Are New Trucks Really Built For Off Road?

Published on Sep 1, 2021
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So I got a call for a brand new truck stuck in the sand. Are these new vehicles really built for the off road?


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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Mr11ESSE111


    35 minutes ago

    They are build for On Road



    2 hours ago

    no its the off road decals its a trap beware

  • Illia K

    Illia K

    3 hours ago

    Now you understand why all terrorists around the world use Toyota

  • William B

    William B

    7 hours ago

    Question... why don't folks just send you their GPS coordinates?

  • D Takahashi

    D Takahashi

    7 hours ago

    Nobody really knows because they're so damn expensive you're scared to take them off road. 🤣

  • welewisiii


    8 hours ago

    a sxs is cheaper and better offroad then you average mall crawling pickup with a 2 inch lift and low profile tires

  • Ashley Richard Moldskred

    Ashley Richard Moldskred

    13 hours ago

    those trucks are meant to pull trailers not go offroad

  • 5hakil111


    15 hours ago

    Where is this?

  • springfieldbearpatrol


    16 hours ago

    Interesting comment about the weight. I have a ‘14 Tundra TRD with big cab and long bed. Feel like I read somewhere it weighs 6k pounds. It’s huge and heavy, I love it of course... But don’t always have the same off road confidence that I once had in my 04 Jeep Cherokee with AWD. That vehicle was a dream on dirt.

  • jeremy whitesell

    jeremy whitesell

    16 hours ago

    I gonna say no. They cant handle corners on dry roads. Or the people who buy them cant handle corners. I see them doing 90mph in a straight yet drop down to 25 mph when the road bends. Just kidding. The trucks can offroad. The drivers cant.

  • Getaway Dreamer

    Getaway Dreamer

    17 hours ago

    Yes they are. Problem is lack of skills and off-roading knowledge.

  • Sparkle-ph TV

    Sparkle-ph TV

    20 hours ago

    Nice rescue & shirt…😊 watching here

  • JP M

    JP M

    22 hours ago

    All of those cherokees here in Brazil either went to the junkyard for overheating or had their radiators upgraded, they dont hand high temperatures very well with stock radiator.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    22 hours ago

    Not fiats

  • Rob Naylor

    Rob Naylor

    Day ago

    4wd 24 7, they really get stuck , They not normal people,

  • Vivek Bharti

    Vivek Bharti

    Day ago

    The cars just had to say step bro I'm stuck and voila 😂😂😂

  • jeffrey wolf

    jeffrey wolf

    Day ago

    Are new trucks made for off-road? Hell no they're not.

  • Sr Cmte

    Sr Cmte

    Day ago

    How mucj cost to save cars stucked?

  • Yvan Official Youtube

    Yvan Official Youtube

    Day ago

    TRX isn't build for Off road, it's only saying speed and engine

  • Bob Sullivan

    Bob Sullivan

    Day ago

    GiHugic tires, cubic horsepower, and a criminal mind.............What could go wrong?

  • jet052673


    Day ago

    That Power Wagon is made for rocks, not least not with those tires.

  • Keep Burning

    Keep Burning

    Day ago

    Matt did not seem to care for the small talk with the razor 🤣

  • chris bean

    chris bean

    Day ago

    Yeah they are prob better but you just have to put the parts on them for the environment your playing in.

  • Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen

    Day ago

    You guys are awesome

  • AngryDINGUS


    Day ago

    I don't much think any trucks have ever been built for offroad from the factory. Some do better than others but trucks are made to carry loads, not climb trails.

  • I will bnned after I speak Why

    I will bnned after I speak Why

    Day ago

    All that money for that new truck & it is bested by an awesome old ass Jeep🤣🤣🤣🤣
    This is the video I’ll show people to explain my situation.

  • Ricklin Cortez

    Ricklin Cortez

    2 days ago

    Banana car so powerful,,

  • Eric Collazo

    Eric Collazo

    2 days ago

    I don't understand why people will go out to the sand dunes without proper recovery gear (e.g. anchor, winch, etc).

  • Edward Peter

    Edward Peter

    2 days ago

    0:21 l'ebete di turno con la barba lunga.

  • Imrie Staffson

    Imrie Staffson

    2 days ago

    Just have to say its always neat to see the truck JUMP out of the hole its in. and move forward...

  • Sjoerd Peeters

    Sjoerd Peeters

    2 days ago

    Why do you guys never wear shorts?

  • ATX1


    2 days ago

    Where do you guys live?

  • Rene D

    Rene D

    2 days ago

    ...why do I keep clicking on these when they never say why the new trucks sux... quit titling these vids like this... I don't care about this visual stuff.

  • WK 00

    WK 00

    2 days ago

    chal bhag tera so kon dekhta hai ads dekh liya yahi bahot hai

  • Derrick Palmer

    Derrick Palmer

    2 days ago

    The resolute aluminium speculatively obey because house consistently preach on a slippery lake. horrible, unequaled cloakroom

  • joshua marvin

    joshua marvin

    2 days ago

    do they charge for the recoveries?

  • joeashbubemma


    2 days ago

    Are new trucks built for off road? Yes, just off the shoulder of most paved roads. Thank God for the Free Market.

  • Consent of the Governed

    Consent of the Governed

    2 days ago

    No. Modern full-size trucks are built for luxury and heavy towing. Nothing about their design is intended for or results in decent off-road performance.

  • Igen Operator

    Igen Operator

    2 days ago

    skills and knowlege play a big role!

  • truth  be told

    truth be told

    2 days ago

    Talk about non driving retards.

  • David Rook

    David Rook

    2 days ago

    After watching some of these videos I realize how lucky I was going off the roads in this area of never getting stuck or wrecking. I lived in Fredonia for a while and whenever I got the chance I went exploring all over Northern AZ. and Southern UT..

  • C Dub

    C Dub

    2 days ago

    It's a hunerd 'n seven degrees.... But it's a dry heat.... As they say. And yes. It's makes a difference!!

  • John C

    John C

    2 days ago

    You guys are true LIFE SAVERS

  • John C

    John C

    2 days ago

    Time to return that POS razor

  • John C

    John C

    2 days ago

    I just shaved my beard because it was hot, nowhere near 107 you guys are animal's

  • Andre D

    Andre D

    2 days ago

    who goes off road alone? I guess its the driver the problem

  • Mark Asread

    Mark Asread

    2 days ago

    Moral of the story is... stock = stuck.

  • Sam I Am

    Sam I Am

    2 days ago

    Could of just dug that out.

  • xe2 bío

    xe2 bío

    2 days ago

    Power wagon 😆 embarrassing 60 70k truck trasie trucks

  • Kool MaDa

    Kool MaDa

    3 days ago

    People don't know how to drive or air down. Amateurs.

  • Canadahasfallen


    3 days ago

    New trucks are hardly even built for on road. Over priced, over engineered unreliable dog shit. Every one of them

  • Bruce Illest

    Bruce Illest

    3 days ago

    The number one problem I’m noticing with everyone being stuck is having the wrong type of tires for the terrain

    • Alexander Gabel

      Alexander Gabel

      3 days ago

      More the wrong tire pressure. We call it the 40psi club :-)

  • Jeremiah Mckenna

    Jeremiah Mckenna

    3 days ago

    "Are new trucks really built for off road?" I remember reading a story in a magazine a few,... quite a few years ago. The writer was interviewing someone called "Old Man", and they were talking about Old Man Emu products. The writer asked if suspension manufacturers were really all that much different between them, who made the best and how much an upgraded kit would really help the driver. The Old Man said something to the effect of, "You can spend ten thousand dollars, one million dollars or just buy a stock vehicle and drive it on the same route. However, it doesn't make a lick of difference on how much you spent, if you don't know how to drive in the first place."
    So to me, (before I even watch the entire video) I say that yes, these newer trucks are absolutely "really built for off road." But not all drivers are.

    • rick w

      rick w

      3 days ago

      most people don't realize the time to smash the skinny pedal is before you get to to the soft stuff to have momentum. Also doesn't help that the new tires are mounted to 22" rims, with stiff sidewalls for better "on road performance". I miss the 15/16 and even 17" rims.

    • Joel Jr

      Joel Jr

      3 days ago

      Yeah! As “off road” vehicles are more accessible, random inexperienced people just buy a truck and proceed to get stuck in the most unexpected ways

  • Louis Brown

    Louis Brown

    3 days ago

    Yes. If it’s not stock.

  • StormAngelWolf


    3 days ago

    I would outfit that jeep with a crate baby Cummins and a tropical spec cooling system with electric fan set aiding the clutch fan. Lower end torque can pull you out of a flat on belly in the sand fall. Gas engine takes a long time to rev up to it and that starts flinging sand

  • StormAngelWolf


    3 days ago

    140F in the shade in Kuwait buddy. Our summer heat don't take no prisoners for sure.

  • StormAngelWolf


    3 days ago

    Worked the borders in Kuwait for 20 years. The summer heat is pretty deadly. Sand don't take no joke so my Suzuki was short light and nimble. Even a Nissan patrol or a land cruiser couldn't keep up with that lil Roach. You press on that sugar dirt and you don't fling it. Not for the long big boys to go dune hopping for sure. Short weels high ride soft there's that's how you go at it. Cos if I get stuck I would be sure to get pretty close to heat stroke.

  • Austin Chase

    Austin Chase

    3 days ago

    What kind of tow rope do you guys use. It looks like it has a slight stretch to it?

  • Scoutrecon_19D


    3 days ago

    Owned a 2019 Ram 1500 bighorn. Horrible in sand and loose rock on stock tires. With better tires expect a new transmission or rebuild around every 20,000 if you off road with it. Traded it for a jeep and hybrid. Same price!

  • Daniel Blue

    Daniel Blue

    3 days ago

    Perfect example of all the gear and no idea

  • stephen flint

    stephen flint

    3 days ago

    Definitely not places for stock 7000 pound trucks

  • Jekyll & Hyde Garage

    Jekyll & Hyde Garage

    3 days ago

    Well, yes and no. Most new 4x4 trucks with stock tires, are too heavy (in sand) for the tire contact patch and they easily sink in the sand and they are too low and easily high center. Take the same truck, put a 3" lift on it and add 35x12 sand / off road tires and you have a completely different beast in the sand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it comes to sand, floatation is your friend. When it comes of off road, height is your friend.
    Compare it to the light weight Jeep Cherokees / banana and the Morrvair, with their big floatation tires, short wheelbase and great ground clearance.



    3 days ago

    Try a 180 degree thermostat or something lower and maybe bigger radiator

  • Kyle Shultis

    Kyle Shultis

    3 days ago

    They probs not airing down their tires.

  • Richard Miller

    Richard Miller

    4 days ago

    never take a stocked truck, just saying

  • Ömer Çiçek

    Ömer Çiçek

    4 days ago

    To decrease engine heat turn off the AC while ventilation system is active switch to hottest possible temperature blast the hot air into the cabin, preferably to the windshield for air to escape quickly. *Open up the windows if you wanna stay alive*. MY grand cherokee cooldown from over 100 celcius to normal operating temperature within 2 minutes.

    • Joseph Jenness

      Joseph Jenness

      22 hours ago

      Never mind. Looks like the Ram did pop the hood.

    • Joseph Jenness

      Joseph Jenness

      22 hours ago

      You can also pop the hood to let out heat. There safely latch will hold it from opening all the way once u are unstuck

    • George Andrews

      George Andrews

      Day ago

      Normal operating temperature is over 100 c that is why the cooling system is pressurized to stop the water boiling . Up the pressure up the boiling point.

    • rundownaxe


      Day ago

      I thought this was common knowledge. Everytime I had an overheating car, I'd just blast the heater and watch the needle go down.

  • Reinventing the Steve

    Reinventing the Steve

    4 days ago

    go "waterless coolant" in the nana... someone in comments mentioned it so i spent over an hour researching it... stuff WILL stop overheating in desert/ hot climates

  • Zero Entropy

    Zero Entropy

    4 days ago

    Every time I get stuck it's because of the "power band" too ( :

  • Ye Old Metal Head

    Ye Old Metal Head

    4 days ago

    Air down yer tires kids.

  • pbsmick


    4 days ago

    Whats with Americans not wearing seatbelts?

  • Sachin S

    Sachin S

    4 days ago

    The old jeep pullin A tyrannosaurus rex🤣🤣🤣 Jeep GOAT🔥🔥♥️♥️

  • Chad Bonner

    Chad Bonner

    4 days ago

    Really dumb question but is this what maxtraxx other recovery boards are for?



    4 days ago

    Love you videos, but I have to ask, did any of the people you rescue have any clue what they are doing? I've seen a lot of your videos where they didn't even have a shovel.

  • Spetsnazty


    4 days ago

    Sees 4500 pound jeep with 35X12s and lockers.
    my 7000 pound diesel on 31s can do anything those puny jeeps can do.

  • TheCalmbrain


    4 days ago

    45000k piece of shit lol stick with the old stuff!!!

  • Peter Bilt

    Peter Bilt

    4 days ago

    It's rarely the truck but rather the operator not knowing their limits, or how to drive. Like people blaming the road or the weather for a crash.

  • bamaboy


    4 days ago

    do other off roaders not help anybody stuck around there?? here in alabama u can jus put post on facebook if u stuck wont be long somebody coming help you

  • jdog942


    4 days ago

    Invest in some paddles. Also, new trucks are much heavier than they used to be.

  • RL Hunter

    RL Hunter

    4 days ago

    The front license on the truck you’re recovering at 6:20… Did you add that after you got there?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      4 days ago

      Yes. Saves the editor a ton of work.

  • B. Mac

    B. Mac

    4 days ago

    IMHO much of the issue is driving skills and fully understanding the capabilities of the vehicle you are driving.

  • Bruce Miller

    Bruce Miller

    4 days ago

    Simple...No they are not off road ready.

  • Dakota


    4 days ago

    that guy in the rzr should not leave pavement

  • Dustin Cercado

    Dustin Cercado

    5 days ago

    Is it recommended to air down your tires before going out on these trails? We air down our 99 F350 to at least 20 psi depending on sand conditions here on the Carova, NC 4x4 beach.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      5 days ago

      Same here, but you’re gonna want to go down to about 10 psi

  • Whateva


    5 days ago

    Back in July it got to 49.6 Celsius, 121 F here in a town called Lytton British Columbia, the next day a forest fire ravaged the whole place,almost burned everything down. The hottest I’ve seen was 47 c in Kamloops BC🥵

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago

    Lovely Recovery..🤝🤝

  • Stephanie Malcolm

    Stephanie Malcolm

    5 days ago

    lower tire presser

  • Chase Lesser

    Chase Lesser

    5 days ago

    New trucks are heavy trucks. Heavy trucks sink.



    5 days ago

    I love your small suburban, something wrong with it as her we ride at 120 all the summer ( Mexicali Baja Ca,Sonora Desert )

  • weston malone

    weston malone

    5 days ago

    I've done way more dumb stuff and not get stuck in my old stock-ish fj40 than my 4x4 dodge pickup. Wheelbase, axles and weight make up for hp.

  • Tim Adams

    Tim Adams

    5 days ago

    I figured it out !!! Lizzie is Ed’s granddaughter !! DUH !!!

  • Jason d

    Jason d

    5 days ago

    My 83 Toyota has gone more places than most of all these new 4x4 will ever see and that was back when it was stock. New 4x4s just aren't that good off road that's a fact

  • Shawn Riddle

    Shawn Riddle

    5 days ago

    My 2015 AEV Prospector power wagon is definitely made for off roading and towing off road. It's the First 4x4 truck you could buy in 1946. I tow my 10,000lbs toy hauler in soft dunes and beach sand. 12 to 15 psi in the 37"BFG Mud Terrain tires. amazing. Lockers front and rear. 392 Hemi power 4:10 ratio 11.5" ring gear on full floating H.D. axles. Get R Done!

  • alessandro


    5 days ago

    they guy on the polaris should air down the tires and give it more gas

  • 3 dwizzel

    3 dwizzel

    6 days ago

    new trucks just look good all that syntthetic rubber and plastic flashy but old trucks solid nane a truck with 4 cylinders that can pull 22000 pounds 😭

  • 3 dwizzel

    3 dwizzel

    6 days ago

    honestly the best truck for off road ever is a yoter hilux

  • 3 dwizzel

    3 dwizzel

    6 days ago

    ive never got stuck in sand because i put the petal to the metal

  • fagejs


    6 days ago

    New vehicles are great with upgraded tires if you plan on off reading. Problem is operator head space.

  • mr toehead

    mr toehead

    6 days ago


  • Tim Pearson

    Tim Pearson

    6 days ago

    I know zero about those little machines, but in your area with all of the sand, dunes and other versions. Wouldn't it be better to have more of a balloon type tire? Or at least 70 percent leaning towards sand? Obviously for financial reasons you probably shouldn't recommend it

  • Matthew Barrick

    Matthew Barrick

    6 days ago

    They can be built for off-road, but these truck owners are taking big trucks off-road with factory tires and not a piece of recovery equipment. If these people had any sense or preparedness they would get stuck as frequently. Run some AT tires and some maxtraxx and you can get yourself out "most" of the time.