days ago

    Cool 🤠🤙

  • Glenn K.

    Glenn K.

    13 days ago

    11:22. That laugh! 😄😁

  • RD


    13 days ago

    I thought I saw those kids learning how to ride bicycles just last week.

  • Drop Bear JK

    Drop Bear JK

    13 days ago

    Pretty sure those hooks connected to the truck aren't rated to be shocked like that. ???????

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      13 days ago

      Yeah, there’s something going on here that you’re missing. Keep watching, kinetic energy is amazing!

  • abedanielspictures


    13 days ago

    Pallets have nails. Nuf said.

  • jon phimsouay

    jon phimsouay

    13 days ago

    My parents live right close to Warner valley he uses his 85 4Runner all the time to pull people out.

  • Charles Mobley

    Charles Mobley

    13 days ago

    You all should a discounted price at time of Recovery for additional riders.

  • Charles Mobley

    Charles Mobley

    13 days ago

    Dear RZR - Make better stuff!

  • Chuck Fowler

    Chuck Fowler

    13 days ago

    Love it when Lindsey says four wheel drive doesn't broke...lmao

  • Frorentino Romero

    Frorentino Romero

    13 days ago

    Saludos desde Hermosillo Sonora México

  • Kevin


    13 days ago

    Was that kid old enough to drive?

  • J Borcz

    J Borcz

    13 days ago

    Hey ;
    Matt's Off Road Recovery what's up with the tires on that razor. Both the rear paddle tires and the front steer tires look very porous. The almost look like the foam ones run on slot cars back in the day. Kind of a matt finish, is that just from the sand? I don't remember ever seeing that on other dune buggies.

  • J Borcz

    J Borcz

    13 days ago

    Matt telling us about his 30,000 lb rated matts offroad recovery rope with the Heroic Pose. Hands on hips check, turn head and look into distance check, chin up and glare check and check.... lol

  • Pepe Palomo

    Pepe Palomo

    13 days ago

    This was a good one 👍

  • k9 aid

    k9 aid

    13 days ago

    where Randy

  • regularperson7


    13 days ago

    They look like they idolize whistlin diesel.

  • Rob Grubb

    Rob Grubb

    13 days ago

    that guys dad shoes in the dunes were on point. LOL.

  • Aric Harp

    Aric Harp

    13 days ago

    I hope y'all never fix that winch setup; it's always fun to watch the various ways you jerry rig it.

  • John Rosewaren

    John Rosewaren

    14 days ago

    Use wood planks and a jack after you straighten the ground out so you can reuse the planks

  • John Rosewaren

    John Rosewaren

    14 days ago

    The worst vehicles I had for getting stuck were fords for some reason. I bought a 2 wheel drive 73 Chevrolet and I couldn’t get it stuck and I tried. I have no clue why

  • Josh Green

    Josh Green

    14 days ago

    The super hero chin jut during the plug was absolute gold!

  • Jepke Klinge

    Jepke Klinge

    14 days ago

    Hey Matt i really enjoy watching your videos but there is 1 tiny stupid thingy that i hate and that is that you don’t upload your videos in the order that you filmed it, how are you driving the banana when it is apart, please do something about that.

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.

    14 days ago

    Oh my GOD I love Lizzy

  • Matt's Garage

    Matt's Garage

    14 days ago

    That final pull across the sand in the Morvair👌❤️

  • Mikey


    14 days ago


  • Ski Strycharski

    Ski Strycharski

    14 days ago

    I so enjoy your vlogs !! I will, “ NOT DRIVE ON SAND “ INLESS I WANT TO GET A T-SHIRTS !!