Chevy HD Super Stuck, Can The Morrvair Do It Alone?

Published on Jul 7, 2021
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So I got a call for a chevy pulling a trailer stuck to the frame.


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  • Nick Vlassis

    Nick Vlassis

    18 minutes ago

    Trev better lay-off the gas station burritos

  • Rod Warner

    Rod Warner

    Day ago

    Seeing a Chevy stuck is unsurprising !

  • Trey Veston

    Trey Veston

    4 days ago

    The absolute sexiest exhaust note in the world is a 1972 Dodge Challenger RT with a 340, headers, warm cam, and dual glass pack exhaust. Witnessed by myself and several friends in 1987.
    The second sexiest exhaust note is the MORRvair. Just amazing! Great job Rudy!

  • Wilson


    7 days ago

    6:00 - modern cars use a 'tow anchor' or 'tow hook' that screws directly into the chassis or sub-frame? Hooking it up via its suspension can do a lot of damage..

  • Wilson


    7 days ago

    not sure how much you charge for a callout / tow, but going by the number of idiots driving their cars, vans, etc. into places the should never go, you must be making a lot of easy money...

  • Jayjay 8271

    Jayjay 8271

    11 days ago

    Lizzys so pretty lol

  • Xavier Zattoni

    Xavier Zattoni

    12 days ago

    Can’t wait for the Banana to get finished I’m so excited love a good XJ build

  • Richard Frey

    Richard Frey

    12 days ago

    Which engine did you put into the Carvair, I missed that episode ???? I guess Chev 350 ?

  • P B

    P B

    12 days ago

    They've rescued a number of vans now and none of them had a creepy guy. In fact it's the opposite. It's always women in the vans and they're very polite and happy.

  • Jeremy Scaggs

    Jeremy Scaggs

    13 days ago

    Sounds like Arkansas. Weather changes every five minutes

  • niagra898


    14 days ago

    Exactly how high were these dudes in the civic

  • x vate

    x vate

    14 days ago

    Why would you take a truck with a trailer like that on a pathway or desert road like that I don't understand you people.

  • mamyramer


    15 days ago

    Never a content shortage, thanks utah!



    15 days ago

    Morrvair hands up guys! I thought you were under smoke advisory.

  • Graham Haynes

    Graham Haynes

    15 days ago

    Sometimes Rudy and Lizzy look like they are having a pretty good time together...

  • kojmas


    16 days ago


  • Patrick Patterson

    Patrick Patterson

    16 days ago

    Does lizzy have a boyfriend? Because she’s WIFEY

  • 03Fastfittie


    16 days ago

    does insurance cover your tow off road ? and is the shirt free ? lol

  • Intuitive Observer

    Intuitive Observer

    16 days ago

    One day when people realise they must deflate tyres significantly to suit terrain ole Matt is going to be out of a job :)

  • Lechefmailo


    17 days ago

    The Morrvair at work….that thing is a beast!

  • Bill Beck

    Bill Beck

    17 days ago

    When do you get paid for the removal?

  • Matt Brown

    Matt Brown

    17 days ago

    you think theyre fans??? check out that front plate insert.... i feel like some people do this just to be on camera

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    18 days ago

    not to be semantic but there is a difference between a weather forecast, and a weather report.

  • Kevin Wilkinson

    Kevin Wilkinson

    19 days ago

    What engine setup does the Morvair have? Ls

  • Flyby Airplane

    Flyby Airplane

    19 days ago

    MATT, Hello, was that a 2WD pulling a trailer ? What do these people think ? Well the MOOVAIR ATE IT UP love it’s sound, forgot what engine you put into it stay well, cheers 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • An Engineer

    An Engineer

    19 days ago

    There are no recovery points in the front bumber of that honda?
    9:29 I was going to say the same thing 👍

  • Richie


    20 days ago

    Why does Matts son call his father by first name?

  • Forward Plans

    Forward Plans

    20 days ago

    Try using a tow rope only 3 or 4 feet long, instead of a 20 footer. Besides pulling the towed vehicle into the ground, a lot of towing energy is lost by using a long tow rope, vs a short 3 footer.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      20 days ago

      The length of the rope is the only reason this works.

  • asymsolutions


    20 days ago

    Lizzy: *OMG I'm so happy it's raining*
    Me, a nasty girl shooting in Vietnam level downpours in New England summers: *Come say that in my part of the woods.*
    It was actually kind of funny to see someone happy about the rain after 4 days of being so soaked that you felt you came out of a pool, to the point you just stop caring.
    Full disclosure the time I spent in AZ, UT, & NV was some of the best moments of my life. For multiple times your locals treated me and my buds in my unit like one of them.
    Maybe I'll just join the copperheads or ducks one of these years.

  • richard macfadzen

    richard macfadzen

    20 days ago

    I see Swamp Loggers got there 1st Yankum ropes

  • Gelato Fato

    Gelato Fato

    20 days ago

    Im curios how much does he charge for a recovery

  • Zenzation


    20 days ago

    God damnit Lizzy, put that damn seatbelt on!

  • Msp


    21 day ago

    Lizzy really needs her own channel...

  • Johnny Love

    Johnny Love

    21 day ago

    The Honda CR-Z is smaller than the Civic but has an attach point...pretty weak the Civic didn't have one.

  • Yo Joe

    Yo Joe

    21 day ago

    I bet lizzy can make that donk clap real good.

  • Kenneth Ellison

    Kenneth Ellison

    21 day ago

    Is it just me, or is it disappointing when the recoveries go smoothly?

  • Michael Wallace

    Michael Wallace

    21 day ago

    When are yall going to get a "Van down by the River". Ohh yeah, Trevor needs a raise.

  • Mort Batchelder

    Mort Batchelder

    21 day ago

    While I am still a big Banana fan (I own an XJ), that Moorvair is a beautiful build and a monster. The extra weight and sweet V8 makes for some great videos!

  • Rick in Oakville

    Rick in Oakville

    21 day ago

    Man you guys are just living the dream! Awesome.

  • Jared Taylor

    Jared Taylor

    21 day ago

    I really love watchin you videos. You think a lot like me on all your jobs. I'm all about using the most effective ways onto nessisarly the proper way. But I'm really sad I didn't make it up to Logan to meet you and see you morvair and bannana. Hopefully I can stop in down in hurricane sometime and check out you stuff

  • Yidris


    21 day ago

    That’s actually a really nice van

  • Lydia Dewberry

    Lydia Dewberry

    21 day ago

    Seeing the Moorvair on State Street a couple days ago made my day. I was super tired and in a not so good mood, but I noticed the Moorvair and instantly changed moods. I appreciated that!

  • Fritz Hall

    Fritz Hall

    21 day ago

    The Morrvair sounds like a beast as well! 😊

  • Trial N' ERROR

    Trial N' ERROR

    22 days ago

    The only thing that van was missing was a "free candy" sign

  • VetteKiller


    22 days ago

    Spittin image of his old man I tell ya...

  • zeke smith

    zeke smith

    22 days ago

    so how much did it cost for that bada#$ Morvair?...i know you did alot in house

  • Brad Canterbury

    Brad Canterbury

    22 days ago

    The Morrvair is a awesome build.Its a BEAST for sure

  • AsTheWheelsTurn


    22 days ago

    that first recovery is what happens when people are trying to park somewhere that will make for great Instagram pictures.... people have lost all common sense. you would have to be pretty stupid to take that old heap of crap van down there.

  • Cort Johnson

    Cort Johnson

    22 days ago

    That could be me one day....



    22 days ago

    I miss the cherokee



    22 days ago

    It’s always good to see BIG ED - if he don’t put a smile on your face- you must be dead 🍻

  • Hr Leif

    Hr Leif

    22 days ago

    Love the "rope-cam" on the morrvair. The sound is at a new level. Here in north europe we have 3 cylinder cars and shit like that. I just switched to big speakers and are now watching morrvair videos all over again

  • pat Allen

    pat Allen

    22 days ago

    Ya gotta love ol' Ed!!!

  • Wayne Waldron

    Wayne Waldron

    22 days ago

    gotta love that sound!

  • Anesterianful


    22 days ago

    The Morrvair's engine and the exhaust is music to my ears.

  • K B

    K B

    22 days ago

    What county and state does all of this take place in? Also I would like to know what kind of pull rope that is? Awesome footage thanks for sharing!!!

  • ImagineNation


    22 days ago

    The Moorvair is not from this planet . Rumor has it , She came from Mars .

  • Bill


    22 days ago

    1:10 , Pretty view from " Stuckville "

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    22 days ago

    The Morrvair is a beast! Awesome rescues! You guys rock!

  • Fred Martine

    Fred Martine

    22 days ago

    The sound of pure American muscle when the MOORvair was pulling out the Duramax with the Toy hauler 👍🇺🇸..

  • Bryan Wilson

    Bryan Wilson

    22 days ago

    Your morvair sounds good pretty dam good

  • Clementine


    23 days ago

    Does anyone know the brand or model of dashcam that Matt uses facing forward please?
    We are looking to upgrading ours and Matt's looks very high quality.

  • Mitchell Peterson

    Mitchell Peterson

    23 days ago

    The Morrvair sound so sick!

  • Tony Lee

    Tony Lee

    23 days ago

    I’m so happy that Trevor is so happy that Lizzy is so happy that it’s raining. Of my gosh😱🤣

  • Larz


    23 days ago

    If Morvair can’t do it alone, you better just start over with it!

  • Ben Murr

    Ben Murr

    23 days ago

    Is the Morrvair turning out to be a better recovery rig than the banana?

  • Ronny Dowdy

    Ronny Dowdy

    23 days ago

    Good pulls

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    23 days ago

    the Moorvair really impressed me it didn't seem like it was having a tough time with that at all.
    I always enjoy Lizzy's weather report especially how she can adapt it so easily no disrespect to Ed at all.

  • Jokaholics


    23 days ago

    I would get stuck just to meet Lizzy and see the Morrvair lol

  • T Malcolm

    T Malcolm

    23 days ago

    Matt I want to build a Morvair just like yours for an off-road rig here in Canada. What am I looking at for cost ?

  • Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood

    23 days ago

    That last one was a jaw dropper for me.

  • W


    23 days ago

    Damn... I could listen to that exhaust on that Morrvair ALL DAY LONG

  • remoleon


    23 days ago

    Hey guys, please dont get ed to speack, i think hes fallen to sleep, or maybe is dying, please take him to a home.....plz

  • Thomas Graham

    Thomas Graham

    23 days ago

    only ever come here to see lizzies big shiney belt buckle . come on lets all be honest guys .........

  • Tom Olson

    Tom Olson

    23 days ago

    Nice thundercloud!

  • Blue Barron

    Blue Barron

    23 days ago

    I don’t know what’s more beastly out of control! The morvair or Matt’s beard!!! RUNNING WILD!!!!

  • Tommy Wooten

    Tommy Wooten

    23 days ago

    Thanks for your videos guys…

  • Lith


    23 days ago

    When I first started watching, I thought Ed always said that for moral support, now I know he's serious- it's IS coming out lol

  • Kumar puri

    Kumar puri

    23 days ago

    You guys built a wicked machine!!
    I can’t wait to come visit & see it
    Great work

  • Justin Peterson

    Justin Peterson

    23 days ago

    Matt’s a happy man.

  • Eddie Campbell

    Eddie Campbell

    23 days ago

    Man just listen to that exhaust with ear buds or headphones.. that sumbitch was WORKIN!!! And workin hard too.. glad it's a beast that it is Lol

  • 1963larock


    23 days ago

    More Lizzy

  • Jim Cotton

    Jim Cotton

    23 days ago

    Does Lizzie spell her name Lizzy, or

  • Jordan Valdez

    Jordan Valdez

    23 days ago

    I love this channel so much!! Such wholesome hardworking and kind people. Obviously don’t see all behind the scenes but they just seem like genuine nice people that all work so well together. Love seeing nice humans so nice things!! 👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏼

  • Simon Smith

    Simon Smith

    23 days ago

    What a picturesque spot to get stuck… I’d be in no rush to get out.

  • Osborn C

    Osborn C

    23 days ago

    Yeah uh there's.more there in that corvair, it is the mountain Matt's MORVAIR! Powered by the atomic beard.

  • Animater 265

    Animater 265

    23 days ago

    That is the same truck my dad had and this literally reminds me of the time we got stuck in sand dunes with our trailer

  • Pete


    23 days ago

    Does Matt have competition in off road recovery?

  • B-radley Buck

    B-radley Buck

    23 days ago

    I think Lizzy knows not to drive over your dad's rope by now Ruddy.
    Com'on man!!

  • CAYMAN987


    23 days ago

    90 degrees. I would not be doing well in that heat

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      23 days ago

      113 today

  • Tracey Locke

    Tracey Locke

    23 days ago

    I liked it when Ed just threw the rope. Saving steps is something all of us old guys try hard to do.

  • James Gordon

    James Gordon

    23 days ago

    You should change the name of your recovery rope to "Matts Magic Recovery Ropes!

  • Skrailing


    23 days ago

    That XJ Banana was amazing. Now, that Morrvair is even more amazing. What a machine.

  • William Murphy

    William Murphy

    23 days ago

    why don't you make a air cooled Corvair wagon with tracks for winter recovery as a project?

  • Peter Farrell

    Peter Farrell

    23 days ago

    I'm surprised you did not run out of gas.

  • Francisco Lagunas

    Francisco Lagunas

    23 days ago

    Thats nice 👌 😍😍😍 bad azz



    23 days ago

    Wheat engine is in that morvair? Sounds great

  • Ray Chambers

    Ray Chambers

    23 days ago

    Ps don't stand a chance ,they better come along easy.

  • Ray Chambers

    Ray Chambers

    23 days ago

    Morrvair and Ed they don't

  • taras khan

    taras khan

    23 days ago

    how many tries did you have looking at the tyre tracks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      23 days ago

      Two easy pulls.