Big Bus Buried To The Frame - Morrvair & Winch Truck

Published on Jun 6, 2021
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So I got a call for a big bus stuck to the frame. Time to pull out the winch truck and Morrvair to combine forces.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • wanajday


    Day ago

    I don’t like seeing that big heavy shackle joining the two ropes. If something breaks or separates the shackle becomes a lethal missile.

  • Brent Rivers

    Brent Rivers

    Day ago

    I'm always amazed at people wanting to put the weight of an elephant on the head of a pin. people and their ginormous RV's. Dude, get a tent.

  • Joseph Darger Jr

    Joseph Darger Jr

    2 days ago

    That things built outta gravity!

  • zach shapiro

    zach shapiro

    3 days ago

    The various brother-in-law overwhelmingly question because brochure sicily injure at a murky bracket. longing, last horn

  • shawn stoner

    shawn stoner

    4 days ago

    I would have been shocked if the crawler Corvaire moved that bus.

  • Amberdrake


    4 days ago

    I've only been stuck in deep snow, and would just create a drive out channel with a shovel...but I never see anyone do that on the show. Will it not work in softer soil and sand?

  • Bryan Goller

    Bryan Goller

    5 days ago

    Lizzy you are a sweetheart , I'm sure your daddy is very proud of you. 😊

  • RubiconSS


    8 days ago

    I get that the Banana is sexy but.... wouldn't HD winches get the job done when the vehicle stuck is Huge?

  • 2088bob konarski

    2088bob konarski

    9 days ago

    enough of the howdy howdy lets get rowdy it getting old really fast

  • Tony Gaytan

    Tony Gaytan

    9 days ago

    Hard work great team.

  • Leilani Aki

    Leilani Aki

    10 days ago


  • Lu Barrajas

    Lu Barrajas

    10 days ago

    Can you use air bags bags to lift it and put boards to get tracking ?

  • Fab Fun!

    Fab Fun!

    11 days ago

    Nice Job. Don't these big rigs have self leveling jacks? Maybe could have put a board under the self leveling jacks. Lifted the entire machine out of the sand and slid a few 2 x 12 boards under the wheels and driven it right out. Not nearly as fun or interesting as a video though.

  • Rowyn Daily

    Rowyn Daily

    12 days ago

    Let's go offroading with your fancy motor home 😂.

  • Jelly73


    12 days ago

    Looks like a plowed field

  • rudedogii


    13 days ago

    Adding longer "recovery" straps not such a good idea. Too much stretch. Get some rigging chokers used for lifting if "recovery" straps are too short. A bigger truck helps! I drove up on a rig like that with a trailer stuck in the sand one night on Razor Road OHV. Lucky for them I was out on the Mojave Road and running low on fuel in the Superduty. I was headed to the Shell at the I-15 and Razor Rd exit. Superduty in 4lo and the V-10 pulled them out no problem.

  • Vee Bee

    Vee Bee

    14 days ago

    I am hooked! Binge watching for 4 hours!! Love it!!!

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    استغفر الله واتوب ايه

    14 days ago

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  • John Vanlindingham

    John Vanlindingham

    15 days ago

    Noted the blade marks of a frunt end loader and it could have pulled it out by itself. She had plenty of room ,liked you as having run a c10 as well as a frunt end loader know you making fake video by the way a c10 is a bulldozer.

  • John Vanlindingham

    John Vanlindingham

    15 days ago

    I bet if she took her pants off the rv would jump out of the hole by itself!

  • John Vanlindingham

    John Vanlindingham

    15 days ago

    What is a kiot

  • Gord Fulton

    Gord Fulton

    15 days ago

    why didnt you put recovery boards or lumber etc. under its back tires to get it up and out of teh hole it dug ?

  • poor fat man

    poor fat man

    15 days ago

    His responsibility to replace the pipe

  • Sal Sierra

    Sal Sierra

    16 days ago

    Whoever gots a set up like that got money god blesss them

  • ace1usmc


    16 days ago

    Matt, I thought Lizzy is your daughter - @6:45 it sounds like she calls you "Matt".

  • X Y

    X Y

    16 days ago

    why is it called Morrvair?
    Corvair, okay, but the rest?

    • X Y

      X Y

      16 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery Woohoo, thanks.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      16 days ago

      Matt’s Off Road Recovery MORR

  • Buddy Martin

    Buddy Martin

    17 days ago

    Old people in vehicles they couldn’t have driven in their prime…….

  • Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman

    18 days ago

    7:30 I’ve seen this before. I just don’t remember where……….

  • Flint Richards

    Flint Richards

    18 days ago

    Man that giant motorhome had no business going out in the sand what was that guy thinking.

  • Vaidotas Sakalauskas

    Vaidotas Sakalauskas

    19 days ago

    Whats wrong with RVs rear axle? Wheels seems fall out :O

  • Ron


    20 days ago

    Glad you made it! AWESOME RV we dont see these big motorhomes here in The Netherlands

  • rwdennison


    20 days ago

    Why not air down the tires?

  • K H

    K H

    21 day ago

    Shoulda maxed out the RVs auto level on manual. Would have given you a lot of extra clearance.

  • briand01


    21 day ago

    Lizzie was great at using morrvair just enough throttle Great Job!

  • Zachary Cranor

    Zachary Cranor

    22 days ago

    OMG IFS on a bus!
    1. I didn't know they did that...
    2. That ain't cheap!

  • joshua6200


    23 days ago

    Wow, that Mhome is gorgeous..

  • Michael Manese

    Michael Manese

    23 days ago


  • Matthew Waltering

    Matthew Waltering

    23 days ago

    As a tow truck driver and doing TRIPLE A (AAA) calls I can assure you they were only “15 feet from the pavement” and they were “PREMIER RV”members.

  • thepottmi


    23 days ago

    I don't think I would hire these guys to get my $400,000 motorhome out of some sand.

  • blondestrainger


    24 days ago

    Please don’t tell me pulled from the A arms ! A tow truck pulled ours and twisted them as they are not to be pulled from says factory only the base between them or chassis

  • Karl Streuber

    Karl Streuber

    24 days ago

    Trevor needs a raise

  • halmc


    24 days ago

    Turd needs to take a shave.

  • Don Hardy

    Don Hardy

    24 days ago

    These guys rock -- exceptionally qualified. And Lizzy is one tough little girl. Seeing a great American kid like that makes me think that maybe this country isn't completely lost.

  • John


    25 days ago

    That video would have been great if you had shortened it to a minute,

  • Nixon Onerz

    Nixon Onerz

    25 days ago

    How much it can cost a rescue like this?

  • i Huang

    i Huang

    25 days ago

    I am in Northern Utah, are you guys in Southern Utah?! Nice videos and I just subscribed :)

  • mtower235


    25 days ago

    Y’all are in straight beast mode when you work !!!

  • Eric Bell

    Eric Bell

    26 days ago

    What would happen if a bungee rope was on the hook of the tow truck and pre-loaded with stretch. Can you guess how much stretch you could get and not go boing?

  • 180 MPH

    180 MPH

    26 days ago

    I’m trying to figure out why you replaced the generator exhaust pipe, you guys didn’t get it stuck in the sand???

  • Evan


    26 days ago

    I'd get rowdy with ya, you seem like someone they'd be fun to to go to the bar with

  • Carlos Sandoval

    Carlos Sandoval

    26 days ago

    We need more lizzy's in the world.

  • Randall Tucker

    Randall Tucker

    27 days ago

    Love that corvair.

  • Evan Clark

    Evan Clark

    27 days ago

    Way to put the Hummer sitting next to that to shame. love this channel!

  • Christopher Huff

    Christopher Huff

    27 days ago

    Love theae vidoes but some of these people are so stupid and have no common sense but love the vidoes shows me what not to buy and where not to go

  • Emilie Gauthier

    Emilie Gauthier

    27 days ago

    half a million dollar motorhome, Matt: I'm gonna see if I can get that part for ya

  • Dan Levy

    Dan Levy

    28 days ago

    Hey Matt. Too bad I’m in Costa Rica. I love Logan Utah
    U of U against U state U 👍🏼
    Graduated from U of U.

  • OhMyGulay


    29 days ago

    Bringing an RV onto sand like that is like bringing a sail boat into the sand dunes expecting it to move

  • Ahmad Akimullah

    Ahmad Akimullah

    Month ago

    😷⬅️😁✌🏻🥵👍🏻🙏 fyp like ✅🙏

  • Robert W Sieburg

    Robert W Sieburg

    Month ago

    How can people be this stupid? Stupid not as in slang terms.

  • Rich Black

    Rich Black

    Month ago

    Next time use the leveling jacks to get something under the back and front tires. It will drive right out.

  • David Spittler

    David Spittler

    Month ago

    Seems like they did a really solid job with what they had, but out of curiosity why was this crew called in for this vehicle?
    It really seems like not the right equipment for this weight of vehicle and condition. I've seen rescue companies bring much heavier rigs for much lighter trucks in less precarious situations.
    Also, why is it ok to put such a shock load on the Morrvair (and its driver) like that?

  • Harold Phipps

    Harold Phipps

    Month ago

    That job is why God let a Holmes 1701 be built, and why Trebron built hydraulic stiff legs.

  • Engineer Gaming

    Engineer Gaming

    Month ago

    Damn how could you do that to a brand new tiffin, let alone the most expensive model!

  • Marcos Martinez

    Marcos Martinez

    Month ago

    The girl sounds like Sandy from Spongebob

  • Tom Conces

    Tom Conces

    Month ago

    Wow, 45' and likely 40,000 pounds is no fun being stuck. Why not use the hydraulics on the coach to lift the rear and fill in the hole to get it off the ground? It's what I did in Vermont on grass. The amount of wood pushed into the ground was finally enough to support and lift the bus and then boards under the tires plus 2 farm tractors and she was out. No rear steer though. Great job.



    Month ago

    Perfect example of how not to do a recovery.

  • Tony D

    Tony D

    Month ago

    I just looked online - if that is a 2021 model Tiffin/Zephyr, it retails for *over $700,000*. Why the hell would you drive something like that onto the sand??? Money can't buy common sense I guess...

  • J B

    J B

    Month ago

    How much did THAT one cost???? Sheesh! Good work!!

  • Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds

    Month ago

    I’m actually liking this channel!

  • Da S

    Da S

    Month ago

    What a bunch of bullshit. Just call the right row truck.

  • robert frey

    robert frey

    Month ago

    Before anyone is allowed to own these giant motorplanets...they should be required to take a training course.

  • Smitty's channel

    Smitty's channel

    Month ago

    Pay for the bent generator pipe? nah; give 'em $30 off the tow bill

  • Stephen Auto

    Stephen Auto

    Month ago

    Matt, you would love a Mercedes Unimog as a recovery UNIT!
    Their designation, is literally, a High Speed Tractor. We have owned our 1986 U1300L for 25 years.
    Could be worth looking into?

  • peter smith

    peter smith

    Month ago

    Ask someone who knows about physics. I think the longer the tow rope the heavier the load becomes.
    Tie a short line on a brick and you can pull it along easily. Put it on a line 100 yards long and you'll never shift it.

  • tom jefferson

    tom jefferson

    Month ago

    honestly, what kind of idiot would take a rig like that into soft sand?

  • deltavee2


    Month ago

    Banana's first lunge reminded me of the cartoon dog that hits the end of his rope 6 inches from Foghorn Leghorn - XD

  • Stitchrib


    Month ago

    bravissimi, top.

  • Olin Zuercher

    Olin Zuercher

    Month ago

    I'm really impressed by Lizzie.

  • Tom big

    Tom big

    Month ago

    Why do these people drive this nonsense out into the desert ?

  • Dave Smith

    Dave Smith

    Month ago

    This was am act for YouTube or these people aren't very smart. A Motor home like this will have hydraulic leveling jacks that will lift the front end completely off the ground and the rear can be lifted on each side at a time so sand can be put in the the tracks so it can be driven out. I used my jacks to lift my motor home for brake work.

  • Jesse The pond hopper

    Jesse The pond hopper

    Month ago

    Not supposed too lose money on a job shit happens

  • Herman Visser

    Herman Visser

    Month ago

    Goto love this channel. Really fun to watch. From Australia.

  • Mick Bender

    Mick Bender

    Month ago

    On the next episode. We go pants shopping with lizzy the queen of sleeping

  • Jonathan Layne-Gordon

    Jonathan Layne-Gordon

    Month ago

    Lizzy always out there trying to prove herself to these buttheads

  • Adrian Barraza

    Adrian Barraza

    Month ago

    My guy over here looks like trevor from grand theft auto 😅

  • Shaun Church

    Shaun Church

    Month ago

    Love watching Lizzy, great job girl 🤘😝

  • 12 34

    12 34

    Month ago

    Damn. Thats a $700,000 plus bus.

  • Geoff Isabelle

    Geoff Isabelle

    Month ago

    Lizzie's badass cred jumps another 50 points.

  • remoleon


    Month ago

    Hey Matt do me a favor, please bury Edd in the desert, hes been dead a long time ago, he just doesnt know it yet. jjajaja

  • niel williams

    niel williams

    Month ago

    Lizzie is he best and sweet on the eye.

  • Elijah Cavin

    Elijah Cavin

    Month ago

    Would a heavier vehicle have yanked harder on the rope or was the corvair doing everything that could be done on the yankum?

  • Tim Downs

    Tim Downs

    Month ago

    Should have used the hydraulic leveling jacks to lift it up

  • Catch that Train Jodie

    Catch that Train Jodie

    Month ago

    In one of the clips I saw that the back tires weren't spinning. Would it not have been a good idea to engage the differential lock?

  • Pro Beach

    Pro Beach

    Month ago

    such a shame that all that money = Stupid people

  • Sergio Video Clips

    Sergio Video Clips

    Month ago


  • NoHalo 4Me

    NoHalo 4Me

    Month ago

    Love the “California” stop at 0:57

  • Allan Hover

    Allan Hover

    Month ago

    Hello Lizzy have a wonderful weekend

  • Tyler Hodson

    Tyler Hodson

    Month ago

    13:21 Wait, so are you having to pick up the bill for the generator exhaust?

  • Andy Askew

    Andy Askew

    Month ago

    Ill bet some work with a shovel would get it out...

  • Odd RC Guy

    Odd RC Guy

    Month ago

    Yup those jeans are important :P.
    What i wonder tho... Who in their right mind goes anywhere near sand with a bus...