Barracks Trail Gives The Team Some Major Troubles!

Published on Jun 4, 2021
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So I got a call for a Side by Side on the Barracks trail with some major troubles.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Koorite


    11 days ago

    For some reason, every time I watch MORR, I get a craving for chocolate milk...

  • Jon Thunderhawk

    Jon Thunderhawk

    Month ago

    I like chocolate milk

  • Paul F

    Paul F

    Month ago

    It's not a recovery until Lizzy lock in the hubs! :)

  • Utah York

    Utah York

    Month ago

    Man, I get lost in the daylight. I can't imagine navigating all that a night. Good work all.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Month ago

    Here in CO the sxs scene is nuts, they have no regard for anyone else but themselves.

  • Jim Wednt

    Jim Wednt

    Month ago

    Those chinezium winches 👎
    That winch may be the pride and joy of the child slave who built it but it don't seem to be as reliable as a Warren.

  • Kurt Bayburt

    Kurt Bayburt

    Month ago

    Amen at 9:35. I get tired of running into idiot SXS drivers that are going way too fast on dirt roads, and end up destroying them with washboards & turning the dirt into talcum powder.

  • Fika A

    Fika A

    Month ago

    I really love that you take Ed with you and that you don’t treat him differently from others!

  • Ergo Smedley

    Ergo Smedley

    Month ago

    Your right Matt on other sites overlanders posts how campsites are closing because of trash and sewage being dumped. BLM has warned that if this goes on these areas will be off limits to motorized vehicles and camping!

  • Curtis Newman

    Curtis Newman

    Month ago

    Lizzy 😍🥰

  • Tim Rock-It Saunders

    Tim Rock-It Saunders

    Month ago

    Chicken in a Biskit + Cheddar/American Easy Cheese = Junk Food Heaven

  • Matt Hopkins

    Matt Hopkins

    Month ago

    Same problem with SXSs in idaho too.

  • CAYMAN987


    Month ago

    Wisconsin just lost some trails.. emergency medical evac was stranded due to people trying to destroy snow and atv trails with giant jeep mud tires. Not good

  • Relaxing Nature

    Relaxing Nature

    Month ago

    This country music isn't doin it for me ..I live in the 21st century

  • Josie Gonzalez

    Josie Gonzalez

    Month ago

    Matt! I have been watching your videos. You are my hero! Keep up the good work. I hope you get paid good 💰.

  • CauseAndEffect


    Month ago

    The road was nothing compared to the permanent damage Ed did to his lungs with decades of smoking.

  • Vincent Swann

    Vincent Swann

    Month ago

    You pull a lot of these razor side by sides out, are they that bad or just dumb ass drivers

  • D|M Photo

    D|M Photo

    Month ago

    Some people: "Im pretty good at wheeling"
    Matt: "Have you tried it at night while pulling a trailer?"

  • Emil Hanning

    Emil Hanning

    Month ago

    now i want to know what a chicken on a biscuit is

  • grushkie


    Month ago

    I. Hear ya matt. We see the trails here in Colorado. Being shut down due to " erosion" cuze people won't stay on the ROAD. PLEASE PLAY NICE!!!!!@

  • Stephen Carlson

    Stephen Carlson

    Month ago

    Strange i get these vids days later.. Love Ed in the videos. He does make them complete.

  • Bryce Rockenbach

    Bryce Rockenbach

    Month ago

    I'm gonna say water crossings

  • Shawn Garfield

    Shawn Garfield

    Month ago

    Lizzy's badass!

  • syd woods

    syd woods

    Month ago

    its time to put some dual band radios in your trucks to take back and fourth !



    Month ago

    I can't believe your Harbor Freight winch is giving you problems. LOL!

  • Michael Wallace

    Michael Wallace

    Month ago

    whats with the new songs? I like them but I get so used to the usual music.

  • Anastasios Valasiadis

    Anastasios Valasiadis

    Month ago

    We miss Randy!

  • rsanjur


    Month ago

    4:32 perfect soundtrack for a road trip. Anyone know the name?

  • Doug Dorsten

    Doug Dorsten

    Month ago

    What about respecting the trails ? You guys where all over the place. Rudy going up the creek what's the deal.

  • Chree Wardle

    Chree Wardle

    Month ago

    Suggest getting some grommets for the wiring out of the box before it cuts your cable bouncing around. You all are great, take care friends! Like the new music too, mix it up :)



    Month ago

    Hi Matt, I agree with you on respecting the trails and something needs to be done for sure. I would like to suggest that you and your crew tear up quite a bit of landscape also while rescuing some of the vehicles you retrieve from our wildlands and it doesn't appear that you give much thought to tearing up the trails and other places you decide to just turn around. Not trying to be critical but just pointing out that we all need to be more respectful. I love your videos and you and your people, and thanks for rescuing those in need, we all need help once in a while. Thanks again and keep up the great work that you do!



    Month ago

    Matt, the twin 80 amp relays in the winch junction box melt and cause intermittent control failure. I just replaced mine...

  • James Moore

    James Moore

    Month ago

    Do you ever pick up the wrong Vehicle by accident



    Month ago

    How does Rudy not have Cholate Milk Pronsor?

  • botfoblhrp


    Month ago

    tow truck driver job is never done. that why I turned it down when offered the job, lol

  • alexander moreno

    alexander moreno

    Month ago

    Thx for the weather report Ed ... your #1

  • Harleykenn


    Month ago

    The music with the recovery is far far too loud, you don't need to ruin interesting videos with loud music.

  • Crypto Info

    Crypto Info

    Month ago

    No chicken in a biscuit, what blasphemy!

  • Lyle Huber

    Lyle Huber

    Month ago

    "Tread lightly" needs to become a universal mantra for everyone.

  • Marvin De Bot

    Marvin De Bot

    Month ago

    We have a saying here in OZ for beach driving, "Keep off the grass so the dunes will last". Some folk just don't get it.

  • Randy Puckett

    Randy Puckett

    Month ago

    the music though....

  • billy6ization


    Month ago

    I agree 100%. I live in PA and all of the trails are messed up from the side by sides. You go down them and they shake you left to right. They used to be so smooth that you could do 40 mph down them now you are limited to 5 mph. They are even tearing up the trails for the wildlife management areas where you go hunting and fishing. About a year ago the trails never used to be that messed up. Seems to me that everyone is getting them now. Also some off road parks do not allow the side by sides in anymore because of what they do to the trails. The long dirt road that I have to my house is also staring to get messed up because people think they can bypass all of my gates. The road only goes to my house and no further. I keep putting up chains where they go around my gates but they just make another trail around that. So now I have to grade my road once every 2 weeks. I also have private property signs too but they don't seem to care because most of the people who are messing the trails up are from NY. Don't you guys have your own woods with trails. Stay the hell In your own state or at least have more respect for mine.

  • Jeff Pepin

    Jeff Pepin

    Month ago

    watching theses video is like watching a real tv show , amazing camera and Video editing , GREAT JOB MATT'S !!! FRom Quebec Canada !!

  • Braeden Allen

    Braeden Allen

    Month ago


  • The Hungry Hunter

    The Hungry Hunter

    Month ago

    I hope you get paid real good....

  • jamie Haynes

    jamie Haynes

    Month ago

    i wonder who the 109 dislikes are?

  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    Month ago

    Need rock lights on trailer

  • eyesalooking


    Month ago

    Noticed that Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics has subscribed to your channel

  • ijgd jvjd

    ijgd jvjd

    Month ago

    "The side by sides are tearing up the roads" ..... Precedes to make huge holes in the road and run over trees. Lol

  • Robert Bonvillain

    Robert Bonvillain

    Month ago

    Keep on sportin those FFA shirts Lizzie!
    FFA should be a requirement for graduation!

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Foghorn Leghorn

    Month ago

    Side by Side owners are the worst, most of them aren't happy unless they're destroying something.

  • redneck suburban idiot

    redneck suburban idiot

    Month ago

    Lol this was a much easier way

  • steve holland

    steve holland

    Month ago

    your videos dont need music what you are doing speaks for itself the music is just irritating

  • angerm088


    Month ago

    Rudy- "the BIG one"
    Oh I so agree! I'll make sure to give y'all some next time I'm back in the area😀

  • Todd Templeton

    Todd Templeton

    Month ago

    man, a job like this would have been a cakewalk with a unimog with a hoist on the back. Just pick that razor up and set it on the bed and roll out

  • Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

    Month ago

    That was one heck of a tricky late night rescue. Well done. Lizzy and Colin catching up on fast forward was so funny. Loved it!

  • Thurnis Haley

    Thurnis Haley

    Month ago

    Is that a Badlands winch? That's probably why you're having problems. Harbor Freight quality for you.

  • Zachary Burke

    Zachary Burke

    Month ago

    Need some pickled eggs to go with that chocolate milk! 🥚 🥛

  • camtron the destroyer

    camtron the destroyer

    Month ago

    As someone who’s lost access to trails due to a vast majority of people negligence, Matt’s 100% spot on. Treat your trails/ off-road recreation areas with respect. Stay on the trails, take your mess home with you; and have fun!

    • Thurnis Haley

      Thurnis Haley

      Month ago

      It's not just the littering, it's how they rip up the trails. Simply put, SXS can go faster than the trails can handle them. They whip through all the twists and turns, tearing up and washboarding the road as they go. But yeah, then they start going off the trails, breaking down, leaving crap everywhere and making it a hassle for the county. Then eventually they look at the money they're burning maintaining it and say "alright, no more"

  • Richard Lindquist

    Richard Lindquist

    Month ago

    Looks like a new jump box. 8^)

  • Thomas S

    Thomas S

    Month ago

    Love the voice activated 4wd system in the banana. Matt says "Time for 4 wheel drive" and out pops Lizzie to lock in the hubs.

  • Blinka Bot

    Blinka Bot

    Month ago

    11:47 - That's the Shot.

  • Stephen 06GT

    Stephen 06GT

    Month ago

    What’s that old trail riding expression “TREAD LIGHTLY”.

  • Frank MacLeod

    Frank MacLeod

    Month ago

    9:10 Important message sir. Thanks for mentioning that.

  • Iffykid Mn

    Iffykid Mn

    Month ago

    Not running a roller fairlead will cause the cable to bunch up easier on one side of the winch drum, Running a fairlead will not prevent it completely but will help some.

  • Sam Vigil

    Sam Vigil

    Month ago

    Is there a way to relatively easily wire your trailer winch to the Jeep so you don't have to deal with that jump box?
    Great stuff, love thevideos, hope I never have to call you out to action when I visit southern Utah again!

  • Layne Bailey

    Layne Bailey

    Month ago

    Who is doing the spotting? Very helpful a couple times.

  • Ryan Westhoff

    Ryan Westhoff

    Month ago

    Love the 80's montage music you put in

  • Chris Horner

    Chris Horner

    Month ago

    Anyone else think an offroad recovery video game would be a lot of fun? Like Mudrunner/Snowrunner but with more of a recovery focus, the Banana could be the mascot!

  • Nuttin Bedder2do

    Nuttin Bedder2do

    Month ago

    I am with Matt. Stay the trail or there will be no trails.



    Month ago

    New Tshirt! "We're going somewhere to get something out"

  • Eric Allen

    Eric Allen

    Month ago

    Lizzy needs to get some of those yoga pants please.

    • Mister Goat

      Mister Goat

      Month ago

      Eric Allen Congrats, you're almost a full blown chi mo. I bet you own a windowless van too with free candy inside.

    • Torque


      Month ago

      Why dont you go be a sleazy piece of shit somewhere else.

  • Dwayne T

    Dwayne T

    Month ago

    Wow who's idea was it to change the music? It's like being invaded by a commercial . Where's the nice old music you used to play? And play it at same volume instead of 20 decibels higher than the video.

  • Riordan McMillan

    Riordan McMillan

    Month ago

    What muffler is on the banana?

    • Mister Goat

      Mister Goat

      Month ago

      Magna Flow I believe he said. They have a nice rumble to them. I've put them on a couple of my vehicles.

  • G *O

    G *O

    Month ago

    Thanks for reminding people to stay on the trails. Sadly, I see people go in out of bound areas at the lake near my home. They run across meadows and tear up the land. If they keep it up, the area will be closed to all off road vehicles in the near future because there are tens of thousands of hikers, bikers and equestrians that use these lands that are getting sick of the 4WD guys that can't stay in the areas that are set aside for them.

  • 72chargerse72


    Month ago

    I give up

  • 72chargerse72


    Month ago

    Ps loud "music" isnt cool at 4 am. I set the volume for voices and then BAM loud banjo.Some one is a PITA.

  • Blackburn 94

    Blackburn 94

    Month ago

    What happen to randy..???

  • Fred Frederick

    Fred Frederick

    Month ago

    How can my Chinese Harbor Freight $99 winch always break when used for commercial recovery? I wonder?

  • Ru2yaz


    Month ago

    All junk the food you all eat probably has you all squatting out behind the bushes out in the middle of no where in the cover of night on many occasions.

  • Kenneth Bolton

    Kenneth Bolton

    Month ago

    We were at a party and got to talking about this site and one girl said: OMG I watch that too, and Rudy is so cute with that buttery voice and her friend Tommy said: I watch it too, he is so cute, gringer brave and those jeans, and she says: I saw him first beeach, and he says, girl, if I break down I hope he takes whatever road is necessary to help me out." And I said okay, umm, ok. LOL

  • MrSir


    Month ago

    Definitely got the right music for this recovery. Stuck on a stump, and cant get off, you need more power!! lol.

  • Tanner Ross

    Tanner Ross

    Month ago

    Shout out for the stay the trail preach. Happening here in CO with SxS as well, keep trails open and respect the land.

  • watajob


    Month ago

    This couldn't have waited til sun up?

  • Hunter Hodges

    Hunter Hodges

    Month ago

    I love the new music. Reminds me of toy story or something

  • David Lee

    David Lee

    Month ago

    Awesome seeing Lizzy repping the FFA community. Us Ag kids know how to get it done. Now let's how here you recite the creed lol

  • Chris Harris

    Chris Harris

    Month ago

    "How can this happen so consistantly?"
    Well let's see. How long can a man who should know better go before he runs a proper connection to the battery on his Jeep to the winch on his trailer? You look like a rank amateur every time you bring that power box out. It truly makes your towing company look bad because you're not doing things the right way.
    I get that you don't mind damaging something by using a hammer on something that needs a screw driver but you winch too much to not take 4 hours to run leads off your battery to a power port on the back of your truck that the trailer can plug into. Is it just lazy or do you like looking bad?
    "Ahhhhh!" (I'm thinking snake bit but no no...she splashed herself...worse...much much worse, Lizzy LOL)

    • Thurnis Haley

      Thurnis Haley

      Month ago

      If I recall they're a fan of Badlands winches too, which are harbor freight. Just go get a Warn, doesn't even have to be an expensive M8000 or anything

  • William Skenandore

    William Skenandore

    Month ago

    I hope Randy is okay. Haven't seen him in a while.

    • CJ Johnson

      CJ Johnson

      Month ago

      @repoman28d That's a drag. He was always good for a laugh, a smile and could run uphill pretty well swinging a camera as they like to say.

    • repoman28d


      Month ago

      Somebody said randy was let go in March. Not sure why. You’ll see him in Casey’s off road recovery videos apparently

  • mandellafect


    Month ago

    We all love ed!!!!

  • Raul Higareda Anguiano

    Raul Higareda Anguiano

    Month ago

    Hola amigos!!!!

  • David S.

    David S.

    Month ago

    Same story everywhere with side by sides. I would get behind any effort to ban them entirely. I don't buy the "few bad apples" argument either. The vast majority of these people ARE the problem. Keep it up, and those of us who still respect the outdoors and our fellow outdoors people will eventually get the legislation passed to get rid of you.

  • AngryDINGUS


    Month ago

    You're not wrong about people needing to respect the trails and treat them better. After they trash the trails, the trails get closed, then they go out and trash the FS roads and all the good camping areas, then those get closed. Its very frustrating

  • Gary Gilbert

    Gary Gilbert

    Month ago

    Why are so many of these recoveries at night. It seems like it would be easier in the day light.

    • Bob Green

      Bob Green

      Month ago

      Pretty for sure they just go when they get the call but it is over a 100 degrees right now in many places utah, arizona, and california. Most of those areas are breaking records every day the past few weeks with a heatwave this year. In Texas where I live it is normally a 100 degrees by now but I think we got their weather this year. It was 68F at 6am this morning and the high the last few days was 80F and I am loving it. Several years ago we had a 100 days over a 100 degrees one summer which is not to far from average. But this year we barely in the 70's all last week. Weird stuff happening here. We have also had 20 inches of rain in the last month where as california lakes are drying up.

  • Richie Nara

    Richie Nara

    Month ago

    I love the content I watch and I look to see if you have new videos so I can watch until I fall asleep I love doing the things you do and having vehicles and respecting them while I’m off road people need to start respecting their things and trails like you said

  • Dr. Craig D. Smith

    Dr. Craig D. Smith

    Month ago

    When do the recovery costs exceed the value of the item recovered? Seems in this one it would be a wash.

    • Paul F

      Paul F

      Month ago

      You'd think that someone with Dr in front of their name would be smarter than that. Maybe $1000-2000 to recover a $20K+ SxS is hardly a wash. Lot's of people have insurance to cover it as well.

  • Notarobot


    Month ago

    They should change the name of side by sides to "Side by BROKENNNNN"

  • R.j. Brown

    R.j. Brown

    Month ago

    Its good to see Ed again. Good job guys.

  • Case Isaiah Jensen

    Case Isaiah Jensen

    Month ago

    Really enjoyed this video! Reminds me of your first videos with all the music and the random tidbits! Keep these ones coming.

  • Stealth Bob

    Stealth Bob

    Month ago

    There needs to be a Map for Utah, Hurricane in Snowrunner....its basically the game but IRL

  • devin hooper

    devin hooper

    Month ago

    You should do a QnA