Chevy And Ford Stranded At Lake Mead Nevada.

Published on Jul 9, 2021
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So I got a call for a Chevy Tahoe and a Ford F-150 at Lake Mead Nevada, but ended up doing a lot more.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Cristina Ocampo

    Cristina Ocampo

    7 days ago

    Yes. That is what we have here all around. Gravel but not gravel lol

  • Derek Wiffen

    Derek Wiffen

    8 days ago

    We need some of that car ride karaoke 🎤!! Love your channel. Matt your family can sure drive off road, some great skills!

  • Tim Houlf

    Tim Houlf

    9 days ago

    I want to be respectful when I say , Lizzy is absolutely to beautiful to be grinding for a tow company. She is the star of this channel. Love ya Lizzy.

  • Wade227


    10 days ago

    I’ve been down the Hualapai Wash on the AZ side of Lake Mead in my Ford Ranger and it was the most stressful time ever. 4 low in 4th gear to the floor for 30 minutes to go 1 mile. It’s such a weird compound. In mud and snow you just spin. In that stuff you just get bogged down until you lift to change gears for more tire speed, then you are screwed.

  • Shawn Clarkson

    Shawn Clarkson

    11 days ago


  • Austin Parsons

    Austin Parsons

    12 days ago

    I am currently watching this at 11:50 at night

  • Angel Ventura

    Angel Ventura

    12 days ago

    "We've got Rudy in the back"
    And that's all that matters moving on with the video...
    **Younger son looks rejected
    Yeah. I was My dad's favorite too

  • Jeremy Scaggs

    Jeremy Scaggs

    13 days ago

    I'd want a video of the late night drive home. Lol

  • JD Smith

    JD Smith

    15 days ago

    Honestly working overtime for this kind of job, I'd be totally down to do. Wouldn't even feel like a job.

  • Colinator4321


    15 days ago

    "midnight 30"
    Ah yes, that time of night, We've all been there

  • BreakTime101


    15 days ago

    Another 2 wheel drive truck. 🙄

  • Lechefmailo


    17 days ago

    Way to go y’all. I’m due for a Southern Utah trip soon!😜

  • Drig17


    17 days ago

    maybe its those bvald ass tires

  • tom wynn

    tom wynn

    17 days ago

    should name your next race vehichle "Midnight 30"

  • Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk

    17 days ago

    That gravel makes a rather strange sound...

  • Phillip Bremer

    Phillip Bremer

    17 days ago

    Best thing would be short pull in so you can pull out yep we all been there

  • Connor Twomey

    Connor Twomey

    18 days ago

    So let me get this straight. They drive out in the desert at night with a 2WD truck with bald city tires, towing a travel trailer. They call MORR from 2 hours away to make a night call as they were desperate to get unstuck that night, staying awake hours extra. Yet they camp that night anyways? Instead of just sleeping, and calling a closer tow service in the morning? Boggles my mind, that had to have been an $800+ recovery....

  • Mason Pelchat

    Mason Pelchat

    18 days ago

    You guys hate safety chains 😂 love the vids tho

  • Sean


    18 days ago

    The Morrvair is MASSIVE. 7:30

  • pbodymathis


    18 days ago

    That is one great 4x4 builds!

  • Cal Bob 750

    Cal Bob 750

    18 days ago

    Because of the record drought, no more need for deep water recovery.

  • Lars Dennert

    Lars Dennert

    18 days ago

    Pulling forward while the trailer is on the jack will instantly bend the jack. They are super fragile and jamb.

  • 12345nope12345


    18 days ago

    I wonder how tall Litzy is? I’m guess 5’7”

  • R H

    R H

    18 days ago

    Was almost the trip where you bought a customer a new tongue jack! 😳

  • Michael Canto

    Michael Canto

    18 days ago

    Moon Rock?

  • Kid Vegas

    Kid Vegas

    18 days ago

    He should of messaged SNORR on Facebook. They pull people out anywhere in Nevada with donations.

  • Charlie


    18 days ago

    Poor Lizzy looks really tired hooking up for the second pull. Midnight thirty?

  • ZcMan 1

    ZcMan 1

    19 days ago

    I think he got stuck just to see Lizzy.

  • Chase Gordon

    Chase Gordon

    19 days ago

    looks like the gravel in the runaway truck ramps

  • Randidly1


    19 days ago

    keep on yanking

  • MarcusAurileus


    19 days ago

    Ok...the first guy was kinda creepy...
    I have a feeling he got stuck to meet Lizzy

  • Tony Martin

    Tony Martin

    19 days ago

    Well we reached the other side we got'em thanks for watching

  • Tony Martin

    Tony Martin

    19 days ago

    I drive a Morvair across the off road recovery divide and when I reach the other side...... awesome video guys

  • Alejandro Escobar

    Alejandro Escobar

    19 days ago

    that guys is in love with lizzy

  • MrSir


    19 days ago

    Mud, snow, sand and now gravel. Morrvair and those awesome recovery ropes, along with an awesome team, get the job done. And now for a

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    19 days ago

    Love your climate, we get 32 C in a day, maybe once every 5 years..but now we have had 26-27 for several weeks, that is awsome for us living close to the polarcircle, waaay up north 🌞👌

  • Agrajak


    19 days ago

    Floodlit wheel arches, cool touch.

  • redneck suburban idiot

    redneck suburban idiot

    19 days ago

    That's just a little weird hopefully you guys are packing. This guy seems to have a fetish for lizzie. Kind of creepy

  • Jim


    19 days ago

    "We're full of fuel"... This is not normal for you......

  • Alex Alpizar

    Alex Alpizar

    19 days ago

    I like this lights that went through the wheels.

  • Ethan Collins

    Ethan Collins

    19 days ago

    You should get MOR bandanas for all the dogs that make a call!

  • Peter


    20 days ago

    Midnight:30, is that a new band of some kind?If not it should be.

  • KevlarTwinky


    20 days ago

    Cool w the lights in the wheel arches

  • toddlfrank


    20 days ago

    I like the lights in the wheel wells

  • Michael Hutchison

    Michael Hutchison

    20 days ago

    That tongue jack just got wrecked.

  • keith t

    keith t

    20 days ago

    This is like the first time lizzy doesn't fall asleep and it's a night mission at "midnight 30" with a 2 hour drive to the stuck vehicle then the time to work and then another 2 hour drive home... and she's the last one to go delusional singing karaoke? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐 hmmm

  • Mike Sandberg

    Mike Sandberg

    20 days ago

    Always a good time on this channel. Thanks.

  • Jesse Baker

    Jesse Baker

    20 days ago

    Hard core

  • coolkidsmells


    20 days ago

    Does anyone know anything about the wheels on that tahoe

  • Dan Lux

    Dan Lux

    20 days ago

    He has a winch and needs a Tow?

  • Paul Wylie

    Paul Wylie

    20 days ago

    2 wheel drive pickups should never be allowed off dry pavement!



    20 days ago

    The beaches of Yellowstone lake have 1"-2" river rock, I got stuck in that once. It's like driving on marbles.

  • utube343434


    20 days ago

    Matt: You need to pad the roll cage in the Morrvair. That is 100% dangerous. From the video: If you or Lizzie were to hit your head on that cage/bar you would do ultra serious damage to your skull. Even padded, it will still do a lot of damage to your head. You really should be wearing helmets with that cage so close.

  • Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez

    20 days ago

    Damn, Matt travels to Lake Mead? Hope I see him and the crew one day.

  • Esther Swartz

    Esther Swartz

    20 days ago

    I propose outlawing 2wd pick ups

  • Robert Andrews

    Robert Andrews

    20 days ago

    What are the lights in the wheel wells?

  • John Adams

    John Adams

    20 days ago

    You can call it cat litter graval like race tracks which will stop cars once you touch it. However, this was larger gravel pieces which is why you could sometimes get traction. Both are mixed with rock dust and sand so its good for a lot of friction to slow you down/stop & the sand/dust prevents wheel traction.

  • Countrymusic23


    20 days ago

    Out of curiosity what’s midnight 30? I know it’s gotta be later than 1230am? Lol

  • The Blue Bike & Doyle

    The Blue Bike & Doyle

    20 days ago


  • dposer10


    20 days ago

    Lizzy's fan club

  • Scott Rastovic

    Scott Rastovic

    20 days ago

    😬😬😬😬 10:19 Rudy forgetting to retract the trailer landing gear. And checks real quick to see if anyone's looking

    Edited lol

  • Brandon Ramsey

    Brandon Ramsey

    20 days ago

    That gravel looks like chat gravel. It’s real lose and gets you stuck pretty quickly

  • hdridergps


    20 days ago

    Another quality pullout for Matt’s Recovery team! They Got Em’ Out even in that tricky soil.
    That guy should invest in a 4x4 if they want to camp in such areas. 4low w/ lower pressures would have helped immensely especially with some decent AT’s IMHO.

  • Betty Cocker

    Betty Cocker

    20 days ago

    why does everyone turn their wheels the wrong way? literally, everyone.

  • Cheap 4x4

    Cheap 4x4

    20 days ago

    Unpacked gravel will do that to you in a heartbeat. Try driving on a runaway truck ramp.

  • EvilRSA


    21 day ago

    Showing support for "Midnight:30", been saying that for nearly my while life. Buddy if mine says "Night noon:30" which always made me chuckle.

  • Kelvin Wilson

    Kelvin Wilson

    21 day ago

    That morvair is well lit above and below. 🤔👍

  • Shiloh Store

    Shiloh Store

    21 day ago


  • JD C

    JD C

    21 day ago

    I'm here to read all of the "experts" throw in their 2 cents as usual....

  • James Bigham

    James Bigham

    21 day ago

    I think you guys staying to help everyone get out was a good thing.
    I thought it was cool how Lizzy was recognized right away.
    I will be honest when I get to meet Matt and the Crew.
    The main one I want to meet is Lizzy a true southern Country girl I really admire that.

  • Derick G

    Derick G

    21 day ago

    Whatever happened to Randy? I haven’t seen him in a while.

  • Rick A

    Rick A

    21 day ago

    Matt when is Hot Wheels going to make the Morrvair toy car? Is that in the works? I’d buy for my kid!

  • mh_vegas


    21 day ago

    Cool! Didn't know you guys would come down to Vegas! 👍

  • Fellow Patriots 2.0

    Fellow Patriots 2.0

    21 day ago

    You should add police spotlight on the doors, for nights like this one. Just a thought.

  • G S

    G S

    21 day ago

    It's nice that you get to enjoy working and having fun with your kids!

  • REX101


    21 day ago

    I will try to go to bed before midnight:30, lizzy is so cute. 😴

  • Mr Fred's DIY Garage School

    Mr Fred's DIY Garage School

    21 day ago

    The night crew was the “right” crew!

  • Tim Zeez

    Tim Zeez

    21 day ago

    😂 hey you’re in my neck of the woods, dang that’s a long drive for a recovery. Maybe I’ll get stuck and call ya guys so I can see the morvair haha

  • Richard Raymond

    Richard Raymond

    21 day ago

    Where can I get that green hat Lizzy has on?

  • Egleath Shelishyah

    Egleath Shelishyah

    21 day ago

    How $$$$ desperate are they? Just have Matt drive you home dude

  • Brandon Hambright

    Brandon Hambright

    21 day ago

    Midnight 30, yep you fit in around these parts... That was crazy so called gravel, I guess the new name Sinkstone

  • Jeeper P

    Jeeper P

    21 day ago

    2WD, street tires, a trailer, and sandy gravel…what could possibly go wrong!

  • Gerardo Trujillo

    Gerardo Trujillo

    21 day ago

    What kind of lights did you use for the underglow on the truck they look real good

  • Super Tanker

    Super Tanker

    21 day ago

    The morvair is freaking beastly

  • g stjohn

    g stjohn

    21 day ago

    That Morrvair looks great! Love the undercarriage lighting! And do I see TWO red "Idiot Lights" on the dash? They just indicate the engine's running?

  • tj hoff

    tj hoff

    21 day ago

    What is the stuff they are stuck in???

  • tj hoff

    tj hoff

    21 day ago

    Everyone loves LIZZY

  • tj hoff

    tj hoff

    21 day ago

    Those lights are awesome under the morvaire

  • jaymwales


    21 day ago

    Lizzy is gorgeous

  • Subaru Chance

    Subaru Chance

    21 day ago

    Dang imagine if these dudes heard of snorr probably would’ve saved them a pretty penny. Benefits you tho!

  • Brian B

    Brian B

    21 day ago

    Ayy you guys made it to my part of the desert !

  • Tom Oakhill

    Tom Oakhill

    21 day ago

    Matt, do NOT fall asleep while driving! We all love you and your family. You be safe.

  • David J. Leavitt

    David J. Leavitt

    21 day ago

    Hey Mat, great video. Thank you. Here’s a little FYI from an old contractor…… sub base is usually cracked granite, with sharp edges that forms a hard sub base when compacted. Drainage rock on the other hand, has smooth edges that is almost impossible to compact well enough to provide the hard drive able surface that we need. 😎

  • 1wcatalan


    21 day ago

    Wonder how much they charge for these late night rescues

  • Tox927


    21 day ago

    Its not the gravel that was his problem, it was the lack of tread on his drive tires and no 4x4 while pulling a trailer. This guy has no clue.

  • Shane Welsh

    Shane Welsh

    21 day ago

    At least y'all have good taste in music. Lol

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    21 day ago

    Who.....WHO would buy a 2WD Truck? What do you save like a thousand? A 2WD truck with an empty bed=garbage other than acting as a car on regular roads.
    Look at the tires too! like 1/2 of one tread has like 1mm showing.

  • G M

    G M

    21 day ago

    Did anyone notice that the first name the customer called out was Lizzie? The original conversation started by him addressing Lizzie, not Matt! 😂

  • Ryan Orr

    Ryan Orr

    21 day ago you mean to tell me that there was not one other recovery company in, say, a one-and-half-hour radius around them that would come get them out?? Surely there must have been somebody closer.
    Having you drive all that way is insane.

  • Jay S

    Jay S

    21 day ago

    All of you are such wonderful people, thank you.