Banana Vs Morrvair - Ultimate Off Road Challenge!

Published on May 23, 2021
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So I got a call to put the Banana up against the Morrvair.


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Dennis Maldonado

    Dennis Maldonado

    21 hour ago

    Can’t wait for the banana motor upgrade

  • Tom Bair

    Tom Bair

    Day ago

    I would love to build matt a 4.0 into a 4.6 stroker that would put out over 300 horses 🐎 to even things up

  • carl stanoyevic

    carl stanoyevic

    2 days ago

    This was a very informative video,however they both will have very different roles to play in recovery work I can see the banana can get in tighter places and with the upgrades it will be right there with the morvair. Great job. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  • Kyle


    4 days ago

    what exhaust is on the Morrvair?

  • Sam pol

    Sam pol

    4 days ago

    Matt, YOU ARE WRONG. Morrvair is not lighter. The real conclusion about footprint and weight is that in fact the Banana with a bigger footprint transmit its weight more efficiently than the Morevair. Which ever has more contact with the ground will float better. Hence Morrvair will have greater tendency to sink on softer sand cause the tires are still to rigid. Therefore it footprint, or better said, the area of weight displacement is smaller. Think of this as in the footings of a house. The larger they are the better they transmit the weight coming from the columns to the ground making it stable or float better

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      4 days ago

      MORRVAIR has a bigger footprint. (40x13.5) vrs. The Banana (35x12.5) And it does float better than the Banana…. Much better.

  • HJ


    5 days ago

    I more like the Banana. It is special.

  • fd797


    5 days ago

    Upfront, I am biased, having been an XJ owner. A 4.0 is an amazing engine, and the trans too, and just plain an XJ packaged with them. And what I've watched you do with the Banana is amazing. I couldn't believe the Banana's 4.0 hasn't been torn into with all the abuse I have been watching. Watching that 4.0 work over time, both lug and rev is testimony to what those do best. Listening to the Moorvair's LS-? running, to me, sounds like a typical Chevrolet - no torque down low and rev the piss out of it to get it to work for you. I heard it bog and bog against the torque converter down low, unable to put the chassis to work. A looser converter, or more gearing, would probably make it get busier, but would just make it less wieldy. I feel I can say a 4.0, despite being a little guy always pulls more than its weight and all over. In contrast, if you can rev the Chevy, then yeah, it wins, well when that kind of race counts. But, I suspect it won't make a good tow rig unless you can get it to rev...which isn't usually what makes a good tow rig. Ya the Moorvair won today in these head-head challenges. But, its 2.4x horsepower didn't really show up that big of a difference. Time will tell, but it would be interesting to get your real world use observations once in regular service duty. Oh, don't get me wrong, the Moorvair is way cool - I guess I'm simply not convinced the standard-issue LS-whatever makes a good tow truck motor. Whereas, the 4.0 does appear to be so.

  • Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson

    7 days ago

    Tell me about the weather! Man.

  • Madison Hadley

    Madison Hadley

    8 days ago

    what engine does banana have

  • TJack Survival

    TJack Survival

    9 days ago

    That engine just sounds beautiful

  • The Bed Doctor

    The Bed Doctor

    9 days ago

    That moorvair is sick. I didn't know i had a dream vehicle until now.

  • Darlene Kates

    Darlene Kates

    9 days ago

    Stumbled onto your channel with the Prius episode. It never ceases to amaze me what people drive off road, both vehicles and tires. I have heard several say you are the reason they are there. You are the reason I won't be there. As a farm girl from NE TX now in PHX area, I know my limits and draw the line at sand. You have the patience of Job and an awesome crew. Keep putting out the videos and "Get 'em out".

  • D Newell

    D Newell

    10 days ago

    I just drove my wife's xj last night to get a vehicle out of northern Arizona soup and have to go what kind of lights are you using on your xj?

  • Koorite


    12 days ago

    Why did the editor spell it "moorvair"? Should be "morrvair".

  • Aaron Aaron

    Aaron Aaron

    12 days ago

    Great video

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    12 days ago

    If this is your first time watching be prepared to become addicted..don't be alarmed it's happens to everyone.

  • ukdynastymartin96


    12 days ago

    Whats the difference in fuel economy? (More gallons per hour than mpg.)

  • Bo Zo

    Bo Zo

    13 days ago

    7:15 "wow tucker you do run!" That killed me 😂

  • rpm2day G

    rpm2day G

    15 days ago

    Jaymie looks like she's thinking that she's really raising two boys in this video.

  • Zane Dzikonski

    Zane Dzikonski

    15 days ago

    I vote for the yellow one

  • Panhead Dude

    Panhead Dude

    17 days ago

    Dollar for dollar .... 'Nanner did great!

  • 486DX266


    18 days ago

    Jeep only got about 60% of its engine power to the wheels? That's pretty bad. Were the tires fully inflated? Suspect it would have put down a little more with stock and hard tires.

  • Josh Begay

    Josh Begay

    19 days ago

    240 HP... "That's not bad" lol

  • CardzRC


    20 days ago

    Am I the only one who has a major crush on Lizzy? She's a smart, tough, sexy as heck truck woman. They dont make em like that very often.

  • Jonathan - Argiri

    Jonathan - Argiri

    23 days ago

    Must be undecided as to the name, is it Moorvair or Morrvair? That remains the only factor not settled. How to now make a name official.........on the next episode.

  • David Buchanan

    David Buchanan

    24 days ago

    Time for a 4.6 stroker in the Banana!

  • Joshua Covey

    Joshua Covey

    24 days ago

    I love Max’s enthusiasm. That pup has no quit.

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    24 days ago

    This is Great!!, How could those 313 knuckle heads put their thumbs down?

  • Wyatt Earp

    Wyatt Earp

    24 days ago

    The Morrvair is BIONIC, not fair to the Banana. I hope you do the tests after modifications of the Banana. 😁

  • Jeffy McJefferson

    Jeffy McJefferson

    25 days ago

    82", Matt?! That's a semi-truck.

  • Tom Easley

    Tom Easley

    26 days ago

    So.....I found your channel a few days ago and have been binge watching and love it ! There was one test that I think would have been a good one.....Fuel

  • Steve the Pirate

    Steve the Pirate

    26 days ago

    The banana fits more people who really would rather be in the moorvair.

  • Cory U

    Cory U

    26 days ago

    Dog test was great!😂

  • Keeping It Real

    Keeping It Real

    27 days ago

    That Was Really Close
    For The Most Part ,But One Last Thing ?
    ( COST ) It's All The
    ( BANANA )
    You Got To LOVE The Old

  • Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson

    29 days ago

    I enjoy your video's & that was a cool and comparison.

  • berniedmj1


    29 days ago

    Rudy being the goofball is the reason I like him!! He’s hilarious nice cool guy!
    Matt should do some tender loving care to the banana with some major upgrades!!!

  • WarrenAlbuna


    Month ago

    No matter what, my heart will always be with the banana.. we also wanna know what Mr. Ed thinks..

  • HDvids 101

    HDvids 101

    Month ago

    Need something for the dogs to get up just eBay or Amazon search pet ramp :-)

  • schu131


    Month ago

    Banana is still the winner to me the morvair is far superior in many ways but it’s like a trainer and a fighter one has the time and experience while the other is a hotshot rookie both are still awesome

  • Dustin Ondrick

    Dustin Ondrick

    Month ago

    Badass video guys! Always enjoy everything you guys put out!

  • tracy knight

    tracy knight

    Month ago

    Is there a video that tells how the "Morrvair" got its name?

  • Mooi Hoor

    Mooi Hoor

    Month ago

    What about gas consumption, ground clearance, and the width of the morrvair? I can imagine that especially the last one can be a disadvantage as well?

  • Speed Man

    Speed Man

    Month ago

    Those Patagonia's are a great tire, I love mine and my BFG I had , but the Milestar's where alot cheeper, and I could not be happier.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    I'm honestly just impressed as the XJ isn't pegged at like 350 degrees and on fire

  • Drew


    Month ago

    Looks like you need a little heavier valving on those shocks to combat the wheel hop...

  • Sophia


    Month ago

    Can't believe your rear seat leg room on the morrcair when I see Rudy's knees jammed against the back of the drives seat and door.

  • Steve


    Month ago

    Lightweight amphibious roadway would give you all the traction you need :)... but the rolls are huge and hard to transport.

  • joão paulo gomes

    joão paulo gomes

    Month ago

    What about Miles per gallon vs Miles per Fun? 🙈

  • Shayne Barenberg

    Shayne Barenberg

    Month ago

    I love how Rudy is in the back painting his boot and just lays the print down

  • Z F

    Z F

    Month ago

    I honestly wish we'd have seen a MPG comparison! As Matt runs a business at the end of the day, gasoline is a business expense and thus their MPG measurements matter more than they would if they were just fun rigs to offroad in. I'm consistently surprised by my own XJ's 22 MPG highway (if I'm gentle with her), so I really wonder how the Banana and Moorvair would compare on the efficiency front.

  • Ben


    Month ago

    You should do another comparison when the banana is rebuilt

  • R C

    R C

    Month ago

    You just annihilated every "legitimate" car or truck review/comparisons with this video. I loved all the geeked out info of interior measurements, dyno, side by side tests and terrain test. FIVE STARS!

  • JRusted 5.0

    JRusted 5.0

    Month ago

    The banana needs a Hemi Swap. Lol!

  • Justin Van Buren

    Justin Van Buren

    Month ago

    Hell yeah, cool ass corvair!!

  • ryfish5


    Month ago

    Do a winch-off!

  • al crookston

    al crookston

    Month ago

    It should be the MORRVAIR.

  • OM617YOTA


    Month ago

    Don't leave us hanging, what was Rudy's ground footprint PSI?

  • Thomas Carter

    Thomas Carter

    Month ago

    You have probably already thought about it and maybe there is an obvious reason not to but could you snorkel from the heater coil to outside to vent off heat from the banana to keep it from roasting yourself?

    • Thomas Carter

      Thomas Carter

      Month ago

      Another thought could you make an adapter that would go on 5 or 6 back lugs so you could make duals on the back of the morvair for more flotation and traction when needed for dead pulls. Pull one tire at a time on 1 foot block of 6x6 to add and remove extra tire. Easy to type harder to make work. If it would.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Already done.

    • Thomas Carter

      Thomas Carter

      Month ago

      Heater core

  • mathew b

    mathew b

    Month ago

    You forgot to award money made so far over cost which would give the banana another 9 points to make it a tie

  • quadrunner91


    Month ago

    So... The real question is who misspelt "Morrvair" as "Moorvair" 20 something times in the editing room :)

  • Ian BEADLE

    Ian BEADLE

    Month ago

    Would a Unimog be feasible for the heavier jobs? Convert to crew cab-no biggie.

  • Default Name

    Default Name

    Month ago

    The Moorvair sounds better than any bone stock LS has any right to. Amazing sounding

  • Spencer Brantley

    Spencer Brantley

    Month ago

    The sturdy stitch sequently bolt because island aetiologically zoom besides a lackadaisical galley. swanky, dry learning

  • cabzombie


    Month ago

    May I suggest , just turning on the defroster and save your feet . I do it all the time ! I’m all too familiar with hot , mountainous climate !

  • rc.realistic.overlanding


    Month ago

    If you put 40 inches in diameter tyre on standard axles, what do you do with the geraboxes? Are you reducing the lower range's gears only?

  • chillyfingers123


    Month ago

    The front geometry on the moorvair is embarrassing

  • the scum of humanity

    the scum of humanity

    Month ago

    Wait 100hp out of a 4 liter strait 6???? Isn't that supposed to have 200 stock??

    • the scum of humanity

      the scum of humanity

      Month ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery ohhh I see would you ever have considered the 2.5 td version for your line of work or would it not have the power? I'm think the addition of the turbo would make the power loss less drastic?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      185 at the fly wheel with no accessories. With its age in the accessories it’s probably making around 150 hp at the fly wheel. 20-30% lost through the drive train, leaning more to the 30% because of the large tires. Nobody that’s ever put any jeep on a chassis Dino is surprised.

  • Junkcrusaders Sturguess

    Junkcrusaders Sturguess

    Month ago

    How much money is in the moor air?

  • Keith DeVoe

    Keith DeVoe

    Month ago

    I love Jeeps, but the Morrvair is very very COOL

  • Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds

    Month ago

    The absolute worse thing you can do is snatch a vehicle out! Ppl watching this please don’t ever, get a running start an just snatch the stuck vehicle out! Good entertainment but not in any way the correct way to get a stuck vehicle out,

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I agree! Snatch straps are dangerous. A good 30 foot Kinetic energy rope is by far the best tool for sand extractions.

  • A K

    A K

    Month ago

    Don’t know why, thought the Jeep would be more powerful.

  • A K

    A K

    Month ago

    What lake is this?

  • SteelEagle33


    Month ago

    Yall need yellow versions of Rudy's helmet!

  • SteelEagle33


    Month ago

    Both of them are such awesome rigs to watch get it done! Can't wait for the offroad wrecker build!

  • PDaddy Warbux

    PDaddy Warbux

    Month ago

    That was an awesome vid 👍

  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips

    Month ago

    One of my favorite videos so far. Even my kids watched with me. It's clear that the Morrvair is more capable and more beastly, but the Banana is now sentimental to us all - so once can only imagine how special it is to Matt and the crew. I always describe this channel as "a towing company in Utah who does remote, off-road sketchy recoveries utilizing an old XJ and alot of skill" So the Banana definitely has to stay, but I'm glad to see the Morrvair also. It was an incredible build to watch, it's an amazing machine, and I'm partial to the Chevy 5.3 that powers it. Great motor, great drive train you built, incredible vehicle. Thanks for the great content!

  • Liberty Leslie

    Liberty Leslie

    Month ago

    Now do a video of you all doing all the things you have said you needed to do to your vehicles in the last year on your show but still have not done them.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      We already did those videos. They just haven’t dropped yet.

  • PavePusher


    Month ago

    Oofffff... poor Max!

  • Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan

    Month ago

    I think some performance upgrades are due for both but really the banana.

  • Knut Nordgaard

    Knut Nordgaard

    Month ago

    Interesting to se the comparison of them 🙂

  • Sarah Sellers

    Sarah Sellers

    Month ago

    Love the thin gold line flag! 💛

  • Wayne Parnell

    Wayne Parnell

    Month ago

    Which is the correct spelling- Moorvair (the spelling on tv screen) or Morrvair?

  • About Time

    About Time

    Month ago

    Lizzy said she’s always a winner so i’m going with her! ( no i’m not a perv, she’s just cute)

  • Daniel Son

    Daniel Son

    Month ago

    I love the banana and ita my first pove from this channel but that Morrvair is beautiful looking off road beast. If it was in a different color it would be perfect.

  • Adam Peters

    Adam Peters

    Month ago

    It's only right the Banana gets a little upgrade/revamping. It was what drew me into your channel and I'll be really sad and disappointed if it gets over shadowed by the Morrvair.

  • Mohammad Zainuddin

    Mohammad Zainuddin

    Month ago

    The tired colt superficially approve because phone possibly puncture lest a open stomach. loose, healthy result

  • Josh Cline

    Josh Cline

    Month ago

    As a fellow XJ owner, the Jeep will always be better in my heart. Little Yellow Banana will never die!

  • Benjamin Lumbard

    Benjamin Lumbard

    Month ago

    Go banana

  • Benjamin Lumbard

    Benjamin Lumbard

    Month ago

    I love banana, but come on morrvair is way cool.

  • Benjamin Lumbard

    Benjamin Lumbard

    Month ago

    I love the banana, but the morrvair is way to cool. Go chevy

  • Lexus Es

    Lexus Es

    Month ago

    Yes!!! 😏 This great! And i have no idea why I’m not subscribed…🤔 I’ve been watching awhile. Anyway I’m subscribed now Matt. And I’ll always have a soft spot for the banana 🍌

  • Jerry Cordova

    Jerry Cordova

    Month ago

    The banana built everything we've seen on this channel. Hats off to that vehicle! I live in southwest AZ and those cherokees are everywhere!! Its for good reason, they're amazing little machines

  • jeff madden

    jeff madden

    Month ago

    All that but I’d like to say the most important thing. When push comes to shove the XJ won’t quit.

  • TrueNorth2606


    Month ago

    Yeah, I am not jumping into that thing!

  • Chris Griffin

    Chris Griffin

    Month ago

    Whoever edited this video FAILED big time... every time the Morrvair scored a point the EDITER spelled it MOORVAIR... LOL

  • Hidden bidden is a communist

    Hidden bidden is a communist

    Month ago

    Buy amber lenses for that light bar. Will do wonders.

  • jimmytvf


    Month ago

    I'd go with the Banana in terms of everyday use. More leg room, more room for cargo... Doesn't get away by much comparing it with the Morrvair in off-road ability. It's a 30ish old car and the Morrvair is a brand new one. It lacks a few horses, and do some bits and bobs. I'm surprised the brake hoses still standing.A complete makeover like the one you did on the Morrvair, better engine, with higher suspension, wider arches and axles, and surely it will surpass the Morrvair. Banana rules!

  • Jeff Mellor

    Jeff Mellor

    Month ago

    I really want to see the Morrvair do the Dead Pull again with a set of paddle tires!

  • makattak88


    Month ago

    Instead of going centre to centre,
    Go edge to edge. It’s the same difference if the wheels are the same size.

  • Phill Black

    Phill Black

    Month ago

    No no no I ant counting the rear end lol that weight will be bad