$100,000 Jeep Breaks On The Trail

Published on Jun 25, 2021
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So I got to for a $100,000 Jeep that broke on the trail. Time to bring in the banana for the rescue.

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Matt's Off Road Recovery
  • Jeff H

    Jeff H

    2 hours ago

    Nice rims. 😔 Stick to the malls, bud.

  • Jason Bell

    Jason Bell

    11 hours ago

    Why the F would you drive that last car onto a beach?? Why not just try and drive it into the lake too? Jeeez .... :)

  • Diefaulequalle


    14 hours ago

    Damnit, that was the smoothest hookup ever!!!

  • Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez

    17 hours ago

    How the hell did that snap at the gearbox like that there 0.0

  • Bernie Zander

    Bernie Zander

    Day ago

    I want to see that jeep jacked by the hi-lift under those joke running boards.

  • Julian Murillo

    Julian Murillo

    Day ago

    Not surprised the keep broke, Chrysler is SHIT and so is everything that make.

  • Jim Munoz

    Jim Munoz

    Day ago

    Why do people think there Honda is a four wheele drive ,,, I don’t know s t u p I d

  • SuperSkylighter


    Day ago

    They dont make them like the ol banana anymore…

  • Tom Bair

    Tom Bair

    2 days ago

    When the last wrangler unlimited or any of the new jeeps get towed to the junk yard some ones old xj with a 4.0 will pull it there lol

  • Shawn Adams

    Shawn Adams

    2 days ago

    1:17 I didn't know Guy Fieri owned this Jeep.

  • lyndon


    3 days ago

    The ways Jeep’s are looking from this show I don’t think there as great as the older models like the cj 5 and 7

  • MSA 454

    MSA 454

    3 days ago

    It's amazing that with all that sand that there's water.

  • FIU


    3 days ago

    This would be a cool freaking job. And what a good set of guys. Keep up the great work and videos. Be careful.

  • Hermann Vogel

    Hermann Vogel

    3 days ago


  • James B

    James B

    4 days ago

    $100k and Jeep in the same sentence...does not compute

  • Utah87


    4 days ago

    Utah power ,great job

  • Aaron Ching

    Aaron Ching

    4 days ago

    Ah what one man can do with a banana. 🍻

  • Moronic democrat

    Moronic democrat

    4 days ago

    when a 30 yr old jeep beats your 100k prom queen, classic

  • undrxpsd


    4 days ago

    @ 1:35. i thought the dog had a gopro camera strapped to him but it was just the mic fuzzy lol

  • Craig Knight

    Craig Knight

    4 days ago

    That is one stupid looking Jeep.

  • Lunchos El Maximus

    Lunchos El Maximus

    5 days ago

    Tries to brag about the 'automatic running boards' on the plastic mall crawler to save face that this low profile tired' JOKE is on a trailer.
    Bet this is the exact same a$$ clown you see parked with one wheel on a curb in every carpark he visits, or across two spaces.
    Also could have aired down a bit more pulling the trailer out, save digging more holes for everyone.

  • Jane Hunter

    Jane Hunter

    5 days ago

    The keen playroom beautifully crawl because flame undesirably close a a aloof pink. testy, spotless servant

  • Henry Chang

    Henry Chang

    6 days ago

    I thought that fancy Jeeps like that never touched the dirt

  • Drop Bear JK

    Drop Bear JK

    6 days ago

    Also only 5 minutes from the entrance. I bet he hit the rock as he went down that drop

  • Drop Bear JK

    Drop Bear JK

    6 days ago

    100k my ass.

  • Roy Rice

    Roy Rice

    6 days ago

    Goes to show you, you pay for the name and not the quality.

  • Deerector


    6 days ago

    all that junk and money spent on it for this to happen... what a freakn joke

  • Lawrence Franck

    Lawrence Franck

    6 days ago

    Stock Jeep pulling a parking lot pimp.😂

  • redbeard19833


    6 days ago

    100k pavement princess misses the pavement.

  • Koosh Kangaroo

    Koosh Kangaroo

    6 days ago

    This is why we don't buy the new jeeps. Fiat toys.
    Edit:any jeep since like '99.

  • Michael Bing

    Michael Bing

    7 days ago

    100K for that?. I am no jeep expert, but could somebody please explain why it would cost that much?

  • Eddie B

    Eddie B

    7 days ago

    Great job 👏.Where was that lake at where you pulled that trailer out?

  • William Young

    William Young

    7 days ago

    I see the problem. He needs more steering stabilizers.

  • Russian Gangster

    Russian Gangster

    8 days ago

    Nothing in that jeep is worth 100k.

  • Fabian Hernan

    Fabian Hernan

    8 days ago

    Mall crawler

  • William Halepaska

    William Halepaska

    8 days ago

    What fucktard would pay $100,000 for a jeep???

  • FireLine2the9


    8 days ago

    Love that shit straight 6 pulling out a glam Jeep! We know which one we'd all prefer to own ;)

  • Saulo Tamarez

    Saulo Tamarez

    8 days ago

    The happen when you put cheap parts

  • smallbustboy matthews

    smallbustboy matthews

    8 days ago

    Hope there is warrante on this item, he should have spent his money on a yellow banana instead.

  • sandovalking1


    8 days ago

    Good job pops. 👴🏻

  • Anas Saleh

    Anas Saleh

    8 days ago

    He added 10s of thousands in parts and some how he managed to make it cheaper
    Money can’t buy happiness but not taste

  • G Mc Innis

    G Mc Innis

    9 days ago

    wow more $ invested in that jeep than many ppls houses are worth... here... and have more $ in vehicles outside than the place they are living in is worth... witout the inflated housing bubble situation have now.... didnt we learn a lesson about that not ... 13 years ago??

  • Just Jeep It - The Jeep Shop

    Just Jeep It - The Jeep Shop

    9 days ago

    Yeah. Money doesn’t ensure a good wheelin trip

  • Jesse Ashmore

    Jesse Ashmore

    9 days ago

    That idiot really looked at all those trucks and said "meh, my Camry will do it just fine."

  • Jesse Ashmore

    Jesse Ashmore

    9 days ago

    "Rubitron" 🤢🤣🤣🤣

  • Tide Eman

    Tide Eman

    9 days ago

    I wonder what his monthly payments are ? How about the insurance for that thing ?

  • theshyguitarist


    10 days ago

    I was like keep your camera on the girl who almost ate it in the water. lol

  • theshyguitarist


    10 days ago

    Trailer queen.

  • Mr. T

    Mr. T

    10 days ago

    Nice recoveries. People don’t realize how sand or tricky terrain will ruin your day in an instant. Take some skill to do your work. Nice!

  • HJ


    11 days ago

    Man, the skill of using the sand hole to lift the end and align the hitch ball simply is really amazing. Matt has really unique skills.

  • HJ


    11 days ago

    This is the result of un engineered moding.

  • Alexander Rober

    Alexander Rober

    11 days ago

    Can you please fix the description of this video.

  • Cafe Society

    Cafe Society

    11 days ago

    In the UK we call that a "faux by four" .

  • idriz f

    idriz f

    11 days ago

    look good, but unreliable wehicle i hate the most,I get 2006 honda ridgeline with 282k mile on it still work like charm, to be honest I wouldn't trade for that jeep peace of shit.

  • J H

    J H

    11 days ago

    No matter how much you put into it, it’s still a chrysler… keep that in mind

  • Dwight Bernheimer

    Dwight Bernheimer

    12 days ago

    That's what happens when you take a Fiat off road...

  • liveepically


    12 days ago

    Doesnt atter if it cost alot, its still a fiat.

  • Nathan Taylor

    Nathan Taylor

    13 days ago

    Mall crawlers don't belong on the trails. 😂

  • TheStig ZeroZeroZero

    TheStig ZeroZeroZero

    13 days ago

    Jeep probably rides like crap on the road, and well, we see how it worked off road.

  • mine exploring

    mine exploring

    14 days ago

    $100k jeep breaks a gearbox going down a easy hill.a 20 year old xj pulls it out on a trailer.theres something wrong with that picture.oh wait it's a newer jeep I'm shocked it even made it out there.but I give the person credit they took there grocery getter out there I always see them at walmart with some 40 year old blonde drivein it.

  • Christopher Martin

    Christopher Martin

    14 days ago

    Jeep vs banana

  • Doug Poulton

    Doug Poulton

    14 days ago

    I run across those Rubicon's and Land Rovers buried in the sand all the time in Arizona. The owners try and make them do things they weren't built for........go off road. They're too heavy.

  • WoodsN Water

    WoodsN Water

    14 days ago

    Again the XJ jeep comes thru for these fiats great job matts off road recovery .👍🏻

  • Professor DoNut

    Professor DoNut

    15 days ago

    Snow Flake Jeep

  • Vadercon


    15 days ago

    Why do I get the feeling A WHOLE bunch of monet was spent to have a bunch of "purfeshnulz" build that Jeep and they slapped bunch of expensive suspension components on it and not one peprson considered replacing teh pitman arm to compensate for the new height and the old pitman arm just said.."meh...I'm done here" ? $100,000.00 ?! Like.."'murican dollars"? Yeesh.

  • Perinne


    16 days ago

    8:06 how did you only spin the rear wheels and lock the front wheels to dig??

  • Miller


    16 days ago

    100k Mall Crawler....

  • The LTrain

    The LTrain

    17 days ago


  • Clark Tapia

    Clark Tapia

    17 days ago

    Any 4x4 I've Owen all my money is underneath it not on a fancy paint job that's how you avoid $2500 tows

  • Clark Tapia

    Clark Tapia

    17 days ago

    All show and no go CITY Boys

  • Roy H

    Roy H

    18 days ago

    That jeep had the "tow" package option

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen

    19 days ago

    the second people yall saved. Do you guys just offer to help them out or do you guys still charge for that?

  • Mike McKeen

    Mike McKeen

    19 days ago

    That white Jeep wants so desperately to be a G-wagen.

  • Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe

    19 days ago

    Power running boards and a hi lift Jack? Red alert

  • BKL


    20 days ago

    That jeep is vomit taste. Where to begin!

  • S I M O N .

    S I M O N .

    20 days ago

    $100,000 + $2000 = $102,000

  • rafaymago1


    20 days ago

    I guess they didn't get the "limited" part,
    And the dealer forgot to add the other part to "to city driving?
    But together they should look like this
    " limited to city driving "

  • HogFanstuckinBama


    20 days ago

    Mall crawler.

  • Wade Smith

    Wade Smith

    21 day ago

    Air down the trailer tires. I drove my f250 with air down tires in a toy hauler that was about 10,000 pounds with air down tires all over the sand dunes never got stuck

  • Jeff's Trades

    Jeff's Trades

    21 day ago

    Wrong rims, wrong tires obviously. Dude does not deserve that white jeep. That white jeep deserves better, so much better. I hope you kept the jeep as payment

  • Stephen valastro

    Stephen valastro

    22 days ago

    100000 worth of recycled beer cans and gimmicks

  • Rise


    22 days ago

    built for mall crawlin

  • rodwspoon304


    22 days ago

    Poor jeep has never seen dirt in its short life and probably never will after this 😤😤😤😤😤🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Max


    22 days ago

    Are weak sector shafts an issue with the newer Jeeps? It seems that we have seen several videos of that. A sector shaft is not something that should break, ever.

  • Steve Uhl

    Steve Uhl

    22 days ago

    The old towing the new garbage out of the woods once again, my 3 inch lift 99 Tacoma with 31 dick cepek’ s never gets stuck!

  • TheRealMrRoboto


    22 days ago

    How much did this Tow cost?

  • Trevor Christopherson

    Trevor Christopherson

    22 days ago

    Disappointing all the rude, self righteous, elitist comments about this guy and his Jeep, including the title of the vid. Off roading is a big waste of time and money as a hobby, were all guilty. Why make fun of people? Are you insecure, holier than thou? This guy probably didn't think his Jeep would break when he bought it, what was his choice? He wanted a new jeep, this is what they are like. Judge not.

  • Zachary Cranor

    Zachary Cranor

    22 days ago

    Good tow by Hot Rod Ed!

  • hidel308


    22 days ago

    If you spend $100,000 on a jeep, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Autistic Engineer

    Autistic Engineer

    22 days ago

    Hey look, a broken city-jeep. He might have SPENT $100k on some cheesy crap making it look like a hot wheels but that doesn't mean it's WORTH $100k. I dare any of these city-jeep owners to power wash their interior.

  • Blue Barron

    Blue Barron

    23 days ago

    There is just something beautifully poetic about a $2500 off road machine towing the $100k mall crawler out of somewhere it had no business being.

  • Egleath Shelishyah

    Egleath Shelishyah

    23 days ago

    The Jeep is limited now!

  • Christopher Machaj

    Christopher Machaj

    23 days ago

    Do the people who build jeeps like that have any idea how horrible they look? Do they have self-awareness?

  • Travis H

    Travis H

    23 days ago

    What size tires does Old Yeller have?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      23 days ago

      35’s at the moment. Probably getting 37‘s in the future.

  • Cecil Wilson

    Cecil Wilson

    23 days ago

    Just amazes me people buy these Jeeps put all this aftermarket s*** on them and they ain't no better than a $2,000 Jeep I see it in Lake Havasu all the time

  • Utworz Google

    Utworz Google

    24 days ago

    Conceit always walks before the fall :) 100 thsd spend for jeep , please explain to me why the owners dont buy another set of wheels 1 for street ride . . Famous Rich Insta . . And second set for off road drive ?? WHY WHY WHY ??

  • Mr. Williams

    Mr. Williams

    24 days ago

    Where did the the white bumper come from on the Jeep? Like where to buy it like that?

  • Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips

    24 days ago

    Ok but the trailer hitching was the most impressive part.

  • Bradley Pryor

    Bradley Pryor

    24 days ago

    That's a family that understands physics.