A Tesla & 6 Other Cars Stuck in Same Spot

Published on Aug 26, 2020
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We have a new sand trap! We got a call for a vehicle stuck on the Babylon Mill Road about every other day for a couple weeks!
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This road is so soft most of the cars won't even make it down the hill. One of those was a Tesla Model 3!

Watch us rescue a couple of ladies stuck on the sand dunes

We hope you enjoy these 7 recoveries from the same spot!

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Jeep walk around video

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Matt's Off Road Recovery

    Year ago

    Check out our other rescue where we got a call from a couple of ladies stuck on the sand dunes in their Jeep Wrangler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPqLykJ5ibY&list=PLEi6DFDVEqybxvABm2SDL4iqKO3PHRFVY

    • Jonathan Ruiz

      Jonathan Ruiz

      Month ago

      Limited slip drive

    • Mark George

      Mark George

      5 months ago

      Was that toe pin a lefty tighty?

    • nekochito


      5 months ago

      Do you charge them or are you a superhero that works for free?

    • james moore

      james moore

      8 months ago

      Could you snap the bumper covers on and off of these small cars .

    • Toby Milum

      Toby Milum

      10 months ago


  • jasterable


    Hour ago

    Is lizzie a worker of yours or your gf? Or your worker gf

  • S Fire

    S Fire

    14 hours ago

    What's with the trucks with no tow hooks?

  • Brian yeah that brian Strang

    Brian yeah that brian Strang

    23 hours ago

    Maybe a sign should be placed warning people. I doubt it would do much but you can say didn’t you see the sign

  • Sexy Moody

    Sexy Moody

    Day ago

    Who the hell drives cars on the sand ? 😂

  • JO3haNsum


    Day ago

    what's wrong with "Men" now a days , he let's the lady drive 1:04

  • Jose Rafael Rodriguez

    Jose Rafael Rodriguez

    Day ago

    Have you ever recovered a Subaru Outback?

  • 7kings Radio

    7kings Radio

    Day ago

    Big up Lizzie 1/2 a mile in reverse..

  • Dave for M4A BLM UBI GND RestoreDemocracy

    Dave for M4A BLM UBI GND RestoreDemocracy

    2 days ago

    Nice, thanks!
    Have you guys ever considered mounting a "padded, 'universal' push bumper" to the front of your SUV ?
    Might help speed up some of your less challenging rescues.
    Or can be used in conjunction with the more challenging rescues -- pull AND push at the same time.

  • Tim Olheiser

    Tim Olheiser

    2 days ago

    Tesla owner should have bought a Jeep, cause Jeeps are more carbon efficient, and you wouldn't have gotten stuck.

  • addictedtopussy69


    2 days ago

    man this guy must be making bank with all these people in a bind.

  • Darell Dickey

    Darell Dickey

    2 days ago

    Man, I'd love to give you some helpful info on Tesla systems (and the hazard button is centered at top of windshield). Somebody said it was no good in sand... and I can't think of another low sedan that's better in sand. Preciously little ground clearance is the biggest issue.

  • Braap Dog

    Braap Dog

    3 days ago

    Miserable Californians

  • Avery Webster3

    Avery Webster3

    3 days ago

    even with tires as bald as steve harvey. very impressive

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    3 days ago

    The Tesla has its hazards on! To funny!

  • Darknothing


    4 days ago

    Do people actually think this is a good idea??...

  • Om Gurkha

    Om Gurkha

    5 days ago

    Wonderful Recovery..🙏🙏
    Thank You For Your Beautiful Information..🤝🤝

  • Rome3aaro


    7 days ago

    No I like to party🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jay2


    8 days ago

    I find it interesting when people say things like "take care of our car" or " please go slow" and yet they decided to take it down a sandy back road to then get it buried. Metaphorically speaking, you can't run your car off of a cliff and then ask the people recovering it to be careful with what remains.

    • JamesJamersonIsAGod


      5 days ago

      So true. Like if you gave a crap about your car you wouldn’t be in this position. Off-roading in a BRAND NEW Tesla, like what are you doing?

  • Greg Lewis

    Greg Lewis

    9 days ago

    Ok Matt, sometimes I think people get stuck in their cars just to be on your YouTube channel?🤩😆

  • Joe Bramblett

    Joe Bramblett

    10 days ago

    There's a lot to be said for getting out and walking any questionable spot, and knowing your track width to pick a route for all your wheels.
    (Protip: back up a couple feet before you get out so you can see your front wheel tracks as a reference for the width. Carry some marking flags to mark out either the exact route you want to take or the bad spots.)
    (Real Protip: if there's not a good route for the vehicle you're in, go back. Better to miss a bit of the trip than get stuck, have a massive tow bill, possibly a damaged vehicle, and miss that part of the trip anyway.)
    (Super Protip: if you've got a vehicle that will do it well, run a shuttle service to wherever all those people want to go. Quicker to haul them to the spot and back for easy cash without having to drag their vehicles out too.)

  • Starman 2112

    Starman 2112

    10 days ago

    It’s baffling to me why people go places like that in a 2WD vehicle. 🤔

  • Carmelo T

    Carmelo T

    12 days ago

    so you get paid to pull people out ?

  • Rodrigo Gomez

    Rodrigo Gomez

    12 days ago

    Baffling how some of these people don't think with their minds in what they're getting into with an improper vehicle. Sometimes I feel it's the car commercials; how they falsely advertise going off road but what they don't say is that it's with a custom built car or at least the more expensive limited edition haha.

  • Drogos79


    13 days ago

    people with no imagination and little common sense driving tesla through a desert .."could u pull it slowly"

  • Gernot Flick

    Gernot Flick

    14 days ago

    Towing an electric car can cause damage to it. On the other hand, a Tesla is certainly the wrong car for that road.

  • Adrian Bargen

    Adrian Bargen

    15 days ago

    colorado with no tow hooks?

  • Maidenlord 666

    Maidenlord 666

    15 days ago

    What kind of cryptid was at 6:34

  • AK13


    16 days ago

    I hope they weren't cursing anyone:
    Anyway good job guys.

  • dan burby

    dan burby

    16 days ago


  • Tim Cooper

    Tim Cooper

    16 days ago

    The dummies keep you in buisness.

  • El Kechangote

    El Kechangote

    17 days ago

    Ed gives the best weather reports

  • David Brennan

    David Brennan

    17 days ago

    Smart man with the drivetrain

  • John Nunya

    John Nunya

    18 days ago

    Fantastic car but not made for the sand. "We didn't know there was like sand here" Hmm it's literally sand for hundreds of miles in all directions. Please don't let her drive or navigate.

  • Rolf Sterk

    Rolf Sterk

    19 days ago

    wearing masks ... outside.. not really effective outdoors.. even iff they should work at all..
    so glad you fooks does,nt wear that BS.. ..

  • Dennis LaRochelle

    Dennis LaRochelle

    19 days ago

    Nice shave Rudy

  • Dennis LaRochelle

    Dennis LaRochelle

    19 days ago

    Don’t get a 2-wheel truck

  • MrBeans


    19 days ago

    Figures Ed is a Gold Miner... Makes complete sense!

  • 3madeamps #3 in nc

    3madeamps #3 in nc

    20 days ago

    is the tires on the jeep that dam good in sand ????

  • Tim Henry

    Tim Henry

    22 days ago

    How about that first guy? Lol.

  • Richard Ragon

    Richard Ragon

    22 days ago

    why so many tesla's?

  • TT Innovations

    TT Innovations

    23 days ago

    2 wheel drive trucks = $$$ cha Ching for Matt's Off Road Recovery =P, maybe build a 3rd Banana =) 4x4 truck

  • K&S Franks

    K&S Franks

    23 days ago

    That sand pit is the perfect spot for Matt to install a sign advertising his business

  • Marco Medina

    Marco Medina

    23 days ago

    Nothing can stop a Jeep Compass!!!! Air them puppies down and they will take where the wild wilo goes
    I switched my tires tho when I first got them so I would have more squish!!! Just for pizmo beach we camped for a week!!

  • Copisetic 1

    Copisetic 1

    23 days ago

    Most humans are screwed when this world breaks down.

  • David Straub

    David Straub

    23 days ago

    I thought it extra funny when you got to Babylon5 ... if you get the reference heh heh!

  • David Straub

    David Straub

    23 days ago

    @18:54 lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Nugmonster Raiders

    Nugmonster Raiders

    26 days ago

    Your alignment sucks... just saying

    • Nugmonster Raiders

      Nugmonster Raiders

      26 days ago

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery LOL I know, "just saying" means I am just being a smart ass troll, plz take no offense. =)

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      26 days ago

      It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. I’m going for off-road stability and traction. And I’m willing to give up tire life for it. There’s info on the Internet on the alignment specs for dirt. And they are not the same as the factory wants you to do. And they will eat the inside of your tires away. And to make it even worse, I’m driving around everywhere on less than 10 psi. Even on the highway.

  • VDPEFi


    27 days ago

    I would be so embarrassed if I took a so called tough vehicle into sand and had to call for help. I would be even more embarrassed to be stupid enough to take a fashion accessory down there. Sad choices people.

  • SoupDragon63


    27 days ago

    Spot the soy boy tesla owner in a mask "please dont drive fast" wtf planet did they fall off

  • Max_n_ruby 1911

    Max_n_ruby 1911

    28 days ago

    Elon would be so mad seeing a gas vehicle rescuing a tesla 😂

  • Mario


    Month ago

    I swear one of the girls in the Tesla said I didn't know there was sand here lol.

  • banana pudding

    banana pudding

    Month ago

    Of course the one's driving the Tesla are the only ones wearing masks.. Liberals

  • Mike W

    Mike W

    Month ago

    Rental cars can go places normal cars can't

  • İrem Fırat

    İrem Fırat

    Month ago

    Tesla and banana in the same frame looks weird like they are from different worlds 😄

  • CrunchyDogs


    Month ago

    A jeep pulling not one, but two Chevys? oh the humiliation!

  • himssendol


    Month ago

    Would snow chains be any help in a sand situation?

  • Jimmy Leblanc

    Jimmy Leblanc

    Month ago


  • James Loughran

    James Loughran

    Month ago

    That's one way to increase the profit margin. Haul em two at a time.

  • Wayne Rainey

    Wayne Rainey

    Month ago

    Whoever edited this had the audio level way too low. My normal setting is 12 on my tv. To hear you on this video I had to double that and get blasted by the ads.

  • Malakeyz Behave

    Malakeyz Behave

    Month ago

    Drive faster dammit

  • Jim Munoz

    Jim Munoz

    Month ago

    Thatssss just stupid,,,,,,

  • Jim Munoz

    Jim Munoz

    Month ago

    People kill me when they drive a car like this in a nice soft sand,,, I’m in wrong business, i

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Month ago

    The illustrious religion virtually heap because stick only enter an a dramatic mist. nappy, spiteful string

  • Heiko Wolf

    Heiko Wolf

    Month ago

    Lissy ❤️🌹

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Month ago

    The spotted john emotionally pour because asterisk sicily saw in a venomous pillow. boring, stupendous thrill

  • JDMEXforme


    Month ago

    'We didnt know there was sand here. Wtf wtf' ?!

  • HJ


    Month ago

    Tesla supposed to be smart car 😉. How it allowed itself to get into sand. Maybe the car is arrogant as who manufactured it.

  • Captive America

    Captive America

    Month ago

    Hilarious, that first dude from Spain, thank you, you saved our lives we'll call you again! Hahaha Matt if you're gonna get stuck again just let me follow you! 🤯

  • Brian Culliney

    Brian Culliney

    Month ago

    Curious what the charge is to pull these yahoo's out...

  • miguel mcintyre

    miguel mcintyre

    Month ago

    What you got against rotating your tires?

  • SuperStewie


    2 months ago

    Not to be that guy, but these people from California need to stop moving to the northwest of they can't even figure that a Tesla isn't an overlander.

    • SuperStewie


      2 months ago

      "Please drive slowly and take good care of it". So sometime between when they got sick and when you got there they decided to start caring about their car. That just really grinds my gears for some reason

  • MattInTheHat


    2 months ago

    You're gonna need to have another version of t-shirt made just for Babylon Mill Rd.

  • frank m

    frank m

    2 months ago

    11:48 does lizzy have a twin?

  • Legit -crazygamer

    Legit -crazygamer

    2 months ago

    I love that people think they can drive a 2 wheel car through sand and not get stuck.

  • RSS


    2 months ago

    Cha ching!

  • RSS


    2 months ago

    That'll be 300 dollars please

  • mxlman26


    2 months ago

    They need a Big sing with a NO 2WD VEHICLES ALLOWED

  • dethray1000


    2 months ago

    love the utah twang on the young lady...

  • TheIrongutz


    2 months ago

    As long as there’s stupid people on Earth, business will be good.

  • Mike Burton

    Mike Burton

    2 months ago

    matt-- is lizzy your daughter ....if not you should adopt her......she is a trooper

  • Pierre D

    Pierre D

    2 months ago

    I just wonder if you guys go at night loading trucks of sand there to cash in all those new clients LOL !!!

  • GaganDeep Singh

    GaganDeep Singh

    2 months ago

    4:40 that’s a sand train

  • Neojhun


    2 months ago

    LOL Such a great business. Demand is never ending.

  • Jim C

    Jim C

    2 months ago

    8:43 Interesting info. about axel differentials - (ring and pinion gear location inside the diff. housing) - working load direction. Had not heard about this before. Thanks.

  • 22fret


    2 months ago

    Man, you're in desperate need of some new tyres... :D

  • Elijah !

    Elijah !

    2 months ago

    Re-watching in July 2021 and Rudy looks so young

  • sunshine stacker

    sunshine stacker

    2 months ago

    So why an the hell won't someone put a sign up past this point you will get stuck if you don't have 4X4 we put signs up on bad roads and trails so people don't block roads for hours

  • Jack Martin

    Jack Martin

    2 months ago

    Never gets old you guys👍😉

  • Gilbertr14


    2 months ago

    Moral of the story. Don't drive a heavy Chevy. 😋

  • Jeff Schimke

    Jeff Schimke

    2 months ago

    Good job Lizzy

  • 850Olive


    2 months ago

    Somebody can tell me what Lizzy is doing at 10:35 ?
    What is in the wheel center cap ?

  • Christopher Huff

    Christopher Huff

    2 months ago

    Ok on the pinion deal is it better for river bed fun or just for what u are doing becuase its very informantional if we but oldernheeps and want them to last or even newer jeeps im thinking ?

  • Kristina Priest

    Kristina Priest

    2 months ago

    I dont get why anyone would take a small car on the sand, , no disrespect.

  • Justice Castroverde-moniz

    Justice Castroverde-moniz

    2 months ago

    He is not doing this for free right?

  • Mu'a Fa'anunu

    Mu'a Fa'anunu

    2 months ago

    Tesla owner “can you drive slowly” 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Thats the least of your worries driving a Tesla in the sand

  • Adame Family

    Adame Family

    2 months ago

    Just wondering, does anyone know what her charges to pull someone out like the first car?

  • Savage Stash

    Savage Stash

    2 months ago

    4wd doesn't seem like a big deal until you don't have it. Kind of like oxygen and an extra pair of underwear.

  • Paul Silas

    Paul Silas

    2 months ago

    Elon Musk planted that Tesla.

  • Steven Baker

    Steven Baker

    2 months ago

    Damn Matt, you look like a man who loves what he does. And that's hard to find. Between you and BSF Recovery, I have enjoyed the content. What other job could you go 4 wheeling for a living. Well basically. What I cannot figure out is why people take stock vehicles into areas like that. I see them stuck in NC periodically.