1,000 Mile MORRVAIR Road Trip Next Week, Will We Be Ready?

Published on May 30, 2021
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So the Morrvair is going on a 1,000 mile road trip for the Rubicon rally. Can we get it ready in time?

Big thanks to Trevor at TCTuned

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  • Harry Samuel

    Harry Samuel

    6 days ago

    I aspire to weld as well as Lizzy one day

  • james david

    james david

    6 days ago

    I just tuned in to see Lizzy!!

  • Jim Miller

    Jim Miller

    8 days ago

    Who on your crew is related to you.

  • Anthony Rodemus

    Anthony Rodemus

    8 days ago

    Grinding / cutting? Safety glasses ! Wear them! Please!

  • Jon McFarland

    Jon McFarland

    10 days ago

    Spoiler Alert, they run out of gas on the way to the Rubicon.

  • Wayne Simpson

    Wayne Simpson

    14 days ago

    Matt, I've watched many of your vids and not commented on any of them, love what you and your crew do, great job, but this is the 1st reply which I must do, (5:24) - always wear eye protection when grinding, protect your all-important eyes

  • Alan Wondergem

    Alan Wondergem

    28 days ago

    Just wondering if you're going to put a skid plate under the gas tank? You never know when you're out rock crawling!

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Matt the Morvair needs some turbos

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer

    Month ago

    Lizzy has got some talent! Get it girl

  • Joeyjoe jo

    Joeyjoe jo

    Month ago

    LSA supercharge it Matt

  • joal incontrol

    joal incontrol

    Month ago

    20:04 Almost choked on coffee when Matt made fun of Lizzie's voice.. "I don't know how to weld.. somebody help me weld"😂

  • Darrell Blair

    Darrell Blair

    Month ago

    tell sizzy hi and matt can you take a 1999 mustans body and make a 4x4 out of it

  • Justin Van Buren

    Justin Van Buren

    Month ago

    Great job Lizzie!!! Keep up the great welding!!

  • Sarasyrankoth Rankoth

    Sarasyrankoth Rankoth

    Month ago

    woow.......nice people , and great work..enjoy full videos thanks for all of you..

  • Ergo Smedley

    Ergo Smedley

    Month ago

    Matt you certainly hit the jackpot in hiring Lizzie! She is an asset to your crew and channel. When she is on I know it going to be fun and maybe even crazy.

  • Alan Wondergem

    Alan Wondergem

    Month ago

    I must have missed something. How did the Morvaire get it's name?
    Also is Issue Matt's daughter?
    Either way, she's a very beautiful and talented young lady. She loves to do mechanic work and have fun.

  • David Nation Sr

    David Nation Sr

    Month ago

    she is doing pretty good

  • TheAlaskaCajun


    Month ago

    Lizzie has a future in fab! Good job young lady!

  • ReligiousZombie


    Month ago

    Lizzy is my kind of woman--capable and with an upbeat attitude.

  • David Sexton

    David Sexton

    Month ago

    Matt, you guys are raising a daughter who is everything women could & should be. Good work!

  • Noah Constrictor

    Noah Constrictor

    Month ago

    "it's from this rubber to that" lol

  • About Time

    About Time

    Month ago

    howdy howdy let’s get rowdy! What a gal! She’s a great 👍🏼 addition to the show!

  • S Diltz

    S Diltz

    Month ago

    We're welding on the gas tank? Hell yah, we're sending it all the way.
    Oh never mind :(



    Month ago

    That's a talented gal. One day she's going to make a man very happy. She's not afraid of getting dirty or working. Not many kids these days are interested in this type of stuffs or working at all. Even more impressive a girl is! Keep it up y'all. I'd love to be part of a tow company like this.

  • Emil Javier

    Emil Javier

    Month ago

    The tank should be placed between the four wheels.

  • Emil Javier

    Emil Javier

    Month ago

    Hey if your hit from behind it might explode!!!!

  • Lee Thomas

    Lee Thomas

    Month ago


  • aa999xyz


    Month ago

    Jerry cans 2 for fuel and one for water on your tire rack?

  • Sauron969


    Month ago

    Man I watch all sorts of automotive youtube and i think the morrvair is my favorite vehicle by far!

  • wilson


    Month ago

    Ghost of the Rubicon trail's Cadillac hill......
    It was Elizabeth Honia , Born in Italy and known as "Lizzy" to her friends that died in the crash of the Cadillac that gave the name of Cadillac hill on the Rubicon trail. The hill isn't any harder than any other part of the trail but is known to be the most feared. It is legend that if you can guess Elizabeth's favorite food she will let you pass without instilling the fear in you that overwhelms the hill as you climb it.

  • Rex Racer

    Rex Racer

    Month ago

    Soo what do you guys think of those Milestar Patagonia M/Ts

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      I love them. I run them on both of my recovery rigs.

  • Anlauf


    Month ago

    question: could someone pls post the outcome of the measurement with the dyno in metrics? the measurement of power is taken from the wheels (not of the engine)in the states right?

  • Al Fol

    Al Fol

    Month ago

    min 1:15 why she does not have the seat belt fasten??????? thats not a good example for young viewers.

  • Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Month ago

    Next thing you know, Lizzie is taking Trevor's job as a head electrician.
    Those damn women!😂

  • Eran Bair

    Eran Bair

    Month ago

    Nothing cooler than a female welder.... Thanks Lizzy for being a great role model.

  • Bradams


    Month ago

    Women make great welders. My wife took welding in tech school. First time she had ever touched a stick welder or any welder for that matter. She was putting the fellas in that class to shame. And several of them already had tons of experience with welding. Boys better watch out, Lizzy is going to be a doing everything in the shop before long.

  • Jim OcOnnel

    Jim OcOnnel

    Month ago

    Awesome build. Thanks for sharing! The order of the playlist is backwards ;)

  • dom m

    dom m

    Month ago

    i passed you on hwy 50 about 20 miles east of fallon, lookin good.. that jeep is way more orange in person

  • Lee Llewelyn

    Lee Llewelyn

    Month ago

    The "howdy howdy let's get rowdy," has to the worst! Lizzy quit saying it.

  • Jdubya


    Month ago

    Look at those factory welds! Nice!

  • Kris


    Month ago

    It’s great watching these guys mentor a young person, brothers, uncles, fathers, all being patient and I like that ! She might not know that but it’s Priceless. she takes her time to do things correctly and they all build something together—. I do enjoy watching things get finished from a list

  • Adventure Tomek

    Adventure Tomek

    Month ago


  • MySide OnU

    MySide OnU

    Month ago

    Sometimes I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and I scream from the top of my lungs… 04:52

  • Henry May

    Henry May

    Month ago

    How come no one is saying where Randy is?
    Love the channel but I want to know where he is his latter was infectious
    I'll Keep posting the question till someone from Matt's Recovery Responds

  • darrell byes

    darrell byes

    Month ago

    I just picked a base tune and went with it 😂 last words to live by😂😂

  • Abofares


    Month ago


  • Shawnti Aquino

    Shawnti Aquino

    Month ago

    You have to love ED and Lizzie working together

  • Albert Orozco

    Albert Orozco

    Month ago

    Lizzy is the bomb....

  • Bob Jensen

    Bob Jensen

    Month ago

    I seen that you had a successful trip to the Rubicon. You were going East on Hwy 50 on the West side of Robinson Pass. I was going West to one of the gold mines that we service hauling Quick Lime among other things. I was in the Barney Trucking truck with the set of doubles dust bucket trailers. Your Morrvair sure looks great on the Road and when you went by me it sounded great. Great work.

  • OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's.

    Month ago

    CHEAP / Easy tips for More HP -
    1) Run a outside air Snorkel with Air Filter to pull in Ambient Temperature Air ( 65-100 degrees ) which WILL Give you MORE HP. Also Preventing Pre-Ignition & detonation. Also increases Fuel Mileage.
    2) Run Your Fuel line Through a Transmission cooler for Cooler fuel. Increasing Hp. Decreasing detonation & pre ign.
    Put Cooler up Front before Radiator.also increases Gas Mileage.
    3) I Don’t know what Engine temp u are Running But Run a 180 Degree thermostat with a 4 Row Radiator to Cool the beast and keep it at temp. You should be running 180 degrees coolant temp. For a good balance of Engine Life & Hp.
    Me - N.i.a.s.e. Certified Mechanic. Certified in Engine Tune up & Performance, Engine Rebuilding , etc.
    Good video ! Awesome welding Lizzie !!! Those beads were Spot on! Perfect Heat penetration caught on camera. Damn fine Looking Welds !!!

  • Steve Armour

    Steve Armour

    Month ago

    "Temporary fix for a permanent problem." If I had a dime for every time.... well, you know.

  • Bob Dailey

    Bob Dailey

    Month ago

    Bigger tires will our P m's eye shade 12 miles per gallon

  • Twotone


    Month ago

    "What yer doin' Lizzie?" Sounds like someone has been watching Sampson Boat Co.

  • Mark Chu

    Mark Chu

    Month ago

    Those are some impressive welds.

  • Cory Ryan

    Cory Ryan

    Month ago

    The next trip needs to be crossing the Darién Gap

  • SonOfLiberty1984


    Month ago

    Lizzy killing it on the lightening machine! Way to go!

  • Aaron Corfield

    Aaron Corfield

    Month ago

    Oh dear think rudy is out of a job amd lizzy is in lol niceeee

  • Zekespeaks


    Month ago

    Please don't take this the wrong way but Lizzy is my dream girl. I say this as a man who has been married for over 33 years. She is a gem and your channel is a blast too!

  • Ricky C

    Ricky C

    Month ago

    Lizzy is amazing.

  • Matt Benson

    Matt Benson

    Month ago

    Have fun friends!!

  • Branden Hiler

    Branden Hiler

    Month ago

    Get ahold of Texas Speed.

  • stewie


    Month ago

    Damn bunch of thirsty dudes in the comment section.

  • Red Garcia

    Red Garcia

    Month ago

    Lizzy..you are an amazing you lady!! I just wish you'd pull your hair up and out of the way so you don't get hurt

  • Peter Burgess

    Peter Burgess

    Month ago

    Matt has hair under that hat?!

  • Cliff Cross

    Cliff Cross

    Month ago

    And Matt impersonating Lizzy " I've always depended on the kindness of strangers " wonderful. At 20:10 of the video.

  • Cliff Cross

    Cliff Cross

    Month ago

    You guys have done an Amazing job building, and bringing us along with you on this wonderful dream that you had.
    Have a Great time and be safe on your trip.

  • Noe Gomez

    Noe Gomez

    Month ago

    My buddy saw you guys in Reno today

  • Cory Loyer

    Cory Loyer

    Month ago

    Motion Race Works will have every part you need!

  • Roger Danella

    Roger Danella

    Month ago

    Just seen you in sparks nv so crazy

  • Mauricio Del Valle

    Mauricio Del Valle

    Month ago

    Lizzy ... what a beutifull girl

  • Brandon Martinez

    Brandon Martinez

    Month ago

    I love Lizzy please marry me 😩😂🤠

  • David Parsons

    David Parsons

    Month ago

    So Lizzy's never heard 4 non blondes

  • Paul Browning

    Paul Browning

    Month ago

    I get it. Matt's Off-Road and Recovery + Corvair = Morrvair. Clever. It it too late to change it to something that fits and doesn't sound like a French economy car, like "Sandy?"

  • Dwayne T

    Dwayne T

    Month ago

    Hey Matt look up how often one of those grinder wheels comes apart. After you see the damage they can cause you will wear a face shield then. It is not worth taking the chance on if or when it might happen. All it takes is a careless worker in the factory dropping the box and putting it in the cart without checking it because he wants to go to lunch and one disk gets cracked.
    A peice of that can go through you skull no kidding.

  • Dan Hoopes

    Dan Hoopes

    Month ago

    So what's every one guess for the gas mileage for the Morvair? I am guessing 9, but if Matt airs up his tire past thirty I bet he can get around 12.

  • Mateo


    Month ago

    Great seeing how great parenting leads to great kids

  • Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58

    Month ago

    💕lizzie LOL Matt has your number
    Coming from an old old certified welder/fabricator.
    But your welds do look pretty nice👍

  • Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58

    Month ago

    LOL...My 3500 6.0 liter Chevy Express van makes more HP and Torque

  • Marcus Bustad

    Marcus Bustad

    Month ago

    I love ur channel guys.......thinking of coming out to ur area and trying to get stuck so we can get rescued by ya'll......please stop at the convenience store and bring us breakfast too!!!!

  • David Holm

    David Holm

    Month ago

    Got my hat today...must say it fits good

  • Alex Timblin

    Alex Timblin

    Month ago

    Damn. That is a good weld. Good job Lizzie! At amp was that at? Mild steel?

  • gene ward

    gene ward

    Month ago

    I think Lizzy is cutting out a very large rubber sling shot! Look out boys!

  • Marvin Green

    Marvin Green

    Month ago

    Very awesome job on the Morrvair

  • Graves


    Month ago

    She sounds and looks kind if Like Goldie Hawn. It doesn't get much better than that

  • RL R

    RL R

    Month ago

    Man, wear some goggles while using those tools and cutting things.

  • Alasdair Greig

    Alasdair Greig

    Month ago

    Poor Trevor, Lizzie didn't get his song reference

  • Brent May

    Brent May

    Month ago

    Is it an optical illusion or would the fuel tank hold more fuel if you tipped the morevare towards the drivers side?

  • Terrapin Rocks

    Terrapin Rocks

    Month ago

    Random XJ at 2:54 (probably a fan)

  • Brian Wilham

    Brian Wilham

    Month ago

    Matt's had himself a welding Goddess and didn't even know it....Great job Lizzy

  • Bryan Ch

    Bryan Ch

    Month ago

    Seen one of your tees in missouri . Good going

  • smashedfoot lefty

    smashedfoot lefty

    Month ago

    it makes me feel better about using roofing products on auto projects now that I've seen someone else do what Ive been doing for years! I work for a friend that owns a roofing business and we are always using this stuff on our projects... Metal roofing screws hold the world together...I use TPO roofing on my kids bicycle tire- cut thin strips and put them in between the tire and the tube... Kinda like MR Tuffy but way stronger. and roof calking... don't get me started on that. Great video!

  • SketiSquad


    Month ago

    Lizzy 😍

  • J 5106

    J 5106

    Month ago

    Any man who welds without gloves🙈, should leave the welding to a professional. “Hey, Lizzie come weld this for me”.....Way to go girl!

  • Jon Boy Jones

    Jon Boy Jones

    Month ago

    I know ‘professional’ welders that couldn’t weld like that if their life depended on it! Great job Lizzy !
    Goodluck on the trip guys, can’t wait to see the video.

  • travis branum

    travis branum

    Month ago

    Not gonna lie but Lizzy is true dream girl for some lucky guy cause she is just awesome at all she does. Great stuff and have fun on the trip.

  • jjcj123


    Month ago

    Just saw you guys pass me in Tahoe City! Welcome to California!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Month ago

      Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Schalk Naudé South Africa

    Schalk Naudé South Africa

    Month ago

    I guess Matt is the LUCKIEST person on Earth, to have a TEAM like Lizzy, Trevor and all the other TEAM MEMBERS on and off the screen... 🤠
    P.s. When are Matts Off Road Recovery and Lite Brite next "REUNION"??????????

  • ight ight

    ight ight

    Month ago

    I love how I know nothing about offroading yet youtube recommend you when I purchased a 4runner to start off roading

  • Harold Lee

    Harold Lee

    Month ago

    There's nothing more permanent than a temporary solution...

  • Shawn Crudup

    Shawn Crudup

    Month ago